Churches of Pemiscot

This list was taken from GNIS for Pemiscot. I'm sure it is not complete. If you have a list of churches for inclusion here, please send them to me.


If you have additional information on any of these churches such as baptisms, marriages, (prior to 1900) directions, history or additions, please let me know. Records have been selected from GNIS
When the name of the cemetery or the church is listed on the left, there is additional information. 
Apostolic Church, Stanley
Assembly of God Church, Denton
Bethlehem Church, Stanley
Black Island Church (historical), Stanley
Boones Chapel (historical), Steele
Bush Church (historical), Stanley
Chapel Church (historical), Caruthersville
Clover Hill Church, Stanley
Concord Church (historical), Stanley
Dry Bayou Church, Stanley
Dry Bayou Church, Stanley
Eastwood Memorial United Methodist Church, Caruthersville
Fisher Church (historical), Stanley
Glass Memorial Church, Stanley
Gobler Church (historical), Deering
Golden Light Church (historical), Caruthersville
Green Church (historical), Denton
Hermondale Church (historical), Denton
Hildreth Church (historical), Boekerton
Hillsman Taylor Church (historical), Deering
Holly Grove Church, Cooter
Ingram Ridge Church, Wardell
Kings Chapel, Steele
Loving Church, Caruthersville
Macedonia Church, Denton
Mapleview Church, Deering
Marvin Chapel, Caruthersville
Mid City Church (historical), Deering
Mount Carmel Church, Stanley
Mount Moriah Church (historical), Steele
Mount Olive Church (historical), Caruthersville
Mount Zion Church (historical), Steele
New Becker Church (historical), Portageville
Oak Grove Church, Denton
Oak Grove Church, Deering
Oak Ridge Church, Steele
Oreena Church, Deering
Pierces Chapel, Unknown
Pleasant Grove Church, Cottonwood Point
Pleasant Grove Church, Stanley
Sacred Heart Church, Caruthersville
Saint Matthews Church, Denton
Saint Paul Church, Steele
Saint Paul Church (historical), Wardell
Samford Church, Denton
Shiloh Church, Unknown
Stanley Church, Stanley
Tatum Chapel, Bragg City
United Church, Deering
Vicksburg Church, Hayti Heights

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