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William Narvie Clement
Three of Narvie Clement's Classes

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Ivy Log School, 1940

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Waiting for Photos

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Roy Fair's Great Grandfather and 10 of his 12 children
John Henry Self, son of Job Self
Dr. (DDS) Van Dan Casteel and Rebecca M. Fair Casteel
Daniel Asbury Fair and Millie Self Fair
John David and Claudia (Hood) Fair

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James Elijah Fair and Mary Jane Towery
William Fair and Family
Elvira Fair and Elihew (Lihue) Davenport
Elvira Fair and Elihew (Lihue) Davenport with Grandchildren
Dock Smith Fair, 1884-1943 and Nancy Fair, 1874-1950
Dock Smith Fair, 1884-1943;  Sue Barfield;  grandson
Elisha Thurman Fair, 1886-1974 and Minnie Atkins Fair, 1887-1974
Thomas Charles Fair, 1879-1962 and Minnie Cole Fair, 1883-1930
John D. and Martha Ann (Fair) Young

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David Wesley White (1853 - 1947) and Martha McCollum (1855 - 1911)
Georgia Hughes--Unidentified Individual
John Harvey Penland (1800 - 1890)
John Reid (1798 - abt 1886)
Louisa Fair Odom (1867 - 1944)
Nancy Delilah Logan Fortenberry
(1855 - 1938)

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Probable Odoms
Tom Odom with a friend Carden (or Arden) Ledford
A. P. Odom
Captain William Reuben Logan (abt 1832 - 1876) and Martha Jane Hughes Addington Logan (abt 1828 - abt 1882)

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The Old Mock House

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Marriage Certificates of:
Samuel Rogers and Bertha Eller
Mack R. Kelley and Myrner England
Claud Gregory and Jennie Guffy
Henry Deavers and Estelle Deyton
Aud Parris and Lora Byers
Norman Holbrooks and Minnie Dyer
Dillard Carringer and Norma Martin
Floyd Davenport and Bertie Clark
Harlie Pope and Dora Beaver
Carl Brewer and Mabelle Deyton
Orvel Patterson and Bessie Weaver
J. K. Tilson and Dovie Beaver
Martel Johnson and Stelner Arp
L. L. Jackson and Dovey Raper
Milo Pattan and Landia Kelley
W. J. Sullivan and Sarah Hood
J. L. Shope and Ollie Everett
J. W. Rogers and Abie Bradly
W. L. Loudermilk and Fannie Danalson
T. B. Chance and Ella Anderson
Andrew E. Prater and Nafie Rogers
M. C. Hood and Emma Cook
Licurgus Ledford and Elizabeth Cearly
Wiley L. Jones and Elda Z. Nickolson
Miles C. Payne and Lula Mahaffee
Marion Hartness and Lizzie Watkins
J. M. Ingram and A. L. Harrison
Jno. Lunsford and Callie Pickelsimer
C. M. Loudermilk and Ella S. McAlister

Photos by Don Byers relating to both Union and Towns County
More Photos by Don Byers

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Antioch School in the 1950s
Antioch School in the 1910s
Group Awaiting Baptism
Bess Mauney Conley
Alice Mauney Byers
The Old Dorm for the Blairsville Collegiate Institute
Union County Folks and an Old Car
C. S. Mauney Family
President Roosevelt
George Mauney
Ella Faye Byers and Unknown Date
Views of the Old Nick Byers cabin
The Nick Byers Outhouse
The Grapevine
The Well
Antioch Church in the 1960s
The Stephens Family
TOMBSTONE of John Stephens
TOMBSTONE of Merzie Ann (Byers) Stephens
Children of Nick Byers
Ralph Byers, WWII

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