Court Records

The following records are available at the Pemiscot Courthouse. The Pemiscot Courthouse burned in 1883. If you have any copies of indexes for these records, please share them with me so I can post them on the web.
Clerk of Circuit Court: 
Circuit court records, 1883-1889 

Clerk of Probate Court: 
Probate records,1882-1897

Administrators/executors letters bonds 
and records,1883-1911

Settlement records, 1883-1918

Will records,1865-1928

Recorder of Deeds:
Index to deeds, 1833-1902
Deed Records 1881-1900
The Recorder of Deeds Office at the Caruthersville Court House has copies of Pemiscot County marriages from 1882 to the present. Copies are $1 each or $10 for each certified copy. Send requests, including the names of the groom and bride, the marriage date, the appropriate money amount, and a SASE to:
Recorder of Deeds Office
610 Ward Avenue, Suite 1A
Caruthersville, MO. 63830
Due to the very limited time and staff, please come into the office to get your information. The same information can be found at the Caruthersville Library.

Quick Legal lesson:

"et al" is often found at the end of the name of a case, such as Ida L. Walker, et al. It means that other parties are involved, but not listed in the name of the case. There can be many other defendants. Without the use of "et al" the legal paperwork could take up pages just naming all the defendants in the title. For other abbreviations, check the Common Legal Terms page.


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