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Stewart of Gartnafuaran Branch II

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The Stewarts Coilantogle, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland

Cadet Branch II of the Stewarts of Gartnafuaran

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This page is part of the Stewarts of Balquhidder Research Group Web Site jointly hosted by myself, Ryk Brown, and my research partner, Chuck Speed.  The research presented on this page is not ours alone.  It is the product of all the Fellow Researchers of the Stewarts of Balquhidder Research Group.  We are indebted to them for their generous contributions.  This page is intended as a place for researchers to freely and cooperatively share our research with each other.  The first-time reader is advised to begin with the introduction found on the Principal Families Page before proceeding on with this page.

The Stewarts in Coilantogle were a cadet branch of the Stewarts of Gartnafuaran.  Please refer to the Gartnafuaran page for a full introduction.

II Branch - Stiuartich a' Bhaid


Ruined farmhouse at Coilantogle
Coilantogle Ruins
� Copyright Simon McKeating and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

In Coilantogle and possibly in Blairgarry

This article is under construction.

The branch is described in Stewarts of the South as:

Commonly called "Stuiartich a' Bhaid" (probably means "Stewarts of the clump/tuft/thicket") in ancient times.  The oldest branch of the family of Gartnafuara was Ground Officer to the Earl of Moray in the district of Doune.

There was one Andrew Stewart, [a] tenant in Cuil-n-togle who left two sons: William and John.

  1. William is ground officer to the Earl of Moray in the town of Doune.  [He] has one son in a very respectable, affluent way in the West Indies.
  2. John is a tenant in ?Enapach near Callander [which is] part of Burrel Drummond's estate.  [He] had four sons; only two are alive:
    1. one, Robert, the oldest, [is] in good circumstances [and] is a spirit dealer in Glasgow.  (The following entry appears later in the original text but has been moved earlier to this place here to improve readability.)  This spirit dealing business is a mystical one to me. I much doubt that they are a good deal indebted to Arnswell in Glasgw with vitrol and other combustibles, which are unknown to me.  This Rob would, at one time, have been glad of a kilt full of potatoes or porridge, although he now affects all the splendour at his table that would serve a Lord's son.  He is a man of some abilities, if he were moderate in his manner.  [He] was sometime a traveller to a house in Glasgow and had all the assurance of a highwayman's horse, and might pass for Capt Plume or Sergt Kitt in the "Recruiting Officer". Though I have marked him out, there is many of his sort in Glasgow in that line (of spirit dealers?).  He is said to be worth �9,000 or �10,000, and has three sons [who are] under age.
    2. Alexander, who went to the East Indies some years ago and is in a prosperous way there.

James mor Stewart, formerly [a] tenant [in] Grodich [in] Glenfinglas, [who] moved [from there] to Monavrechie [in] Port [of Menteith] parish.  [He was] a famous hardy soldier, who left three sons [namely]

  1. Alexander, [a] cottar to the present Alex Stewart, tacksman of Leanchoille [in] Port [of Menteith] Parish, who has no family
  2. James, his brother, [is] a founder in Glasgow [and] has three sons
  3. Walter, [who is] a tailor in Glasgow, [and] who has two sons under age.

This finishes the account of "Stuartich a'Bhaid", as they are called.

Mrs Stewart of Milton:

Of the Grodich Stewarts who left Grodich and came to Auchnahard, there were three of the name of John in succession � grandfather, father and son.  That family eventually went to Aberdeen and became wine merchants there.

There were two Stewart families in Grodich.  The earlier family are those who eventually went to Aberdeen.  The latter went to Strathyre  -- of this family was John who was nearly 100 when he died.  Walter Stewart (Frangich) was in Glenfinlas.  He married an Aberdeenshire woman McNab.  He was of the first Grodichs.  Note: "Frangich" is Gaelic for "French speaker".  She says later, "Walter Frangich was probably related to Walter in Edralechan as I understand he was a cousin of my mother�s.  James of this family was a clockmaker in Glasgow.

This family is being discussed here:

NOTE: Ardvorlich III Branch contains a family of a James Stewart, tacksman of Grodich, who moved to Monbreachy

This branch is presented in Jared and Belinda's Stewarts of Blairgarry Report.  The following information is excerpted from that report:

Here is Belinda Dettmann�s tentative reconstruction of part of the genealogy of the Stuiartich a� Bhaid as found in Stewarts of the South, incorporating information found in old Scottish parish registers.

Descendants of Andrew Stewart

Generation One

1.  Andrew STEWART; married Katrin Murdoch 19 March 1750 in Kincardine by Doune, Perth.  This Andrew seems to be the same as �Andrew, tenant in Cuil-n-togle, [who] left two sons William and John.�

    Children of Andrew Stewart and Katrin Murdoch were as follows:

            2.            i.       John, born 28 Mar 1751 Callander, Perth; married Janet Buchanan.

   ii.       William; No date information on the register.

                                    �William is Ground Officer to the Earl of Moray in the town of Doune �

            has one son in a very respectable affluent way in the West Indies.�

Generation Two

2.  John STEWART; born 28 March 1751 Callander, Perth; married Janet Buchanan 8 Jan 1773 Callander, Perth.  This John seems to be the �John is a tenant in ?Enapach near Callander, part of Burrel Drummond�s estate, who had four sons:  only two are alive, one Robert, the oldest, in good circumstances, is a Spirit dealer in Glasgow, and Alexander, who went to the East Indies some years ago, and is in a prosperous way there.�

     Children of John Stewart and Janet Buchanan were as follows:

                        i.          Elisabeth; born 28 Oct 1773 in Culntogil, Callander, Perth.

ii.                   Alexander; born 16 Mar 1779 in Culintogle, Callander, Perth.

iii.                  John a twin; born 14 Dec 1780 in Culntogle, Callander, Perth.

iv.                 Robert a twin; born 14 Dec 1780 in Culntogle, Callander, Perth.

v.                   Walter; born 12 Feb 1783 in Cullintogle, Callander, Perth.

vi.                 Catherine; born 25 Jul 1785 at Calliveag of Cullintogle, Callander.

Now, it should be noted that Stewarts of the South says Robert, son of John, was the oldest son, with Alexander younger than Robert.  The parish register, however, shows Robert as the third son, with Alexander as the oldest.  Stewarts of the South is almost certainly in error on this point, as it occasionally is in error on other matters.  It is all but certain that the family of John, son of Andrew, found in the parish register is the same as the family mentioned in Stewarts of the South, as can be seen not only by the matching given names but also the place names of Cuil-n-togle and Doune.

So far no likely candidates for �James Mor Stewart, formerly tenant in Grodich Glenfinglas, removed thence to Monavrechie, Port parish, Menteith, a famous hardy soldier, who left three sons,� have been found in old Scottish parish registers.

Research Leads

James STEWART b ca 1685 married on 30 JUN 1715 in Callander, Perthshire, Scotland to Janet MCKEOUN b: ABT 1695 in Callander, Perthshire, Scotland.  They had the following family:

  1. Has No Children Donald STEWART b: 13 JAN 1716 in Corichrombie, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland.  Donald's mother's name appears as "McIarmin" in our OPR transcriptions.
  2. Has No Children Bettrice STEWART b: 4 NOV 1718 in Blairgarry, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland
  3. Has No Children Duncan STEWART, b: 10 APR 1719 in Culinlogle, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland.  Duncan's mother's name appears as "Mclean".
  4. Has No Children Mary STEWART b: 28 FEB 1721 in Callander, Perthshire, Scotland.  Mary's mother's name appears as "McKermin" . Mary's exact place of birth is not listed in the OPR.
  5. Has No Children Catharine STEWART b: 17 APR 1721 in Culinlogle, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland.  Catharine's mother's name appears as "Mcenan". Given her dates it seems likely that she is a twin to Mary.
  6. Has No Children James STEWART, b: 30 NOV 1726 in Blairgarry, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland.  James' mother's name appears as "McCermiak"
  7. Has No Children Alexander STEWART b: ABT 1 DEC 1728 in Culnagrain, Port of Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland. 
  8. Has No Children Walter STEWART b: 25 FEB 1730 in Milntown of Strathgartney, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland.  Walter's mother's name appears as "McFrmin"


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