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TXGenWeb - NOLAN COUNTY, TEXAS - Genealogy

"The Lone Star State"



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ACTON, Samuel Newton b. 12-11-1843 and died 9-18-1913 Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX.


ADAMS, Frank born about 1867, married Nora Black.


ADRIAN, Lewis E.  b. 1875 Somervell Co., TX; d. 1956 Trent, Nolan Co., TX.


AIRHART, Lloyd Lafayette b.1893 Collins Co., TX, died 1972.  Married Jessie Adney Kerby.


AKIN, Arlena Missoura b. 1876 Nolan Co., TX, d. 1919 TX.  Married William Daniel Sanders.


ALDRIDGE, Henry Clay  b. 1848 KY; d. 1899 Limestone Co., TX; married Tabitha Caroline  Wallace.


ATER, Samuel Anderson, b. 1852 MS, d. 1926 Roscoe, Nolan Co., TX; married Martha Charlotte Wilson.


ATER, Tennessee

BAGGETT, Callie Mae
Born 1908 Roscoe, Nolan Co., TX; wife of Henry Bluford Culpepper.


BAILEY, Oscar Artellus b. 1856 TX, d. 1947 TX; married Ara Barcinia McElmurry.


BASS, Nancy Jane Born 1810 Wayne Co., NC; Died 1890 Nolan Co., TX; Wife of Henry W. Cave.


BEST family:  photo     document: Benjamin Nicholas


BISHOP, James Perry & Martha  MCCARTY


BISHOP, James Richard; b. 1840 AL; married Mary Salome Hogg


BLACKMAN, Mary Elizabeth Born 1862 TX; Died 1926 Wharton, Wharton Co., TX; Wife of Ashley Green Blackman.


BRANDON, James A. Born 1806 Rutherford Co., TN; Married (1) Rebecca Craft, (2) Frances Perkins, (3) Sarah Jane Jones.


BRYSON, James Matthews Born 1850 TX; Husband of Amanda Melvina. 


CALVERT, William Carson (PDF File); b. 1872 TN,  m.  Ina May Long  - Submitted by:  Margaret Bishop


CARDWELL, Minnie Lee, born 1879; married Elex Edward Healer.


CHAPPELL, Joseph & Tennessee Ater


CRABTREE, Sterling Price & Mary Francis Nunn


CULPEPPER, George Luther  Born 1850 GA; Husband of Mary Elizabeth Blackman


CULPEPPER, Martha Louisa Dickinson Born 1846 GA; Wife of John Wesley Perry


DEAN, Carrie Etta Born 1881; Married James Henry Dean


DENNIS, Snotha born 1857 Bosque Co., TX; died 1938 Nolan Co., TX.


DUNLAP, Robert Manuel; b. 1847, d. 1947 Nolan Co., TX


EIDSON, Bennett Jackson "Bud" Born about 1855;  Married Margaret Wright.


ENSMINGER, James Madison Flenner "Jim" b. 1870 Washington Co., TN; Married Sarah Alice Brandon


EIDSON, James Fletcher (Judge) Arrived in Nolan Co., TX 1881 - daughters, Nell and Lora May . 


FRANKS, Joseph M. & Lillie Lackey... married eptember 17, 1909 in Nolan Co., TX.

FRIEBEL, Fredrich Otto .. son of Christian Gottfried Heinrich "Henry" Friebel and Johanne Friederike "Frieda" Dalichowe.  Source: Minnie Hillis Reagor


GEORGE, Jesse Jackson  born 1855 Texas, died 1931 Nolan County... married ? Dennis.


GARNER, Edgar Carson  Born 1905 Hassie, Comanche Co., TX; Married Jewell Pauline Perry


GEORGE, John Chowning & Rachel Matilda Davis


GERMANY, John Wesley b.1843, died 1931 TX; married #1 Elizabeth K. Tumlinson; married #2 Lea Arona.


GOTCHER, John Marion  - Off-Site- Buried Sweetwater Cemetery, Nolan Co., TX; Married (1) Nancy Jane Jeffries, (2) Caroline Cleary.


GOTCHER, William Born TN.  Married Mary Ann Box.  Children: Joshua Newton; John M.; Willie Malone


GREER, James Erwin,   born  1873 in  Smith Co., TX. He married Nellie I. CRAWFORD. Married Ruthie May STONE.


HANKS, Emmanuel G. Born 1901 Lampasas, TX.  He married Viola Aretta Sanders in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX. 


HARGRAVE, Lemuel H.  born 1845 NC died 1893.  Married Abbie Binum.


HARKINS, John Thomas & wife Mary Jane Jones

Submitted by: TSgt Jon Stewart


HASTINGS, John Humphrey He married Lillie Mae Ater. 


HEALER, Francis Edward (F.E.) Born 1922  TX,   married Mary Louise Cook.  (Off Site Location)


HEALER, Sr.,  Willie Lee Born 4-9-1934 McLennan Co., TX


HIGHTOWER, William Thomas, Jr. Born 1846 Choctaw Co., MS; Married Julia Ann Melissa Poulk. 


IVEY, Mary Alice Eidson


JOHNSON, Asa born 1844 Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX; married 1) Samantha Johnson, 2) Mary Elizabeth Jane Reaves



JACQUES, Francisco Xaviar "Frank" - parents Selso Jacques & Maria Maldonado


JONES, Otto F. born 1888 Nolan Co., TX; married Myrtle "Homey" Annie Bartlett.

JORDAN, Henry Martin  b. 11 Jan 1859 AL -  m. 1883 Saline County, Arkansas to Lillian "Lillie" Snow  McCARVEY


KIRKLAND, Warren  Born 1867 Henry Co., AL; Married Margaret "Maggie" Kate Terry


William Andrew Lackey born 1855 AL, died 1927 Blackwill, Nolan Co., TX & Nancy Anna Ware family.  


LAMBERT, Samuel B. Born 1847 Gonzales Co., TX; Died 1904 Blanco Co., TX; Married Margaret Jane Bass.


LEVI, Abe; born in Rogova, Western Russia.


McDORMAN, James W., was born 11 JUN 1849 MO,  married Virginia Anetta ROBERTS


MOORE, John born 1815 Illinois Territory;  son of Moses Moore; husband of 1) Rebecca Lightfoot, 2) Martha Ann Kelly.  He died 1896 at Dora, Taylor Co., TX


MIDDLEBROOKS, Colonel Isaac; b. 1755 MD. PDF. Letter discussing his service as a Revolutionary Soldier from Edward C. Wade (1908) Donna, TX.  Submitted by:  Linda Jenkins


MILLER, Rhoda (Riggs) Copeland, w/o W.D. Copeland & Charlie Miller.


MINSHEW, Daniel Newton   Born 1887 Wood Co., TX;  Married Flossy Belle Hoover


NICHOLS, Edward Ezrith; born 1899 TX;  married Lottie M. Blankenship.  


NEWMAN, James Franklin Born 1849 Montgomery Co., AR; Married Josephine Rushing in 1873


NICHOLSON, Texarkanna  Born 1883 AR;  Married George Washington Holdridge


Joseph A. Noble born about 1842 Union Co., IL; died about 1905 Grady Co., OK; married Priscilla Alice Finley, daughter of Jacob Finley and Mary A. Brindel.


NOBLE, Rufus Albert  Born 1880; Died May 13, 1921; Buried Blackwell Cemetery, Nolan Co., TX; Married (1) Florence Roberson in Ada, OK, (2) Otha Ann Best.


NOBLE, Rufus Benjamin "Ben" & Myrtle Lucille McCoy, b. 1917 Blackwell, Nolan Co., TX; d. 1997 Littlefield, Lamb Co., TX; married Myrtle Lucille McCoy  


PARKER, Lemuel, Jr.  Born  GA; Married Nancy Jane Godwin


PERKINS, Enoch Perkins  born 1850 Pitt Co., NC; married Julia Ann Neighbors.


PHIPPS, Clarence & Lillian George


PITTMAN, Frank Pryor; (PDF File) b. 1869 TX; m. Laura Ellen McCarty. - Submitted by:  Margaret Bishop


REED, Luther Henry born 1892 Bell Co., TX,  married Velma Lee Savell.  


SAUNDERS, Harvie Franklin, Sr. born 1893 Anderson Co., TX; married Bertie Cade.


SEALE, Clara L. Hanes  Born 1898; Married Arlie Oscar Seale


SEATON, Joanna (Parker) - daughter of Lemuel Parker, Jr. and Nancy Jane Godwin Parker.

Kinzey R. Seaton & Joanna Parker family information.

Photo Submitted by:  Glen Allen, II 


SIMS, Tom & Fay Dulaney Flack & Louise Flack & June Wells Young, Jr. families


SNOW, David C.  Born 1817; Died 1877 Hamilton Co., TX; Married Nancy N. Barron.


TERRY, William Terry  born 1824 SC died 1888 Hill Co., TX; married Nancy. 


WETSEL, W.B. & Clara (Hodges)- From FIRST 100 YEARS NOLAN COUNTY, TEXAS: Submitted: Janie Healer Davis


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