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TXGenWeb - NOLAN COUNTY, TEXAS - Genealogy

"The Lone Star State"



Only the latest Updates are listed here - this is NOT a complete List of all Files

04-08-2016: Biography Page & Schools: Best family info; Submitted by: Linda Noble Murphy


03-21-2016: Biography Page: Friebel family info; Submitted by: Minnie Hillis Reagor


01-02-2016: Military Page: WWII Wasp's; Bettie Brown; Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis


06-22-2015: Military Page: WWII Wasp's; Abb Thomas 'Tom' Moore; Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis


05-23-2015: Military Page: WWII Wasp's; Gilbert Geurin, Instructor; Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis

05-21-2015: Military Page: WWII Wasp's; Rita Wischmeyer; Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis


03-02-2015: Sweetwater Cemetery; listings for Stamps family; Submitted by: Jennifer Stamps


10-11-2014: Biography Page; LEVI, Abe; born in Rogova, Western Russia; Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis


08-20-2014: School Page: Divide School faculty 1937-38 picture; Submitted by: Nell (Porter) Copeland

08-20-2014: Military Page: WWII Wasp's; Eloise Wishmeyer; Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis


07-28-2014: Military Page: WWII Wasp's; Allison Burns McBride; Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis


05-19-2014:  Book Page: Flight to Destiny by Sarah Byrn Rickman; Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis

05-19-2014:  Military Page: Obituary for WASP Eleanor Lawry; Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis


02-03-2014:  Military Page: Obituary for WASP Mary Alice Putnam Vandeventer; Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis


01-06-2014:  Awards Page: Nolan County won the TXGenWeb Hall of Fame County of the Year Award.

01-03-2014: Military Page: WASP float in the Rose Bowl Parade won the National Award - Best Depiction of Life in the USA, Past, Present or Future!   Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis



12-10-2013:  Military Page: John Huett obituary, WASP instructor; Submitted by: Janie Davis


10-11-2013:  Military Page: Floella McIntyre-Downs, WASP obituary;  Submitted by: Janie Davis


07-20-2013:  Index Page: Friendship Quilt Returns to Last Surviving Contributor: Submitted by: Janie Davis


06-30-2013: Military Page: obituary of WASP Esther Emma Rose Noffke; Submitted by: Janie Davis

06-24-2013:  Military Page: obituary of WASP Elinor Fairchild Stebbins; Submitted by: Janie Davis


05-21-2013:  Slater's Chapel Cemetery Page: Crawford and Phillips names added: Submitted by: Donna Carter (daughter to Modeania Cook and Willard Phillips)

05-06-2013:  Index Page:  Sweetwater Fire Department Celebrates 150th Anniversary; Submitted by: Janie Davis


04-01-2013: Military Page: obituary of WASP Lois Maxine "Dobbin" Auchterlonie;  Submitted by: Janie Davis


02-24-2013:  Military Page: obituary of WASP Helen Wyatt Snapp; Submitted by: Janie Davis


12-03-2012: Obituary PageMilitary Page: CHAMBERLAIN, Lela Pearl Bragg Laska; Submitted by: Janie Davis


11-18-2012: Military Page: &  Obituary Page Dalrymple, Millie; Submitted by: Janie Davis

08-01-2012: Military Page: obituary of WASP Gertrude Marcia (Wenzel) Milner; Submitted by: Janie Davis

07-31-2012: Military Page: obituary of WASP Instructor, Nathan A. Trager; Submitted by: Janie Davis

07-19-2012: Military Page: obituary of WASP Tex Amanda Meachem; Submitted by: Janie Davis

05-12-2012: Obituary Page:  Vivian Ann (Boyd) Goodman; Submitted by: Janie Davis

02-13-2012:  Obituary Page BRUCE, Daylon; Submitted by: Col Bob Edgar


09-26-2011:  School Page: O.Z. Porter thesis information on schools of Nolan County; Submitted by: Nell Porter Copeland


07-26-2011:  Biography PageMILLER, Rhoda (Riggs) Copeland; Submitted by: Glenda VZ Stroud


07-17-2011:  Photo page: picture of the Alexander family reunion 1967; Submitted by: Martha Cook Simpson


07-13-2011:  Maryneal Cemetery: listing Miller Alexander; Submitted by: Martha Cook Simpson


04-12-2011: Decker Cemetery: Listings of Anor "Anna" (Carlton) Farley & Joseph William Farley; Submitted by: Mary Tuley


03-08-2011:  Decker Cemetery: Info on Myrtle Everett Youngblood; Submitted by: Janie Davis & Glenda Van Zandt Stroud


02-16-2011: Champion Cemetery: death date for Hautine J. Bankhead; Submitted by: Pat Hudgins


01-31-2011: Garden of Memories Cemetery: 2,180 names added

01-30-2011: Garden of Memories Cemetery: Beall, Bernyce (Kirkpatrick); Submitted by: Kathy Leach


11-16-2010:  School Page:  Bitter Creek school showing more children: Submitted by: Sharon Smith Jones

11-07-2010:  School Page:  Bitter Creek school children picture; Submitted by: Sharon Smith Jones


09-24-2010:  School Page:  1952 Blackwell School Halloween Carnival King & Queen picture, update of names on picture: Submitted by: Tommy Hipp


07-12-2010: Hylton Cemetery:  death date for Magness, Flora McLaughlin: Submitted by: J. Michael Jones


05-17-2010:  Biography PageIVEY, Mary Alice Eidson Submitted by: Janie Davis

05-15-2010:  Biography Page:  Robert Manuel Dunlap; Story Written by:  Janie Light; Submitted by: Betty Faver & Janie Davis


04-06-2010:  Obituary Page:  obituary for EIDSON, Boyce John


03-31-2010:  Schools Page; Roscoe High School football team 1952; Submitted by Jim Hagan - class of 1952

03-02-2010:  Sweetwater Cemetery J-P: McCullough, Ella Mae; McCullough, John Warren Submitted by Linda McCracken

03-02-2010:  Garden of Memories Cemetery; Linn, Alberta Stevenson, Linn, John A., Linn, John Steven; Submitted by Pamela Murray


02-23-2010:  Sweetwater Cemetery I-P McCracken, Billie M.McCracken, John Robert; Neely, Jennie May (Southworth) Submitted by John McCracken


02-10-2010:  Nolan Cemetery page:  88 photo's of headstones; Submitted by Kathy Daniels


01-15-2010:  Census Page:  1835 Texas Census Old Nacogdoches area.


09-13-2009:  Obituary Page Bishop, Elizabeth Bishop, William Raymond


08-17-2009:  Sweetwater Cemetery: Long, Mrs. C. (Cleveland) W.; b. 3-14-1897; d. 6-10-1934; d/o E.W. Yardley & Lizzie Pace; Submitted by Terry Martin


07-01-2009:  Awards Page:  Nolan County won the County of the Month Award for June 2009; This puts Nolan County in the Hall of Fame.


06-07-2009:  Vital Records - Death Certificates DENMAN, A.M. BARDWELL, David Edwin


05-27-2009:  Obituary Page:   DAWSON, Mike DOGGETT, Norman DeanPOOL, Alfred E. MUSGROVE, Thomas 'Jerry', Sr. NELSON, Alma Lee

05-25-2009:  Obituary Page:   Nedra Lee Kellogg, Alvin Benton Light, Rilla C. Lovell, J.T. Patterson, Florene Turek

05-18-2009:  Miscellaneous Records:  Passport Applications: Cowan, King, Long, Ransom & Simpson

05-17-2009:  Miscellaneous Records:  Passport Application - George G. Berry in 1921;  John Howard Bradford 1924

05-15-2009:  Biography PageCRABTREE, Sterling Price & Mary Francis Nunn


04-22-2009:  Schools Page1947 Blackwell High School Girls Basketball team picture:  Blackwell High School Class of 1947: Submitted by Glenda Van Zandt Stroud

04-18-2009:  Photo Page - unidentified painting:  Submitted by: Dan Stephens


02-13-2009:  Schools Page:  Picture of Hylton School in 1912; Submitted by: J. Michael Jones


12-20-2008:  Obituary Page:   Baugh, Sam

12-02-2008:  Biography Page PHIPPS, Clarence & Lillian George


09-18-2008:  Vital Records - death records submitted:  Fowler, James Henderson; b. 3-28-1834 Cocke Co., TN; d. 8-4-1916 Sweetwater; death certificate information:  Submitted by: John Russell

09-08-2008:  Biography Page GEORGE, John Chowning & Rachel Matilda Davis


08-20-2008:  Sweetwater Cemetery Q-Z Don TerryEulen & Jesse Terry; Submitted by: Richard Eikenburg

08-05-2008   Garden of Memories Cemetery Lambert, Curtis Crawford; Lambert, Karen Manohn


07-30-2008:  Obituary Page Malone, Patricia (Pat)YATES, Mitchell Lee

07-29-2008: Obituary PageHorne, Jean Hendrix;  Hurd, Marselle Louise;  WILKINSON, Doris Davis, Lois Misicka; 

07-23-2008:  Photo Page 1930's Texas Bank & Trust check; Submitted by:  Elaine Martin

07-01-2008:  Sweetwater Cem. page E-H: listings for Galloway, Connie Francis;  Galloway, Dorothy A.;  Galloway, John Edwin; Submitted by: John Douglas Galloway (brother to Connie; son to John Edwin).


06-29-2008:  Sweetwater Cemetery Page I-P added to cemetery list - Lockard, Johnnie Lee; Submitted by: Kashlyn Moore Covington

06-24-2008:  Photo Page:  Indian Hand Bluff, Texas Theatre, old cotton gin & Midway Drive-In Theatre

06-11-2008: Vital Records

The LDS Family Search now has:  TX 1890-1976 Death Certificates  On-line FREE -

This is an ongoing process and all records will go online as volunteers complete the listings.


05-19-2008: Obituary Page SISSOM, Nettie Virginia: Submitted by Glenda Van Zandt Stroud

05-09-2008: Blackwell Cemetery N-S: Additional Smith photo's added: Submitted by: Dix Smith

05-04-2008: Blackwell Cemetery N-S: Additional Smith information added: Submitted by: Dix Smith


04-30-2008: Obituary Page:  LINGAFELTER, Carolyn; RINKS, Helyn Beene; WILLIS, Raymond 'Ray'; LINEBAUGH, Linda Q.; PERRY, Billie Joe; GRAHAM, James Morris, M.D.; ROBISON, Winston Floyd; JACKSON, Helen A.; HUFFMAN, Rosa Ann Wolfe; FULLWOOD, Audrey Barnes; STEAKLEY, Bobbie Eubanks; DOUGLASS, William Joe; RIDLEY, Sheryl Ann; McELROY, Mary Ted; GARCIA, Celina Dimas Vera; IVY, Hinton Clinton; CANNON, Cindy Lynne Conard; RASBERRY, Mary Lucille; BOOTHE, Tommye Murphey; CRAIN, George Ballard, Jr.; REEVES,Sam; ESTES, Nancy Lorene 'Kat'; CLEMENS, Carol Rae


Biography Page CHAPPELL, Joseph & Tennessee Ater - ATER, Tennessee - Submitted by: Bettie W. Sarger


03-23-2008:  Biography Page Francisco Xaviar "Frank" Jacques - Submitted by:  Hiram Jacques

Military Page, WWII Francisco Xaviar "Frank" Jacques & Onesimo Jacques
03-08-2008:  Obituary Page CHAPPELL, J.M. obituary; Submitted by: Bettie W. Sarver


02-26-2008:  Military PageSgt. Conrad Alvarez died Wednesday, February 20, 2008 in Baghdad, Iraq; Submitted by:  Janie Healer Davis

Schools Page:  Dora School - Submitted by Glenda Van Zandt Stroud


Military Page Iraq War: Sgt. Gary Wayne Jeffries of Roscoe, Nolan Co., TX was killed in Mosul, Iraq. Submitted by:  Janie Healer Davis


01-22-2008:  Obituary Page Fitzgerald, Eula E. Saunders; Submitted: Janie Healer Davis


Cemetery Page Nolan Cemetery; many names added; Research by:  Janie Healer Davis

01-16-2008:  Biography Page: John Thomas Harkins & Mary Jane Jones family; Submitted by: TSgt. Jon Stewart

01-08-2008:  Biography Page & First 100 Yrs. Nolan County Page TOM SIMS & FAY DULANEY FLACK and LOUISE FLACK & JUNE WELLS YOUNG, JR. families

01-07-2008:  Biography Page: WETSEL, W.B. & Clara (Hodges)- From FIRST 100 YEARS NOLAN COUNTY, TEXAS: Submitted: Janie Healer Davis

1-19-2008:  Families With Nolan County Connections: CANTRELL/BROWN family - residents of Sweetwater, TX.


2006 - 2007


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