Tennessee State Flag

Griffith Creek Church of God circa 1947

Back row, 3rd from left (short man with white hair) is Daniel Webster
Back row, 4th from left (partially bald man) is Joe Morrison (Daniel's
Back row, 6th adult from left is John Hicks (Daniel's son-in-law)
Lady on far left is Creadie Bell Slatton Morrison (Daniel's wife)
On Creadie Bell's right is Ethel Turner Morrison (Daniel's daughter-in-law
Standing directly in front of John Hicks and the baby (Benny Hicks) is
Myrtle Morrison Hicks (Daniel's daughter and John 's wife)
Small boy in short pants, in front on the left, is Paul Davidson (Daniel Morrison's grandson).

Photo submitted by Paul Davidson



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October 15, 2005