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Devil's Punch Bowl/Devil's Den

Photo provided by the Bridgeport Train Depot Museum
Bridgeport, Alabama
Note accompanying picture.

This picture is labeled the Devils Punch Bowl. I was to told this was located in Richard City, Tn. above the old Cement plant. The rock quarry destroyed this with their blasting. I do not know. Maybe somebody else would know for sure.

Note from Jim Graham:
I grew up in Richard City & lived very near what was always referred to as"Devils Den". I've never heard it called Devil's Punch Bowl. I have been there many times. This was a favorite place for all the boys to go on the mountain. It was a very beautiful place to explore. It was about 40-50 feet in diameter & quite round. We would usually climb the side of the quarry using an old steel cable hanging down the side of the cliff, then visit the old water storage tank which was nearby. Our ultimate destination was always a huge rock which protrudes from near the very top of the mountain (called "The Point") but we always stopped by Devil's Den. We always speculated about how this huge hole was created. Vegetation grew all over the sides of the depression. We often climbed down to the bottom & usually found evidence of fairly large animals living there. There were many small animal bones scattered about. In the winter when it was very cold I have seen icicles hanging all down the sides completely covering the whole depression. How beautiful!!! It seems a shame that it has been blasted away..... Sorry to ramble but your post brought back some nice memories.

Note from Denny Lambert:
This image is not of a Marion County waterfall, but of one in Jackson County, Alabama located on Sand Mountain between the crest of the mountain nearest the Tennessee state-line and Bryant. I have been to this waterfall many times and I have made several pictures that I have compared with the vintage image that clearly shows the same rock formations and other distinguishing natural markers. My grandfather, Alfred Monroe Lambert, Sr., grew up near the waterfall and spent many of his childhood days swimming here.


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January 15, 2005