Saskatchewan Gen Web Project - Regional Coordinators.

Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators

Note If you have an interest in helping out a specific region, with a host listed or up for adoption, just Email the provincial host. We would love to have you come aboard!
Swift Current Present: Andrew
.....Past: Thank you Sue
Moose Jaw Present: Bonny,
.....Past: Thank you Sue!
Weyburn Gen Web Region is Up for Adoption

.....Past: Thank you Jo, Mick, Heather and Sue!
Kindersley Present: Julia
Regina Regina Gen Web Region is Up for Adoption
Present: Angela
.....Past: Thank you Sue!
Yorkton Present: Warm welcome to Nancy
.....Past:Tribute to Sue
Battleford Present: Marilyn
Past: Thank you to Alan, Sue and Kelly!
St. Joseph's Colony Present: Kelly
Saskatoon Present: Julia
.....Past: Thank you to both Randi and Deb
Kamsack Kamsack gen web region is Up for Adoption
Present: Julia
Lloydminster Present: Julia
Barr ColonyPresent: Liz
Prince Albert Present: Andrew
.....Past: Thank you Kathleen
Saskatchewan Present: Julia
.....Past: Thank you Deb

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Regions Geographically Defined

The province's name "Saskatchewan" is abbreviated either Sask. or SK These regional sites marked on the above map are determined approximately by the highway that is used for their borders. They do not follow any physical, county, geophysical, political, school division or rural municipality boundaries in any way. Sask Gen Web Regional Boundaries. Maps showing Provincial / Territorial border evolution. From 1882-1905 this area was part of the Northwest Territories and the provisional districts divisions of this area of the NWT were Assiniboia, Saskatchewan and Athabasca. Saskatchewan became a province September 1, 1905. Search Saskatchewan Place Names to determine the Sask Gen Web Region. The closer you get to your intended search area, the more likely you are to find what you need in terms of resources, query boards, mailing lists, look up volunteers, etc.

Gen Web Regions of Saskatchewan,

1. Swift Current

2. Moose Jaw

3. Weyburn

4. Kindersley

5. Regina

Lloydminster region 10 Prince Albert region 11 Battleford region 7 Saskatoon Region 8 Kamsack Region 9 Kindersley Region 4 Regina Region 5 Swift Current Region 1 Moose Jaw Region 2 Weyburn Region 3Yorkton Region 6

6. Yorkton

7. Battleford

8. Saskatoon

9. Kamsack

10. Lloydminster

11. Prince Albert

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Adopting A Sask Gen Web Region

Why Should I be co-ordinator of a Sask Gen web Region?

World wide visitors to Sask Gen Web Regions site often have specific questions about how to do genealogical research in a particular area. Perhaps you have researched your family history in this area or had a prior residence here, which may help you feel familiar with this area. Maybe you curerntly live in this region and can help Internet visitors to connect to their family history locally . (Regional maps and borders defined.)

What Do I Need?

Rootsweb supplies the web space for the Sask Gen Web Regions.

    Information for Regional Gen Webmasters:

  1. World Gen Web Frequently Asked Questions from World Gen Web

  2. Information for Volunteers Canada Gen Web Project - Organizational History, Policy and Procedures

  3. Rootsweb Webmaster FAQs

  4. HTML An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners [Dave's HTML Guide]

What Is Expected Of Me?

Use whatever time and resources you can commit to build, create and update regional web sites. Answer any e-mail messages that might come your way. Most regional web pages have enough information online to answer frequently asked questions. Any research questions are directed to the regional posting boards or mailing lists, so you aren't expected to do ancestral genealogy research. The regional Gen Web Coordinator is the local link for the world wide internet researcher who does not know this area. The main duty would be to gather information pertinent to the region and create webpages that help researchers gain access to public records, history, data, and other useful items and present it visually online using HTML. The regional Gen Web Coordinator would answer email from researchers when they are lost and do not know who to contact for their research questions. Hosts provide links to query message boards and may even host a local mail list / posting board. The regional Gen Web Coordinator is appointed by the Saskatchewan Provincial Coordinator.

More Regional Hosting Information

If you have quite a bit of information regarding a specific gen web region, but a coordinator is already in place, you might consider contacting the gen web region coordinator or provincial Sask Gen Web host to offer your help as an assistant coordinator or, you could offer any data such as a transcribed index, or data of a general nature related to the county in question would be welcomed.

How Do I become involved?

Just e-mail me at Tell me which region(s) you'd like to host, and I'll add it to my list.

To develop a website, you can review the existing WWW Rootsweb - Regional pages to gather ideas.

Is hosting a Regional web page too much?

Please help out in different ways! Please e-mail the provincial gen web host at or any of the above regional coordinators. Tell us what you have to offer. This wholeproject is made up of volunteers, and any assistance is alwayswelcome!

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