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*Females are listed with birth surname in parentheses, if known.
*Some obituaries have been edited to remove specific information on living individuals
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Various Years
Duncan Family Obits
Hedberg family obits
Smith Family Obits
(1925-1939) Martin W. Smith (Deantha Work), Cloid H. Smith (Elizabeth Wrede)

Kintyre Obits
Families from Kintyre, Scotland
McLean, John
McQuistan, Edward
McGeachy, Alexander
McQuistan, Margaret (McAllister)




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Kiron Kountry Obituary Collection, by Glenn Gustafson, which includes many obituaries on people who lived in and around the town of Kiron, and in townships south of Odebolt and Arthur, Iowa.
Obituary Daily Times - from Rootsweb; Search of all listed obituaries with "Odebolt" in the text.
Sac County Obituaries, from Sac County Genweb, by Marilyn Dose of Ida Grove (Search for "Odebolt" or a surname, since the page is not indexed.
Iowa GenWeb Gravestone Project  Contains photos of gravestones in Sac County.  Most Odebolt Cemetery grave stones are pictured.

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