The Civil War
The Civil War
As it relates to St. Clair County, Missouri


St. Clair County Rosters:

Captain. BF Cook's Volunteers Mounted Militia

Civil War Rosters

Grand Army of the Republic
St. Clair County

Grand Army of the Republic Officers 1918

WB Robinson's St. Clair County Natural Guards


St. Clair County:

Affadavit of Francis & Elizabeth Yoast
Invalid Pension of Benjamin F. Weir

Submitted by: Shelley Windal

Assessment Tax during the Civil War

Exterminated by the Awful Bushwhackers

Missouri Confederate Pension Applications

Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers 1861-1866

Paschal "Peter" Racer - Civil War Document
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Submitted by Dorothy Graves

Richard L. Daniels Pension Application

Sauk River Civil War Monument - Confederate Soldiers

St. Clair County Pension Roll - 1883


St. Clair County History:

Burning of Osceola

Osceola Cemetery During the Civil War


St. Clair County Monument:
Erected by St. Clair County Historical Society
and the Col. John T. Coffee Camp 1934
Sons of Confederate Veterans
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Surrounding Counties:

Bates County Refugees in St. Clair County

Battle of Island Mound

Vernon County - Civil War


United States History ~ Civil War:

Death of General James S. Rains

Death of Senator James H. Lane

Surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia


Proclamations ~ State of Missouri:

General Order Number 10

General Order Number 11

General Order Number 143

The Missouri Loyalty Oath of 1865

Missouri War Claims

Wade-Davis Bill


Proclamatins ~ United States:

13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Abolition of Slavery

Emancipation Proclamation

Gettysburg Address

Second Inaugural Address - President Lincoln


Missouri History ~ Civil War:

A Brave Woman Saves the Live of her Husband

Battles and Biographies of Missourians

Civil War Rations

Exterminated by the Awful Bushwhackers

Guerilla Warfare

Kansas Jayhawking Raids into Western Missouri 1861

Missouri, 1889

Missouri: A Bone of Contention

Quantrill and the Border Wars

The Struggle for Missouri

Who Remembers

 Civil War Soldiers ~ St. Clair County, Missouri

William D. Addington

Thomas J. Amlin

Wilson Arnold

Oliver H.P. Burch

Jacob W. Carroll

Archibald P. Chapman

Colonel John T. Coffee

John Edwin Cole

John T. Crenshaw

M.C. (McElvy) Davis

Richard Martin Johnson Davis

James Madison Delozier

Whitley Feaster

William P. Goforth

William D. Graham

Whitley F. Gray

George B. Ham

Anthony N. Hester

James M. Hoover, Sr.

John Kay

James R. Kelly

Sgt. James C. Long

David Lytton

John Lytton

Samuel D. Minks

Charles F. Moran

Capt. Anderson Morton

Rev. George W. Penn

Benjamin F. Pepper

Major James M. Pugh

John Jesse Sheeks

Robert D. Sheeks

Luther W. Sheldon

William P. Sheldon

David T. Short

George W. Short

Capt. Charles E. Spedden

William Webby

Capt. John Mohler Weidemeyer

Major John Calvin Whaley

Missouri Confederate Home ~ Higginsville, Missouri

Abbott, Daniel Allen

Acord, James

Akers, Jasper N. ~ Laura B.

Alumbaugh, Isaac Porter

Appler, John T.