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Orme Schoolhouse

Photo used by permission of Dennis Lambert.


Additional commentary by Jim Rollins:
I was looking at the photos of the old school at Orme and thought I would submit a couple of pieces of info about it. I started first grade there in 1948. The elementary school teacher was Ruth Smith, who was also my next door neighbor. The elementary school took up the bottom floor and high school was upstairs. Each elementary grade had its own table. First grade was the first table to the left after you went in the front entrance. There were about five other kids in first grade with me. It would be just on the other side of that first window. Miss Smith's desk was on the other side of the second window. I can't remember the high school teacher's name. Probably Mrs. Barnes or Mrs. Reames. Linda Rich's sister, Litha (or Lytha) Jane, attended the school at the same time I did. She was ahead of me. The school was located across the creek after you pass in front of the old Orme depot.

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January 22 2008