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Former Coordinators
Sue Loder 1999-2006
Janice Brown 2007-2008
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December 29, 2014
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Laverne Tornow

Welcome to Cape May County

Cape May E-mail Lists and Message Boards

The purpose of this page is to list the various e-mail lists and message boards that are available for Cape May County New Jersey. If you know of a list or board that is not on this page, please contact the COUNTY COORDINATOR with the name of the list and its web address/URL for inclusion on this page.

Please do not contact the county coordinator to do look-ups. We regret that we do not have the time to do this for you which is why we are attempting to place as many research and look-up resources on this site for you as possible. In many cases we do not live in the county or even the state of the sites we coordinate.

We are always seeking interested persons, groups or organizations willing to assist others in their research. If you are interested in doing such, please contact the COUNTY COORDINATOR for further instructions on how to have your name, group or organization listed on the appropriate page on this site.

We are also seeking LOCAL ASSISTANTS to assist with gathering information for the site. If you wish to VOLUNTEER as either a LOCAL ASSISTANT or as Assistant County Coordinator,please visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE for further instruction.

E-Mail Lists

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