Norwood Historical Society Date Page

Historical Dates for Norwood, Ohio.

  • 1780s-1790s Pioneers come to a new land.
  • 1800s-1850s Settlers slowly populate Sharpsburg.
  • 1860s The first railroad and subdivisions, including "Norwood Heights."
  • 1870s "Norwood" replaces "Sharpsburg."
  • 1880s Two more railroads, more subdivisions and the Village of Norwood.
  • 1890s Growth —annexations, population, industry and 1st High School.
  • 1900s More industry, public services, population and the City of Norwood.
  • 1910s A champion baseball team, new City Hall and a new High School.
  • 1920s More growth —General Motors, WSAI and infrastructure improvements
  • 1930s Increased population, first supermarket and labor strikes.
  • 1940s WWII, a stabilized industrial growth and United Dairy Farmers started.
  • 1950s Small city problems and benefits; population peaks.
  • 1960s Urban renewal, major new highways and loss of neighborhoods.
  • 1970s Surrey Square shopping center is built, and more changes.
  • 1980s Loss of major businesses and the Enterprise newspaper.
  • 1990s Loss of population; gain of Central Parke and Rookwood Pavilion.
  • 2000s More population loss; gain of Cornerstone and Linden Pointe.