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An on-going project containing information gleaned from early newspapers & other sources concerning families who came from the peninsula of Kintrye, Argyll, Scotland and had connections with the Odebolt area.  The authors of this web site are in contact with researchers of some of these families because our father came from Campbeltown, which is in Kintyre.

Family names and connected surnames include:
Bruce ... Calhoun ... Currie ... Houston ... Huie ... McAllister ... McCallum ... McCorkindale ... McGeachy ... McKinven ... McLean ... McQuistan... Sillars ... Smith ... And more

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Recent additions

May 2006 - Obituary on Angus McCorkindale (1912) & Death of Edward McQuistan (1906) on Kintyre Connections Obituaries page

         The Scottish Festival - an account of a "Burns Supper" held in the Odebolt opera hall in 1906 with Sac and Ida County Scots attending. (1906) from Kintyre Connections - Newspaper Articles


April 2006 - Obituary on John McKinven who died March 20, 1952


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