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The Stewarts of the South:
Section I
The Stewarts of Ardvorlich

An Annotated Genealogical Analysis of Captain James Stewart's Letters
ca. 1815-1820
Referencing the Stewart Families of Southern Perthshire, Scotland

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Contents of this page

  1. 1 Branch (Ardvorlich) - Clan Slioch Toigh Nellain
  2. 2 Branch (Balmenoch and Ardvorlich)
  3. III Branch (Auchraig) - Clan Sliochd Alastair Oaig
  4. Stewart of Glenfinglas
  5. IV Branch - Letter Stewarts
  6. V Branch - The Tulloch Stewarts
  7. VI Branch - The Flint Stewarts, Clan Sliochd Sheumais Chrosts
  8. VII Branch (Dalveich) - Clan Sliochd Iain Duibh Mhor
  9. VIII Branch - The Annat Family
  10. IX Branch - The Bains of Glenfinglas
  11. X Branch (Ballachallan)
  12. The Ardvorlich Lands
  13. (XI Branch) Campsie Family of Ardvorlich
  14. Parish by Parish Accounting

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Attention Reader

This web page is a continuation of the documentary analysis of Captain James Stewart's letters ca. 1815-1820, giving a thorough accounting of many of the Stewart families from southern Perthshire of that era.  If you have come here from outside this website then you are advised to begin with The Stewarts of the South: INTRODUCTION, which includes an explanation of the document itself, and this analysis project, as well as an introduction to the Stewarts of Balquhidder Research Web Site.

Section 1: Ardvorlich

Including the Stewarts of: Ardvorlich, Balmenoch, Auchraig, Glenfinglas (and the Bains of Glenfinglas), Tulloch, Letter, Lednascridan, Dalveich, Balachallan, and Annat

Dear Sir
After writing this narrative concerning the Stewarts of the South twice over I believe it can be done now with some degree of accuracy and since you were so anxious about it, please take the following account as authentic.

1 Branch (Ardvorlich) - Clan Slioch Toigh Nellain

**THIS BRANCH HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED**  See Stewarts of Ardvorlich elsewhere on this site

They can be found here.

This is the initial principal branch of Ardvorlich up to Robert Stewart, 6th Laird of Ardvorlich.

James Beg of Baldorran in the parish of Campsie, Stirlingshire, was predecessor of the Stewarts of Ardvorlich, commonly called Slioch Toigh Nellain from a fortified island in Lochvenacher, Callendar Parish where James Beg usually resided and had different skirmishes with the Campbells and came off with success. Those Campbells are said to be of the family of Breadalbane which I think is not correct as the Breadalbane family had no branches and but little power at that time.

The old Branch of the Ardvorlich family (and sometimes Macorriston) became extinct when the present Mr Stewart's father became heir (i.e. Robert Stewart, 7th Laird of Ardvorlich).  The last branch which you may see in Duncan Stewart's History was Robert (6th Laird), a rude and boisterous man. He died without issue. 

Next, David, his (Robert's) brother, was a tenant in Glenfinglas (and sometimes in Macorriston).  He was Forrester to the Earl of Murray.  He was married to a daughter of Steward of Balled, widow of Campbell of Lochdochard, by whom he had one son - who was a promising youth; he was slain at the unfortunate battle of Culloden.  David (also) had some natural children. 

His (David's) brother, Alexander, married Stewart the heiress of Craigtown of the family of Annat.  Craigtown is in Down [Doune] parish now Earl of Murray's Estate.  By the Heiress he had one son and some daughters.  The son was a lunatic but had the income of the estate during his life.  His sisters claimed the estate, but were rejected. There was another child called William who died in England.

II Branch (Balmenoch and Ardvorlich)

**THIS BRANCH HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED**  See Stewarts of Ardvorlich elsewhere on this site

They can be found here.

(This became the principal line of Ardvorlich with Robert Stewart, 7th Laird of Ardvorlich.)

Robert Stewart Taxman of Balmenoch father to the present Mr Stewart (believed to be William Stewart, 8th Laird of Ardvorlich, 1754-1838).  When he was born there was thirteen between him and the (Ardvorlich) estate.  It was with some difficulty he got the estate at all as he was not an active man himself.  This family were called the House of Balmenoch, of which farm they had a wadset or feu, of which they were dispossessed in an unlawful way by Robert of the first branch (6th Laird), a rude and unruly man.

The first of this branch was one William, an Uncle's son to Major (James Beag) Stewart.  He was called William MacAlastir. 

bulletOn this point Capt. Stewart appears to be mistaken.  William MacAlastir was the brother of James Baeg Stewart, 2nd Laird of Ardvorlich, not his cousin (i.e. "an uncle's son").  "MacAlastir" implies that William's father's name was Alexander.  James Baeg's father was Alexander, 1st Laird of Ardvorlich.  MacGregor and other sources show William MacAlastir as the son of Alexander, the 1st Laird, and brother of James Beag Stewart, 2nd Ardvorlich.

The Major mentioned above was the bloody Major James Stewart who killed Lord Kilpont.  Ardvorlich is on the south side of Loch Earn parish of Comrie County of Perth.

1st Line

a) William Stewart, Esquire (8th Laird of Ardvorlich), the present proprietor, has four sons:

  1. Robert
  2. John
  3. William
  4. Anthony

2 line

a) John Stewart Tacksman of Balmenoch of Do ( = "ditto" and refers to Ardvorlich), son of the late James Stewart, tenant of Ardvorlich, uncle to Mr Stewart of [ditto] (i.e. William 8th of Ardvorlich immediately above).  He had three sons who are all minors. Rent �150.  (John is the son of James Stewart, son of William Stewart, 3rd Balemenoch)

3 line

a) Robert Stewart, late tenant of Ardvorlich, his son James Stewart is a gentleman farmer of Laggan, Strathyre, Balquidder parish, on Buchanan of Cambusmore's estate.  He (James) had one son who is a minor and pays �260 of rent.  This James Stewart is one of the best managers of a farm of any in this country and keeps excellent cattle - as to character, he as a man it surpasses that of the farmer for generosity and humanity.  Here the stranger finds hospitality and the poor and needy shelter & relief.  He is an ornament to his Clan in many respects. 

b) William, his (James') brother, lives with him as a foreman. He (William) is a bachelor.

4 line

a) John Stewart is a tailor in Edinburgh.  He has two sons. 

This finishes the branch of the Balmenoch house.

III Branch (Auchraig and Grodich) - Clan Sliochd Alastair Oaig

**THIS BRANCH HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED**  See the Stewarts of Ardvorlich page

Duncan, brother to Major (James Beag) Stewart of Ardvorlich, was a tacksman of Auchraig, Port of Monteith parish, which was then the property of Ardvorlich.

Duncan had a son, Alexander, whose offspring are called Sliochd Alastir Oaig ("children of young Alexander").  Their descendants are as follows:

1 line

a) James Stewart, the lineal branch son to Donald Dubh, late tacksman of Grodich, Glenfinglas, was a tacksman of Monbreachy, port parish, [which is the] Duke of Montrose's estate, Ld (Lordship) of Monteith - rent �250.  He has four sons:

  1. Donald, who is a wright in Callander and has three sons who are all minors.
  2. Alexander, who is a tacksman of Auchyle, Port parish.  He has four sons who are all minors.  Rent �60
  3. Archibald, who is a cow feeder in Glasgow.  He has three sons who are all minors.
  4. Charles, a natural son, is a sawyer in Callendar. He has four sons who are all minors.  He is the most active of this family. 

The above James was a very sensible man and imparted but little of it to his family except to the natural son.

2 line

a) Duncan Stewart, was tacksman of Letter, Lochcathrineside, in Callendar parish, which is the estate of Perth.  He was brother to the above James (Line 1a above). His sons are:

  1. John Stewart, is a subtenant of Toighbaid, Barony of Lendrick, Callander parish, which was once part of the Perth estate, but now belongs to Sir Patrick Murray of Auchtertyre.  John is a bachelor.
  2. Donald, his brother, is a cottager in Milton of Aberfoil.  He has one son who is a minor.
  3. David, who is a shepherd to his uncle James Stewart, has one son who is a minor.
  4. Charles Stewart, a natural son, is a lotter at Old Kilpatrick, Dumbartonshire.  He has one son, who is a minor.

3 line

John Stewart late tacksman of Ruchoais, Buchanan parish, Stirlingshire, which is the Duke of Montrose's property.  Lochlomondside called Craigrostain claimed once by Rob Roy Macgregor.  His sons are:

  1. David, a cottager in Aberfoil  He has one son who is a minor.
  2. Walter Stewart, who is a gardener in Glasgow  He has three sons who are minors.
  3. Charles, a journeyman gardener in Do ["ditto" = Glasgow].  He has two sons who are minors.

4 line

Alexander Stewart, known by the name of Lord Glasgow at Callander where he has some houses. He was once a grocer in Glasgow.  He is both ignorant and purse proud.  He is son to James Stewart, late tenant of Cuilanleogale in Callander parish on the Earl of Murray's estate.  He has no family.  He is cousin to James Ban, a man of different turn of mind.

4 line (sic. s/b 5 line)

(The letter repeats "4 line".)

Alexander Stewart son to Duncan Stewart late tenant of ?Drunky, Port parish, Lordship of Menteith, now the property of Mr. Hunter in Edinburgh.  He (Alexander) is a grocer in Glasgow.  He has

  1. three sons in good circumstances; one of them is a student of Divinity.

5 line (sic. s/b 6 line)

James Stewart had an uncle Alexander Stewart, commonly called Grudairgorrach.  He (James or Alexander?) was a Lieutenant in Colonel Stewart Invernenty's Regiment in the year 1745. He (James or Alexander?) left one son

  1. James who has two sons, who are slate quarriers on the Isle of Bute.  His two sons are:
    1. David, who has four sons who are minors.
    2. James, who has four sons who are minors.

This finishes Sliochd Alastair Oaig.

Stewarts in Glenfinglas

A mention shall be made often in the course of this narrative of Glenfinglas.  Before I proceed further I shall lay before you a part of the history thereof.  I think it was about the year 1535 or 6 that James Stewart of Beith or Lord Doun (sic - it was the son of this James Stewart who became Lord Doune) first got possession of this glen as Steward of Menteith - but before that time it was occupied by a numerous family or tribe of Clan Resans. But that tribe were almost lost except some old men and children in crossing the hill from Glenfinglas to an adjacent part of the parish of Callander with a burial in winter by coming unawares upon a small lake where the ice gave way and they were all drowned.

The MacGregors who were always ready to seize opportunities came and forced the remains of the Clan from the glen and became possessors themselves.  After the restoration of Charles II, Major (James Beag) Stewart, who was under the necessity of absconding for killing Lord Kilpont (sic - see below) and other crimes, undertook for the Earl Murray to drive the MacGregors out of the glen as they would neither pay rent and committed some acts of riot.  For this action the Earl procured pardon for the Major - this he executed together with one John Dubh Beg of [the] Glenbuckie family of Leadchrich.  The rest of his party deserted [and] he took the leader of the MacGregors alive and carried him to Doune castle where he was executed.  His name was Donach Oar (MacGregor).  For this action the Major got a tack of Glenfinglas from Lord Doune: one-fourth of which he give to the Glenbuckie family, one-fourth to Gartnafuaran and reserved one half for himself.  The family of Annat began to grumble -- a branch of his own family to whom he give one fourth of his own half and each party did subsist as most convenient to their own friends and others.  Sometimes they did not agree better than strangers, which is often the misfortune of society.

bulletConcerning the date of the Clearing of Glenfinglas -- The author claims that the Clearing of the Glen took place after Ardvorlich murdered Kilpont and that for his act of clearing the Glen, Ardvorlich received lands in Glenfinglas as well as a pardon for the murder.  However this is chronologically impossible for a number of reasons.  The murder of Kilpont took place at the Battle of Tibbermuir in 1644.  And the Major is documented as having received his pardon because he abandoned Montrose's side and joined up with Argyll on the victorious Government side.  Thus his "murder" of Kilpont was later deemed a patriotic act of war, rather than the hot-blooded murder that it really was.  He did not receive his pardon for clearing Glenfinglas of the MacGregors.  As the occupants of the eight portions of Glenfinglas are shown in Glenfinglas prior to 1644 then it is impossible for the Clearing of the Glen to have taken place after that.
bulletSecondly, Iain Dubh Beag Stewart of the Glenbuckie family, who assisted Ardvorlich in clearing Glenfinglas, is recorded as being "of the Ledcreich family" at the time.  Either the author of SOS is mistaken about his family connection, or, more likely, the Clearing of the Glen took place prior to the Glenbuckie brothers, Duncan and Patrick Stewart, exchanging their lands of Ledcreich and Glenbuckie with each other.  This exchange of lands certainly took place long before 1644.
bulletA bond in 1622 (shown on the Glenfinglas page) lists the heads of the Balquhidder families, including Iain Dubh in Glenfinglas.  Thus the Clearing of the Glen must have taken place prior to 1622.

IV Branch - "Letter Stewarts"

Duncan Oag of Ardvorlich, commonly called "Letter Stewart", tacksman of Letter and Auchraig, then belonging to Ardvorlich, in Port [of Menteith] Parish.

bulletThis branch is descended from the same patriarch as Branch III above, however we have not been able to connect this branch as yet.

1 line

The first line of his descendants I think is:

bulletIt is important to note that Captain Stewart is uncertain of this branch.

1. Duncan Stewart.  (The reference below indicates that this line is descended from Duncan Stewart, once tacksman of Radnaik -- who is NOT the same person as Duncan Oag, patriarch of Branch IV.  Duncan is the brother of Donald Stewart, late tacksman of Auchmore, patriarch of line 2, below.)

a) James Stewart, tacksman of Easter & Wester Ward, Kincardine parish, on the Blair Drummond estate, is a gentleman farmer and bachelor.  He is son of Duncan Stewart, once tacksman of Radnaik, Port parish General Graham of Bogtown - �350 rent.

b) John Stewart, his brother, a farmer in Redhaugh [which is] Touch's estate, which now belongs to Murray of Polmaize, Stirlingshire.  His sons:

  1. An officer in the 42nd Regiment of Foot.
  2. An officer in another regiment.
  3. A surgeon and physician.
  4. A writer
  5. Another 2 or 3 at home who are minors.

2 line

1. Donald Stewart. (The reference below indicates that this line is descended from Donald Stewart, late tacksman of Auchmore.  Donald is the brother of Duncan, patriarch of line 1, above -- who is NOT the same person as Duncan Oag, patriarch of Branch IV.)

a) John Stewart, a spirit dealer in Glasgow, is son to Donald Stewart, late tacksman of Auchmore, Port parish.  He has two sons:

  1. A spirit dealer

  2. A cloth merchant

b) Alexander Stewart, his (John's) brother, is a cotton manufacturer.  He has two sons, same line, in Glasgow, well doing.

2. James Stewart, brother to the above Duncan & Donald, tacksman in ?Tinich, on the estate of Radnaick, Port parish.  His sons:

  1. John Stewart, tacksman and maltman in the parish of Kippen, on the estate of Gartmore, Stirlingshire.  He has 4 sons who are minors.
  2. James Stewart of Thornhill, on Blair Drummond's estate, Down parish.  He has four sons who are minors.

3 line

1. John Stewart, tacksman Ward of Goodie, Erskine of Cardny, Port parish, at home. �140.

2. John Stewart, tacksman of Broich, on Sir John McGregor's estate of Lendrick, Down parish.  He has three sons employed on the farm.

This finishes the Letter Stewarts.

V Branch - The Tulloch Stewarts

The Tulloch Stewarts, on Sir John Murray's estate at Balquidder, are brothers to the Flints.  Toun Drummadich bought by Sir John (Murray?) from the Perth family is said to belong in ancient times to a family of the name of Ross, [although] I cant say whither of Kinfauns or Craigie near Perth.

1 line

1. John Stewart at Alloa, who is in the employment of the Steens of Kilbeagie, was son to the deceased Dougald Stewart, late tacksman of Tulloch.  John has no sons.

2. John Stewart, his nephew, is a shepherd at Tulloch. He has one son who is a minor. John was son to Duncan Stewart, a late tacksman at Ledchrich, Braes of Balquhidder.

3. Duncan Stewart, his brother, who is a shoemaker in Campsie.

4. James Stewart, their brother, has gone to America.

2 line

John Stewart, late tenant of Tulloch, Balquhidder, left two sons:

  1. The one is a soldier.
  2. The other is a bleacher in Campsie.

Both of them have a family of sons.

(The relationship between John Stewart above and the next three listings is not indicated in the original letter.)

1 James Stewart, late tenant of Wester Invernenty, Braes of Balquhidder, on the estate of the late Reverend Mr Stewart, had four sons who are all undertakers of road and other works about Glasgow.

2 Peter Stewart in Gartmore Parish has four sons who are minors.VIII

3 James Stewart, brother to Dougald Stewart of Tulloch (Line 1 above), Balquhidder, left three sons who are all in Glasgow in the Manufacturing line and all of them in good circumstances.

3 line

1. Robert Stewart left one son, John, a shoemaker in Callandar.

2. Duncan Stewart, late tacksman of Clachglass, Glenbuckie, left two sons.

  1. David Stewart, Moss laird, Summerline flanders moss.  He has three sons, all at home.
  2. Duncan Stewart, of Kirkline Flanders Moss, has four sons who are labourers about himself.

The moss is a part of Blair Drummond estate, Kinkardine parish. This Moss is among the greatest curiosities of Scotland.  It is part of the ancient estate of Drummond, gotten by the Heiress of Stobhall.

This finishes the Tulloch Stewarts.

VI Branch (Lednascridan) - The "Flint" Stewarts, Clan Sliochd Sheumais Chrosts


It is believed that this branch is also known as the Stewarts of Lednascridan.  It is believed that Leadsgriachan = Lednascridan.  The Stewarts of Lednascridan were a branch of the Ardvorlichs.  They were descended from Patrick Stewart, half-brother of Alexander Stewart of Ardvorlich, son of James Stewart in Balquhidder.  Patrick Stewart is said to have acquired the lands of Lednascridan around 1533, however the line between Patrick Stewart and those listed below is unknown.

Sliochd Sheumais Chrosts or Clachtein not improperly so called. (Chrosts is not a known Gaelic word, but may be a corruption of chrosda, which means "bad tempered", and may explain the comment "not improperly so called". Clachtein is believed to mean "of the stones".) They were named Flints from the white stones on the Farm of Leadsgriachan, Balquhidder, possessed by them for many generations as tenants -- a part of Toun Drummadich, now belonging to Sir John Murray.

1 line

John Stewart, tacksman Fenglam, Ardvorlich, Comrie parish, son to Peter Stewart, late tacksman of Leadsgriadan.  He has four sons who are all minors.  One of them is a student intended for the Church of Scotland.  John is a well doing farmer.  Rent �160

2 line

  1. John Stewart, tacksman at Tulloch.  He is a cousin to the above John Stewart.  His father Robert was a farmer at Leadsgriadan.  He has three sons who are minors.  Rent �90.
  2. James, his (John's) brother, is a tacksman of one-half of Tulloch.  He has no sons and pays �90

Both Flints in reality.  (That is, although they lived in Tulloch, they were not Tulloch Stewarts; they were Flints, really.)

3 line

John Stewart at Kirktown of Balquhidder, son to Duncan, late of Tulloch, has no family.

4 line

Robert Stewart Cruaidh or "hard" (cruaidh means "hard"), late of Stronyie of Strathyre, Balquhidder, on the estate of Cambusmore.  He left three sons:

  1. John Stewart, a cottager at Keip of Strathyre, Bn (Buchanan's) estate, is a bachelor with his mother.
  2. Duncan Stewart, a labourer who has 2 sons, one of whom is a minor.
  3. James Stewart is a colleague at Woodend, Balquhidder.  He has four sons who are minors. James is called "Earl of Kinoul".

5 line

Robert Stewart, late tenant of Blarchroich, Braes of Balquhidder, estate of the late Rev Duncan Stewart, Balquhidder, left eight sons:

  1. James Stewart, late tacksman of ?Drumky [Drunkie], Port [of Menteith] 'parish, Hunters estate, died childless
  2. Robert Stewart, late tacksman of Inverchearnaig, Braes of Balquhidder, Earl of Murray's estate, left one son:
    1. James, a cow-feeder in Glasgow.  James has two sons who are minors
  3. Duncan Stewart, late tacksman of Drumlich, Braes of Balquhidder, Earl of Murray's estate, left two sons:
    1. David
    2. Duncan
      Both are manufacturers in Glasgow.  They each have two sons, each minors.  They are in a prosperous and good way.
  4. John Stewart, or Iain Mor a Bhuntata ("Big John of the Potatoes"), late tenant in Dailanlagain of Glenbuckie, Balquhidder.  He left one son:
    1. Alexander is a spirit dealer [at the] foot of Cannongate, Edinburgh, and is doing well.  He has two sons who are minors.
  5. Peter Stewart, a tacksman of Blartannach, parish of Campsie, Stirlingshire, estate of ?Craigcarnet.  He is a gentleman farmer and a clever, active, sociable man who pays �350 per annum.  He has three sons:
    1. A gentleman cattle dealer.
    2. Has gone to America.
    3. A writer in Glasgow.
  6. Alexander Stewart, late tenant at Monachilltuarach, Braes of Balquhidder, on the estate of Captain Stewart of Glenbuckie.  He left two sons:
    1. Robert, a flesher in Glasgow.
    2. Malcolm, a cattle dealer in [Glasgow].
      Both are unmarried, with good behaviour, and are well-meaning and well-doing lads.
  7. Donald Stewart, a flesher in Renfrew, died without issue.
  8. David, a late tenant of Balmenoch, Glenbuckie, Balquhidder, is now in Paisley.  He has two sons:
    1. A flesher.
    2. A carrier in Glasgow.
      Both have families.

6 line

John Stewart, late tacksman at Duard (Duart), Glenfinglas.  He is now a moss laird in good circumstances.  He has one son:

  1. A brewer and innkeeper in Stirling in a good way.  He has three or four sons.

This finishes Clachteine or Flints.

VII Branch (Dalveich) - Clan Sliochd Iain Duibh Mhor

**THIS BRANCH HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED**  See Stewarts of Dalveich (This is my own family).

Called Sliochd Iain Duibh mhor ("children of big black John"), a natural son of Major James Beag Stewart of Ardvorlich.  This John was a rude and boisterous man and held Dalveich, Loch Earnside, parish of Balquhidder at that time belonging to the Marquis of Atholle, and now belongs to the Breadalbanes.  John had this farm by wadset.  His descendants are:

1st Line

bulletAlexander Stewart - a feuer in Thornhill village, Doune parish (just west of the village of Doune). Alexander has four (adult) sons.  They are:
  1. Alexander Stewart, a wright in Callander who has
    1. one minor son.
  2. Duncan Stewart, a journeyman wright.
  3. James Stewart, a journeyman wright.
  4. Daniel Stewart, who is living with his father.  Daniel has
    1. one son, a minor.

2nd Line

bulletDonald Stewart - a feuer in Greeloaning, Dunblane parish, is now living in Upper Canada, America (present-day Ontario, Canada).  He has four sons who are all minors.
bulletJohn Stewart, brother of Donald Stewart, is a gardener and land surveyor in London, and is in respectable circumstances.

3rd Line

bulletDonald Stewart - late tacksman in Ardveich, Loch Earnside, in Comrie parish, on the Drummond's estate. ("Late" would indicate that he had recently died by ca. 1815).  He had three sons, and they are:
  1. John Stewart, a tacksman at Keip (the original transcriber indicates this word is illegible) of Strathyre in Balquhidder, on Buchanan of Cambusmore's estate.  He has five sons: two adults and three under age.
  2. Alexander Stewart - a moss lord in Flanders Moss at Summerline.  He has two sons who are minors.
  3. Robert Stewart - a shepherd to Captain Stewart of Glenbuckie.  He is living at Kintyre, a minor. (It's not clear whether Robert Stewart, the shepherd, was a minor, or if he had one son who was a minor.)
bulletRobert Stewart - who was once the innkeeper at Loch Earnhead (and has presumably died by ca. 1815) left two sons [who are(?)] tacksmen of Ruinacraig, Strathyre, in Balquhidder on Cambusmore's estate.  They are:
  1. Duncan Stewart, who has one son who is a minor
  2. Robert Stewart, his brother, who is a bachelor and pays rent �160

4th Line

bulletDaniel Stewart - was once a tacksman in Walbeich (and is presumably dead in ca. 1815).  He left four sons:
  1. John Stewart, a tacksman at Gartnafuaran, which was once the property of Stewart of Don in Balquhidder parish, but is now Sir John McGregor's estate. He has three sons -- one adult and two minors.
  2. Duncan Stewart, of Summerline flanders Moss.  He has two sons -- one adult who is a smith and the other who is a minor
  3. Lieutenant Alexander Stewart, of the P Militia, who is now a feuer in St Fillans, Comrie parish, on Drummond's estate.  He has two sons -- one who is a student of Divinity and the other who is a minor by a second marriage.
  4. Donald Stewart of Summerline flanders Moss. He left one son (presumably an adult son).  (Donald Stewart is presumably dead by ca. 1815).

5th Line

bulletJames Stewart, otherwise known as Sheumas Ross (Sheumas is Gaelic for James, so his English name would be James Ross Stewart, Ross is often a nickname form of Robertson, thus James' father may have been named Robert) - late tenant at Ardveich, Loch Earnside, on Drummond's estate. (Presumably he died by ca. 1815.) He left two sons, and they are:
  1. James Stewart, who is a tenant of Stronvar in Balquhidder parish, on Captain [Duncan[ Stewart [of Glenbuckie]'s estate.  He has two sons who are both minors. His rent is �60.  Stronvar once belonged to Captain Fergusson of [ditto (Stronvar)] and to the present Provost Fergusson in Cupar, Fifeshire, who sold it to Capt [Duncan] Stewart [of Glenbuckie].  Although I am sorry to say the seller is better than the buyer.
  2. Robert Stewart, who was once a foreman to Mr (William) Stewart (8th Laird) of Ardvorlich. He is now working in the same capacity with one Mr Rob at Menstrie in Blairlogie parish on Sir Ralph Abercrombie's estate in Stirlingshire.  He has two sons (presumably adult sons). 
bullet(As this Robert worked as a foreman for Ardvorlich, it's quite possible that he was the descendant of John Dhu Mohr who carried the story of the "authentic" version of the murder of Kilpont.)

6th Line

bulletAlexander Stewart - a tacksman at Ardveich in Comrie Balquhidder parish.  He left four sons.  (It is presumed that Alexander is dead in ca. 1815.)  His sons are:
  1. Robert Stewart, a soldier in the 79th Regiment.  He has a family of sons (presumably adult sons).
  2. A son of unknown name who is now in training with the Artillery
  3. A second son of unknown name who is also training with the Artillery.
  4. James Stewart, who is a lotter (buyer and seller of wool) at Coilmore on Ardvorlich's estate.

7th Line

bulletAlexander Stewart, who is a tacksman in Dalveich, Balquhidder parish on Breadalbane's estate.  He has three sons -- one adult and two under age.
bulletRobert Stewart - a feuer in St Fillans, Comrie parish, on Drummond's estate.  He has three or four sons under age. 

**This family has been identified.** 
Their story can be found on the "Comrie" Stewarts of Puslinch Page.

8th Line

bulletWalter Stewart - late tacksman in Cuilanleogail, Callendar parish, on the Earl of Murray's estate.  (Presumably Walter is dead in ca. 1815.)  He left three sons:
  1. A son of unknown name who is a soldier.  He has a family.
  2. A son of unknown name who is a labourer in the town of Stirling.  He has a family.
  3. Another son of unknown name who is also a labourer in the town of Stirling.  He has a family.

This finishes Sliochd Iain Duibh Mhor.

VIII Branch - The Annat Family


Alexander Stewart of Annat sold the estate to David Stewart of Balchallan excepting one farm and some Feues, which are now the property of Sir John McGregor.  After the death of worthy Balchallan, which is said to have happen by poison, the most part of his estate of Balchallan was sold to Mr Buchanan of Cambusmor - being contiguous to his own.  And the estate of Annat was bought by Lord Down (Doune) as it was lying in the midst of his own estate, except for the farm mentioned above, which was bought by Sir John McGregor -- a very cheap purchase.  Balchallan and Annat are in Down (Doune) parish.  Besides the estate of Annat, he had a tack one fourth Glenfinglas, which he did sublet from the family of Perth, [and he] had a tack of two Portnellans, Lochvenacherside, Callander parish, purchased by the late Earl of Murray from the Perth family.  He had a tack of the farm of Offrans and Duncragan bought lately by Sir Patrick Murray of Auchtertyre from the Perth family and had good profit of them.

It is said the first of Annat Family was a bastard of the Ardvorlich family (although Duncan Stewart does not mention it) and that he purchased the estate of Annat from Misset of Burnbank with some money gotten by his mother from some of the Argyll family for hiding them. Whither it was by their marriages or their own activity or through other circumstances is uncertain, but they rose higher than any other branch of their father's race from Ardvorlich.  The last of them was a great drunkard, but was very mindful of his two sisters to see them in Stirling for they were much supported by Gen (General) Stewart of Boblack and by the profits of a tack they had of the farm of Offrans of the forfeited estate of Perth, now Sir Patrick Murray's property. 

1 Line

This line has been identified.  See Stewarts of Annat.

As far as I can understand, one Mr James (possible error -- his name may actually be John) Stewart, a merchant in Down (Doune) and proprietor of some houses there, is the lineal descendant of Annat.  He has three sons in the mercantile line in Glasgow.  His father was uncle to the present Ardvorlich by the mother's side (Margaret Stewart, who married Robert Stewart, 7th Ardvorlich).

2 line

Archibald Stewart in Noriston, near Thornhill.  Noriston was part of the estate of Nori, Down parish.  Nori, once a great name in that country is now almost extinct except a few about Carron water.  Noristown, a purchase of Earl of Murray.

  1. Archibald's son lives at Kinross in middling circumstances.  He deals much in horses and has a family of sons.

3 line

This line has been identified.  See Stewarts of Annat.

James (sic, s/b Alexander) Stewart, tacksman of Boblack Carse of Frews, Down parish, Earl's estate, was drowned upon the water of Teith.  (sic - OPR records confirm that the father of General Robert Stuart of Rait was Alexander Stewart of Powblack in Frew, not James.  Thus it is not certain whether it was Alexander who drowned in Teith or whether it was an unknown James Stewart who has been confused.)

He left two sons:

  1. Commissioner Stewart, who was in Stirling.  He left one son who sold the little property left him by his grandfather's mother to his uncle Gen (General) Robt Stewart of Boblack (below).  He now lives between Edinburgh and Falkirk.  He has some family.
  2. Gen (General) Robert Stewart of Reath, of the Honorable East India Company, has three sons of whom you know something yourself.

4 line

This line has been identified.  See Stewarts of Annat.

1. Donald Stewart, son to Archibald Stewart, tacksman of Lendrick, a purchase of Sir Patrick Murray from Perth family, Callander parish, has one son and pays �330 of rent.

2. Hugh Stewart, uncle to the foregoing Donald Stewart, tacksman of the Carse of Camus, near Down (Doune) Lodge, Earl's estate.  Rent �100.  He left five sons:

a. James, a tenant there with one son.

b. John, a merchant vintner and farmer in the village of Kippen, Stirlingshire.  He has four sons:

1-4. One of them is a surgeon in Glasgow, and the rest are at home - not this one, a writer, the third is a merchant in Glasgow, and the fourth at home.  (It is uncertain what the author means by "the rest are at home" as the third son is in Glasgow, not at home.)

c. Alexander Stewart, a merchant in Glasgow with one son.

d. Hugh Stewart, a wright in Glasgow with sons, but I am not certain of their number.

e. Archibald, a wright in Stirling, with a family of sons, but of their number I am not certain.

IX Branch - The Bains of Glenfinglas, Clan Sliochd Iain Buigh Mhor

**THIS BRANCH HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED**  See Stewarts of Glenfinglas elsewhere on this site


Researchers of this family are cautioned that there appears to be a confusion in the accounting of this family.  The indexing of this family in the original transcription simply makes no sense at all.  It appears that the original author used a nested set of sub-lines here without clearly distinguishing them in the text.  This has been compounded by the fact that it appears that "2" and "5" have been mis-transcribed. The accounting of nested lines below is our own edit to try to make better sense of the original.  Fortunately, this family has now been mostly accounted for on the Stewarts of Glenfinglas page.

John Stewart of Annat had a natural son called Iain Buigh mor.  He give him a farm in Glenfinglas.  His descendants are now called Bains.

1 line

John Bain Mor, late tenant at Auchnahard, Glenfinglas, left five sons:

(1 Line)

  1. James Stewart, late Tacksman Inverchearnaig, Braes of Balquhidder, Earl of Murray's estate. He left one son...

(At this point their appears to be text missing in the original transcription or possibly in the original document, as the subsequent sentences do not follow from the previous.)

...of a numerous family, but left one son whose name is...

...(1) line

Alexander Stewart of Auchnahaurd, Glenfinglas, one-eighth part of [Glenfinglas], married to Donald Stewart's sister at Auch [in] Glenurchay.  He had five sons who are all minors.

2 line

John Stewart, late tenant at Auchnahaird, left one son, called "John Tacksman of Grodlick"  [Grodich].  One-eighth of Glenfinglas. He has one son who is a minor.

3 line

Mr Alexander Stewart, late Bailie in Glasgow, had no sons.

4 line

Robert Stewart at Auchnahard, one-eighth part of Glenfinglas. He has two sons:

  1. John, a tacksman of Milton & Blargavred (Blairgarry), Callander parish, on the Earl of Murray's estate.  He is an active young man with two sons who are minors. �250 annual rent.
  2. This son is with his father.

(5 line)

5 Duncan Stewart [a] Tacksman [in] Auchnahard.  One-eighth part of Glenfinglas.  He has five sons:

  1. 1st John Tacksman of Cuilanteogal & Tarnduin, Callander parish, Earl of Murray's estate. Rent �175.  Tarnduin was bought from the Perth family.  John is a bachelor.
  2. 2d son James is a clark in London.
  3. 3 Alexander is with his father at Glenfinglas.
  4. 4 Robert is with Do (= "ditto" = with his father at Glenfinglas).
  5. 5 Peter is with his father.  He is a minor. 

He (Duncan Stewart?) has other farms beside Glenfinglas.

5 line (sic - s/b 2 line?)

bullet(The original shows "5 Line" here, but I suspect the 5 is a transcription error for 2.)
bulletThe "one Walter, cousin to Doal Ban Mor, tacksman in Ardvorlich" is a transcription error.  "Doal" should be "John".  Thus it is Walter who is a cousin to John Ban Mor (above) and Walter was also a tacksman at Ardvorlich (confirmed by Comrie OPR, showing Walter residing and "Dunan" on the Ardvorlich estate.

There was one Walter, cousin to Doal (sic, "John") Ban Mor, tacksman in Ardvorlich, who left four sons:

1. William Stewart, schoolmaster at Summerline Flanders Moss, who has three sons:

  1. A merchant in Hamburgh. (Germany?)
  2. A clark in Glasgow.
  3. An assistant to his father at Summerline.

2.  His second son is in Lord Down's (Doune's) work. He has four sons:

  1. the oldest [are] Massons
  2. (not mentioned but the plural preceding would imply that the second son was also a mason)
  3. the third a wright
  4. the four is a servant man

3 line

bulletIt is unclear from the original whether "3 Line" is a new descendant line altogether or if it represents the 3rd (and 4th) sons of Walter Stewart in Ardvorlich.

Alexander Stewart at Crochavie, Aberfoil parish, under the Lordship of Monteith, now belonging to the Duke of Montrose.  Alexander has one son:

  1. Charles.

There was one Duncan Stewart Brother to.... (Again, text seems to be missing here in the original document. Possibly he is the fourth son of Walter, above.)

4 line

Walter Stewart, tacksman of Toighbhavid, Callander parish, Sir Patrick Murray's property -- a new purchase.  Walter left one son:

  1. Alexander Stewart, late farmer at Auchlow (Auchtow), Balquhidder, on Sir John Murray's estate.  He is now at Callander with
    1. four sons who are minors.

5 line

bulletAgain, the accounting in the original is confusing.  The reference below to "brother to the above Walter" could refer to the preceding Walter of 4 Line.  Or, if one nests 3 Line and 4 Line above, then it could be that "the above Walter" is actually a reference to Walter of 2 Line further above.

John Stewart, brother to the above Walter, at Burn of Camus, Down lodge.  He left one son:

1. John Stewart, a shoemaker who has four sons:

  1. 1st son is a mason
  2. 2 son a Slater
  3. 3 a Wright
  4. 4 son a tailor

All are doing well.

This finishes Sliochd Iain Buigh Mhor.

X Branch (Ballachallan)

This Branch has been identified.  See Stewarts of Annat

David Stewart, last of Balchallan, had three brothers:

  1. George a Surgeon in Maryland United States America
  2. James Commissary of Kinross
  3. William had a Commission in the Army

1 Line

1. David of Balchallan, said to be a keen grasping man closely attached to the world and not much to friendship, died without issue.  He left his estate to James, his brother's son. 

bulletThe original lacks any punctuation here and thus can be read in several ways.  The original reads as follows:
"[He] left his estate to James his brothers son George Married first a daughter...". 
The punctuation and interpretation presented above and below are my own best guess.

2. George married first a daughter of Murray of Polmaize who died without issue.  His second marriage was to the Heiress of Auchenbuy, a relation to Dr Munro of Edinburgh.  He left one daughter who married Benny Munro.  Munro married again to a daughter of the late worthy president Blair.  As far as I can learn this James of Balchallan, although born in America, was one of the most friendly and generous gentleman of the name of Stewart of the Ardvorlich descendants and had the means to support his generosity.  He left three brothers.  The oldest of them came home and was claiming the estate of Balchallan, but was rejected.  Another of them was married to a niece of the celebrated and gallant Gen Washington.  (Probably THE "General Washington", noting the references to Maryland, USA and the time of this letter.)

2 line

James Stewart, Commissary of Kinross, had two sons:

  1. The oldest of them was a writer who died at home.
  2. The second of them was a Captain to the Honorable East India Company.  He died in jail, being taken prisoner by Hyder Ali.

The last David of Balchallan, being a cunning and subtle man, made an attempt to swindle the present Mr Stewart's father out of the estate of Ardvorlich, who was but a simple man and of little experience.  Before Robert Stewart (7th Ardvorlich) was well-settled in the estate, David of Balchallan offered to pay Robert's debt and some money to himself besides and to leave him the estate if he (David) died without children.  Of which offer Robert would have accepted if had not been persuaded from it by his own wife and his brother James.  The estate of Balchallan was the most considerable of any that the Stewarts had in this country:

bullet1st besides the Old estate of Balchallan, now the property of Major Buchanan of Cambusmore, pay about �450 of rent in Down parish.
bullet2nd Wester Brackland in Callander parish not sold �300 bought by Balchallan from the Shaws of Cambusmor.
bullet3rd Auchcraig & letter of Auchcraig unsold bought by Hume of Argitie from Ardvorlich. �300 per annum.
bullet4th Annat bought by David of Balchallan and sold by the trustees of the last Balchallan to the Earl of Murray �450.
bullet5th Argadie in Dunblane parish, Perthshire unsold �800
bullet6th Auchenboy in Stirlingshire �1200 per annum.
bulletGlenarteny, a part of which they had a lucrative tack from Drummond of Perth

This finishes Balchallan family.

The Ardvorlich Lands

The Gartnafuaran family sometimes claims the seniority which I think is unjust as Ardvorlich had a good property and was long in possession which gives them the apparent reality of being the Stem.

bullet1 Ardvorlich estate about �600 per annum.
bullet2 They had MacCurrastan in Monteith, Down parish, which is now the Earl of Murray's property. A part of the staircase is still remaining as well as the orchard.  A family of the name of MacCurrastan resided here and the family of Ardvorlich occasionally.  This part was sold by the late Robert of Ardvorlich's father to Hume of Argadie, to whom David Stewart of Balchallan was heir.  David Stewart of Ballachallan, in turn, sold it to Lord Doun, which he much regretted afterwards.  It lies adjacent to the Carse of Frews, a large property of the Earl of Murray - rent �200
bullet3 Auchraig & Letter Do, which are at present Benny Munrow's property sold by the late Robert's father to a family of the name of Stirling, who sold it again to one McFarlane, from whom the late David of Balchallan swindled it. �300 rent.  Although they were his sister's children it was once a grazing place to the Ardvorlich family.
bullet4 Wester Town of Argadie sold by the late Robert's father to the present Lord Down's great-grandfather. �150 of rent.
bullet5 Tombeath near The Anie (Strathyre south), Callander parish, now sold by the family of Drummond to Stirling of Kier
bullet6 Druimardoch, Braes of Lenny, now Buchanan of Lennys, bought from Drummond of Perth
bullet7 Stroineadragain Brealenny sold by the late Robert's father to the Perth family. The whole �350 of rent.
bullet8 Tommferrain in Munivaird parish, now belonging to Lord Balgray.  Once belonging to Riddoch, proprietors of a great part of Strathearn.  This farm was sold rather in a compulsive way by Major Stewart's son (Robert Stewart, 3rd Ardvorlich) to Campbell of Lawirs as they were in great power at that time. Lawirs or Ardle or Fordie once belonged to Riddoch before the Campbells got it. 
bulletBesides the above mentioned, the Ardvorlich family had the lucrative tack of one-fourth of Glenfinglas and other tacks from the family of Perth. 

The late Robert intended to sell Ardvorlich itself, and would actually have sold it if it were not for an advice given by Rob Roy McGregor - famed for good as well as bad actions when he was driven from Callandar and Balquhidder for his pranks upon the Duke of Montrose.  He was a fugitive at Auch Glenurchay.  Robert of Ardvorlich lodged a night with him when he was going to sell Ardvorlich to Stewart of Appin.  Rob Roy advised him to keep Feuer of Ardvurlich and that the Feu should keep him.

(XI Branch?) Campsie Family of Ardvorlich

This finishes Ardvorlich's family as far as I can know, excepting a family in Campsie who says they are of Ardvorlich.  One of them, John Stewart at Kirkton of Campsie says his grandfather Duncan Stewart came from Glenfinglas.  He had twelve sons. I know some of them scattered through that country.  There is one of them, a servant to Peter Stewart of Blartomach, who is not of the first rate.  He has some brothers through that country.  Perhaps the present Mr Stewart (William Stewart, 8th Ardvorlich) could give a more accurate account, as few gentlemen can be better versed in the history of his own clan and country, together with other branches of history.  It is a pity, but he should commit a part to paper ere he should slip the cable and leave a part to posterity.  But he is not acceptable to any but such as he counts his equals and superiors.  Perhaps flatterers and sycophants might draw something from him.

I shall finish my narration of the Ardvorlich family...

(The letter goes on at this point to discuss the Stewarts of Glenbuckie.)

Parish by Parish Accounting

The Stewarts of the South, in a later section of the document, also gives a parish by parish accounting of many of the residents of southern Perthshire.  Sometimes this second account can be reconciled to the earlier account given by family, and in other places it cannot be reconciled. I have presented here only an extract of that section as it pertains to those persons listed as being of the Ardvorlich family.  If you wish to see the complete list please refer to the original document at the link given above.

Callander Parish


No 7 John Stewart of Grodich in Glenfinglass of the Annat and Ardvorlich family �105 same property where I have seen four tenants of the name of Stewart. A respectable character.


No 9 Mr Duncan Stewart in Auchnahard, ditto, of the Annat and Ardvorlich family. A worldly character - turned out to be so in reality since having turned out Walter Stewart - �105 Murray property


No 10 Mr Robert Stewart in Auchnahard, ditto, of the same family and the same character �105


No 11 Mr Alex Stewart, ditto, married to a daughter of Stewart of Auchnahard's sister of the same family and but for a spark in his throat which cannot be quenched the most sensible of the whole �105


No 15 Mr Donald Stewart, tenant of Lanrick and Duncraggan of the family of Annat and Ardvorlich with the mark of Robert Reid.  [He is] a respectable character �330 Sir Patrick Murrays Estate


No 16 Mr John Stewart of Milton & Blairgarvie [who is the] son of Robert Stewart in Auchnahard of the family of Annat and Ardvorlich a decent Character �255 where I have seen Eight tenants.  Earl of Murray's property.


No 17 Mr John Stewart, tenant of Cuilanteogle and Taranduin, son of Duncan Stewart of Auchnahard of the Ardvorlich and Annat family.  A keen worldly character - sell of late - �220.  I saw four Tenants all Stewarts in the above, the Earl of Murray's property

Parish of Balquhidder


No 2 Mr John Stewart of Kip in Strathyre, of the Ardvorlich family and having got an addition to his farm since I wrote you before an industrious sober well doing man �75. Buchanan of Auchleskie's property.


No 3 Mr Duncan Stewart of Ruinacraig [in] Strath(yre) of the Ardvorlich family.  [He is] an easy sluggish character �155. Buchanan of Aughleskie's property.


No 6 Mr John Stewart of Wester Dalveich of the Ardvorlich family an industrious man �40 Breadalbane's estate.


No 10 Mr John Stewart, tenant at Gartnafuaran of the Ardvorlich family and industrious char �70. Sir John McG-Murray's property


No 11 Mr James Stewart, tenant at Stronvar, of the Ardvorlich family an industrious clannish char �60.  Capt Stewart of Glenbuckie's property


No 15 Mr John & James Stewart, tenants in Tullich, and two brothers of the Ardvorlich family - of the Flint Stewarts �160.  Sir John McG's property I have seen double the number of tenants

Port of Menteith


No 1 Mr James Stewart, tacksman of Monvrechy, of the Ardvorlich family.  A decent, respectable and honourable character, but has kept all his activity to himself except one natural son. �250 Duke of Montrose's property


No 2 Mr Alexander Stewart, son of #1 James Stewart of Monvrechy, tenant in Auchyle, of the Ardvorlich family.  Very inferior to his father in point activity and prudence and a sottish coof(?) �60 Duke of Montrose's property


No 12 Mr John Stewart Tenant & Ward of ?goode of the Ardvorlich family. A careful industrious character. �150. Erskine of Cardross' property.

Kincardine Parish


No 1 John Stewart of Easter & Wester Westwood of the Ardvorlich family. A real low country man, but pretends to some clanship.  Blair Drummond Estate �350


No 3 Alexander Stewart, a mason at Summerline Flander's Moss, of the Ardvorlich family. Sober.


No 4 David Stewart, a tailor at Summerline Flander's Moss, of the Ardvorlich family. Sober and Industrious.


No 9 William Stewart, a schoolmaster at Summerline Flander's Moss, of the Ardvorlich and Annat family. Sober.


No 10 Duncan Stewart, of Summerline Flander's Moss, of the Ardvorlich family.  An industrious character.


No 11 Widow of Donald Stewart with her son, of the Ardvorlich family.  Donald was a good-hearted friendly man.


No 12 John Stewart, of Roseline Flander's Moss, of the Ardvorlich family. A keen honest man and of more substance than any of the rest.


No 13 John Stewart, Kirk-line Blair Drummond, at Roseline Flander's Moss, of the Ardvorlich family. Industrious and mean.


No 17 John Stewart, a taxman (or tacksman?) at Cowie in St Ninian's parish. Ardvorlich family. A respectable decent gentleman farmer as much to be respected as any of the Ardvorlich family (and capable to be so a decent family). Polmaise Estate �250


No 18 Peter Stewart, tacksman of Blartamoch in Campsie parish, Stirlingshire.  Been shrewd, sly, and sensible.  He is of the Ardvorlich family in Stirling of Craigbarnets Estate �270


No 20 John Stewart, town of Kippen, a publican merchant, and a sinner of the Ardvorlich & Annat family. Graham of Gartmore Estate �32


No 21 John Stewart, Maltman there of Ardvorlich Hogger moger harm skarm (Hogger mogger = hugger-mugger = muddled or disorganized.  Harm skarm = harum-scarum = wild, reckless, careless of the consequences.  Thanks to Belinda Dettman for the explanation.) �40

Parish of Doune


No 2 James Stewart, tenant at Carse of Cambus.  Ardvorlich and Annat families A low country coof. Earl Murray's property �60 but cheap rented


No 4 John Stewart, proprietor of houses and lands, of Ardvorlich and Annat family, an industrious character


No 6 James Stewart, merchant at Doune. Ardvorlich & Annat family.  A keen sober man in the Earl of Murray's Estate rent �20


No 7 John Stewart, tenant Broich, Ardvorlich family, an industrious keen man in Sir John McG Murray Estate

Comrie Parish


No 1. Alex Stewart, a crofter at Wood of Ardvorlich, and of the Ardvorlich family. An industrious peaceable quiet man. Ardvorlich Property �10


No 2. John Stewart at Balemeanoch, of the Ardvorlich family and property. A decent friendly good man but more innocent than active. �150.  Ardvorlich has given him a charge of removal this year to his great shame.  His father, being the occasion of keeping the estate to them, being a more active man than Ardvorlich's father, and this is the reward of his great service! Ardvorlich, like many great men of the world, has got his good character very cheap and as other that get a bad character undeserved, for if he is once injured he knows not how to forgive and forget. Certainly Ardvorlich is an honest man but that cannot secure him from censure on that account, for Justice, Mercy and Charity ought to go hand in hand. Without which no other accomplishment can constitute a good man for we have from Scripture: do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before thy God (Malachi). I have no business to interfere in this or to depreciate his character further than to tell my opinion of him -- every man being allowed to judge for himself if they don't interfere with state affairs.


No 3 James Stewart, of Coille Mhor Ardvorlich, of the Ardvorlich family. An industrious sober character.  Ardvorlich property �10


No 4 John Stewart, tenant at Easter Finglen, of the Ardvorlich family. An industrious, keen, well-doing farmer.  Ardvorlich estate �160


No 5 Lieutenant Alex Stewart of the Perthshire Militia, a proprietor of houses, and a tenant to Drummond Burrel at St Fillans, at the east end of Loch Earn.  One of your home spun gentlemen, but shrewd sly and sensible for himself, always homeward bound.


No 6 Robert Stewart, of St. Fillans, of the Ardvorlich family.  An industrious and well-doing man.


No 24 Donald Stewart, son of James Stewart in Callander, a proprietor of a 20 pound a year.  Once of the Ardvorlich family.  Very inferior to his father.


I am told Ardvorlich your friend had once twenty tenants and twenty cottars on his property and now has only one - the reason I cannot pretend to know. He has now only six cottars.  I mentioned to you before, the havoc that was done by Burrel Drummond on the North side of Lochearn.  Some McLarens there were dispossessed of their land whose ancestors had been in that place for upwards of 400 years.

The text continues now with Section II: The Stewarts of Glenbuckie

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