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Norwood streets.
[Street Scenes]

Streets, Roads and Highways
in Norwood, Ohio.

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This is a list of Norwood streets, past and present. It was developed from research of maps, books and other documents. As this section develops, you will be able to click on a name, and be taken to a page for that street. There you will find the origin of the name, other names the street may have had, a description of the street and its location, a map locating the street, and other historical information about the street, such as who lived there and events that occurred on that street.

The names of the streets of Norwood have many origins. The streets were often named after specific individuals, such as early American Presidents � Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe; notable Norwood pioneers, citizens and developers, e.g., Baker, Bennett, Cleneay, Crosley, Dacey, Feldman, Foraker, Hopkins, Sanker, Langdon, Leslie, Lloyd, McNeill, Weyer; or relatives and friends of real estate developers, e.g. Allison, Franklin and Waltella. Several streets were named after trees � Ash, Beech, Cypress, Elm, Linden, Locust, Maple, Oak, Pine, Poplar, Sycamore, or groups of trees � Orchard and Forest. Finding the origin of a street's name is a continuing effort, since the reasons for the names of many streets are often hidden in "lost" records, or the minds of long dead developers.

Some streets have had more than one name and others may have been called "street" or "avenue," or even had different spellings, in various documents. If it is clear that it is the same street, only one is listed with the alternate ending or spelling in parentheses.

According to the 1917-18 Williams Norwood Directory, some streets did not have any buildings. Therefore, any house located on those streets had to have been built after 1916. For a list of those streets click here.

Note: In the book, Norwood, Ohio, Bicentennial Remembrance, 1976, Margaret Guentert, editor, there was an interesting article about Norwood streets by Ruth Krieg. Following that was a list of 55 street names with their origins, as compiled by Norwood High School students Vickie Hill and Tim Town. This page continues that effort with a list of 222 highway and street names�remember, some streets have had more than one name and several streets are gone.

  1. Adams Avenue
  2. Albert Avenue - may be Albertson Avenue
  3. Allison Avenue
  4. Alvina Avenue
  5. Arbor Place
  6. Arklow Court
  7. Ash Avenue
  8. Ashland Avenue (Dedicated as public street when Bofinger & Hopkins' (1st) Subdivision of South Norwood was platted in 1884.)
  9. Atlantic Avenue
  10. Avilla Place
  11. Baker Avenue
  12. Baker Circle
  13. Baker Court
  14. Baker's Lane
  15. Baker Street
  16. Beech Avenue (Street?)
  17. Bell Place (Street?)
  18. Bennett Avenue
  19. Besuden Avenue (changed to Grove Avenue pre-1913)
  20. Bodley Avenue
  21. Bosworth Avenue (Street or Place?)
  22. Burch Avenue
  23. Burgoyne Road
  24. Burwood Avenue
  25. Buxton Avenue
  26. Cameron Avenue
  27. Carter Avenue
  28. Carthage Avenue
  29. Cathedral Avenue
  30. Catherine (Catharine?) Avenue
  31. Cavagna Avenue (changed to South Madison Avenue ca. 1917)
  32. Center Street
  33. Cincinnati-Sharpsburg Road (Montgomery Road)
  34. Cleneay Avenue (Note: The part that is west of Montgomery Road was originally called Northside Avenue�see below. After 1913, the entire street in Norwood, east and west of Montgomery Road, is called Cleneay Avenue.)
  35. Clermont Avenue
  36. Cleveland Avenue
  37. Cliff Alley
  38. Columbia Road
  39. Courtland Avenue
  40. Crosley (Crossley?) Avenue
  41. Cross Street (removed ca. 1917)
  42. Crown Avenue
  43. Cypress Avenue (Way?) - The south side of this street from Montgomery Road to a distance east is in Norwood; the rest, on both sides is in Cincinnati. In 1913, when Cincinnati annexed Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati renamed the street Marryat Avenue, because there was a Cypress Avenue in Walnut Hills.
  44. Dacey Avenue (built pre-1913)
  45. Dale Road
  46. Delaware Avenue
  47. Depot Street
  48. Drex Avenue
  49. Duck Creek Road
  50. Duck Creek and Carthage Road
  51. Dudley Avenue
  52. East Alley
  53. East Sherman Avenue
  54. Edmondson Road
  55. Edwards Road
  56. Elm Avenue
  57. Elsmere Avenue
  58. Elvin Avenue (changed to South Jefferson ca. 1917)
  59. Feldman Avenue
  60. Fenwick Avenue
  61. Floral Avenue
  62. Foraker Avenue (Street?)
  63. Foraker Terrace (changed to Norwood Avenue ca. 1917)
  64. Forest Avenue
  65. Forest Street
  66. Franklin Avenue
  67. Garland Avenue
  68. Glenside Avenue
  69. Globe Avenue
  70. Grandview Avenue (Place?)
  71. Grove Avenue (was Besuden Avenue)
  72. Hafer Avenue
  73. Hannaford (Hanaford?)
  74. Harper Avenue
  75. Harris Avenue
    Named after Samuel T. Harris � "When East Norwood was quite an infant, (he) spent much time and money in getting an approriation from the Legislature to make it the fine avenue it now is." �1888 newspaper column.
  76. Harris Place
  77. Hazel Avenue
  78. Highland Avenue
  79. Hires Lane
  80. Homer Avenue
  81. Hopkins Avenue
  82. Hudson Avenue
  83. Hunter Avenue
  84. Huston Avenue
  85. I-71 (Interstate 71)
  86. Ida Avenue (Street?)
  87. Indian Mound Avenue
  88. Irving Place
  89. Ivanhoe Avenue
  90. Jefferson Avenue
  91. Johnson (Johnston Road)
  92. Joseph E. Sanker Boulevard
  93. Judge Street
  94. Kenilworth Avenue
  95. Kerper Avenue
  96. Krug Circle
  97. Lafayette Avenue (Dedicated as public street when Bofinger & Hopkins' (1st) Subdivision of South Norwood was platted in 1884.)
  98. Langdon Avenue (Street ?)
  99. Laura Lane
  100. Laurel Avenue
  101. Lawn Avenue
  102. Lawrence (Laurence) Avenue
  103. Leslie Avenue
  104. Lexington Avenue
  105. Lincoln Avenue
  106. Linden Avenue
  107. Linden Avenue (Foraker Avenue)
  108. Lindley Avenue (Street ?)
  109. Lloyd Avenue (Street ?)
  110. Locust Avenue
  111. Locust Street
  112. Lookout Avenue (Mound Place? or Tower Park?)
  113. Lowry Avenue (Street ?)
  114. Lysle Lane
  115. Madison Avenue
  116. Madison Road
  117. Main Avenue (Montgomery Road)
  118. Malcolm Avenue (Street)
  119. Maple Avenue The name of this old Norwood street remained unchanged after village incorporation while two other streets in other subdivisions of the new village had their names changed.
  120. Maple Avenue (changed to Slane Avenue) The name of this South Norwood street was probably changed soon after village incorporation because two other streets in other subdivisions of the new village had the same name.
  121. Maple Street (changed to Lloyd Avenue) The name of this East Norwood street was probably changed soon after village incorporation because two other streets in other subdivisions of the new village had the same name.
  122. Marion Avenue (Street ?)
  123. Marsh Avenue
  124. Massman Lane
  125. Mary Avenue
  126. Mayer Avenue
  127. McNeill Avenue (Street?)
  128. Melrose Avenue
  129. Mentor Avenue
  130. Mills Avenue
  131. Moeller Avenue
  132. Monroe Avenue
  133. Montgomery Pike (Montgomery Road)
  134. Montgomery and Hopkinsville Turnpike Road (Montgomery Road)
  135. Montgomery Road
  136. Morton Avenue
  137. Mound Avenue
  138. Moundcrest Drive
  139. Moundview Avenue (Drive?)
  140. Mulligan Boulevard (a private street on north side of Highland Avenue)
  141. Myrtle Street (Avenue?)
  142. New Street (a.k.a. Elm Street)
  143. Northeast Expressway
  144. Northside Avenue (This street, which was on the west side of Montgomery Road, had its name changed to Cleneay Avenue, sometime after 1913. Another street, east of Montgomery Road and not quite lining up with Northside Avenue, was already named Cleneay Avenue. Today, there is one Cleneay Avenue crossing Montgomery Road. Note: An even earlier Northside Avenue intersected Montgomery Road at about the same place, but was at a different angle.)
  145. Northwoods Lane
  146. Norwood Avenue (west of Montgomery was originally Foraker Terrace)
  147. Norwood Lateral
  148. O'Brien Place
  149. Oak Street
  150. Oak Avenue
  151. Orchard Street
  152. Park Avenue
  153. Parmelee
  154. Pemberton Avenue (Street? or Lane?)
  155. Pigtail Alley
  156. Pine Avenue (Street?)
  157. Poplar Avenue (Street?)
  158. Prentiss Street
  159. Quatman Avenue
  160. Railroad Avenue
  161. Reading Road
  162. Regent Avenue
  163. Reiley Avenue
  164. Ridgeway Avenue
  165. Ridgewood Avenue (changed to Robertson Avenue pre-1913)
  166. Robertson Avenue (was Ridgewood Avenue)
  167. Rolston Avenue
  168. Ronda Avenue
  169. Rose Avenue
  170. Roseland (Rosalind?) Mound
  171. Ross Avenue
  172. Ruscher Court (a.k.a Ruescher Terrace and Ruscher Place; built ca. 1915, vacated ca. 1972�now part of Norwood High School ballfield)
  173. School Avenue (a.k.a. School Lane)
  174. Section Avenue
  175. Shanmoor Avenue
  176. Sharpsburg Road
  177. Shepherd (Shepard) Road
  178. Sheridan Drive (was Spring)
  179. Sherman Avenue
  180. Sherwood Lane (Street?)
  181. Silver Avenue (Street?)
  182. Slane Avenue (previous name was Maple Avenue according to incorporation map of 1888; the name was probably changed soon afterwards because two other streets in other subdivisions of the new village had the same name.)
  183. Smith Road
  184. South Jefferson Avenue (was Elvin Avenue)
  185. South Madison Avenue (was Cavagna Avenue)
  186. Spencer Avenue
  187. Spring (changed to Sheridan Drive ca. 1917)
  188. State Road
  189. SR-562 (State Route 562)
  190. Station Avenue
  191. Stewart Avenue (was Steward Park)
  192. Steward Park (changed to Stewart Avenue ca. 1915)
  193. Sycamore Avenue (Street?)
  194. Tilden Avenue
  195. Tower Park
  196. Transpark Drive
  197. Turrill Avenue
  198. Varelman (Varleman?) Avenue
  199. Varelman Court
  200. Vista Avenue
  201. Wakefield Place
  202. Wall Street
  203. Waltella Place
  204. Walter Avenue (Water Street?)
  205. Wanda Avenue
  206. Warren Avenue
  207. Washington Avenue
  208. Waverly Avenue
  209. Wayland Avenue
  210. Wayne Avenue
  211. Webster Avenue
  212. Wesley Avenue
  213. Wesleyan Avenue
  214. West Alley
  215. West Avenue (Street?)
  216. West Norwood Avenue
  217. Weyer Avenue
  218. Willard Avenue
  219. Williams Avenue
  220. Wood Street
  221. Woodlawn Avenue
  222. Worth Avenue

[Street Scenes]