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Dear Saskatchewan GenWeb Enthusiasts,

We come bearing exciting news for those who have journeyed through the corridors of the old Provincial Saskatchewan GenWeb site hosted by Rootsweb and Ancestry. Fear not, for our webpages will not only endure but thrive in a new digital haven!

New Beginnings, Rejuvenated Dedication:

Discover our revamped home at This transition marks the continuation of our unwavering commitment to document the rich history of Saskatchewan. The legacy of the one-room schoolhouses, cemetery headstones, historical maps, and the plethora of placenames will persist.

Navigating History's Landscape:

As we weave through the diversity of Saskatchewan's past, these webpages serve as a compass, guiding you to the closest one-room schoolhouse, a church or cemetery, or the nearest town or Rural Municipality for your genealogical or historical quest.

Patreon: A Beacon of Support:

The heart of this journey lies in the support of our growing Patreon community. With their encouragement, we've secured a new domain and web hosting provider—ensuring that the flame of this service continues to burn bright.

Grow With Us:

Join our Patreon community, become a pillar in our efforts to persist year after year. Your support is not just a contribution; it's a testament to the value of preserving the stories that make Saskatchewan unique.

Visit Our New Webpages:

Explore the evolving Saskatchewan GenWeb at The digital canvas is ready to be painted with the vibrant strokes of history.

Support Us on Patreon:

Behind every webpage update, every historical map scanned, and every record documented, there is a dedicated team of volunteers. If you find our service beneficial, consider supporting us through Patreon. Your contribution ensures that the Saskatchewan GenWeb remains a beacon for historians, genealogists, and the public.

Gratitude to and

We express our deep gratitude to and for providing the foundation upon which this digital tapestry was woven. Now, as we transition, we seek your support in maintaining paid web hosting.

Sustaining a Legacy:

The Saskatchewan GenWeb service has been a cornerstone for those seeking to unravel the past. Today, we invite you to stand with us in ensuring its continued existence for generations to come.

Join Us in This Exciting Chapter:

Visit and witness the renaissance of the Saskatchewan GenWeb. Thank you for being a vital part of our community and for your enduring passion for genealogy and history in our best beloved province of Canada.

Warm regards,

The Saskatchewan GenWeb Volunteer Team


Sask Gen Web Online Submissions:
A salute to the many talented volunteers who have made Sask Gen Web come to life. This year will be even more exciting as our Province of Saskatchewan celebrates its Centennial Anniversary! It gives me great pleasure in celebrating our many diverse web pages and volunteers who have come from all around the world to share their exciting history, trenscriptions, photos, stories and genealogy clues with others on Sask Gen Web and also in the regional web pages. We applaud the many conributors, web curators and countless volunteers for their hard work, time, commitment, dedication, and generosity.

Tribute to Saskatchewan
Sask Gen Web Archives
Current Regional Volunteers
Thank you very much from Sask Gen Web .

Appreciating our Volunteers

Please take the time to write a thank you note. Sask Gen Web is a team of volunteers working together to provide information about Saskatchewan and its regions, the local historical, geographical and genealogical resources. Resources that provide names, dates and places are made available through online databases or information is provided on how to locate these resources. As e-mail makes the world a much smaller place, the long distance researcher can benefit greatly by finding out about family that was once much further away, and is now as close as the internet. The regional, volunteers as well as the look up volunteer, the contact, local resident or transcriber volunteer all come together as the Sask Gen Web team to provide a valuable service to the WWW community. Please help them to all feel appreciated.

Volunteer Appreciation Posting Board

Rootsweb Volunteer Spotlight

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    Information for Regional Gen Webmasters:

  1. World Gen Web Frequently Asked Questions from World Gen Web

  2. Rootsweb Webmaster FAQs

  3. HTML An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners [Dave's HTML Guide]

    Becoming Involved:

    Saskatchewan Regional Gen Web Coordinator

    Saskatchewan "Contact Volunteers"

    Saskatchewan's Genealogical Event Volunteer

    Saskatchewan Genealogical Source Document examples

    Saskatchewan's "Local Resident Volunteers"

    Saskatchewan's "Look up Volunteers"

    Saskatchewan "Transcription Volunteers"!

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    Thanks to our Volunteers

    Web pages


Welcome Volunteers

Volunteers are the greatest resource we have. I would like to extend a ward welcome to those who would come from around the globe to bring their contributions to Saskatchewan Gen Web or to its provincial regions. Sask Gen Web provides a truly unique opportunity to come together in the development of databases, transcriptions, historical stories and photos online to connect with our heritage, our ancestors, and discover the cultural diversity of Saskatchewan. Please explore the many different ways to become involved.


Having databases online for the area of Saskatchewan would be of an enormous help to genealogists doing research in this area. Any document or photo listing names, dates and or places would assist those tracing their family tree here. For example some of these may be: Local family history books indices, cemetery records, cemetery tombstone transcriptions, census records, civil records, wills/probate records, newspaper announcements, etc.
1. These could be placed online directly by contacting the regional curators or Sask Gen Web Curator .
2. Databases shared by others via email exchange by becoming a "Look up Volunteer".
3. Databases can be added to posting boards or mailing lists.

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Does anyone have any documents such as
Old Telephone Books, Henderson's Directories and City Directories, Family Stories or photographs, Town Directories, Co-op membership Books, Pioneer photos, letter, postcards, books, Credit Union and Elevator Books, Grain Companies, Church Books , and Cattle Brand Books, School Records, Church lists, Homestead maps etc.
These ALL are documents listing names of residents of a community which should be preserved. Placing these records online, or duplicating them would help prevent losses of primary source documents for family genealogists. These could either be given to the Museums, Archives, Societies, Family History Centers or placed online here. In many small towns, there was a local phone exchange before they amalgamated into Sask Tel. Directories listing names in communities could be placed online at this site for use by any online folks worldwide with a genealogical or historical interest in the area. Please e-mail if you would have any of these old documents that you would like to share with other genealogists online. There are three ways this could be done...
1. If you would be willing to photocopy them and pass the photocopies on to the regional coordinator, or sask gen web web curator who could place them online.
2. If you would be able to type up the document into a program (or scan the images) and then e-mail it to Sask Gen Web for online.(HTML knowledge not necessary, any computer typed up format can be used. Online acknowledgement given to you, the author with any works submitted for any online publication.) Sask Gen Web Re Transcription Volunteer
3. Another way to share these online with others via email exchanges would be to become a "Look up Volunteer"

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Web sites

Do you have a website that provides genealogical, historical or other resources for genealogists in the area of Saskatchewan" If you have a genealogical, historical or geographical link then send it to us.

Sask Gen Web Regional Webmasters E-mail Contacts

If you have any document typed up and saved as a computer file, please contact us. If it is of genealogical, historical or geographical interest to this area, then send it to us via e-mail and we will convert it to HTML and create a web page for it here. We can also send it back to you in HTML format ready for your website as well.
Re: Sask Gen Web Document for conversion to HTML

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Local Resident Volunteer

There are two ways to be a local resident volunteer, one would be to put your name as a "Look up Volunteer", and the other way would be to join the provincial or local mailing list. A local resident volunteer could be someone who is either currently living in the area, or who has resided in the area, and would be able to help with questions regarding the history of the area. Local resident volunteers could mention if they would want to do any look ups at their local public archive, library, cemetery, or courthouse etc. If you can do a look up in a specific microfilm at your local LDS family history center that doesn't need to be ordered in, as they are part of the permanent collection. If a volunteer does incur expenses, they should first inform the person requesting information what the expenses may be, and discuss reimbursement. Commercial or for profit activities need permission from rootsweb, but re-imbursement for expenses incurred such as photocopies or photos requested is logical.

"Look up Volunteer" Regional contacts

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Transcription Volunteer

A transcription volunteer would type up information. The information could come from:
1. A genealogical resource that is in the public domain such as from the released censeii, cemetery tombstone inscriptions, documents with expired copyright.
2. A genealogical resource for whom the publisher has been contacted, and written permission has been granted from the copyright holder for use of the material online.
3. The transcription volunteer could either directly submit via postal mail (--photocopies or CD disk) or e-mail an electronic file with the typed or scanned information such as a word, wordpad, notepad or excel file, a completed HTML ready web page, or a link to the relevant web page. Knowledge of HTML not necessary, other file formats can be submitted.
4. Online acknowledgement given to you, the author with any works submitted for any online publication.

    Types of files for transcription include*:
  • Census Records
  • Vital Records (Marriage, Birth, Death, Divorce)
  • Court records (county, federal, civil, circuit, probate....)
  • Church records (members lists, baptisms...)
  • Bible Records
  • Family or historical photos, or postcards
  • Newspapers (obits, marriage & birth announcements, local events...)
  • Prison Records
  • Military Records (rosters, muster rolls, service records, pension applications...)
  • Land Records (deeds, land transfers, federal land grants, surveyor's records...)
  • Tax Records (land, property, state, federal, local....)
  • Local Histories
  • Local Directories (phone books, old county and city directories....)
  • Occupational (") (Mining inspector's reports, Accident reports, railroad reports, company newsletters....)
  • Educational (") (school histories, newsletters, school census, yearbooks")
  • Cemeteries
  • Deeds/grants
  • Misc*
  • Newspapers/obits
  • Ship Lists
  • Tax lists
  • Wills

Sask Gen Web Re: Volunteer Transcription Registration Form

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Contact Volunteer

A contact volunteer would contact a copyright holder of a genealogical resource to get a written statement that the book/copyrighted resource may be used for look ups or for placing information from it online. The publisher is the one to contact to obtain copyright permission. The publisher of 1981 local history/family biography books for example would be the Committee who compiled the book.

The Contact Volunteer would ask for a written response to questions such as:
1. If the book (or other copyrighted resource) could be used by look up volunteers to provide photocopies or transcriptions of passages to researchers for private research.

2. If the book index can be used online. The author / pulishers address and book ordering information could also be provided in the letter granting permission for indexing. For books without an index, an index can be placed online for the book, and would not violate any copyright, as the index did not originally exist, and would be a compilation of facts. This index would indicate familial names included in the book which would help genealogists determine if this resource would be helpful.

3. If any part of the book in whole or in part could be transcribed online. The author address and ordering information should also be provided in the letter granting permission for transcription. Genealogical privacy guidelines should be discussed so that information regarding persons still living would not be published online in general web pages.

Sask Gen Web Re: Volunteer Registration Form

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Saskatchewan's Genealogical Events

This web page Calendar is dedicated to give genealogical researchers information regarding events taking place in Saskatchewan or of interest to those undertaking research in Saskatchewan. Societies, groups, and families are encouraged to post their event on this page. If you would like to be a volunteer to help provide this type of information that would be wonderful!
Please remember to include the
1.) Name of the Event
2.) Location of the Event
3.) Date/s and Time/s of the event
4.) Event description including web site if applicable
5.) Postal, e-mail or phone contact

View Calendar

Add Event to Calendar

Edit Event in Calendar

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Look Up Volunteer
To become a look up volunteer:
"Look up Volunteer" Regional contacts

A Look up volunteer would have access to a genealogical resource. This genealogical resource offered for look up may be
1.) Volunteer services of look ups at the local cemetery, archive, or courthouse of materials in regards to the researcher's family
2.) Look ups in a book or other primary source document in possession of the look up volunteer.
When a genealogical researcher sees the Look up volunteers e-mail offer, they can request a search of the copyrighted material to determine if this resource would be valuable to the genealogical researcher in regards to their familial tree. If the look up volunteer sees that the resource would be helpful, facts from the resource can be relayed and the volunteer can provide the author's address and ordering information. Copyright is not violated if the work is paraphrased, or worded differently from the author's work, however credit needs to be given to the source of the work. For direct quotations: " Fair dealing for the purpose of research or private study does not infringe copyright." Fair dealing requires that a bibliography of the work is included and no profit is incurred. How to Write a Bibliography - Examples in MLA Style Copyright is not violated on all public records. For unlimited look ups see also information for "Contact Volunteers"
In the case of perhaps offering to photograph tombstones if a look up volunteer foresees that they may incur expenses, they should first inform the person requesting information what the expenses may be, and discuss reimbursement before incurring the expense themselves. Commercial or for profit activities need permission from rootsweb, but re-imbursement for expenses incurred such as photocopies or photos requested is logical so long as no profit is gained by the volunteer. Photocopies should follow copyright guidelines.

"Look up Volunteer" Regional contacts

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Copyright Act
Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (Paris Text 1971)
*** The Online Books Page***
Frequently Asked Questions
How Can I Tell Whether a Book Can Go Online"

What is Not Under Copyright Protection:

Tombstone wording
Public records
Exception: A collection compiled together by an author of public records can be copyrighted.
Dates of birth, marriage, and death, and names are ordinarily not under copyright.
Census data
"Facts" are not under copyright, the exception would be a collection of facts together in a manner other than alphabetical. The collection may be under copyright.

- Copyright has Expired bringing the material into the public domain

Copyright in Canada is based on the life span of the author of the works. 50 years added to the year following the author's passing away would be a calculation of the end of copyright protection. Under joint ownership of a work, the author of the group who passes away last, would be the year of passing to add 50 years to the year following his year of passing to determine copyright expiration.

For example the author passes away July 4, 1936. 1937 + 50 would put the work in public domain in 1987

If the work is anonymous or pseudoanonymous whether under one owner or joint ownership, 50 years since date of publication would be the end of copyright protection.

For corporation published photographs, 50 years from date of publication would put photographs in public domain.

Works published by government departments belong to her Majesty and remain under copyright protection for 50 years.

" Fair dealing for the purpose of research or private study does not infringe copyright." Fair dealing requires that a bibliography of the work is included and no profit is incurred. How to Write a Bibliography - Examples in MLA Style All public records.

Works consisting entirely of information that is common property containing no original material, and lists or tables taken from public documents or other common sources.

Reprints and Photo Copies
Sources may be republished or copied in part or in total by anyone once it is public domain.

Copyright can be granted to reprints of public domain material. The new copyright would only cover new material added to the public domain ie table of contents etc. The original material is still public domain. To determine what has been added to the public domain material and what is added, the reprint publisher needs to be contacted.

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