Dates - 1960's in Norwood, Ohio


Historical Dates for Norwood, Ohio.

  • 1960?
    The B&O Railroad freight station in East Norwood burns and is replaced with a brick structure. It is still used by the signal department of the railroad.

  • 1960 (November)
    Former Norwood Mayor Harry H. Baker dies.

  • 1960 (December)
    Former Judge and Norwood Mayor Allen C. Roudenbush dies.

  • 1961 (January)
    Albers has a grand opening for its newly remodeled supermarket in Norwood at the corner of Montgomery Road and Madison Avenue. This store is the first Albers supermarket and Ohio's first supermarket. Also, it may be the first store anywhere to use the term "supermarket."

  • 1961
    Strobridge Lithographing Company is sold to the H. S. Crocker Company, a printing conglomerate.

  • 1964 (April)
    Mayor Joseph W. Shea, Jr. announced that Globe-Wernicke President Chester Devenow said the company was moving to Nashville, Tennessee within 2-3 months.

  • 1964
    Globe-Wernicke Company moves manufacturing operations to Nashville, Tennessee. Actually, it is an outsourcing project, as Avco Corporation�s Aerospace Structure Division will make the office furniture, which Globe-Wernicke will sale under its brand name. This continues to 1971. The engineering, research, sales, etc. operations remain at the Norwood facility.

  • 1965 (January 12)
    Allis-Chalmers announced that it would upgrade its Norwood plant with over $2.75 million of improvements, including thirty new machine tools and mechanized materials-handling equipment. The moderization was expected to take about eleven months.

  • 1965 (August)
    Overhead copper cable used by streetcars and trolley buses were removed the second week of August. The use of motor coaches made the power cables obsolete.

  • 1966 (January 30)
    The Norwood branch library has its rededication ceremonies, after a $108,664 renovation of its interior and some landscaping and changes to the entrance approach. The architect is Henn & Henn, and the contractor is the Dawson Evans Company. While the building is closed, the library operated out of 2118 Washington Avenue (a location now within the Surrey Square lot).

  • 1966 (February-March)
    Rumors that a developer planned to buy the old L. Schreiber & Sons Company property, near Montgomery Road, Ivanhoe Avenue and Wayland Avenue, became fact. The Great Northern Construction Corporation announced that three main tenants had been selected � Fashion Fair, Liberal Markets and a major drug store. A shopping center would be built to accommodate them and ten additional stores would be placed on the strip facing south. A grand opening was planned for early spring 1967.

  • 1966 (April 14)
    The Norwood Baptist Church celebrates its 100th anniversary. The church originated as the Pleasant Ridge Regular Baptist Church, when members of the Duck Creek Baptist Church living near Pleasant Ridge were given permission to form a new church from the ten-year old mission church located there. The Pleasant Ridge church moved down to Norwood in 1887.

  • 1966
    The remaining Norwood offices of Globe-Wernick move to the Avco building (the former Crosley Building) at Arlington Street and Spring Grove Avenue in Cincinnati. The Carthage Avenue property is sold to General Motors, which soon razes the buildings for parking lots.

  • 1966
    Globe-Wernicke Industries and Sheller Manufacturing Company merge, taking the new name Sheller-Globe. The Globe-Wernicke Company continues as a office furniture operation.

  • 1966 (June 28)
    Chevrolet General Manager E. M. "Pete" Estes announces that a new car named Camaro will be built at two plants � Van Nuys, California, and Norwood, Ohio.

  • 1966 (August 11)
    The first Chevy Camaro is driven out of the Norwood assembly plant.

  • 1968 (April 21)
    In a spectacular fire, the Norwood Albers supermarket is destroyed on a Sunday afternoon. The blaze is blamed on electrical compressors. Thousand of spectators watch as Norwood firemen fight to save Ohio's first supermarket. The company indicates the store would be rebuilt, but it never is. The location is now the Surrey Square parking lot, ironically in front of Thriftway (now Kroger) Supermarket.

  • 1969 (April 8)
    The Norwood City Council votes to approve the purchase of the Albers property on Montgomery Road for $165,000 as part of the Urban Renewal of the Norwood business district. The burned-out store, which has been closed since April 21, 1968, after a $300,000 fire, is planned to be demolished soon. The store originally opened in November 1933.

  • 1969
    Work continues on the Urban Renewal projects in the main business districton, and SR-562 (Norwood Lateral) and I-71 (Northeast Expressway) through the Norwood neighborhoods of East Norwood and Dacey.