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We're delighted to share the exciting news that the Regional Weyburn Gen Web site is not only finding a new home but thriving at its new domain As the custodians of history, we are dedicated to preserving the legacy of one room schoolhouses, cemetery headstones, historical maps, and the rich tapestry of placenames. Some of the links on this old website won't work, so please check out the new website which can be updated!

The journey forward is made possible by the incredible support from our Patreon community at Your contributions empower us to secure a new domain and web hosting, ensuring the continuity of this vital project for years to come.

Explore the revamped webpages at, where the past comes alive through narratives of one room schoolhouses, sacred resting places, and the diverse history of our region. Unearth the stories that shaped the landscapes and communities we hold dear.

Our Patreon community has been the cornerstone of this transformation, standing by us as we find a new domain and web hosting provider. We invite you to be part of this community at, helping us grow and persist in this labor of love.

Join us on this digital journey, discovering the treasures of Weyburn and its surrounding regions. The diversity of historical maps, vanished placenames, and the tapestry of our shared past awaits at

As we embark on this new chapter, we express our gratitude to and for providing the foundation. Now, we turn to you, our community, seeking support on Patreon to sustain the Weyburn Gen Web service.

Your support ensures that the stories of Weyburn's history are not only preserved but continue to evolve. If you find this endeavor beneficial, we encourage you to support us through Patreon. Visit to witness the resurgence and join us in preserving the rich history of Weyburn.

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The Weyburn Regional GenWeb Project is a resource directory to help you research your family lines in the southeastern Saskatchewan area of Weyburn. Our collection contains resource links, lists of genealogical and historical societies, and more via various online forums such as:

Change is Hard

A new Weyburn Gen Web host been redesigning and reorganizing stuff. The old pages had many broken links and outdated emails. If you're having problems with ANY new pages, links, or finding what you need, drop me a line. Any feedback, suggestions, questions, or just a Hi! are welcome.

Look Beyond Internet Records

Most of Canadian records are NOT available online. Those that are can be found at places like:

Saskatchewan Resources on Rootsweb

Records are kept in city/town archives, museums, historical or heritage societies. Churches kept birth, marriage, and death records, although you need to ask where their records are archived.

Cemeteries hold a wealth of information; often entire families were laid to rest together. If you can't visit personally but you know the cemetery's name, check Find a Grave. Volunteers may be able to photograph headstones or send information to out-of-town researchers.

Share your Weyburn area findings

Drop our Weyburn Gen Web host a note if you can share things like:

Lookup Volunteers have documents relating to the Weyburn area and are willing to check them for names of your family members. We may be able to scan and digitize books that are no longer under copyright restrictions. Let us know who you are researching so we can grow our Surnames page. Just drop our Webmaster a note.

Weyburn Help

We aren't able to do you research for you, but do offer guidance on resources to check. The best way to ask for help is to post a Query on the Weyburn Query board. That's the best place to ask for help and connect with other area researchers.