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Sue Loder 1999-2006
Janice Brown 2007-2008
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December 29, 2014
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Laverne Tornow

Welcome to Cape May County



These surnames and e-mail addresses are being left here for archival purposes only. If an e-mail address is no longer valid, there is nothing I can do to assist you as I have no updated addresses for any of them. If a poster would like to submit an updated e-mail address, I will be happy effect the change on this page.

If you wish to submit a surname to be placed on this site,please send an e-mail to the county coordinator,and please leave the subject line intact. New surname submissions will be placed on a different page in a different format. Please use the following format:

Surname: XXXX
Dates: 1700-1900
Origin: UK
Submitter's Name: Xxxx Zzzz
Submitter's e-mail address: [email protected]

Submissions that do not include all the requested elements will be discarded. Please limit Surnames to two (2) per submission. In the coming months I will be adding some forms that will automate this process

Submitter's Name
E-mail Address
ADAMS Joyce Sharpley [email protected]
ARMSTRONG Kerry Ann Hollier [email protected]
ARMSTRONG Lois Jenkins [email protected]
BACON Robert Allen Bacon Jr. [email protected]
BACON Steve Kemp [email protected]
E-mail updated November 26, 2010
BACON Joan VanFulpen [email protected]
BADCOCK Blanche Connolly [email protected]
BALDWIN Valerie Neuber [email protected]
BANCROFT Carolyn Hand Adamson [email protected]
BANCROFT Margaret L. Bambie
Goodall Roberts
[email protected]
BANER Sue Porter [email protected]
BARNES Brenda Miller [email protected]
BARNES Joyce Sharpley [email protected]
BARNETT Blanche Connolly [email protected]
BARTH Sharon Gable [email protected]
BARTLESON Randi Bartleson [email protected]
BATEMAN Barbara Bateman [email protected]
BATES Barry Crane [email protected]
BEARDWOOD Cynthia Cederberg [email protected]
BECKWORTH Francis Fekel [email protected]
BELL Gloria Anne Kowalsky [email protected]
BENNER Sonja K. Killeen [email protected]
BENNETT Paula Knighton [email protected]
BERINGER James Burnham [email protected]
Nancy LeVere [email protected]
BEVIS Susan Peters Zmrzel [email protected]
BINDER Terri Defibaugh [email protected]
BINGMAN Liz Moore [email protected]
BLACK Madeline E. Black [email protected]
BLACKMAN William Robbins [email protected]
BLEVIN Barbara Lasky [email protected]
BLOOMELL Jan Darr [email protected]
E-mail updated October 15, 2011
BOWEN Margarette Ogle [email protected]
BRADLEY Nancy Downs Self [email protected]
BRIGHT Christine J. Heaton [email protected]
BRODERICK Edythe Roth [email protected]
BROWER Renee Krebs [email protected]
BROWN Judy Emenheiser [email protected]
BURNET Jim Fina [email protected]
BUSH Lynn Proud [email protected]
BUTZ Katherine Ketner [email protected]
CALHOUN David Furness [email protected]
CAMERON Ginny Francis [email protected]
CAMP Ellen Janzen [email protected]
CAMP Joyce White [email protected]
CANBY Jim Brown [email protected]
CARL Betty Carle Cheatham [email protected]
CARLEY George B. Greenwood [email protected]
CARLISLE George B. Greenwood [email protected]
CARMAN Ruth Cunningham [email protected]
CARMAN Teri Foley-Nelson [email protected]
CARSON Gail Jacobsen [email protected]
CASSADAY Jean Hamlin McDermott [email protected]
CASTO Julie Casto [email protected]
CASTO Nadine Schroeder [email protected]
CHAMBERS Blanche Connolly [email protected]
CHAMBERS Lisa Slighton [email protected]
CHAMPION Orville Smith [email protected]
CHARD Lois Seeligsohn [email protected]
CHATTIN Linda R. Buras [email protected]
CHECKLEY George D. Devine [email protected]
CHERRY Linda Triffo [email protected]
CHESTER Barbara M. Kerr [email protected]
CHESTER Lee Solek [email protected]
CHURCH Ira Graffman [email protected]
CLAPP Kathy Laux [email protected]
CLEAR Betty Carle Cheatham [email protected]
CLOUTING William Robbins [email protected]
COBB Francis Fekel [email protected]
COBB Joyce Sharpley [email protected]
COCHRAN Robin Campbell [email protected]
COLEMAN Jackie Guensler [email protected]
COLHOUER Vince Summers [email protected]
COLLARD Bill Collard [email protected]
CONKLING James Harold Johnson [email protected]
CONNETT Margo L. Wicker [email protected]
Lois Jenkins [email protected]
COOK Christine J. Heaton [email protected]
CORDERY Susan Peters Zmrzel [email protected]
CORNELIUS Madge Johns [email protected]
CORSON Bobbie Babbitt [email protected]
CORSON Susan Dechant [email protected]
CORSON Ellen Janzen [email protected]
CORSON Lois Jenkins [email protected]
CORSON Katherine Ketner [email protected]
CORSON Art Oliver [email protected]
CORSON C.J. Prime [email protected]
CORSON Lois Seeligsohn [email protected]
CORSON Nancy Downs Self [email protected]
CORSON Vince Summers [email protected]
COTTON Pat Andrews [email protected]
COX Craig Dowd [email protected]
COX Ellen Nycz [email protected]
CRAMER Sandra Lassen [email protected]
CRANDEL Robert Muir [email protected]
Jim Hill [email protected]
Michael R. Milner [email protected]
CRAWFORD Leslie Mires Karpolorich [email protected]
CREAMER Bruce Creamer [email protected]
CREAN Michelle Havens [email protected]
CRESSE Renee Krebs [email protected]
CRESSE Susan Cresse Mason [email protected]
CROSLEY Martha A. Crosley Graham [email protected]
CROWELL Robin Campbell [email protected]
CRUM Louise Rorer Rosett [email protected]
CULLEN Donna Carpenter [email protected]
CUNNINGHAM Harrison Cunningham [email protected]
Teresa Jones [email protected]
DAVID Linda Smith [email protected]
DAVIS Bonnie Andrews [email protected]
DAVIS Debbie Dotts Christian [email protected]
DENNIS Billie House [email protected]
DE VAUL Ginny Francis [email protected]
DeVAULT Lois Seeligsohn [email protected]
DICKINSON Bobbie Babbitt [email protected]
DICKINSON Todd Walker [email protected]
DOTTS Debbie Dotts Christian [email protected]
DOUGLAS David Furness [email protected]
DOWNING Kathryn E. Stuart [email protected]
DRAYTON Brian Murphy [email protected]
DRIER Madeline E. Black [email protected]
DUNFEE Sharon Belt [email protected]
EDWARDS Robert Bickham [email protected]
EDWARDS Susan Dechant [email protected]
EDWARDS Valerie Neuber [email protected]
EDWARDS Kathryn E. Stuart [email protected]
ELDREDGE Jim Hill [email protected]
ELDREDGE Art Oliver [email protected]
ELDREDGE Joan VanFulpen [email protected]
ELDRIDGE Earlene Martin [email protected]
Marilyn Duncan [email protected]
Sonja K. Killeen [email protected]
ERICKSON Marilee Eatough [email protected]
Sue Martin [email protected]
Shelli Miles [email protected]
ELLIOTT Mrs. Hillra S. Qualls [email protected]
EWAN Joan McLaughlin [email protected]
EWING Clyde Ewing [email protected]
Judy Ardine [email protected]
Rick Facemire [email protected]
FALKINBURG David B. Absalom [email protected]
FALKINBURG Jennifer Mott Palermo [email protected]
FARQUHAR Lisa Slighton [email protected]
FERGUSON Donald Kelmers [email protected]
FISHER Katherine Ketner [email protected]
FISHER Nora Patton Taylor [email protected]
FITZGERALD Vince Summers [email protected]
FLEMING Debra Graham [email protected]
FORBES Nora Patton Taylor [email protected]
FOSTER Karen Alexander [email protected]
FOSTER Valerie Neuber [email protected]
FOSTER Ira Graffman [email protected]
FOSTER Jim Hill [email protected]
FOSTER Eleanor Moore Lucas [email protected]
FOSTER John C. Stormont [email protected]
FOWLER Randi Bartleson [email protected]
FOX Margaret L. Bambie
Goodall Roberts
[email protected]
FOX Cindy Wilson [email protected]
FRAZEE Sandra Lassen [email protected]
FREDERICK Debra Graham [email protected]
FREEZE David Johns [email protected]
FULGINITI Gregory Fulginiti [email protected]
FUNK West Funk IV [email protected]
GALLAGER (GALLAGHER) Katherine Ketner [email protected]
GANDY Julie Casto [email protected]
GANDY Steve Kemp [email protected]
E-mail updated November 26, 2010
GANDY Nadine Schroeder [email protected]
GARRISON Jim Orgel [email protected]
GARSED Stacy Kenny Mitchell [email protected]
GEISINGER Randi Bartleson [email protected]
GERRESE Cliff Janda [email protected]
GIBBS Dorothy E. Ouram [email protected]
GINN Marlene F. Hayward [email protected]
GODFREY Margarette Ogle [email protected]
GODFREY Louise Van Gilder [email protected]
GOFF Lynn Proud [email protected]
GOLDEN Elizabeth Launer [email protected]
GOLDEN Robert Nielson [email protected]
Paula Radwanski [email protected]
GRACE Ken Grace [email protected]
GRACE Lois Jenkins [email protected]
GREGG Bruce Houston
Gregg Johnson
[email protected]