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You are welcome to send me your Pemiscot surnames (only) for inclusion to this list. Please be aware that I will add them as soon as possible (Usually the following weekend). I have two jobs and 3 GenWeb counties, so I'm pretty busy! Please make sure the county name is listed in the subject line! You wouldn't want me to add your name to Kemper County, MS!

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Abbott Samuel E. Alsup, Jr.
Adams - Nickey McKay
Agnew - Bonnie Sivyer
Alsup - Samuel E. Alsup, Jr.
Altsman - Tracey B. Baldwin 
Anderson - J. J. Johnson
Ash - Evelyn Libhart
Atkinson - Glenda Smith
Averill - Terri Jordan
Ayers - Nita Phillips


Baker - Euna Beavers
Ballard - Mattie 
Barnes - Karen 
Barnett - Peggy R. Kopp
Beck - Dana B. Butterfield
Best - Patricia Grimm
Biggs - Mattie - Karen
Binkley- Samuel E. Alsup, Jr.
Blevins - Bonnie Sivyer
Blumer - Patricia Grimm
Boroughs/Burroughs - Shirley Siltala
Boswell -Sherri Sontag
Brantly -Lynette Stilley
Brock - Samuel E. Alsup, Jr.Janette W. Grimes  
Brooks - Jolene King, Lynette Stilley
Buchanan  - Denise M. Perry 
Buerger/Burger/Berger - Jeannine Burks
Butler - Karla B. Everett


Callis - Peggy Peal
Caples - Mary Hurst
Carroll-Paula Stobaugh
Cassidy - Karen
Chaffin - Evelyn Libhart
Champ - Karen 
Coleman - Donna H. Eades, Peggy R. Kopp  
Collier- Paula Stobaugh
Cox - Bonnie Sivyer
Crider - Mary
Crockett - Jolene King
Cross - Jolene King
Crow - Diane Snyder
Cunningham - Marilyn Liesmann, Mary Katherine Martin, Bonnie Sivyer
Curtis -Denise M. Perry


Darrow - Bonnie Sivyer
Davis - Bonnie Sivyer
Del Monco - Jolene King
Dement - Cindy F. Lester
Denney - Bonnie Sivyer
Dodd - Karen Rachelle


Edmondson- Paula Stobaugh
Essary - Mike Laws


Faris - Mary Katherine Martin
Fields - Billie Powell
Folks - Cindy F. Lester
Fowler - Evelyn Libhart
Frame - Leslie Moore
Funderburk - Karla B. Everett


Garner -Terri Jordan
German - Dianna Anderson
Gotcher - Clyde Gotcher     
Gouge - Peggy R. Kopp
Greenwell -  Heather Williams
Griggs - Will Griggs Jr.
Grimes- Janette W. Grimes


Hedges - Jolene King
Hicks - Karen, Mattie
Holcomb - Karla B. Everett
Holland- Donna H. Eades   
Holley -Marsha Bryant  
Hollis - David Hollis 
Holman - Billie Powell
Holt - Bonnie Sivyer
Houchin/Houchins - Shirley Siltala
Householder - Carol Clendening
Howard - Carol W. Lopez
Hughes - Marilyn Liesmann




James - Phyllis ReaKaren
Jennings - Billie Powell
Johnson -  - Jolene King


Kennedy - Leslie Moore
Keown - Mary 
Kitchens - Nickey McKay
Knight - Bonnie Sivyer
Kyser - Nickey McKay


LaForge - Marilyn Liesmann  
Laws - Mike Laws 
Leslie - Patricia Grimm
Levens -Bonnie Sivyer
Little - Karen
Long - Peggy Ruble


Marshall - Samuel E. Alsup, Jr.
Martin - Mary Katherine Martin
Massey -Terri Jordan
McAnally -Jolene King
McCann -Sonja Bittner 
McCaslin - Janette W. Grimes
McJunkin - "Blossom" Murphy Merryman  
McKay - Nickey McKay
Merideth/Meredith - Denise M. Perry
Metzger - Jolene King
Mitchem/Mitchum - Mary Hurst 
Mizzell - Nickey McKay
Moore - Leslie Moore
Morefield -Cindy F. Lester
Morgan Nickey McKay
Mullins - Jolene King
Murphy - "Blossom" Murphy Merryman


Neal - Peggy Peal
Netherland - Karen
New - Terri Jordan
Nicholas - Cheryl Moffitt Pruitt
Nichols - Cheryl Moffitt Pruitt
Nixon - Colleen Dobrzynski
Nowlin - Paula Stobaugh
Nunnery - Karla B. Everett


Orey  - Nita Phillips
Orman - Donna H. Eades

P, Q

Heather Williams
Phillips - Maxine Cunningham
Pinkerton - Charlotte Manuel
Pike - Jolene King
Pitts- Samuel E. Alsup, Jr.
Poe -Bonnie Sivyer
Pollard -Jolene King
Poole - Jolene King
Pounds - Rita Casey


Reed - Nickey McKay
Riggs - Peggy R. Kopp
Robinson - Dana Slansky
Ruddell/ Ruddle - "Blossom" Murphy Merryman


Sanders -Jolene King
Sanford/Samford -Karen, Mattie
Scott - Karen 
Sergent - Nita Phillips
Sharp - Jolene King
Shaw -- Paula Stobaugh
Sikes - Dianna Anderson
Slayton - Karen
Springer - Betty W. 
Stallans - Terri Jordan, Mary Katherine Martin
Stevens - Jolene King
Stone - Carol W. Lopez


Tabor - Betty W. 
Taylor - Billie Powell
Terrill -Jolene King
Thomas  - Nita Phillips
Tims - Billie Powell 
Tippett- Samuel E. Alsup, Jr.
Turner -Jolene King

U, V

Underwood - Karla B. Everett


Wallingsford - Paula Stobaugh 
Ward - Colleen Dobrzynski
Wells - Peggy R. Kopp
Whitaker - Jolene King
Wilks -Marilyn Liesmann
Williams - Jolene King
Wilson - Rita Casey
Winn - Jolene King
Womack  -
Woods - Maxine Cunningham


Young - Nita PhillipsBonnie Sivyer



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