Death Records

The first provision for statewide registration of births and deaths was enacted July 1, 1883, when the State Board of Health was created for the supervision of such registrations. The act concerning birth and death registration was repealed in 1893 and registration ceased until 1910.

Over 250 rolls of microfilm containing birth and death records from 1883 to 1893 are available at the Archives for research. Researchers should note that the records vary from county to county during this period because there was no requirement for mandatory reporting from parents or professional attendants. Contact the Archives to learn more about researching birth and death records at The archives does not have Pemiscot County death records at this time.

To the left you will find death records in Pemiscot County that I currently have on line. If you have further information, please send it to me.

Search the Social Security Death Index to help you find a date of death.



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