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Welcome to Cape May County

Cape May County Cities

The following municipalities are located in Cape May County. The municipality type is listed in parentheses after the name, except where the type is included as part of the name. Census-designated places and other unincorporated communities are listed under their municipalities.

Index map of Cape May County Municipalities

  • Avalon (borough)
  • Cape May Point (borough)
  • Cape May (city)

  • Dennis Township
  • Dennisville
  • Ocean View
  • South Dennis

  • Lower Township
  • Diamond Beach
  • Erma
  • North Cape May
  • Villas

  • Middle Township
  • Cape May Court House
  • Goshen
  • Green Creek
  • Rio Grande
  • Whitesboro-Burleigh
  • North Wildwood (city)
  • Ocean City
  • Sea Isle City
  • Stone Harbor (borough)

  • Upper Township
  • Beesleys Point
  • Marmora
  • Strathmere
  • Tuckahoe
  • West Cape May (borough)
  • West Wildwood (borough)
  • Wildwood Crest (borough)
  • Wildwood (city)
  • Woodbine (borough)