Griffith General Store Journal


1836 - 1838

My mother, Inez WHITE STEPHENS, received this journal from one of her relatives.
 Her great-grandfather, James GRIFFITH, and his brother, William, operated their general store in Jasper, Tennessee until 1846.
 Their father, Amos GRIFFITH, was one of the early settlers of Sequatchie Valley.
The original journal is in the home of a relative in Upland, California.

Terminology of interest from the journal :

Bobbinet - Tulle fabric
Bombazine - Silk or wool fabric
Brimstone - Sulfur
Calomel - Diuretic,purgative
Cassinet  - Very fine wool fabric, sometimes mixed with silk or cotton
Cercasion - Wood finish
Copal varnish  - High gloss varnish made with a drying oil such as linseed
Do - Abbreviation for ditto
Domestic - Fabric believed to have been made in the U.S.
Flax thread - Natural fiber from the flax plant made into thread
Gimlet - Small tool for boring holes
Indigo - Blue dye
Jeans - Sturdy fabric, although not as sturdy as denim
Linsey - Coarse twill or plain-woven fabric with a linen warp and a woolen weft
Madder - Dye from the rubea plant, creating reds of scarlet, carmine, pink
Martingale - Fabric and or collars
Nankin (Nankeen) - Sturdy yellow or buff cotton cloth
Opodeldoc - Linament
Paregoric - Camphorated tincture of opium
Pongee - Tussah wild silk
Red Turkey - Red dye originating from the Middle East
Shoe pencher  - Built-up portion of a shoe or a boot
Snaffle bridle -  Bit used for English riding

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Submitted by Lynda Stephens Brooks

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June 7 ,2012