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Latham family of Webster County Mississippi. We are a large segment of the Webster County population. Many have migrated to other places while others have remained. Some are old and gray while others are quite young.  James Lewis Latham Sr. He and his wife, Nancy Jane Eustace moved from Randolph County NC sometime before the Mississippi Census of 1840. He is listed on the 1837 MS Census! He and his wife were born in North Carolina according to their children. He was born Oct 10, 1805. She was born Jan 9, 1812. They had nine children! This photo was taken around 1910. The old gentleman in the middle with the white beard is James Louis Latham Jr. The whereabouts of their graves is yet to be determined."

William Latham Jr

John Calvin Easterwood and his wife Mary Emma Kimbriel Easterwood. They had 13 Children. 1. Mary A.,  2. James R.D.,  3. Dallas,  4. John Gilbert,    5. Marcus Lafayette,  6. Malinda L. Candice, 7.  Lyphus Franklin, 8. Andrew W., 9.  Lyhue W., 10.  Ellis Gerome, 11. Ada , 12. Lela, 13. Marvin Jefferson  Mary Emma Kimbriel Easterwood is the child of James T. Kimbriel and Elizabeth E. Forrester. James T. and Elizabath are buried at the Double Springs cemetery in Webster Co Ms.


Was the daughter of James T. Kimbriel and Elizabeth Forrester. She married Feb 25 1872 in Webster Co Ms to Henry Riley Lollar. They had ten children. She later married John Welsey Lollar who was her husbands 1st cousin. She is buried at the Hebron Cemetery.




Was Sheriff of Webster County from 1882 to 1884.

Alexander Selkirk Avent

Birth Date 13 Apr 1845 Birth Place Bellefontaine, Webster County, Mississippi

Death Date 29 Aug 1887 Age: 42

Death Place Cumberland, Webster County, Mississippi

After serving as Alderman Henry Clay Avent became the first sheriff of Webster County from 1879 to 1883  

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Father of Alexander Selkirk Avent


Henry Riley Lollar

Husband of Malissa Kimbriel. was the son of Redden Jasper and Matilda Henson.


James Edward & Maggie DeLoria "Shaffer" Latham

submitted by William Latham Jr