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Anderson Brothers Store

This store was located where the interstate now goes across from Tate Cove road to Fiery Gizzard road. It was owned by T. W. Anderson and his son Jasper. You can barely make out Anderson Bros. under the KABO CORSET sign. A descendent thinks that the man sitting on the porch may be his grandfather-Joseph William Anderson (1877-1964) and the man standing up on the far right may be that man’s brother –James Thomas Anderson. Can anyone identify the people in the photos?


The man seated in the door is Jasper Anderson. The man standing on the right is Thomas W. Anderson, brother to Jasper and my g-grandfather. The store was located at Pinhook in the Battle Creek area near where you now enter the Gizzard. The store was owned by the two brothers. My dad identified them in the picture and he remembers very well going to the store when his grandfather owned it - because he would give him candy. Thomas William Anderson (1858-1922) married Virginia Comfort Tate and Jasper Anderson was born about 1860 and married Martha Bible. ------ Emma Martin Oswald

I can tell you where this store was located. I have been inside it, but it wasn't a store then. It had baby chickens in it. At the time I was there, the property belonged to Doc Newt Anderson. Newt and Martha Anderson Haskew and family lived there. There was a white two story house that sat down below the highway, on the right between the road going into the Gizzard and the Gizzard Creek bridge. There was a driveway going down to the house. The house was on the right and the store building was on the left. The store was next to Fiery Gizzard Creek. On the other side of the creek is the Bible Cemetery. -------- Ida Haskew Smith

Photo submitted by Tony Anderson


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January 15, 2006