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The girl third from left on the middle row is Cora Bullard. The girl in the middle row, fifth from the left is Ophelia Bullard. In the bottom row the girl eighth from the left is Jessie Bullard. In the bottom row the little boy with the stripes on his sweater is Lloyd Bullard. These are all siblings.

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Shared by Betty Loyd

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Falls Creek School and community were named for  Falls Creek.  The school was situated between Old Hico and Fairy.  Falls Creek begins thirteen miles northeast of Hamilton. FM 1602 crosses Falls Creek west of Fairy. It enters Bosque County to empty into the Bosque River near Iredell.

There were seven grades in Falls Creek School in 1911. In 1924-25 F. A. Burden, Justin Bullard, and John Lane were on the Falls Creek School Board and Miss Fay Richardson and Biery Griffitts were the teachers. Tom Griffis taught in the Falls Creek School.

Falls Creek School consolidated with the Fairy School before 1936. Teddy Nix drove the school bus from Falls Creek to Fairy in 1936 and Falls Creek School board members were Frank Allen, C. W. Russell, and Monroe Latham.




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