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William Narvy Clement (about 1905)

William Narvie Clement
(about 1905)
Contributed by Martha Clement
who writes: "He was one of the early school teachers in Union County back during 1907 to 1930."

Contributed by Carol Cole Renfro
Sent to Her by Presley Rich, nephew of
Effie (Rich) Payne who identified the children in the smallest class

Narvie Clement's Class 1928-1929

The smallest class (1928 - 1929)

Back row:  Maggie Rich (McClure); Effie Rich (Payne); Ada Rich (Bower);
Zee Towe; Steve Carver; Marshall Carver

Middle:  Edward Milsaps; Sarah Rodgers (Presley's list originally said
Sarah Payne, but Effie corrected that in a letter to me); Woodrow
Hooper; Grover Satterfield; Howard Hood; unknown boy; Loyd Payne (Effie
has consistently spelled her husband's name with only one l); unknown
girl (in checked top with scarf, standing against wall)

Front row:  Lucille Brooks; Gladys Hood; Elavee Hood

Seated, front:  Narvie Clement

Another of Narvie's Classes

Another of Narvie's classes (he's in the back row, left)

Narvie's largest class

The largest class (Narvie is in 2nd row on the right)

Carol writes: "My information says that this picture is from the early 20's, but it

seems odd that the class was larger then.  The length of some of the
dresses makes it seem earlier, though.  I don't know what school this
is, just that it was Narvie Clement's class."

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