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TOP ROW--J. D. Patterson, Jr., Odom Russell, Elton Freeman, Sammie Davis, Ray Miller, Weynand Allison,  and Woodrow Williamson.

MIDDLE ROW--Ovie Parks, Essie Mae Duncan, Mr. H. L. Miller, Vance Blakley, and Eva Dean Garner

BOTTOM ROW--Emmett Barker, Woodrow Garner, A. E. James, and Carroll Aikin.





Out of the sixteen seniors of Fairy High School of 1936, only three have spent their entire school life here: Ovie Parks , Weynand Allison, and Essie Mae Duncan. The others, Ruby Davis, Elton Freeman, Ray Miller, Carroll Akin, Odom Russell, A. E. James, Emmett Barker, Vance Blakley, Woodrow Garner, Sammie Davis, Woodrow Williamson, Evadean Garner, and J. D. Patterson, have come in from different schools at different times.


Ruby Davis first started to school at Dry Fork, then Greyville, and Hico, before coming to Fairy in 1928. She was out of school one year, but came back, and is now one of our seniors. She has lettered in basketball for the last two years.


J. D. Patterson spent his grammar school years and one year of high school at Agee. He came to Fairy in ’33. J.D., specialized in tennis and typing.


Weynand “Pee Wee” Allison, one of our star athletes, has made basketball his specialty. When it came to shooting that goal, Pee Wee seldom missed his mark.


Vance “Did” Blakley also hailed from Agee. She spent her grammar school years there, coming to Fairy in ’32. She also indulges in sports and for the past two years has lettered in basketball.


Carroll “Wee Wee” Akin comes from Mt. Pleasant. Carroll is little but sometimes loud. When it comes to real old hard mathematics, he is always on the spot. He came to Fairy in ’34 after spending his earlier years in Mt. Pleasant School


Ovie Parks, our red-headed senior girl, is one of our most studious students. She was salutatorian when she graduated from Fairy Grammar School in ’32, and is now editor or our paper.


Sammie Davis, our tallest, but one of the youngest, senior boys, came here from Hico in ’28. Sammie, starting in the second grade, was very soon sent to the third. Sammie led the boys of his class all through grammar school, but when he entered high school he turned his interest to sports, and made good in them.


Woodrow Garner, our red-headed senior boy, first began his education at Eidson, then he went to Gum Branch, Sunshine, and Hamilton . He came to Fairy in ’34. Track and baseball are his chief interests.


A. E. James, another Gum Brancher, spent his earlier school years in Hamilton and Gum Branch. He came to Fairy in ’34, his junior year. He does not say much, until it comes to teasing the girls.


Ray Miller, the blond athletic fiend, came to Fairy in ’33 after spending his early school years in Agee. Basketball and baseball are his favorites. Ray is also rather studious and makes good in his class work.


Evadean Garner, our blond senior, came to Fairy in ’34, after attending Eidson, and Gum Branch schools. Evadean is good natured and very popular with her classmates.


The most humorous student in school perhaps is Odom Russell. He is never at a loss for anything to say. He attended County Line, Falls Creek, and Hico, before coming to Fairy in ’31. He is good in most anything he attempts. He has lettered in basketball for the past two years.


Emmet Barker came to Fairy in ’32, after attending Lexington, Long Point, Flars, and Pancake. Emmet is very studious for a boy and does not say much, but when he does he says a mouthful.


Elton Freeman, another one of our athletes, came to Fairy in’33. He was captain of our boy’s basketball team in ’35 and ’36 and voted the most athletic boy of Fairy High. He was also voted the most popular boy in the senior class. Before coming to Fairy he attended school at Purmela, Percival, and Cranfills Gap.


Woodrow Williamson began his schooling at County Line and Colony. He came to Fairy in ’35. He was a most welcome addition to our school, as he is a good all round student in classes and athletics.


Essie Mae Duncan, who is a charter member of our class, is one of our outstanding students. Most times high school girls and boys are pupils, but Essie Mae is a real student. She is a hard worker, dependable and always thoughtful of her fellow students. We foresee for Essie Mae a very bright future.




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W. F. BILLINGSLEA, Publisher



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