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Welcome to Cape May County

Cape May County Mayflower and Pilgrim Descendants

SOURCE: Mayflower Pilgrim Descendants in Cape May County New Jersey 1620 - 1920

A record of Pilgrim descendants who early in its history settled in Cape May County and some of their children throughout several States of the Union at present time.

by: Paul Sturdevant Howe LL.B., Ph.D. Copyright 1921 Albert R. Hand, Publisher, Cape May. NJ.

The information for all the families listed on this page came from the above mentioned book. Each Surname is linked to a Descendant Chart and each person for whom there is a document or documents on this website will be linked either to a single document or a page with links to all the documents relative to that person.

The information in these descendant charts was extracted by Laverne Tornow for display on this site. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy in the transcription.

NJGenWeb provides genealogical and historical data to the general public without fee or charge of any kind. It is intended that this material not be used in a commercial manner.

Joseph Whilden and Hannah Gorham