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Ivy Log School, 1940

Contributed by Joan Richardson
who writes:
"This picture was taken about 1940 at the Ivy Log school in Union County, GA.  Some of the children's names are written on them.  These are the only ones we know.  There are five children from Alabama in this picture:  <>Dixie Smith, Dois Smith, Edna Smith, Eloise Smith, & Dot Smith (sister to Dois)  <>My grandfather, Cordie Smith worked with his uncle Shirley Smith on the Nottely Dam hauing logs to make the concrete forms for the dam.  Cordie's two daughters were Dois and Dot Smith in the picture.  The other children are also cousins because several men in this family worked for Shirley Smith on this job.  My mother was only four years old but the teacher allowed her to go ahead and start school anyway because she was walking to school with her sister Dois and was at the school all day.  We do not know the teacher's name in the photo but would like to know.  My mother, Dot Smith, remembered three of the children's names Janie, Joyce and Stan.  <>We hope that someone else can identify the teacher and others in this photo, too."

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