Books For Sale

If you know of any books currently available for sale about Pemiscot County, please let me know. This is in no way a recommendation or endorsement by this writer of any work listed, but rather a listing of known resources for those researching the area and looking for clues of missing ancestors.
The State Historical Society of Missouri publishes and sells a book called "Missouri Newspapers on Microfilm." I believe my revised July 1997 edition cost less than $20.The spiral-bound book is divided by counties and contains the names of all Missouri newspapers on microfilm at their Columbia library. There are 16 newspapers listed for Pemiscot County in this book. Some were very short-lived. The Society has a limited staff. I am not sure if they still take requests and do look-ups, but it could take a while to receive an answer. Or, researchers can order in the microfilm via interlibrary loan if your local library has a microfilm reader available for its patrons. I suggest your readers contact local libraries to see if they have microfilmed newspapers available before contacting the Society.

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