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The Stewarts of Garroquhill, Buchlyvie, Stirling, Scotland

A cadet branch of the Stewarts of Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland

Alternate Spellings: Garchell, Garchill, Garrochill

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Garchell (Garroquhill)

Entrance to Garshell Farm
Garchell Farm
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This page is part of the Stewarts of Balquhidder Research Group Web Site jointly hosted by myself, Ryk Brown, and my research partner, Chuck Speed.  The research presented on this page is not ours alone.  It is the product of all the Fellow Researchers of the Stewarts of Balquhidder Research Group.  We are indebted to them for their generous contributions.  This page is intended as a place for researchers to freely and cooperatively share our research with each other.  The first-time reader is advised to begin with the introduction found on the Principal Families Page before proceeding on with this page.

This page introduces you to the Stewarts of Garchell, also known as Garroquhill.  This Stewart family lived in Garroquhill and Ardnandamh.  Garroquhill is shown on modern maps as Garchell and is located in Stirlingshire about midway between Buchlyve and Gartmore. (See maps at right.)

Ardnandamh is Anglicized as Ardnandave and means "Height of the Stag."  It is located in mid Strathyre on the west side and borders with Glen Buckie.

Very little is known about this family as they only held land for four generations and lost their land holdings by the early 17th century.  As this family ceased to hold land prior to the commencement of written parish records there is no information on the later descendants, if any, of this family.  Stewarts of the South does not mention this branch at all in 1820, nor does Duncan Stewart in his 1739 History of the Stewarts.  It is tempting to presume from these absences that the male line of this family became extinct.  However an argument from absence is weak.  It is quite possible that there were later descendants, but that this family simply fell into obscurity, however the author of Stewarts of the South was pretty thorough, so it seems most likely that this family died out.

The patriarch of this branch of the Balquhidder Stewarts was Alexander Stewart, son of James Beag Stewart, 1st of Baldorran, and younger brother to William Stewart, 2nd of Baldorran and 1st Bailie of Balquhidder, and Andrew Stewart, 1st of Gartnafuaran.  Alexander came into possession of Garroquhill sometime prior to 1484.  His descendants held these lands and those of Ardnandamh for another three generations when the lands were sold and the family then disappears from written records.

Until very recently the family of the Stewarts of Garroquhill were completely unknown.  We are grateful to the work of Scottish genealogist and author, Gordon MacGregor, for finding the information on this family.  All our present knowledge of the Garroquhill family comes from Gordon's research.

Dow of Ardnandave (Dubh, Duff, Dove, etc)

Stewarts of the South mentions an "ancient" family by the name of Dow who once owned the property of Ardnandave in Strathyre.  They are mentioned in the reference from the Stewarts of Brackland, Branch VIII of the Stewarts of Gartnafuaran.

Bracklin formerly was rented by twelve tenants.  At present it pays �150 and is well worth �350.  [The farm] will keep about 60 milk cows.  One-half of this farm formerly belonged to the ancient and respectable family of the Dows of Ardnadaw (Ardnandave in Strathyre) of whom no person in that country knows anything of.  This farm is now in the policy of Stirling of Keir.

The name Dow is an Anglicization of the Gaelic Dubh which means "Black".  It is also found Anglicized as Duff and Dove.  In it's patronymic form it is most famously rendered as McDuff.  The Dove form can be found in the Callander OPR in the 18th century.  It seems reasonable to suggest that the later Doves found in Callander probably descend from the earlier family of Dow of Ardnandave.  The surname Dubh can be a surname in its own right, but as was common in Gaelic culture, it can also be a nickname that became a surname.  Thus, the family of Dow of Ardnandave may be a "clan" in their own right, or may be a branch of another clan who began calling themselves Dow to distinguish themselves from their kindred branches.

We have evidence (shown below) that the Stewarts of Garchell also held the lands of Ardnandave in 1516.  It appears that the Stewarts purchased these lands from George Buchanan of Strathyre, son of Patrick Buchanan of that Ilk (possibly George Buchanan, 15th of Buchanan).  They were descended from Walter Dubh Buchanan, 12th of Buchanan.  Could the Dow family be a branch of Buchanan descended from a younger son of Walter Dubh?  We don't know what happened to the lands of Ardnandave after Walter Stewart, Younger of Garchell held them.  We don't know if he had descendants.  Could the Dow family be descended from Walter Stewart of Ardnandave?  We don't know how far back the author of Stewarts of the South may have meant when he said that the Dow family resided in Ardnandave "in ancient times."  When he has used the same phrase elsewhere in the document it appears that he was usually referring to the 15th-16th centuries or thereabouts.  It seems unlikely that the common historical recollection would go back much further than that unless there was something exceptionally memorable about the Dow family.  However, in the absence of any further evidence all of this is merely speculation.

Ardnandave Farm (now extinct) in mid Strathyre.

Even on this mid-19th century map Ardnandave had been abandoned for some time and was described as a ruins.

The Stewarts of Garroquhill Family Report

Alexander STEWART , 1st of Garchell, was born about 1450 in Baldorran, Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland as the son of James Beag Stewart, 1st of Baldorran, and his wife Annabel Buchanan of that ilk.  Alexander is mentioned in 1484 as already being in possession of the lands of Garroquhill and Ardnandave.  He died in 1516, sometime prior to 16 AUG.  He was father of:

  1. James STEWART b: ABT 1475 in Baldorran, Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland.  Alexander had a son James Stewart who was witness with his father to charter by William Stewart of Ballindoran on 4 July, 1493.  In order for James to have been old enough to witness the 1493 charter he would have to be the oldest son, which also fits with onomastics.  However as James' younger brother Andrew inherited the estate then it would appear that James died after 1493 yet within his father's lifetime (bef 1516).
  2. Andrew STEWART, 2nd of Garchell, was born about 1475 presumably in Garroquhill, Perthshire, Scotland.  His spouse is unknown.  He was the father of:
    1. Archibald STEWART, 3rd of Garchell, who was born about 1510.  He succeeded his father and died about 1590 without children.  He is believed to be the Archibald Stewart "fear (fewer) of Garthell (Garchell), parish of Drymen, sher. of Stirling" whose testament was dated 20 MAY 1589.
    2. William STEWART, 4th of Garchell, who was born about 1515.  He succeeded his brother in the lands of Garchell.  He was father of:
      1. Walter STEWART, (5th?) of Garchell, who was born about 1550.  He was cited in a peace bond in 1622.  The lands of Garchell were sold during his lifetime.  It is not certain whether the lands were sold by Walter or his father, but it's likely that his father would have been too old to be alive in 1622.  It is not known if he had children or not.
  3. Walter STEWART of Ardnadave in Strathyre b: ABT 1480 in Scotland.  It is not known if Walter had any children.


21/3/1513 Confirmation by Matthew, Earl of Lennox, Lord Dernle [Darnley], after his new infeftment in said earldom by King James IV, in favour of Alexander Stewart of Garchell, his "cousin", of lands of Garchell, in earldom of Lennox. GD22/3/451

5/7/1525 Instrument of sasine in favour of Andrew Stewart of Garquell [Garchell], son of Alexander Stewart of Garchall, of lands of Garchall, following on precept of sasine by John, Earl of Lennox, Lord Dernle [Darnley]. Notary: Humphrey Cunynghame [Cunningham], M.A., priest, Glasgow diocese. GD22/3/453

Feb 1579/1580  Letters of Reversion by Johnne Blayr of Fynwik-Malice, witnesses include "Andro Stewart of Garchell" GD86/250

13/1/1590 Precept of clare constat by Lodovic, Duke of Lennox, Earl of Darnlie [Darnley], Lord Torboltoun [Tarbolton], Methwen [Methven] and Obignay [Aubigny], great chamberlain of Scotland, in favour of William Stewart, as heir to deceased Archibald Stewart of Garchill [Garchell], his brother, in lands of Garchill. GD22/3/454

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