Marion County TN Photo Album
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Welcome to the Marion County, Tennessee

Photo Album

Come join us on a tour of Marion County, Tennessee,

and the beauty of the countryside of South Eastern Tennessee.

Gateway to the BEST part of Tennessee


Allison Monument

Anderson Brothers Store

Battle Creek Area

Battle Creek Area Barn

Battle Creek Primitive Baptist Church Minutes 1903

Battle Creek Old Baptist Church

Bloss Home

T. J. Bloss Hardware

Bridgeport Ferry

Bridgeport RR Bridge

Church of Christ

Coppinger Cove Methodist Church

Coppinger Cove South Central Marion County

Coppinger Cove South Central Marion County

Courtesy Court Motel

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Devil's Punch Bowl/Devil's Den

Dixie Legionaires

More Dixie Legionaires

Dixie Employees - American Legion Convention

Dixie Legionaires 1923 Convention - Article

Penn-Dixie Safety Celebration - 1925

Penn-Dixie Bar-B-Q

Penn-Dixie Picnic 1940

Penn-Dixie Plant 1910

Penn-Dixie Employees 1925

Penn-Dixie Employees Outing

Penn-Dixie Baseball Team - 1928

Penn-Dixie Baseball Team - 1930's

Penn-DixieLadies Softball Team - 1939

Fiery Gizzard Creek, Marion County

Fullerton Bluff View

Gable Home

Griffith Creek Church of God-1947

Griffith General Store 1836-38

Guild 1912 Marion Athletic Club Baseball Team

Hales Bar Dam Construction

Hales Bar Dam 1

Hales Bar Dam 2

Hales Bar Dam 3

Hales Bar Hydro Plant

Hales Bar Steam Plant

Hales Bar Dam & Veterans Bridge

Hales Bar Postcard

Hales Bar Postcard 2

Hwy. 41 Monteagle

Indian Ferries

Jasper Betsy Pack Historical Marker

Jasper Depot

Jasper Gulf Station

Jasper Journal Scrapbook

Jasper View
    1     2     3

Kelly's Cove

Kimball 1938

Ketchal Bridge

Ladd's Cove as viewed from Monteagle

Ladd's Cove Episcopal Church

Looney Farmhouse

First Marion County Courthouse

Second Marion County Courthouse

Martin Springs Primitive Baptist Church

Martin Springs/Dove Post Office

Martin Springs Tourist Camp

McCabes Store

Memorial Bridge Dedication

Memorial Bridge Article

New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Nickajack Cave
    Then     Now

Orme Depot
    Page 1     Page 2

Orme Schoolhouse
    Page 1     Page 2     Page 3

Pryor Institute Commencement Program

Richard City - Aerial View & History

Richard City Post Office

Richard City Dixie Inn

Richard City Red Onion Restaurant

Racoon Range Pass

Racoon Range Train Trestle

Russell Cave

Running Water Train Trestle

Home of James Raulston

Swedens Cove Area

Swedens Cove Primitive Baptist Church

Swedens Cove Primitive Baptist Church Roll and Minutes
    Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5     Page 6     Page 7     Page 8     Page 9     Page 10     Page 11     Page 12     Page 13     Page 14

Old Swedens Cove School

Sequatchie Pictures & Articles

Sequatchie Valley View

South Pittsburg - 3rd & Cedar (1963)

South Pittsburg American Legion Hall

South Pittsburg Beene Stadium

South Pittsburg Bridge

South Pittsburg Dixie Freeze

South Pittsburg Depot

South Pittsburg Elementery

South Pittsburg High School

South Pittsburg Hustler Office

South Pittsburg Journal Scrapbook

South Pittsburg Post Office

South Pittsburg Primitive Baptist Church Minutes 1886

South Pittsburg Presbyterian Church

South Pittsburg from Raulstontown

South Pittsburg & The Tennessee River

South Pittsburg & The Tennessee River (Another View)

Stuckey's at the Dixie-Lee Junction

Tennessee River Gorge Trust

Tennessee River - South Central Marion County

Tennessee River - South Central Marion County

Train Wreck of Yesteryear

Valley view 1

Valley View 2

Volunteer Food Store

Whiteside Train Trestle

Whitwell Journal Scrapbook


Many thanks to all of you who have contributed your photos.
If you have photographs of Marion County that you would like to add to this Photo Album let us know. The easiest way to get photos to us is to scan them as a jpg file and then e-mail them to us. If this does not work for you, you may send them to us by snail mail and we will return them to you after we have scanned them.


Your Marion County Coordinator is Betty McBee

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August 15, 2011