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Knox County, Ohio
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Linda Ead

Carol Ebinger

Dianne Esplin

Adriana Farley

Karen Fawcett

Russ Finley

James Fisher

Charles Foreman

Robert J. Fox

Trina Frasure

Jane Thompson Friesz

Dori Fulk

Julie Ganis

Wanda Muncey Gant

Wanda Gantt

Selmah Gatfield

Mark R. Gideon

Maxine Gingell

Carolyn L. Goodwin

Thomas Green

Sande Thompson Greenawalt

John Griffin

Karen Gwilliams

Mark A. Hackett

J. Mark Hadley


Tony Hall

Bill Hallmark

Robert Hanes

Jason Hanson

Kay Harrison

Kay Hartman

Debbie Haught

Gary Hawkins

Diane Haynes

Suzan Heil

David Herron

Howard Hickman

Shelley Hill

Harold Hilton

Myron J. Hinrichs

Susan Hobbs

Linda J. Holley

Richard Hook

Michael J. Hoovler

Betty Wood Houghton

Betsey Heath Howes

Tracy Hunter

Tina M. Hursh

Barbara Huseby

Rebecca Huston

Philip W. Hyatt

Jeff Hynes

Don Jackson

Karen James

James Jefferys


Eddy Johnson Jr.

Jim Johnson

Presley M. Johnston

Edwin L. Jones

Patti Jones

Cyndi Saxton Jorae

Dixie Jordan

Bill Kana


Mary Ann Kaylor


JoAnn Murphy Kear

Peggy C. Keen

Bill Kiefer


Ruth King

Sherrie King

Mary Smith Kinney

Barbara L Kirkland

Tom Kitch


Sue Kramer

Bonita Lamich

Jeanne T. Lane

Ila L. LaRue

Dan Lee

Jack Lefever

Gerald S. Lenzen

Carole Davis Levering

David A Lewis


Wendell Litt

Sharon B. Lodge

Cherie Logan

Pat Lorentzen

Mary Kate Ludwick

Lee Lybarger



Links of Genealogical Interest

Courthouse Project (This is an ongoing project to get pictures of the Ohio Courthouses up on the Internet.)
Ohio Information Network (The Ohio Network of American History Research Centers was established in 1970 to further the collection, preservation, and accessibility of Ohio records and other resource materials. Since that time an increasing number of county offices, often troubled by storage shortages, have transferred many old records to the regional center. Each center's holdings include a microfilmed collection of area newspapers.)

"Ohio Lands - A Short History" (This is a short booklet on Land Transactions in Ohio. It is very informative.)

Ohio's Presidents (Contains Information and links about Ohio's Presidents.)
Pioneer Migration Routes through Ohio (You can visit a map of land migration routes at If you had ancestors come through Ohio this is a must see area!
What County is a town in? (This page and the associated pages provide a guide to Ohio's communities along with the county where that community is located.)
What County is a township in? (This page and the associated pages provide a guide to Ohio's townships along with the county where that township is located.)


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