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Photos From Union County

Contributed and Annotated by Don Byers

Antioch School, 1954-55

Antioch school, term 1954-1955.  Mrs. Alice Mauney Byers at far left.  Don Byers is in top left with glasses....the kid with boots at the lower far left is Tommy Stephens, presently Supt. of Schools, Union County, GA.
Other people in this photo are the Floyds, Kenneth, Tom Jr. & Jo Ann Floyd.  Their little brother, Jim, is at bottom far right.  Also, Johnny, Herbert, and Shelby Jean Nation.  Frances & Dot McCarter, Shirleen Towery.....Frank Mauney and cousin Dan Morgan, and Linda Mauney, all cousins and cousin of Don Byers.  Betty and Lucille Barnes...and others. THIS WAS THE LAST YEAR FOR ONE-ROOM SCHOOLS IN UNION COUNTY....THE NEW "CONSOLIDATED" SCHOOLS WERE COMPLETED.  These "consolidated schools" were community schools and took the place of several one-room schools.

Antioch School in the 1910s

Antioch School, Ivy Log & Gum Log border of Union County.  Taken in the teens at the latest.  Miss Laura Mauney was the teacher.  She is at far left.  This school was next door to Antioch Church.  It burned about 1923 or 24 and a new one room building was erected.
(see photo to the left)

Baptism at Reece's Creek, late 1940s

These young folks are about to be baptised in Reece's Creek, near Antioch Church in 1947 or 1948.  Rev. Colvin Thompson (yes, Colvin) is at far right. Stout guy about 2nd from left is Bill Mauney, grandson of C. S. Mauney....others in this photo are Minnie Morgan, Jack Drake and Billy Fair...

Bess Mauney Conley

Bess Mauney Conley...daught of C. S. Mauney, she was  a schoolteacher and taught at Antioch and at Gum Log and others. She married Doyce Conley.  They had no children
Alice Mauney Byers

Alice Mauney Byers, school teacher.  She taught at Antioch, Ivy Log and then Union County Elementary.  She taught for 42 years and was married to Ralph C. Byers....she had two children, Don & Gerald Byers.
Blairsville College Institute, 1920s

The old dorm for the Blairsville Collegiate Institute...this photo 1920's.  The Institute was actually a high school. Kids from some of the farm families came to town and went to school here.  The Mauney girls, the Hunters and Collins kids were among them.  This building burned in the 1940's...
Old Car and Union County Folks

Some Union County folks here...courtesy of Frances Fair Partain. front row. L-R, Frank Hill, Fred Ezell, Minnie Conley (mother of Frances Fair Partain), Willie (female) Hill, Eula Stephens, Flora Stephens, Flossie Chastain, two guys in back are Ira Stephens and Arthur McCafee.  Peeking over the car are Clyde Hill and Pat Hemphill..
C.S. Mauney Family

C. S. Mauney, Theodocia and family.  Far right is Sylvanus Mauney, father of C. S.  C. S. was known as "Charlie".  Theodocia was the daughter of John and Mary Duncan Carroll of Union County, GA. 
C.S. Mauney Family

Later picture of the Mauney family.  We don't know the gentleman in the back.  Charlie and "Doshe" had 11 children in all.  The eldest, Ed Mauney, was appointed as the first Union County Historian in 1931 by the governor of Georgia.
President Roosevelt signing the SS Act into Law

Pres. Roosevelt signing the Social Security Act into law...
While he didn't live in Union County, he did have a home in Warm Springs GA where he died...
George Mauney

George Mauney of the Young Cane District, Union County, GA.  He was Mater of Young Cane Masonic Lodge in 1917.  The borther of C. S. Mauney..He later moved to White County, GA, and is the forefather of the White County Mauneys....
Ella Faye Byers on a Date Wiith Handsome Unknown

My Aunt Ella Faye Byers, dau. of N. A.(Nick) Byers...on a date early '30's....wish that I could identify the guy....grew up in Unon County GA and became a schoolteacher.  Starting out in a one-room school, Tate's Chapel, in the Ivy Log District, then a two teacher school, Ivy Log Elementary.  She also taught in Whitfield County, Cobb, County, Fannin, and also Cherokee, NC...
Old Nick Byers Cabin #1

The old Nick Byers cabin in the Ivy Log District of Union County, GA.  This is now the Gray Family Farm.
The Old Nick Byers Cabin #2

The old Nick Byers cabin (close-up)
The old Nick Byers Cabin #3

The old Nick Byers cabin (inside)
The old Nick Byers cabin #3

The old Nick Byers cabin
the Nick Byers outhouse

The Nick Byers outhouse, still standing after all these years..
Nick Byers' Grapevine

This grapevine was planted by Nick Byers about 1930.  It still bears fruit and the day the photo was taken, Charlene Gray Sullivan and her husband were making grape jelly from the fruit of Nick's vine.  Nick was injured by a runaway team of horses here on this farm and died a few days later in 1955.  He was a few days short of 80 years old.  Charlene and her Husband bought the farm in 1956.  From the farm is a beautiful view of Brasstown Bald, the highest mountain in GA.
this is a real well, it was dug by Nick Byers and friends.

This is a real well, it was dug by Nick Byers and friends.
Antioch Church

Antioch church.  Ivy Log District, Union County, GA...first church established about 1841....this building was built about 1925 after the old combination church and school burned...picture was made about 1960...[The older photo of the schoolhouse above].....that was the original....this one is gone now, Antioch has grown a lot the last 20 years...
Merzie Ann Byers Stephens Family

Merzie Ann Byers Stephens, her son Sam & family.  Merzie was daughter of Ephraim Byers#1 and sister to "Cebe", she was born in Towns county.  She was the widow of John Stephens who died young.  After Sam grew up and married they moved from Towns county to Union county and Merzie lived with them. Sam and his wife Mollie are buried at Antioch Cemetery, Union County.  John and Merzie are buried at Old Union Cemetery, Towns County. Sam's grandson, Tommy Stephens, is Supt. of schools Union County.

Tombstone of John Stephens

Tombstone of John Stephens
Tombstone of Merzie Ann Byers Stephens

Tombstone of Merzie Ann (Byers) Stephens

Byers Family

Children of Nick Byers...Pauline, Ralph, Viola, and Lela. Not pictured is Ella Faye Byers....(she probably took the picture...I have her old "Brownie" Camera)
Ralph Byers, WWII

Ralph Byers

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