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Photos Contributed by David Boehmer

David White and Martha McCollum

David Wesley White (1853 - 1947), and Martha McCollum (1855 - 1911)
David White was a brother to Sarah White and a son of William White and Rachel Brackett.

Georgia Hughes

David writes: "My mother's grandfather, John Drury Logan, was born in 1859 in Union County and moved away after his marriage to Evelyn Martin in 1879. Evelyn was a daughter of Ervin Martin and Elizabeth Penland Martin, all of Union Co. John Drury was a son of William R. Logan (see Narrative of his life) and Mary Reid Logan. Mary's parents wereas John Reid and Nancy Logan Reid, of Union Co. I have lots of unknown photos of this family, but most of them were probably made in Bradley County, TN. The picture post card that I have attached says "from Georgia Hughes; to cusen (sic) Evie". So the card was sent (I would guess about 1920) to Evelyn Martin Logan. The children could be cousins through her husband's family. I am not aware of any Hughes' in the family except for John Drury Logan's step mother, who was nee Hughes. The card probably could be of children living in Union Co, but possibly from Fannin Co or another nearby county. Some of these people could still be living."
Do you know who these people might be?

John Harvey Penland

John Harvey Penland (1800 - 1890)
In 1845 he was living in Union County, Georgia. He was a member of the House of Representatives in Union Co. 1849-1850. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1865. John was married to Evaline Anvil Nichols.

John Reid

John Reid (1798 - abt 1886)
came to Union County from Rutherford County, NC. He was married to Nancy Logan and together they had five daughters, one of whom was Mary Reid who married William R. Logan. This photo dates to circa 1875.

Louisa Fair Odom

Louisa Fair Odom, b 1867, was married to Washington Lafayette Odom.
Her parents were Charles Fair and Sarah White Fair.
This photo was taken about 1930, probably in Cleveland, TN where she lived from about 1920 until her death in 1944.
David adds: "I am searching for a photo of Washington Odom."

Nancy Delilah Logan Fortenberry

Nancy Delilah Logan Fortenberry (1855 - 1938)
was the wife of Marcus Lafayette "Bud" Fortenberry, and a daughter of William R. Logan and Mary Reid Logan.
She lived in Union County all of her life and still has many descendents there.

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