1857 Terry Diary

January 1, 1857  Cool damp morning. I got up this morning at 4oc got started to Ripley by daylight. I road Jolley & road slow the roads being rough. Got to Ripley by 11oc. Had my mule fed, saw Fletcher Asberry, I couldn't hire a smith so I left there at 2oc. I got very cold, got to Mr. Nabors just as they were eating supper, so I got down had my mule put up and am staying all night at N.

1/2 Cloudy. Rained a hard shower at 10c. I went to Salem in the morning and there out to William Hulls to hier a blacksmith. Stayed there an hour or so. Could not get a smith. I got back to Salem before night. Got to see Mr. Brown a smith and engaged him to worke for me. He is to come back Monday evening from H.Y.S. I went up to Mr. Knights and got Eliza and came on home by darkee. Found Fayette Nooner here.

1/3 Clear & bright day, but very cold wind from the north. Fayette Nooner & I went to Salem earley in the morning. After nocking around till noon we came on home got dinner. Then Eliza & I went down to John Williamsí. We got there (after a very cold ride) by sundown. Found Dr. Ayers there also. Nancy very sick. She is not expected to live. She talks very wild.

Sunday, 1/4 Clear bright day. Very cold. After siting up all night I feel very drowsey. Parson Nut, Mr. Rogers, Eliza sat up all night together. Nancy is a little better. She is better after herself. After Eliza & I started home. We met Em Beck & Lucy going to Johnís. They had their little baby boy with them. We got home at l2oc. John Bunn & Sam Nabors they stayed Mack N. & J. Courts came. They all left before night. Left us alone to think & talk to our selves.

1/5 Cloudy & cool. I got up earley this morning. Took two mules and started after James at La-Grange. When I got to Salem Moses was at worke in the shop. I met Mr. Wheatley two miles on this side of La-Grange. He was in a carriage, and it full of negros. He has been out to Texas and is just returning. I got to La-Grange just before 12oc. James gave me an introduction to young Mr. Charlie Gossitt. He is a nice looking young man. After getting dinner, James & I struck out for home. We got to Salem at darkee. Dr. A. said Nancy was some better.

1/6 Clear & cool. James took a horse & went down to see Sister Nancy. I went to Salem. after knocking around there till 11oc I saw Whit Kimbol and he came home with me. Squier & I are repairing ditches after dinner. We cutting out fence rows & hauling railes. Fayette N. is staying all night here tonight.

1/7 Cloudy & very cool wind from the north. Snowing alittle. Killed our last pork today. Six the last of 22 hogs. I went this morning to Mr. Pooles to see if his negros had any coal and they didínt. Came back home & after dinner I went over to James McDonolds. Also to get coal but didíent. Mr. Kimbol left this evening. J.C.W. sent Billey Coal up after the Dr. & Sallie. Nancy is worse. Fayette Nooner stopped this evning late and went over to Mr. Nabors to stay to night.

1/8 Cold and cloudy all day. Wind from the north. We began to haul wood early for a coal kiln. Got it put up and half covered. Bill & I have been killing birds all day. Fayette Nooner & Mack Nabors came over this morn. Mac wants to go into the shop with me in Salem at night.

1/9 Cold wind from the south!!! James & Billey Coal got here this morning from Johnís before breakfast. They said Nancy died last night at 10oc (She like the world before us has gon to try the unknown realities of a world invisible to us. Oh! what a soleum thought, that we all like her must ere long pass through the vaile of deth. Deth teaches us how weak teaches us how weak and powerless & dependent we poor creatchers are. We mortals do not think of deth as we should. John has lost a good loving wife, one who loved him better than her own life, or all the world bides. & we have lost a very dear sister. May we all meet her in heven is the hope and pray of her brother, where there is no parting pain or deth. She is to be buried at 12oc on to morrow at the grave yard close to Mrs. Williams'. We had the grave dug today. We got Mr. Mechans hack to bring the corpse. James went down this evning.

1/10   Cold and cloudy. Rained & frozed last night. After earley dinner we all walked over to the grave yard at Mrs. Williams. There we parted with our dear sister. She is gon, yes gon. Soon into oblivion. She has left a number of lives to morn their loss. She was buried about 1oc. Mr. Beck & Darthula were there. From there Francis Nooner & I went on to Salem. I got my shop book. Francis & I came on home. He and Billey Coal are spending all night here. I had a coal kiln covered and set on fier. Mechan's Dick was over this evening after flour.

Sunday,  1/11 Cloudy & cold wind from north. We all stayed at home all day. Francis N. left for home. Then Fayette & Mack came & stayed until after dinner. B. Coal & Sallie went down to Tippah. The boys all .....We went on to Salem where I got Wit & James went up to Mr. Mechans. Got aquainted with Miss N. I went to Mr. Dickerson. We left Salem at 2oc. We travled on a slow rate over the rough roads gittin off to walk to warm ourselfs. We got to Mr. C's an hour in the night. We went without supper to bed.

1/12   Bright cool day. When we got up the sun was nearly up. Having had no supper felt like breakfast so I started over to Mr. D's to get refreshed but heard the whistle of the train and had to run without breakfast & just in time to get on. So we rattled down to Memphis by 11oc. I went to Whitemore's & got dinner after which I went on to Lounes, Orgill & Co. & bought $90 worth of ..... & payed for it in the cash. Stayed all night at .....

1/13   Clear & cold. The ground is freezing. I got up at 5oc this morning & eat breakfast and then waited an hour for the cars. We started for Memphis before sun up. When I got to La-Grange Dugger wanted to get my horse & buggy to take home. So I went on round to the junction, and from there to La-Grange. Got there by 11oc. Met Dink Windman on Mr Dugger's horse also Wm Brock on his way to Kansas. Dink & I put out for Salem at one o'clock. Dink told me of his love for Lizzy Ray & all of his court ship. We got to Salem by 3oc. I got my buggy & came home. Found Mr. Kimbol & Billey C. here.

1/14   Clear & warmer. I took all to repairing fence oer at the Poff place. Billey Coal took the buggy down to Tippah after ...... up from Tippah. John is at his Ma's. Clara & Sisse with him. He is coming over in the morning.

1/15   Cold & rather cloudy. All hands to repairing fence. Johnís Brant left this morning with three mules taking them to Tippah. John came this morning brought little Clara to her new home. John takes Nancyís death very harde. Poor fellow. I pitty him. I loaned to John three mules to bring things from Tippah.

1/16   Cool and looks like rain. Building fence. John left for Tippah. His wagon came at 2oc with Rachel and her family. I went to Salem after dinner to see Kernal Leak. Rained a shower this evening. I went down to William Knights and found Eliza & Mary Wheatley waiting for me. Mrs. Knight & two sisters came to the gate to see us off. We got home at darkee.

1/17   Cloudy & cold. Began to snow at darkee by bedtime the ground was covered and inch deep with fine soft snow. I put up an old house for a negro cabin. I had it moved down from the Alix W. olde place before Christmas. After dinner Squier took a load of wheat to Dayís Mill. Twenty-five bushels.

Sunday, 1/18  Clear. Pretty bright sunshine but very cold. Thermomerter 6 dgs below zero. Snow melting very little. We all at home arounde the fier. John got up from Tippah before night. After he had been here a short time Mr. Kimbol came in. I gave him an introduction. Miss Mary Wheatley, Eliza & Bill went over to Mrs. Williams to see Sissey. Billey Coal came over after his clothes. He is living at G.W. Crawford's.

1/19  The sun shines bright all day. Very cold. At ten o' I took Eliza & Mary W. to school in the buggy. I put them out at Mr. W's then after dinner time I went out to see Mr. Leak about traiding negros with him. But he had no thought of it so I left. Came on back to Salem then back home. Found Mr. Kimbol here. The snow not melting much today.

1/20  Cold rain sleet & snow all day. I took my gun went down to the brier patch to kill rabbits. Got a shoot but no rabbit. Splitting railes & cutting wood.

1/21  Clear in the morn but clouded up & began to snow in big flakes at 12oc. Mr. Lipford came up to grinde his ax. He also hiered Brant from Go. C. for 140$ & John Clothes ..... Mr. W.P. Kimbal left here this morning for Mr. McDonolds. Mr. Freeman came up and took dinner with us. To day he is trying to sell plowes for the La-Grange foundry. Jo. Ayers & Alix Williams came over this evning rabbit hunting. John went to his Ma's late this evning in his buggy George with him.

1/22  Colde & cloudy. The snow is not melting but very little. I had two large trees cut down west of the house to prevent their falling on Rachel's house. Billey & I went to the woods & cut polls to make a sleigh. Snowed this evning pretty smartley.

1/23  Cold. Began to snow at 8oc. Snowed fast all day until just before night. Bill & I finished making our sleigh by 12oc. After dinner I hitched up the sleigh. Sallie & little Clara took a ride with me. I went on to Salem brought Eliza home in my sleigh. This is the last of Mr. Knights school in Salem.

1/24  Some warmer. Cleared off in the evning. John C. & I took a round hunting rabbits. We got severil shoots but only one rabbit. Mose came out home he is out of coal I sent a bag of coal to do until Monday. After dinner I took gun & dogs down to Mr. Spencers to see if his negros had any coal. They have. I came on home. Miss M.J. & Fayette Nooner came and are staying all night with us.

Sunday, 1/25 Warmer & the snow all melted off to day. At 10oc Miss Martha & Fayette Nooner, Sallie & I went down to Hope Well where some few of the old bretheren had met continuing to hear preaching. We had a short sermon by Prof. Lipford from this 'Lord teach us how to pray'. We were then dismissed. Sallie & I went to Mr. Lax where Em Beck & Lucy were after dinner. We boys went up to the pond which was frozed over 4 ins thick. Sallie & I left before night.

1/26  Warmer. That is warmer than last week. The snow all melted off to day. Bill & his crowd, which numbered 8 are building fence & cutting wood. Squier & I took the wagon down to Mr. Spencers after a load of coal. I had to giv five cts per bushel. I got 50 bus paid for them. I came on home got dinner then when to Salem. Squier had got there with the coal. Mr. Ray had fixed the saw. I sent it on home by Squier. I came on home with Mr. Lax, Em Beck, J.C.W. Em B. stopped & got a lg chain which he had bought of John. Mr. W.F. Dickerson moved out to his place to day. He had Mr. Mechans wagons moving him! ! ! The Rev. W.M.P. Nabors has bought a stock of groceries and is now hunting a location. He speaks of buying D. & Nunnely out in Salem.

1/27  Warm as spring. Rained a hard rain last night and is raining this morn. At 11oc I took Poke went down to Mr. L. Nabors. After dinner John & Sam N. & I took the nett & struck out towards old Mr. Pools. We found one drove in a brier patch. We set our nett twice and they flew at last so we road & road & found no more. Mack has gon down to Razaba to try a situation. I came on home at night.

1/28  Warm, cloudy. I started the wagon to La-Grange but had to turn back on account of the mud & bad weather. I went on to Salem stayed there until after 12oc then started home. Met Mack N. going in town. He is just from Arazaba. He is going to get his bill of groceries. I came on home found Mr. Greer here. Little Clara will not make friends with him.

1/29  Cloudy. Mr. Greer left this morning earley for Mr. Freemans. He is to preach at Ayres Chappel. Ive resat our cross cutt saw. I made it cut much better. I & George sawed & split boards.

Sunday, 2/1 Cloudy, thick atmosphere. I came home with Mack & John Nabors last night & stayed all night with them. We sat around eating walnuts, shaving & talking. On sorts of subjects. Mr. & Mrs. Nabors have gon to James Dickersons this morn. I stay with the boys until after dinner till Miss Martha J. Nooner came in to see the boys. Fronce & Polke with her. I soon left for home on Jolley. I came on home found them all at home also John C. was here. We all red the rest of the day in the Appeal & Advocate & others. I recd my first Farmer & Mecaie on yesterday evning.

2/2  Squier & George started this morning to La-Grange after my iron. Also, John Nabors with them after Mack's groceries. Mack with them on horseback. I began to worke on the cabin. Commenced covering it. Bill & his crowd rebuilding fence.

2/3  Clear spring like day. Pleaseant. Warm. I knocked around home till dinner then went to Salem in John's buggy. My little deer Fannie followed me. There was a drove of mules in town. W.T. Dickerson bought one for $135. Small mule & not broke. Also Mr. Wellons 1 at $140. Small mule & not broke. I stayed till Mack came in and said that the wagons be in at darkee so I stayed until they came. Squier brought all of my iron & some things of Mack. So we unloaded and came on home after supper.

2/4  Clear bright pretty day. Squier, Nan & Marian cutting fire wood the rest cutting and cleaning out fence rows. Squier hauled wood in the evening.

2/5  John, C., Eliza, Sallie & William started to DeSoto yesterday morning earley. John worked his large mule. Bill worked Polke, I am repairing fence.

2/6  Turned warmer and looks like raining. I have some of them cutting out fence rows and the rest cutting wood. I & Squier finished the cabin to day. Rachel moved in at night. Began to rain in the evening. I made a gate to day for the lot.

2/7  Raining, raining all day long. I took all hands down below the house to throw up an embank to prevent the sand from covering up the little valley. We got out ditch to the corner of the field, when it began to rain so that we left for the house. It rained a very hard & long shower so as to create overflows in our valley that washed some fences down. I waited till late in the eve to go to Salem it being raining so I went late. Met Mr. Lipford. He had been to town to get his mill picks sharped. I stayed till after darkee.

Sunday, 2/8  Clear warm. Bud started to Mrs. Nabors early in the morning. I lazzyed around home till early dinner then I caught a mule went to Nabors. Found Mack there. He was dressed in his man killer. He was riding Robinson's horse. Mr. Willis & his lady were there also. They left soon after dinner. Then Mack went in and talk to the old folks about how to he was getting on in his new business. Then John & I would talk to each other about what kind of girles we would like to get also some of our love scrapes. Then I left there at sun down for home.

2/9  Clear pretty day. I went to Salem earley in the morning. Took my shop book and from now on I get Mack to attend to the shop and to keep the book. Wm. Vandygriff & Crockes Jobe were sitting around town. I left after seeing Mr. Knight about Miss Sallie's school. Came on home got dinner then went down to Mr. Lipford's mill to see him about his school but he was not there. I went on to olde Mr. Pools to see if his negros had any coal but they had not. I saw Mrs. Vaughn. I came on home by the Fowler place.

2/10  Clear. Cool wind from the north. I went down to Mr. Lipfords mill to see him about his school. After staying there some tim Mr. L. Nabors came with his poke for meal for dinner! They got the old thing started but it will just go, as soon as it would get off one grain it would hop on another. I left there and went to Mr. Lax got dinner. From there I started to Mr. Spencers but meeting John Courts he said Mr. S. was not at home. So I came on home. Found John C. & Eliza had got back from DeSoto. Sallie & Bill minus.

2/11  Warm pleasant spring like day. I with six of the darkeys commenced resettin fence. Commenced at the corner of Rachel's house going to the south west corner of the peach orchard. Then just over on the other string going south. We got on very fast got to the on the sandy & rocky hill !

2/12  Flying clouds from the So. A little like rain, I went out to fencing. Finished laying the worm of the fence to the Bell house. Rained alittle. After dinner I went to Salem. (Jessy Jinkens came over this eve & hired Mariah for two week). Macks going on at his traid. He keeps a bad book for me. Moses is about out of coal. I came on home at dark.

2/13  Began to rain earley in the morning. I waited till 10oc. It's still raining. I started Mase & Joe after coal up to Nip Hix's. They returned an hour by sun. Water so high that they didn't get any coal. So I sent Joe to Salem to come back in the morning.

2/14  Cloudy & warm. I with Jo & Squier went to getting coal wood. The rest to fencing. I got them endy for putting up the kiln then I came to the house and fixed & went to Salem. Found Moses out of work. I knocked around there till after supper then Mack, Tarpley & I set and talked till 8oc then I came on home after darke.

Sunday, 2/15  Warm. Rather cloudy. James got down from La-Grange last night at 8oc. We all went over to Nabors church. A sermon by Mr. Johnson. After preaching we came on home got dinner after which Francis Nooner came up. Then Martha J. and Polk. They were just from Mt. Zion preaching to day. Then in a shower of rain Mack came. After some time they all broke up for their homes. Left us aloan.

2/16  Bright pretty warm day. I put Squier, Mose & Joe to cutting rail timber. The rest to cleaning out hillside ditches. I went down to Mr. Spencer's but he was not at home. I went from there to Mr. Lipford's Mill. Found at work there & from there to Mr. Nabors to see him about my (Johnethan). He was sowing oats and burning off weeds. I came on home at night. James left at 10oc. George with him to bring the mule back. John C. went to Ripley earley.

2/17  Clouds flying from the south !! Splitting railes and cutting timber. I swung my new gate. John C. got back from Ripley at 10oc. I removed the English Poplar from the garden to the yard. After dinner we drawed our coal kiln & Squier took it to town. It made 25 bushels.

2/18  Clear pretty sunshine day. I took some of them and set them to cutting briers & bushes & cleaning up for sowing oats. Squier with the wagon to hauling railes around the wheat field fence. John C. & I went to Salem to the auction. I knocked around there till dinner then took snack in Mack's house of cheese and crackers. After 12oc John put Sam & the big black mule up. Sam brought $140 the mule $226. I stayed till late.

2/19  Warm spring-like day. Began to sow oats this morning. Four plowes began at the Poff's house. We hitched up Polley & when I thought she was jentle I let Bill have her. She got scared as he was turning around she got away from him. She ran 500 yards broke the plow stock to smash. I then plowed till dinner. Came home fixed & took Jolley to the buggy. On the way to Ripley went on to Uncle Charlie Davinport's. Got there 1/2 hour by sun. They are all well.

2/20  Cloudy. Wind from the south. Rained a hard rain last night. I got up earley but it was an hour & 1/2 by sun before breakfast. I got Uncle Charlie to have me coal burnt then I geared up and went on to Ripley by 12oc. I got 100$ from Buckanan. He promised to pay the rest by the first of March. I paid our tab which were 22$ then started for home. The road is worse than I ever saw them before. I came very sticking up severil times in the mud. It turned cool in the eve. The sun was setting when I was at Alberson's. So when I got home it was 8oc & I got to bed by 9oc.

2/21  Clear pretty day but rather cool. Four plowes two plowing. John to plowing. John C. & I started to Salem earley went by Mr. Williams then on to Salem. Stopped & talked to Mr. Walls. Nunneley began his auction at 10oc & continued till night. I left before night with James H. Thomas. After supper the donkeys began to gather. There were some 20 bid the home ones. I sat up & kept order till 1oc.

Sunday, 2/22 Cloudy & cool. Cleared off in the eve. After late breakfast we fixed for preaching. Sallie, Ma & Bill went to Salem. John C. & I went to Hope Well. Misses Eugenia S., Martha & Nanie N. were the principle ladies of note. After a baptis sermon by Mr. H.G. Spencer. I went over to Mr. Lax for dinner. Also, Mr. Spencer, Miss Eugenia, Dr. Whitton & Gatson B., Fayette also. We boys did'nt talk the young ladies out of breathe. So we did'nt. After the Dr. G., Fayette left. Messers. Spencer & Lax & I got into a debate on scripture & talked till just before sun down. John C. came. He had been down to see Ed & Ann.

2/23  Clear bright spring day. Warm earley. I took all hands drawed Squier's coal. He made 45 bus. Squier then took it to Salem. The rest of us went to making hillside ditches at Poff place. Bill sold John Davis some flour at 4 cts per lb. I went and looked at the little grave yard on the hill. I saw where Lizzy Slayden had planted some little rose bushes & other little shrubbery that she had got and put them over her little brother & sisters' graves. Poor little angels they are happier than they could have been on earth. Plowing in the eve. Bud went to plowing also; John C. went to Salem this morn came back this eve.

2/24  Cloudy & raining now and then. Four plowes to plowing oats. I went to sowing. We worked on till dinner. John C. went down to see Sam Simson's horse hearing that he had one to sell but he did'nt buy him. He came on home got Polk to go to Salem. I fixed up a gate post this eve at the new gate.

2/25  Clear bright & warm. Too warm to be pleasant. Squier splitting railes. The rest ditching over at the Poff place. John C. came after dinner. He and I planted out some apple trees then I dug up some of the strawberries aiming to replant them. Olde Brother Josiah Greer came & stayed till after dinner then he went down to Mr. O's. We got out some oats this eavning.

2/26  Very clear all day & warm. Four plowes to plowing in oats over at the Poff place. Small chaps cutting briers. I sowing the oats at 12oc. I mended my broken plow stock. After dinner I inniciated Bill, Jack & Graydon in to the art of ditching !!!! John C. went down to Ed's to day ! Sallie & Eliza went down to Mr. Nabors to day and spent the day. He is planting corn. Mrs. Redus & co. are here to night.

2/27  Clear warm spring day is this. After breakfast Squier & I got horse to worke on the road. John C. hitched Polk up to his buggy to go to Salem. I got in with him went to the S. Creek & got out to work. There were 9 hands on our end of the road. W. T. Dickensen chief boss. We met the other hands at 12oc. so we came on home plowing in oats & ditching. Sam Nabors over after greens. Mrs. Redus & co. still here. John C. sent Polke home at night.

2/28  Rained some last night. Rained a little this morning. Smartley cooler. Cleared off from the north 10oc. I went to Salem earley. After staying there a while I with serveril of the boys got in to a game of pitching weights. It ended about 12oc then I came home got dinner started the plowes to finish plowing in oats. Squier & I planted our little crop of potatoes amounting 1/2 bus. We then killed a hog. Mariah got home this eve. John C. is here tonight.

Sunday 3/1  Cool north wind so as to make the fier very acceptable. The wind prevents there being frost to night. I slepted this morn till the sun was shining in on my bed. (John C. bought a fine iron gray mare of a drover at big 240$ price) He had her cought out & went over to his Ma's. Then Wm. & I caught two mules to take a ride. We first went to Mr. Lipfords Mill. Surveyed it till we were satisfied then we rode over toward Mr. Lax. Got on the side of a hill and for two hours sat and read a no. of Harpers which I had in my pocket. We went down to the creek (which was at the foot of the hill on which we sat) & got some crop vine. Came on home at 1oc. Found Mrs. Redus gon and R.H. Daniel was here. He is hunting cotton seeds. He left earley. John C. came home after dinner. We all sat and read this evening. Sallie & Eliza wrote a letter to James S.. Chas & F. Dawkins came up to see kin.

3/2  Clear & colde. The ground frozed this morning. John C. went to Salem earley this morn. I finished sowing oats. I and Squier frailed out 10 bushels of oats this morn for Mr. Wellons. In the eve began to plow up the orchard. I & Squier plowed the garden I also cut down the grape vine in what I now make my nursery. I broke up the nursery. Olde Mr. Adkins my grand daddy came to see us this eve. He brought Mrs. A. up to see Mr. S's. John C. came back late.

3/3  Cloudy & cold in the morn. Snowed a little in the morn then cleared off at 10oc. Five plowes plowing the orchard. I replanted some strawberries in the garden. I planted my vineyard this eve just below the garden. Finished the orchard then went over in the valley to bedding up cotton ground! John C. & Ma went down to Mr. Asbins to see Alvirah Payne. She is very low. John Davis came out to buy some corn & fodder ! Mr. Kimbol is here to night !!

[letter from J.S. Terry]

March 3, 1857
La-Grange, Ten

Dear Charlie:
Yesterday I wrote to Mack enclosing a letter to Sis. Lide. Wonder will he desect it as he did a letter Lydia once sent to Sallie the same way. If he does, he out to be rode on a rail out of town with half his groceries tied to each foot!

We have had delightful weather lately, but yesterday & to-day or frightful remmants of Jan'y which will destroy all the fruit I fear. It has been snowing this morning.

I have been to breakfast since writing the above and now it is nearly ten o-cílk. The sun is breaking through the clouds chasing away the cold gloom that had settled like a black veil over all. Last Monday Mr. Dyer came to town & I payed freight on those nails, hammer & iron (.25) and he took them to you. That Dyer is an extraordinary personage when he gets to La-Grange. Ah what a beautiful rooster he is. Did you ever see him strut. I seen & heard the bird gobble. He was gobbling down sugar out of a hogshead at Day's! How nice the fowl looked. O it was refreshing to behold Dyer, is the greatest dyer that ever dyed. I will be dyrected by a dyer if he aint. He told me of the arrival of the rest of the Hendersons at the city of Salem recently of which I have written before. Salem is becoming the habitation of clean birds - eh!

It is after supper now, and I have just quit writing on Fely in the books and seting rubbing my upper lip thinking of some young ladies that were in here this evening. They tried on shoes & talked about little feet. They laughed, danced, smiled, talked & pestered me until I just want to hug & kiss them so bad I can't sit still I'll never get my short arm around either their necks I'm certain. So it is foolish to muse over it as Stanley & myself were walking arm to arm to supper we met Mrs. Lytton & her boarders taking a walk. Some 20 of their college girls from 12 to 20 yrs of age. They was a thrilling sight & made our blood beat faster. They had been up around the Majors residence. I think they must have become very cold indeed but there warm emmence hearts keep up the temperature of their tender bodies, I suppose. La-Grangians are taken with the moving-mainia today and Mr. Hairlip with his two oxen have mutch unsuned unwashed beds to haul from house to house. The Howards next door have left with a stifleing odor and I am rejoiced to know it. Who can tell how much filth & horrid stink can be heeped & crammed in a drunkard's home! That is a sum that I can't figure out & I hardly believe it can be done by algebra. The nine o-clk bell has rang & I must discontinue my scribbing & wash my feet & go to bed.

March 5th Orin Beck Jr. slept with me last night. He came up here yesterday evening. What a great big fellow he is an very Beck too. If he ain't a case I don't know. I send some tulips & violets by him. Some of you will plant them on the border of the walks in the garden. Please sow some cedar seed on Paw's & Nancy's graves. Sow them in rows & stake them.

I am well this morning but I feel very unhappy. It is a gloomy morning thick with damp chilly winds & darke misty clouds. Yesterday was the great day at Washington City. The inauguration of James Buchanan to the Presidential chair. Well, they had an unpleasant day for it I guess.

I was surprised by meeting Dr. Bostwick this morning. He come in the store & called me by my name before I knew who he was. I don't know when I have met with a friend I have been gladder to see than Robert. He is looking unusually well. He went off on the cars this morning for Saulsbury.

I think I shall go down to DeSoto and spend a few days during April or May. If the Major will let me. Yet I do not care mutch no way.
I must close your affectionate brother,

James S. Terry

'And what is friendship, but a name
A charm that lulls to sleep
A shade that follows wealth & fame
And leaves the wretch to weep !'


3/ 4  Time flies fast. This is the day on which Mr. James Buchanan takes his seat. Oh! May he act in that high station as becomes a man who has over 23,000000 of people under his controle. May his administration prove a blessing to the country! Also on to night Mr. T. Hamer Jr. takes to himself a wife, a Miss Maske his step sister. Cool cloudy in the morn. I went up to old Mr. McDonold to see if there were any coal there but no then on to Salem. Began to rain at 1oc rained till after darke Mrs Alvira Pogue died last night. They sent up for Ma. She took Bud & went down! John C. went to Ripley to day. He borrowed thirty dollars. Mr. Whit Kimbol is still here. Chas. Terry

3/5  Cloudy. Cool. Cleared off in the eve from the north. We begin earley in the morn to building a new fence over on the hill beyond the Poff houses to connect & from a paster. We built it 10 railes high. Made 86 pannels by dinner. After dinner we were making fence down at the spring. Mrs. Alvirah Pogue was buried to day at 12oc at Mr. Caseys. Mr. Kimbol, Sallie and Eliza were there. Bud went to mill this evening.

3/6  Clear with very cold north-wester six plowes preparing cotton ground. After dinner I went to Salem. Engaged Mr. Farrell to keep my [here appears a picture of a mule drawn] !! I saw Mr. Johnson of Memphis !! Dr. A. Nunneley had auction to day. I came home at darkee. Mr. Kimble left this eve! John C. got home from Ripley.

3/7  Colde. Clear till just at night it cloudied up. Plenty of ice & the ground frozed deep this morning so that we could not plow till after dinner. All hands to making paster fence. We finished it by dinner ! Fayette Nooner took dinner with us to day. John C. went to Salem this morning. Wm. cut my hair. This eave Martha, with Priss Gibson went to Mr. Nabors to stay to night. Sissey & Clara have gon over to Mrs. Williams to stay to night !

Sunday, 3/8 Colde & very unpleasant & cloudy. Earley in the morning Bill & I prepared to go to Mt. Zion to meeting. We started caught up with Harrison Cox at the mill. We conversed socialley till we got to the church where about half of the croude had assembled. Severil of the young who I was accainted with were there and also a great many of the unmarriageable young men of that settlement were there. Miss Emah Cathy my darling was there with her prttiness & goodness. A sermon by Mr. Blackwell after dinner that is the Sacrament. Mr. Kimbal asked me to go with him & Louis Mc. over to the widow Youngs to get dinner but I came on home with Bob Owens. He did'nt stop. Gadsen Bostwick, Fayette & Francis Nooner were here. They stayed till nearly night. John C. came this evening is staying to night.

3/9  Very changable. First this morn very colde raineing & snowing. Quit raining at 12oc. Squier took the wagon to Salem with fodder, oats & corn for my [picture of mule] to Farrells. He also went up to N.P. Hix after coal. Ditching over at the Poff place: I fixed up my nursery garden made a gate to it. Mr. Kimbal came this evening !!

3/10  Colde. Cloudy. The ground was froze harde this morn. A difference in my writing just here caused by Bill's knocking the pipe out of Mr. Kimbols hand but did'nt break it. 6 plowes bedding cotton ground. The rest digging hill-side ditches. Also cutting logs & burning them. We had the pleasant company of Misses Martha & Nannie Nooner. They came up walking this morning. Stayed till late. F.M. Nooner walked to Salem came back by the field then came and got dinner then after staying 2 hours he left. He said Miss Fannie Spencer started to La-Grange Miss Fannie Wheatley did'nt go with her. Mr. Kimball & Dr. Bostwick are here to night.

3/11  Still colde northwest winds which almost stop the blood in ones face as he meets it ! Plowing cotton ground & cutting & burning logs. After dinner I planted out apart of my nursery peach seeds, cedar & small peach trees. Fier got out & burnt off the hill of woods but no fence. Mr. Kimboll went to Mr. Osbons this evening from here. Mr. Spencer came this morn. Stayed & got dinner then he & John C. went to Salem. Dr. Bostwick left this eave ! Olde Mrs. Dickerson is here to night.

3/12  Still cold, yes very colde wind from the north which seems to cut one almost into. The ground froze so hard as to prevent our plowing till after dinner. Some hauling wood while the rest kill a hog. I planted plum seeds, sedar & arborvilea seed in my nursery. Also I planted sedar & arborvilea seed in the orchard. John C. went to Salem to day. Sallie & Eliza have gon to Mr. Lax this evening. They got out Jame S's quilt. I begin to read the Bible to day. C.M. Terry

3/13  Cold wind from the north untill dinner then it seams alittle warmer. Cleared off. Six plowes preparing cotton ground. Squier, Em & Jack ditching & sprouting. Orrin Beck came into the field earley this morning on the hunt of hogs. He said the talke was that I & Martha Nooner were going to marry. I told him that it was'nt so I guessed. John C. came & went this evning. Moses came out this evning brought a letter from James.

3/14  More pleasant to day. Dim smokey. Five plowes plowing cotton ground till dinner while Bill has gon to take my [picture of mule] to Mr. Farrill. He got back just at dinner Fayette with him. After dinner Bill & I went to plowing. Fayette took all the girles a fishing. We quit worke before night. We went a fishing. Stayed till 10oc in the night. Caught some little ones.

Sunday, 3/15  Turned cool again this morng. Clear. I sent Bud to Salem this morn to see Mrs. Redus to let her know about some money. John C. went with him. No person here to day except Mr. Dickerson in the eve. In the eve Sallie, Eliza & I went over to the Prgikers to preaching by Mr. Johnson. A very small croud. Miss Martha Nooner, the little girl of sixteen who report says I am going to marry was there. James Godes little baby died to day ! We are all sitting around in the cloudied rooms making merry the moment.

3/16  Cloudy & cool this morn but cleared off and is very pleasant. Six plowes plowing cotton ground. Billie & I finished laying off just at night. Alix Poff came & I solde him three bus of oates for $1.50 cts in cash. He took supper with us. John C. went to Salem & back to day. I am going to write to James to night.

3/17  Cloudy. The sun shining now & then. Warm pleasant spring day. We began to plant corn this morning. Also two plowes bedding cotton ground. Bill went to Mr. Bells after potatoes but he had none so he came by Mr. Thomas Toomb's. He has but has'nt opened them yet. So we can get a Sat.' Mr. Ray sent out and got 50 lbs of flour this eve. I loaned Wm. Henderson 150$ of James money.

3/18  High winds from the north west cool. Six plowes running three planting corn and other three bedding cotton ground. John C. went to the saw mill to day also to Salem in eve.

3/19  Clear bright rather cool. Planting corn in the northeast valley. Finished bedding cotton ground then I, Rachel & Nann went over to the upper field and began to bed it up for corn. Squier hauling railes. Olde Mrs. Casey came over to see us to day. John C. went to Salem & is going to H.S. tomorrow.

3/20  Clear with smoke. The wind blew very harde all day. Three plowes bedding corn ground and other three planting corn in the northeast valley. Squier & Jacke took a load of wheat to Lipford's Mill this evening. John C. got back from H. Springs. He solde his cotton for 11 68/100 cts per lb !!

3/21  Rather coller, wind from the north. Planting corn & bedding corn ground till dinner then we quit for the weeke. Billie went to Tom Toombs for potatoes but did'nt get them. I went to Salem. Big day there. Election & auction. Alix Williams elected. Many drinking. John C. & I came on home at darke.

Sunday, 3/22 Warm. Smokey dull day. A gange of us went to Salem to meeting. A sermon by Mr. Greer I went to Hope Well. A small croud & a short sermon by the Rev. H.G. Spencer. As usual on baptism. No person of note except the Lord Czar who came by himself. I came on home. Severil young snubs: such as, S. Tarpley, Wm. Bunn, Mack & John Nabors.

3/21  Clear. Warm. Smokey. Three plowes planting corn other three bedding corn ground in the upper field. Mr. Wellons came just after supper to see about cotton seed but he could'nt get them. John C. had been to La-Grange yester. He came home this eve.

3/24  Warm, rather cloudy. Smokey. Planting the little sand valley in corn. Billie & I finished runing it off. Two plowes bedding the upper field for corn. Squier & Jack hauling manure in the gin field. John C. went to Salem. Mr. Nunnely came back with him. They got dinner then J.C. went back to Tippah with B. Nunnely. R.M. Bostwick is here to night. It seems something like rain.

3/25  Spring day. Warme clear smokey. I made bolster for wagon to day. Fixed John C.'s wagon for coal. Planting sand valley in corn also bedding corn ground in upper field. After dinner Wm. & I hitched up the mules & started to Harrister Poff's after coal. At night we were (or might have been) found on the top of one of those butiful hills just 1/2 mi north Bookouts, seated around a pine knot fier. Our dog Parp seated on his tail near by. Did'nt we enjoy our-selfs, yes we did.

3/26  Cloudy & rained some in the morn. About the hour of 3 we immagined we saw day breaking. We arose got breakfast then waited for day. Finely we fell asleep till day. Then we got up set out for Poff. After travling one mile north we found his little stead perched upon one other of those hills which shad the hollows all through the day. We got 85 bus of his coal. Got to Salem by 1oc. Got a letter from James also one from Memphis. Came home got four plowes going. The mare Polley lost a colt last night ! Ma & I are going to DeSoto in morn.

3/27  Cloudy. Showering. Rather a bad looking day for going to DeSoto but after late breakfast Ma & I in the buggy started out. We conversed on the way mostly about the welfare of us all. Both present & future. We got to Holly Springs at 12oc. We stopped & I got some candy and orrangs. We traveled till night over took us at Byhalia. We got to Uncle N's after darke. Found them all well & happy. I suppose we went to bed at 10oc.

3/28  Thundering last night but no rain. After breakfast Uncle N & I went to Byhalia. Went by & saw Mr. Adkins & Uncle Dem. There are three dry good stores there. We went and saw Mr. Harris's plow then went home. The boys quit after dinner then we made a trot line and put it in the creek. Miss Sallie M. staying to night.

4/14  Rained a little last night. Clear & cold this morn. Planting cotton. Squier got back 11oc.

4/15  Cloud & cool. Six plowes planting cotton.

4/16  Clear and very cold. Planting the sand hill in cotton. Alix Williams rode by this eve.

4/17  Clear & warm till dinner then cloudied up. Finished planting cotton as far as I had the ground bedded up.

4/18  Cloudy. Rained last night very harde & is raining again this morn a little. Wm. & the hands resetting Poff fence all day. I in the morn drove up a cow with a young calf. In the eve went to Salem got a letter from James - he is to get 168$ for this year.

Sunday, 4/19  Cloudy cool winter day. Sallie, Mary, Bill & I all went to Salem to preaching by Mr. Greer. He preached a short & very good sermon. There were but very few persons there. Misses Lizzy & Sallie Aughey were there. Mr. H.G. Spencer also. We came home John Bunn with us. After dinner John Nabors & Fayette Nooner came over and stayed all night. Fayette talkes bitterly against the Becks, Bill in particular. We talked until 10oc on the Beck subject then went to sleep to dream horable dreams!!

4/21  Clear & very windy. Cold from the north. I began to plant cotton again. Clearing and planting a part of the olde hill. Mr. Greer & James Craft took dinner with us to day & Mr. G. is staying to night. Jno C.'s Brantley took sick last night here. I write Tuesday before Monday by mistake.

4/20  Beautiful spring day. This is the day on which Mr. Eldright's circus is in Salem. We boys got up late then John Nabors went home I with him. We got there & got the cakes. Mr. N. & Sam & put out for Salem. A great many more there than I anticipated, at 9oc they opened the door. The canvass pretty well full. We had a very good trip but nothing extra. Aftere the show was over I borrowed 4$ and payed it to Mr. Hix for 100 bus of coal then Bill & I came on home in co with John Nabors.

4/22  Cloudy & very cold wind from north. We finished planting the hill in cotton then came and fixed the little patch by the cow pen & planted it. Mr. Greer left this morn. John C. came this eve and brought Dr. Ayers to see Brantley. He is better.

4/23  Clear cool. We finished planting our crop of cotton & I measured it there being 55 acres in all. 4 plowes in the corn.

4/24  Clear & smartley warmer. I started this morn to Ripley at 6oc saw .....Nabors just going to work also Bill Vandygriffs I rode slow got to Ripley at 12oc. Had Pollie put up and fed at the L. stable. Then after walking over town a while I found Neut Hun. Done my business with him then about 2oc I started out. Came a mile went out to where Mr. Buchanan was burning coal. He has not got the money yet but sais he will have it soon. Came on to Uncle Charlie's found them all well. Thomas Clarke was there he looking very bad. He has been very sick.

4/25  Smokey. Pleasant. We got up late this mor at Uncle Charlie's. I left there at 9oc for home. Came on to Jim Mc's & met his two little girles dressed up going to church. Went on further met others & came on by young Willises & just after I passed a hawk flew up on a limb before me. So I thought I would fetch him down from there with a cain which I had. But in making the effort I scared my mare & she made a jump and I caught a most dickence of a hard fall upon my everlasting extremeties. But I got up hobbled on & soon caught my mare. Got home just at 12oc. After dinner I went to Salem got a letter for Sallie from Miss M.J. Nooner & one for my self from Ambros Daniel at Memphis. F.M. Nooner is staying all night. Louis took the croop. Wm. went after Dr. Whittlow.

Sunday, 4/26 Warm. Cloudy. Began to rain at 9oc rained on till late in the evening. The doctor left earley after breakfast. Francis Nooner & I strolled about the house till in the eve then I went home with him. No one there but the home folk. It cleared off from the north. Rather cool afternoon.

4/27  Clear & rather coolere. After breakfast we fixed up a scaffold for Mr. Lax to sun wheat on. Then Francis & I got some bate then struck out walking down to the mouth of Rhodens Creek fishing. We fished a little. Sat & talked & laughed till the day had well neigh gon. I believe that I spent one of my happiest days to day. We came by Richman's old mill, playing up generally with it. Came by Ed Rieves. I got home a darke.

4/28  Clear. Pleasant till in the eve it clouded up and dropped rain. 4 plowes plowing up in the pea patch making an addition to it by taking in more of the old field. About 10oc Francis Nooner came walking up. He saw duck in the branch. I took the gun & we went down and I killed two of the duck. After dinner he & I went down to the creek a fishing. Caught 40 & stayed all evening and parted friendly.

4/29  Warme. Pleasant, cloudy. Raining occasionally but little. I went up to Dr. Whitlows in the morn found Fayette shearing sheep. I went from there to Salem, made up an iron. Bill got my boots heeled. Came home finished my plow stock then made reddy to start to Memphis. They finished plowing the pea patch then fixed the watermellons then began to run 1 furrow in the cotton midles. I saw the first of my cotton coming up. Miss Nannie Nooner & Franey are here to night.

4/30  Cloudy, warm & raining till 9oc. I hitched up the horse to the buggy & after earley dinner I started to Memphis. Got to Salem had Polke shod. Mr. Tarpley concluded to go to Memphis with me so 1/2 after 2oc we left Salem for La-Grange. We thought we were going to have rain & sure enough we did for it rained on us from Hamer's till we got to La-Grange. But we did not get wet much. We had a jovil time, got there after supper was over. Found James at the store. While he took our horse we eat a snack which I had brought from home. To sleep ends the day.

5/1  The clouds began to disburse about 9oc but did'nt clear off. Tarpley & I got up by sun up & eat a snack for breakfast then trotted down to the depot. Bought our tickets then waited an hour for the cars. Then she came a snorting up with the engine butifuly deckorated with flowers & ever-greens. There were 10 passenger cars. there was a good croud of us got in at La-Grange & then 'all aboard' & off we rattled on at the rates of 30 mis per hr. The femail colleage yard was full of the prettiest girles the countrey can afford, all waving their handkerchiefs, bonnets & hands at us & we to returne the compliment put our hats & h.k.'s out at the windows (one poor unluckey fellow dropped his hat) & hollered till we were out of sight. We rattled on still increasing in number at every station till we were crouded. We got to Memphis at 11oc. The streets were crowded. I & Tarpley first went to Lemhans. Found Amros Daniel. We left our baggage with him then started out to see the day. We went to Courts Square. It was crowded. After staying there & hearing a speech from the mayor of Memphis & one by the mayor of Charlestown we then went down to the Navy Yard to dinner. Oh! What a crowd. I ca'nt say it was one, although there were a great many ladies cuz there were too many of the Irish. There was such a crowd that I thought I would not wait for dinner. So I put out done my traiding got supper with Ambros Daniel at Mr. Pascals. After supper I went on the bluff to see the fire works. It was one of the most sublime things I have ever seen.

5/2  Sun shined out soon then the clouds covered it out. We (Ambros & Tobe & a young Thama & I) all slept in the store. It was sun up before we got up, I took breakfast at Snack House. Then at 9oc commenced their march with their fire engine. There were companies from Jackson, Charlestown & from severil other southern sities. At 12oc they tried their engines to see which could throw water farthest. I went down to the cars at 1oc got reddy to start to La-Grange but it was an hour before we got off. 16 cars of us started. We rattled on at a rappid rate until we got within a mile of La-Grange when a stragler and a con man got into a fight such another ripping to doors & windows till at last the cars stopped. Then they had it on the ground. After a good while they got all strate again. I got off went up to the store found James & Major bothe there. After supper James & I went into the parlor and heard music by Miss Lucy on peanio.

Sunday, 5/3 We, James & I got up earley this morning went up to the house caught Polke put him to the buggy & started home. We had a pleasant ride of it had not been too cool. We got to Salem at 11oc passed on through without stopping. Met Louis Mc on the hill this side going to church. Then at the creek we met John Nabors, Sallie & Bill who also they were going to preaching by Mr. Kimbal. We came on home found them all well. James & I took a strole over the plantation when it began to rain. John Nabors & two little sisters left late. Raining still after darke.

5/4  Raining this morning cleared off at 11oc. We all set around till dinner then James & I started for La-Grange. We passed through Salem but did'nt stop. Met Frank Ayers coming into Salem. He said tell Nannie that they were all well. We trotted on peartley until Wheatley caught up with us in his buggy. We got behind Mr. W. he beat us to town 2 or 3 miles. We got there before sun down went up town found Tarpley soon. He is staying at Dawbe's Inn. After supper, James & I went up to the colleage where there was a grand show of pretty girles & young ladies. Our concert was very grand & showey. It was soon over then the young men lingered on as long as they could. Wished to see their sweet heart. There were a great many pretty girles there & I suppose each of them have their admirers. I saw Mr. Wilcher Poll. Also Robert Beard. They were bothe flying around with young ladies.

5/5  Clear warm day. We got up & got our breakfast then Tarpley and Wheatley & I went up to the colleage. The yard was full of those sweet little nightengailes that sang so sweetly last night. They looked bright & gay. We left at 8oc met Dr. Davis & family. They are leaving here for Eastport. We got to Salem at 1oc went up to Dr. Ayers' got dinner then I came home. Set all hands to planting my oldest corn over and there was wheat washed to day.

5/6  Warme pleasant sun shine day. Planting corn finished the first vallie then to the north east one. John C. got home from hunting his mare & the colt did'nt get them so I started this morning to hunt them. I found them about 1oc at Soloman Streets. I payed a dollar for them came on by Dr. Whitlows got dinner. Then at an hour by sun I started home. Saw two little girles coming from school. Got home found Mr. Kimball here.

5/7  Clear warm pleasant. I began to dress the flower garden. It has been neglected. I am cutting, diging, trimming & arranging as I go. John C. came this evning. He brought us a nice mess of fish. He has been to Ed Rieves. We finished the northeast valley then to little valley.

5/8  Clear pleasant. Warm. I bought John C's fine young mare Puss. I gave him 215$ in cash for her. I am to take her & pay Ma for her. Finished planting the corn over by dinner I set 3 plowes to runing round the corn in the upper field. Other 3 to runing one furrow in the cotton. I am still working in the flower garden.

5/9  Warm pleasant day. A day for bringing up cotton. Six plowes runing till near night, then I let them have the rest of the eavening. After dinner I went to Salem with F. M. Nooner stayed till just at night came home found Francis here. He is staying all night. I am posting the shop book.

Sunday, 5/10 Cloudy & raining we are all at home. An other birth day has come around & I am 20 years old. Where oh! where shall I be at the 10th of may 1858. Oh! may I not be numbered with the dead but they may be. Well here goes for another year to be spent as pleasant as I can. Let that come which may. After dinner I went home with Mr. Francis N. We got supper before sundown. Got to bed earley.

5/11  Cleared off last night. Is not warm with woolen clothes on all day. Francis & put off fishing earley. First went to Rhodens Creek then went to Tippah. We fished a little talked & enjoyed ourselves hughley. Built a little fier on the bank eat our snack felt somewhat relieved. Put on up to Yellow Rabbit fished a little then wound up our hooks. We played rip with Richman's old mill. Then we came on home.

5/12  Warm & pleasant. Plowing corn. F.M. Nooner came up about 11oc. He & I went down to the branch & killed 2 ducks. Came up & got dinner then fixed & went down the creek fishing. Caught a nice mess. We parted near Mr. Lipfords at sundown. I came on in a hurry. Met Mr. Lax coming from Salem. He is going a fishing tomorrow.

5/13  Clear & warm. Wm. & I got on two horses started to Tippah to hunt up our oxen. Hunted till night did not find them. Saw Thos. Toombs & Orrin Beck in the woods belling an ox. Wm. and I came by Mr. Spencers saw Eugene & Fannie.

5/14  Cloudy & warme. A little like rain. I hitched up my mare Puss to the wagon with the 4 mules. She is perfectly gentle. Going after a load of coal to Bluford Devens. We got there by 3oc loaded up 15 bus coal. Drove to uncle's stayed all night. More like rain at night.

5/15  Cloudy. Rained last night. Thundering darke clouds rising. We left uncle's before breakfast. We drove out to the church on this side & there came up a thunder cloud. We stopped till after the rain was over. Still cloudy & thundering just at 12oc (as we were in the woods on the other side of Asberry's) a very darkee cloud rose in the southwest. Came over & rained a very hard rain & at the last of the shower began to hail furiously! Such a hail storm I have never before witnessed. Lumps as large as hen eggs. It did'nt last long. I & Squier were holding our horses. We came on foot did'nt get on well. Stalled now and then. We got to Salem unloaded. Started home, another thunder cloud rained on us another hard rain.

5/16  Cleared off very cool. Yesterdays storm ruined the cotton of severil farmers: Dickerson & Beck. I will have some of my cotton to plant over. Doin nothing to day but repairing fence. I went to Salem in the evning. Went with B. to Dr. W's. We are staying the night.

Sunday, 5/17 Cloudy, cool. Very cool. We all went to meeting at Pisgy but the meeting did'nt preach. Sallie & I stopped at Mr. N.'s got dinner. Young Willis & lady there also. We sat and talked then came in company withe Mack N. he stayed till near night. No other company to day.

5/18  Clear & cool. Bill & I took a load of wheat to the mill. I worked Puss again. Ditching and replanting corn.

5/19  Still clear & very cool nights. We began to scrape & burn off cotton. I find that I have a very bad stand.

5/20  Clear cool & bad day. I planted a part of my cotton over to day. Finished just before night. Scraping cotton & replanting corn.

5/21  A little warmer. Clear. Mr. T. Dickerson is planting his cotton over. I made a new riding bridle to day. Scraping cotton.

5/22  Scraping and plowing cotton. Replanting corn. One hand & plow helping Wm. D.

5/23  Clear & pleasant. Plowing and scraping cotton & replanting corn till dinner then gave holliday. I went to Salem in the morn stayed there till 12oc came home got dinner. Squier took the wagon & I took his coal to the shop. I went on to Salem. Went to Mr. Knight's bought a wardrobe aftere Squier got unloaded we put the wardrobe in the wagon. Squier came on & I stayed there a while in the night.

Sunday, 5/24 Clear pleasant day. We all went to Hope-Well town a horse back. Jno C. with us. A sermon by Spencer. This was communion. Young H. Spencer has returned. He got back last Friday. Hessey is the same. His pretty sisters were not there. Sweet creatures. We came here alone this eve.

5/25  Cloudy. Something like rain. Scraping & plowing cotton. I went to Dr. Whitlows earley. Found Robert at the house. He had the hooping cought very bad. I saw McDonalds little girles going to school. I came on home after dinner I in the buggy with Eliza to Mr. Knights to see the ladies. I stopped in Salem. My iron has come but nothing else.

5/26  Pleasant shower last night & late yester evening. Clouds flying from the north. All hands replanting cotton with hoes all day.

5/27  Pleasant day. A day for cotton growing. Still replanting cotton. Sallie & Mary on two horses went to Salem after Eliza. Went to Mr. Knight's (Miss Fannie Wheatley is sick with the scarlet fever) the girles got home late in the eve.

5/28  Rained a very pleasant shower last night. Rained a little this morn. Cleared up soon. Still replanting cotton. Cotton has six leaves on it poor little truck. Wonder if it will make any thing at all. John C. & Mrs. Betsey M. are here to night. Clear.

5/29  Clear & warm pleasant day. Finished replanting cotton by dinner then four plowes finished scraping & burning off the cotton. Then late started in plowing corn. Began in the vallie above the lane. Wm. & I fixing up plowes. Mrs. Alix Williams came over & spent the day with us.

5/30  Windy & clouds flying from the south. 7 plowes runing. To day plowing corn. I hitched up Puss this morning to the plow. She dose very is very gentle. After dinner we commenced plowing when there blew up a cloud from the west which began to rain. There was a little hail with it. It rained till 4oc then the sun set clear. Bill went to Salem got nothing from P.O.

Sunday, 5/31  Cloudy & warm. Rained till 11oc. We all at home all day. John C. came over earley. Just after dinner John C. Bill & I took a horse a piece out and let them eat grass. Came back found Fayette N., John N. here talking to the ladies. We all fixed up a plot to go a seining in the morn. Then J. C. left. John & Fayette soon left. Left me here contemplating the beautys of nature. It is a pleasant sight to see the Father of Light sit in a sparkling cloud then after he has vanished from our sight, to reflect his ras back to us by giving a butiful collor to the clouds. I'm studying of a little love letter I wrote yesterday to Miss M.A.C.. Sweet little angel.

6/1  Rained again last night. Cleared off at 9oc. We all put out a seining this morn. First went to Rhodens then to Rabbit did'nt catch many. We all agreed to draw for them so we drew & I got them. Then we shot at a spot. Then came home. Mr. Kimball came this eve & is staying to night.

6/2  Cool morn but warm day. Began to plow corn again this morn with 7 p's. I went to Dr. W's from there to Salem. Came on home. At Tom Craft I saw the Mamouth Mule.

6/3  Clear warm day. Seven plowes in the northeast vally all day. We had preaching over at the Chapel today by W.P. Kimball he is still here. Mrs. M's school is progressing.

6/4  Clear & the warmest day that's been this year. 7 plowes plowing corn. Finished the northeast valley came into the ginn piece. Mr. Kimball left this morn. John C. & Mr. Tarpley came by got the sein & are going a seining to-morrow.

6/5  Cloudy. Cool. The wind from the north till it rained a little. 7 plowes finished the gin field then went to the little vallie below the house. Cloudy & looks like it will rain to night.

6/6  Cloudy. rained last night & is raining this morn. Rained till 11oc. Bro Kimball & I went up to Chapple Hill to the ..... meeting there were but few persons out. A sermon by Mr. Blackwell then I came home. John & Tarpley were here just from Tippah a seining. After we got dinner we went to Salem. I took John's buggy got it mended. Then got our box of dry goods. Came home & find Mr. Z. Smith and Mr. F.M. Nooner are here & are staying all night. Cleared off just at darke & is very clear.

Sunday, 6/7 Clear bright warm day. All of us went to preaching at Chappel Hill. A sermon by Rev. Blackwell. It was one of his usual ones very eloquent & interesting. There was a pretty crowd out. Many pretty girles. Sallie and Wm. went to Mrs. M's. I went with John Nabors. Mack was out at home and I saw Fannie D's infant. At night we went back to meeting. A very good sermon by Mr. Greer. Pretty ladies out. I waited on Misses Ayres & Scott. Oh, what sweet butterflys.

6/8  Clear & very warme. 7 plowes finished the little valley by dinner then went to the upper field. I wrote a letter to E.M. Apperson for groceries. Mrs. Matlock is staying here to night.

6/9  Thundered last night & thunder showers around all day. Still thundering to night. 7 plowes finished the upper field of corn then went to hoing & plowing cotton. 3 plowes. A croud here to day. Messers Lax, Casey & Dr. Ayres appraising property for Sallie. He drew Jacke ay $550.00 cts.

6/10  Some thunder clouds around. Plowing & hoing cotton. It is very bad in the aire & is but from 4 to 10 leaves high. After dinner I went up to Dr. W's from there to Salem. Bought straw hats. Got a letter from Memphis.

6/11  Clear, a little cooler. Wind from the northwest. Plowing & hoing cotton all hands. Also a hand from Mr. Dicks. Mr. Houston came over this morn & has began in the task of getting boards. Dr. R.M.B. is staying all night with us to night.

6/12  Clear & warm day. Still plowing & hoing cotton. It is very grassey.

6/13  Very warm, yes it is hot. all hands plowing & hoing cotton all day. But I went to Salem in the eve. the buggy is all done but the trimming. James came to Salem with Henry Mechan who has been up to La-Grange with a wagon. Wm. Henderson & James got horses at Mr. M. came on home with me. I aimed to go to a ..... to night.

Sunday, 6/14 Looks like raining to day. We, Sallie, James & I went Liberty to preaching by Lambert. A very good croud out all of the Becks but Em & his wife. Also the beautiful Misses Spencers looking as pretty as ever. Oh' how sweet. After meeting we came home (a number of persons taking dinner at Beck's) without company but after dinner a drove of young men came in from Salem. Viz, J.M. Courts, F. Nooner, J.P. Robinson & Dr. Bob. James & I caught two mules. Concluded to go to Mr. Spencer to see the girles. Poor slobs are we Terry boys. Never got to see them at all. We came home rather down cast all night on the goons. A shower of rain at night.

6/15  Clear, rather cooler. Plowing & hoing cotton. James left earley before day. Bud went with him & brought the horses.

6/16  High wind from the west brought up a shower at 12oc. Plowed cotton till dinner and all hoed till night. It's very grassey.

6/17  Rained last night a little. Cloudy & looks like it is not done. All hoing cotton till dinner then Bill & I plowed in the eve. Preaching at the school house today by Rev. Greer. Mrs. Matlock, Mrs. Williams, Dr. Bostwick & Nancy Pinson over for dinner.

6/18  A great deal cooler occasioned by a hail I suppose. Hoing & plowing cotton. John C. came this morn. He has traided off his jack mule for a fine horse (Telegraph). Mrs. Matlock is staying all night here.

6/19  Clear & very cool yet. wind from the south. 3 plowes plowing cotton the rest hoing. Mr. Wheatley borrowed our buggy to take Miss Fannie to La-Grange after her things.

6/20  Clear & a little warmer. Killing grass in the cotton with the help of the sun. F.M.N. stopped just after dinner going to Salem. I fixed and went by the mill on with him. We had a pleasant bath then went on by Wellons & by olde Male Academy. I got a letter from E.M. Apperson on act's of $21.17 of groceries. I also got a letter for Sallie from Miss Julia Owens at Byhalia. I went down to Wheatleys got the buggy went in & talked to Miss Fannie. She is so rosey & pretty came home just in time to go to meeting at Nabors church. They had a time of it shouting, singing & praying. Sevrill of the young spike bucks there. We got home by 12oc. All alone.

Sunday, 6/21  Pleasant clear day. Dropped raine a little at 11oc from a thin cloud. We all, 4 girles Bill & I went to the meeting. Oh!! What a large croud was there today. Some 20 vehicles quite a number of the aristocrates out also. We had a sermon by Pres't Heuston. He preached the funeral of Jo & sevril Willis. A very good sermon. After taking Sacrament they broke up for home !! We brought a number home with us Viz: The twin Bumas, S. Tarpley, Dr. Thagger, John Courts, Mrs. Williams & Jno C. After dinner some of the young men left. Fayette Nooner came just before night then we all went back to night meeting. A poor sermon by Johnson. Miss Lizzy A. professed. Then we came home. S. Tarpley, Fayette Nooner, Dr. Bob & Bob O. came with us but did'nt stay.

6/22  Clear cold day. Began to cut wheat. It is very good. I have Andrew Gibson & Brantley helping us. Plowing & hoing our grassey cotton. Mr. Dick has 4 cradles in his wheat today. They will finishe this to day.

6/23  Clear. Pleasant. Flaying our wheat with 2 cradles. We cut $5 doz yesterday. Misses Matlock stayed. I was poorley raised because I was blowing a leaf when we came by to dinner.

6/24  Hot very warm in the eve. Cloudy & dropped rain a little in the morn. We finished cutting wheat just at darke making 304 dozen. The oldest is very good but the young is hurt with the rust. Mrs. Matlock is staying to night. The old insignificant she A - s.

6/25  Cloudy. Showers now & then after 12oc. Three plowes plowing & the rest hoing cotton. I commenced a letter to James.

6/26  Cloudy & showers now & then. Plowing & hoing cotton still. After dinner I made some muzzles then I went to Salem. Mose has been sick with the fLax but is getting up. I got two letters from Memphis. 1 from Ambros Daniel & 1 from R.H. Daniel. And Oh' A sweet little from Miss Mollie A. Cottrell of Mt. Pleasant. I then in co with B. Owens, Mack N. I went on with Mc. Mr. and Mrs. Nabors are to starte to South Carolina in the morn. Dawkin & wife are there yet.

6/27  Cloudy rained last night a good shower & rained all day. In shower we finished getting over our cotton this eve for the first time with the hoes. Francis & Lafayette stopped this evening going home from Salem. Seems somethin like clearing off. John C. over this eve.

Sunday, 6/28  C.M.D. Terry Damp foggy morn. I am going to finish a letter to James. We all think of going to preaching to Hopewell & to Salem. We all went to meeting. I to Hope-Well. Sevril of the oilly gents were out. We had sermon by Prof. Lipford & Mier. An exortation by Spence. The Misses S. were at home I suppose. After meeting some of the boys went with Spence and others with Lax & others went home. They beet me back from Salem brought L. Nooner with them. He left at night & Dr. Bob, the Norris & Z. Smith. The latte two are staying all night, also John C. is here to night.

6/29  Clear & pleasant for the time of the year. We began to day to lay by corn this morn. It is as hight as my shoulder and grassey with young grass & persley. 7 plowes at it. Alix Poff went to clean out Dick's well.

6/30  Clear sultry morn. Finished the valley above the lane. Got into the northeast valley. It is very weedy in spots. Whit Kimbal came this morn. & John Nesbitt came this eve on his way home from Ripley. He has been to take his sister home (Mrs. Berry).

6/31 or 7/1, 1857  Clear pleasant day. Plowing vallie corn. I got John Nesbitt to agree to stay till tomorrow. So we got our horses & borrowed a gun from A. Gibson to go a hunting. We went up to Dr. Whittons where the hunters were to meet. Fayette said there was a large crowd of them and had gon on so we concluded to turn our hunt to a squirel & turkey one. We got on very well till we under took to cross a creek bottom. We got hung in briers & grapevines. So with out a single shoot at anything got home at just in time for dinner. We spent the eve in talking, sleping, laughing & shooting at a spot at which I beat.

7/2  Cool morn. John Nesbitt left earley for home also Mr. Kimbal to preaching. He has got the blues very bad. I am laying by the gin field corn with 8 plowes. Got it done & some plowed in the little valley. The Misses Eugenia & Fannie Spencer came up this morning and spent the day with us. Oh! How pretty & sweet they are. I would give the world to hug & kiss them once a piece. I'm in love with them both.

7/3  Clear and still this cool weather. 8 plowes finished the little valley by dinner. After dinner to the upper field. Becks cutting oats next to us. Olde Mr. Beck came over and talked to me about crops. Mr. Francis Nooner was over to get me to go up hunting with him & Bostwick.

7/4  Strange weather. Cool clear. Ma has a fier all night & morn. I finished laying by corn this morn by 9oc then Wm. & I went to Salem to the barbecu. It is as a celebration of the day. Well we had a very nice time of it. About 100 persons of which were some very pretty ladies, viz Miss Sallie Terry, Miss Fannie Wheatley & Mary. Miss Jane Leak. After the reading of the Declaration of Independence by Mr. Ayres we had a speech by Dr. Terry. Miss Mary Mechan presented Wm. Ayres with a nice little banner for which he just bowed. After eating dinner the crowd disbursed. The Arora Boralis had a nice time in aniciated members into it. We came on home found Dr. Bostwick & F.M. Nooner.

Sunday, 7/5 Cool clear & a little more warm than it has been for a few days past. Wm., John C. & I went over to Mt. Zion to meeting. I got to see Miss Mat Young. She is as pretty as a pink & as fat as a pig. Oh! ..... Miss Emah Cathey was not there so I was disappointed for I expected to have gon home with her. None of the girles were there that I wished to see. Wm. & I both came home. Mack N. with us. After getting dinner I went home with Mack. We eat plums, berries & talked till Mack left for Salem. Then I took John & Sam into the ......

7/6  Clear still day except some color in the eve. Wm., I & Squier plowed orchard & patch of peas. All the rest hoing cotton.

7/7  Some clouds at 12oc. I went to Salem got Lide bonnet trimming. Got a letter from James. He has a location for Wm. at La-Grange in a dry goods store. Mr. Ray has began to trim the buggy at last. We began to hoe & plow the cotton. Some of it knee high but on an average it is but half knee high. Sallie & Eliza have gon to pay Eugene & Fannie a viz.

7/8  I am afraid we are going to have a dry spell. Dry cool & windy. Some clouds around. Hoing & plowing cotton. Miss Martha Roof is here for dinner. She has a very bad rising in her hand. John C. intends to take her to the doctor Thurs.

7/9  Clear & very warm but very few clouds till dinner !! We began to cut oats this morn with three cradles. Oats are very good. A little thunder in the eve but no clouds. We finished all the oats that were ripe enough. John C.'s horse got out and went over to A.C.W's. Five hoes hoing cotton. Dry, dry, dry, dry, dry, still.

7/10  Same thunder clouds in the eve. I have three hands hired hoing cotton Wm. & I plowing. Very warm & very hot !!!!!!!!

7/11  Oh! Delightful at about 2oc in the eve. We had a very hard rain. Very nice shower rained for two hours. Hoing & plowing cotton till dinner. I sent to Salem. Sevril of the young men there. I went home with J. Nabors.

Sunday, 7/12 Very warm something like rain again. John Nabors & I caught out our horses came on by here. They had all gon to preaching. We hastined on & when we got to Salem found there was to be no meeting. So meeting John & G.P. Robinson we turned & went to Liberty. Rather a small crowd. After meeting John & Andrew G. came & stopped till after dinner with me. At 4oc it began to rain rained on two or three hours. Mr. Dickerson & whole family were over. F.M. Nooner came over to class meeting but was disappointed so he came over here & stayed till supper.

7/13  Cloudy & threatens rain. All hands hoing cotton 10 in all. After dinner I took 2 plowes to Salem got them bayed & had had a new one made. I talked to Wm. Bunn & Jo Bladen about whiping old Jo & taking his money.

7/14  Cloudy & very hot. Rained a little earley in the morning. Four plowes in the cotton. Squier cutting oats. The rest hauling cotton. Mr. James Henderson brought his sister out to spend the day or two. He soon left. I went to La mar.

7/15  Cloudy raining big showers all day. After dinner James H. came out after his sister. We sat & talked to the ladies all the eve till just at night. They left. Hoing cotton.

7/16  Warm. Clear till dinner a light shower at 3oc. Cutting oats & hoing cotton. I began to fix my buggy harnis.

7/17  Very warm. Finished cutting oats just at night. Made 460 doz. C. Dawkins is at work for me to day hoing & plowing cotton. We saw our first bloom yestday. It's 2 days old. We had an old beggarly scamp here to day.

7/18  Clear bright & very hot day. Hogs got in the wheat last night. I began to haul it in. Hauled 5 loads. Messers Lax & Lipford stopped to day trying to make up a school for Lip. F.M. Nooner stopped going to Harmony to the big meeting. Greer & Tim left here this morn for there. John C. got back from Tippah killed nothing. Hoing cotton.

Sunday, 7/19 Clear & very hot. Wm. & I went over to Nabors church to a singing the teacher of which is James Dickerson. He is trying to get a school. After singing was over we came by took dinner to Mr. Nabors. Fayette Nooner also. We all went to the Mill Pond in the eve found 10 or 12 boys there. F.M. Nooner over took us as we came from the mill. He has been to Harmony church. He said Miss 'Emah' was there.

7/20  Warm. Finished hauling in wheat. Also the oats in the wheat field. So I put the hogs in at night. the rest hoing cotton.

7/21  Rained a hard rain last night. Squier took the wagon to Salem & got (I with him) the new thrasher & groceries. Showerey all day. All hands hoing cotton.

7/22  Warm. More pleasant. All hands hoing cotton. I working on my buggy harnis. John C. came over & worked on his in the eve.

7/23  Very pleasant & clear. Day began with 7 plowes to plowing cotton. Runing round with sheet iron plowes & splitting out with cast plowes. Plowing on the hill, too wet in the valley.

7/24  Clear & warm. Mr. & Mrs. Nabors got home last night. They came through La-Grange. James wants to come home so Wm. started earley this morn (in a buggy) after him. I plowed till 10oc then went to Salem then to speeking. Heard three splendid speeches by A.G. Brown. Gov. Mathews & Mr.. All candidates for the Senate for the United States. Mr. Tyler is out in the country burning coal. James & Wm. got here after darke & all right!

7/25  Clear & cloudy & very warm. 7 plowes in the cotton. Weeds in it waist high. Cotton from waist high down as low as 2 in. Ma, James & Sallie went & spent the day with Mr. Nabors. At Hopewell, meeting to day and night.

Sunday, 7/26 Raining. Cloudy in the morn. James & I went o Hope Well, a sermon by Nut. Misses Fannie N. & Eugenia S. & Beck G's were there. S.S. Tarpley & G.P. Robinson took dinner with us, Went back to meeting with the girles. James & Dr. Book went to Mr. Lax in the eve took supper there. Mr. Spencer preached all night till 11oc.

7/27  Cloudy. I & Wm. sat around with James till dinner then they left for La-Grange. I went to plowing after dinner. Also six plowes.

7/28  Cloudy. Rained a thundering shower at 1oc, so we quit plowing & went to hoing in the evening. I went to Salem to get Mr. Sullivan to come out to morrow & set my thrasher a going. I anticipated meeting Wm. there from La-Grange but Wm. Bunn came & said he had gon to Middlegurgle after Martha Nooner. So I took supper at Cambell's then home. Mr. Francis M. Nooner is here staying all night.

7/29  Warm. Rained in severil places and at different through the day. Hoing cotton. Fat work on my harnis. Wm. got home an hour by sun bringing Miss M.J. Nooner with him. After supper I took two horses & took her home. All a bed ere we got home.

7/30  Still this warm wet spell. Hoing cotton. I finished my buggy harnis. Billie has engaged to clerk for Mr. F. Cassitte in La-Grange so he will the second to leave our cheerful home to go out among strangers to make an orniment or a disgrace to society.

7/31  Hot sunshine & rain but little of the latter. 7 plowes in cotton till dinner when it rained and stopped us. To night begans the camp meeting up at Mr. McDoodles.

8/1  More pleasant. Cloudy & some rain. Earley this morn I went up to the camp meeting to see the arrangements. Heard one sermon per W.D.C. at 8oc, then came home. Fixed up in 3 buggies & the wagon. 6 of us & the negros went. We put up at Mc & A's & the negros stayed at the wagon. A sermon at night by Greer.

Sunday, 8/2 Hot. Mud. Rain. Rain & mud. A very large croud gathered earley. A sermon at 8oc, then at 11pm. A splendid one by Blackwell on 'training children'. It rained while he was preaching. We got dinner at Jas' McD & co then at 3oc am another sermon by Greer after which we started for home but finding the water too high we had to return and crowd in. A very good meeting. I got no supper except for a little cake which I had fortunately left out before sending the wagon home. I had a very pleasant bedding at Major Sparauls. We had a ventriloquist too.

8/3  Warm. Cloudy. We after breakfast put out for home 'all right' this time. Rained in the eve prevented my from taking Wm. up to La-Grange. John C. went to Lamar.

8/4  Cloudy. Wm. & I started earley this morning to La-Grange (in the buggy with Polley to it). When passing D. Roades it began to thunder & opposite it Hamer's we stopped an hour while it rained powerful hard, it being very slick we got to our destination lateere than expected. Found James well. I put up at the Liv'. S. Inn. I went to the depot got my half from Memphis. Rained while in town. I left at 3oc am. Had an offer to swope Polley. Bought 1/2 doz oats on the road. Got to camp ground just at night a splendid meeting. Sermon by Prof. Wells. I stayed at old McTen's.

8/5  Clear & very warm. The tent holders bundled up & left earley. I loaned my buggy to Louis Mc to take Miss Fannie Wheatley over to Littleton's. Ambros Daniel came on to Salem with us this morn. I took my last look at Miss Sallie J. Ayers for nearly a year. She is going to Texas. I came on home went to thrashing Mr. Dick' wheat. Ambros came just at night.

8/6  Clear & very warm. Am. Daniel left earley this morn. I finished thrashing Dick's wheat. Had a harde chill at night.

8/7  Clear. Rain a nice rain just before night. Plowed turnip patch & plowed cotton till rain.

8/8  Cear and very warm. I & 3 hands worked on the road in the lain earley this morn. This is the first day of the meeting at Liberty. Ma went. Faning wheat & hoing cotton. To meeting at night.

Sunday, 8/9 Very hot. We all went to meeting at Liberty. Lambert, Greer and Freeman are their preachers. A very large crowd out to day. Many pretty girles to meeting at night. Had sevril morners.

8/10  Clear & hot. The meeting is protracted. The house full all day and night. Mr. & Mrs. Emvy professed some 20 morners. Plowing & hoing cotton.

8/11  Hot & dry & dusty. At meeting stil. House full. Pretty girles. Ser. from LXXXV. Hoing & plowing cotton.

8/12  Clear & hot & dusty. To meeting. It is a very good meeting. Stil a good crowd. Hoing & plowing cotton.

8/13  Clear hot & dusty. To meeting. I attend regularly. Robert H. Daniel came home with us from meeting. Sallie caught him for a beau. He is quite a fop ! ! ! ! Still hoing & plowing cotton.

8/14  Still Hot dry & dusty. Hoing cotton quit plowing. We have company from meeting. Pretty girles there.

8/15  Hotter dryer & dusty. Bro. Kimbal & Joell Bogard stayed with us last night. They left this morning going up to begin a meeting up close to Saulesberry. S.B. Carson preached last night. I went to Salem in the eve. The buggy will be done in a week.

Sunday, 8/16 A very dry hot day. Large crowd at meeting to day. Greer preached a splendid sermon. This closes the meeting. Had 18 conversions & 14 joined the M.E. Church. Some of the converts I will name: Mr. & Mrs. Emvy, James & Mrs. Elliot, Jerry Webb & many others too teedious to write. We had the unpleasant company of John Bunn all day.

8/17  Clear & hot. I went to salem engaged Mr. Ray to make a tongue for the buggy also Mr. Duser a double set of buggy harnis which he agrees to do for $50. I came made & put in 3 ax handles. Squier getting boards, the rest hoing cotton.

8/18  Clear hot. Squier still splitting boards. I and the rest cut down, sawed up, hauled up all the blocks & post for the crib.

8/19  Cloudy & pleasant ! ! ! Squier splitting boards. I & the rest digging holes & setting blocks for cribs. George has been to see our kin in DeSoto. Just returned this eve at 3oc with cousins Irvin & Lydia!!

8/20  No rain yet but hot. Working on the cribs and getting boards. Finished hauling in my oats to day. Irvin & I sitting around till just at night. We and the girles went to Mr. Nabors to stay all night found travelers there.

8/21  Dry stil yet & hot ! ! ! Working on the cribs. Got them down and the logs to the new place. Squier & George started to Davinports after a load of coal. Irvin, Lydia & John Nabors came over this eve late.

8/22  All right but it is too dry & hot. John Nabors & Irvin lefte this morn before sun up for La-Grange to see James & Wm. Working on the cribs till dinner then I and Graydon when to Salem in the buggy with Polley to it. Squier & Bud had got there with the coal. They brought 40 baskets full. About 140 bushels.

Sunday, 8/23 Dry & hot a little cloudy. We all went to Hope Well to preaching by Lipford. Rather a small crowd out to day. Fayette Nooner came home with us for dinner. Preaching again to night none of us went. Fayette left just before night.

8/24  Thin cloudy. Warm. I put my cribs up to day by dinner. Then went to Salem. The buggy will be don to morrow. I went by the factory swapped 15 lb of nailes with Mc.

8/25  Cloudy & a little like rain. Warm. Hot at night. Working on the cribs. Got them all redy for covering by night. I., L., expects to go home to morrow if all's right.

8/26  Raining. Warm rained on by showers all day. Irvin & Lydia did not get to go home owing to the dampness of the day. I began to cover the cribs. John C. came over & is helping me on the cribs. Hurraw for him.

8/27  Showery & warm. Still covering the cribs & fixing up the lot fence. Irvin & Lydia left earley this morning.

8/28  Rather warm. John C. left in the eve. It is too hot for him. I fixed up the entry between the cribs. Mr. Kimbal came here this morning sick. Mr. Greer preaches in Salem to night. To day was road working day. I sent Bud in my place with Squier.

8/29  Clear warm & pleasant. Cool this morn. John C. came over earley & he & I finished covering the cribs before dinner. I had the yard cleared away & gave holliday part of the day. After dinner I sent Bud to mill & after the doctor for Kimbal. Went to Salem. Took Puss got the new buggy. Rode the gents around a little then came home. Puss works splendid better than I could expect.

Sunday, 8/30 Cool morning & pleasant day. John C. came over earley. Took Sallie to meeting down to Mt. Zion. I got on Puss went down to Mr. Spencers to see them about got to the gin found Mr., Mrs. & Fannie all at the gin looking at a young ass. We went to the house there I sat & talked to all of them till after dinner. Then Hessey & I went to Mr. Nabors. Got a bate of watermellons then we parted. I came home found John Nabors here. Hessey & the girles are coming up to morrow & we will start from here.

8/31  Clear & pleasant. Began this morning by sun up to thrash our wheat. Dr. Bostwick came over to see Prof. Kimball. He thinks he will need no more medisin. Did'nt get quite done thrashing wheat. H.G. Spencer & the girles did'nt come up but sent a negro up to tell us to meet them at the creek. I some what disappointed.

9/1  Clear cool pleasant. We started a little after sun up. Bud took Mr. Kimbol to Salem. Sallie & I waited at the Creek for Eugenia & Fannie they came up soon. Hessey & John Adkins with them. We all left Salem by an hour by sun. Sallie in the carriage & Mr. Kimball with me. Got to Holly Springs by 11 1/2oc. After feeding our horses started again but a little differently arranged. viz: Mr. K in the carriage & Miss Eugenia in the buggy with me. How a fellow feels with as pretty a girl by his side, the whole of a long summer evening is not known by anyone but those who have experienced it. I for one can say it was one of the most pleasant evenings I have spent in many a day. I really fell in love with Miss Genia. We stopped in Byhalia an hour by sun. Bought some little at the store. Genia & I got a introduction to Mr. Thomas. Was'nt I proud of Genia at Byhalia.

9/2  Clear & warm. Sallie & I stayed at uncles all day. Uncle Tommey & lady came over in the morn to see the sik. They are nearly all down with the chills. Sallie & I & also Carline went down to stay all night at Uncle T. Nesbitts.

9/3  Clear & warm. We left Uncle Tommies went back to Uncle N.N. Stayed there all day just at night Misses Mary & Corrie Nesbitt came over & Sallie, Lydia & I went home with. How pleasant it is to meet those we love. Spent a pleasant night.

From 9/4 to 9/23  'Time flys & with it many a swet time & many a lonesome & unpleasant hour passes into oblivion. It is well that it is so'.

Well we enjoyed ourselves very well at the Byhalia camp meeting. I fell in love with a Miss Fannie Hardy. She is rich. So sh's all right. We left the camp ground on Monday evening. Went to Uncle N.N.'s. The Misses Spencers had been there. We prepared & started home next morn by sun up. Did not catch up with the Misses Spencers until 11oc at H.S. We got home by darkee found Ma & Eliza sick. Ma has had a hard spell but is getting better now & Eliza is up. I have been saving fodder till now it is nearly all burned up. So I commenced cutting tops. We have filled up the stables & nearly the cribs loft. On Sunday Sept 20, I was at a .....up at ...... where there was a large crowd. A great many fine & pretty girles. The Misses Spencers & Becks who had beaux.

9/24  Clear & warm enough at noon. Saving fodder. Fall is approaching C.M.D.T.

9/25  Clear warm day. Big day in Salem 'L.B. Lent's National Circus' there to day & night. I went in twice. A good many ladies in at night. Miss Fannie Wheatley was there at night to grace the crowd. I got 4 cotton baskets from J. Nabors brought them some at night.

9/26  Clear warm bright day. Finished pulling fodder to day or quit. Got stables & crib lofts full. After dinner I went to factory after wool roles but they were not carded. I & Squier made baskets. Mr. John Buchanan, Jr. came by in a 2 horse buggy going to the factory. I went to L. Nabors to stay all night.

Sunday, 9/27  Clear & some what cool. Fall. We got up earley prepared to start meeting at Akveys. I sent over home after a clean shirt. John N. & I started after Mr. & Mrs. Nabors. We got there for prayer meeting. At 11oc there was over the house full. Some right pretty girles I saw Henry Stubbs an old school mate of mine. First time I have seen him in eight years. He is married & has 2 children. We got dinner at Jim D's farm. N & I then went over to church. We expected to go down to Akvey's to get aquainted with some girles but did'nt. I promiced Sam Asberry to go with him to see Miss Bettie Gray on next Sunday. John & I left at darkee.

9/28  Clear warm. Shocking up corn tops. Thrashed out my seed oats & began to pick cotton. Cotton worth 20 cts.

9/29  Clear & pleasant. I went down to Lipford's mill to help fix his gin house. Took the wagon & brought a load of flour home. My intended father-in-law was there and he worked like a hero.

9/30  Clear pleasant day. Bud & I hauled some corn & fixed & started after 12oc down to Davinports after a load of coal. Got to the hill on this side by darke & camped.

10/1  Cloudy in the morn but cleared off. Made a clear warm day. Got there found that Buford had sold all my coal but 44 buss. I got to Salem 2 hours by sun. Bought some bacon for F. M. N. & our bacon & candles. John C. went home with F.M.N.

Friday  Clear & pleasant. Company from DeSoto came in after supper on their way to Ripley. Uncle Nathe, Aunt Matilda. Miss Tet & Bun. Miss Tet is so pretty & sweet she ought to be married & if she would she could at any time. I went down to Nabors with them this morn. Got them some water mellons. They did'nt stop. I went from there to the saw mill. Squier was there with the wagon. We loaded up. I went to Forister Poffs got him to burn me some coal. Picking cotton.

10/2  Cloudy & cool. Sprinkled rain a time or two. Squier fixed up some posts by the cribs for a shelter. Sallie, Mat & I went to meeting at Salem. Not many out. Miss Sallie Terry was a pretty girl. I eat dinner with Jno Nabors at the tavern. I came home with F.M.N. then he John C. & I went Nabors after water mellons. We came on home caught our horses & went back to meeting. Miss Fannie Wheatley was there. A pretty girl. Not many out at night.

Sunday, 10/3 Cloudy. Pleasant. Like rain. We, Sallie, Mary, Bud, Graydon & I went to meeting at Salem. A large crowd. Greer is the preacher. Sallie & I went back at night. Greer preached his last sermon there. The house full. C.K. came with us.

10/4  Rained all day. This is the election day. F.M.N. & J.K. Nabors voted their first time to day. F.Nooner brought Nannie up this morning to see us. After dinner C. Kimball & I went to Salem. I stayed till near night then came home. F. Nooner & Nannie are staying all night with us.

10/5  Cloudy but no rain. I took Mary, Martha & Bud to school this morning to Salem of Mr. Brown. From there to Liberty to preaching by Greer. His last sermon on the circuit a house full. I went from there to Spencers did'nt see Fannie (God love her) Eugenia is pretty but pale. Got home found Parson Kimbal here very sick. the doctor with him. The DeSoto folks got back. Uncle Nathe went to Mechans to stay to night.

10/6  Cleared off. Warm pleasant day. We got up earley. Aunt Matilda & Miss Tet left by sun up. I went to Salem with them. There pressed Miss Tet's hand again. Bid them good bye promised to go down soon. W.M.P. Nabors has sold out his stock of groceries to T.G. Liver for $150.

10/7  Clear & warm. Hauling wood. Picking peas. John C. came over & he's going down to Tippah tomorrow to look at some land. I'm going with him.

10/8  Clear & warm. Jno C. & I started earley to Tippah. Went by got Mr. Lax to go with us. Met a man (drawing of man on mule). We got to Thomas Nutts by 11oc. J.C. went after B. Nunley. We got dinner at Nutts. After dinner we made two drives. Started one deer. Thomas had a young lady at his stand with him. I saw the Miss Absten. She is old and ugly but rich! Zack Smith is to marry her next week. J.C. & I went to Nunley's. Lax stayed at Thomas Nutt's.

10/9  Clear & warm in fact hot. We got up earley started off hunting. The first drive started nothing. the next started one. I came very close to getting a shoot at him. We lost our dogs at 10oc we quit hunting. J.C. & I went to Nunley for dinner. Mrs. Ayers and Miss Nannie had got there. Miss N. is so nice & rich that I almost think of falling in love with her (would'nt have far to fall). we left at 3oc. John Robinson came with us to Spencers.

Sunday, 10/11 Cloudy & warm. All of us at home all day. John M. Courts & R.M. Bostwick came in before dinner stayed till 3 pm. W.T.P. & family came & stayed till night. Preaching in Salem by Sam to the blacks. Ours went.

10/12   Something like rain. Warm. Picking cotton. It's not open much. Squier splitting boards. Bud & girles walked to school this morn. I took the old broken buggy to town went from there to ex gov Mathews. He is to send me three ginnets & a mare for 50$. I came home began to move Martins stable.

10/13  Cloudy. Sprinkleing rain occasionly. Warm. Moved & put up Martins house & making a lot to it. Work is always company to me. Picking cotton. Have out about a bale and a half.

10/14  Cleared off in the morn. Wilde geese came over. Picking cotton. Squier and I worked on Martin's stable. John C. came over at 10oc & proposed to worke for me while I went to Z. Smith wedding. so I went as far a Lax saw Francis. He was just from wedding. They married last night. F.N. was the waiter & Miss Kit Crawford. I was disappointed returned went to worke. At an hour by sun went with J.C. to see his mule. We are on a traid.

10/15  Clear pleasant morning. Began to gather corn. Began in the gin field. Hauled five loads. It rained a shower at 4oc. A cloud from the north. Dr. Bos't. took dinner with us. Mr. Casey asked to a shucking Saturday. J. Jordan from mill wants to bring in cotton.

10/16  Clear & very cool. The gin field made 8 loads about 64 bsh. Began on the north east valley. I went down to Mr. Nabors after a 1/4 of beef. They had not eat breakfast. The 1/4 beef weighed 78 lbs. Miss Martha Nooner & Lusa stayed here all day. Uncle N. Aunt Kizzy rolled up after darkee to see us. C.M.D. Terry

10/17  Clear & cool. The first little frost fell last night. Not to hurt cotton. I went to Salem this morn in the buggy to get Mose. He is sick. But finding him better I left him. Came home got dinner then went over to Mr. Caseys to a corn shucking. There were a good many there. I had a deal of fun. F.M.N. was there. We agreed to go to Pine Grove on to morrow. He left before night. We finished the corn pile by 9oc got supper then Fayette came home with me to stay all night.

Sunday, 10/18 Cloudy & somewhat warmer. I went down earley to Mr. Lax with Fayette. F.M. was redy so we trotted on. Stopped at Em. B. He was at his father's. Lucy looks pale. We got to the church by 11oc. Mr. Nutt preached a long sermon as usual. Miss Kit Crawford was there. F.M. went home with her she is right pretty has very black eyes. Zak Smith & lady were there. I went home with Thomas Nutt got dinner. Left there with Mr. Gary. We had a pleasant converse till we parted at Spencers gate. A new vision has broke out to me of which I will not write or speak to any one. But this much I know it makes me feel pleasant. My projecks are as yet unknown, I do not know how it will terminate, it is concerning the future. Air castles.

10/19  Cloudy warm. Began to rain at about 11oc by misty showers. It did'nt stop us from hauling corn. We finished the northeast valley it making 10 loads. Uncle & aunt left this morning before sun up for home. Aunt ses I must come down & see Miss Corrie Nesbitt & make a wife of her. Oh! I should'nt wonder. Well I do'nt know but what I will. I red a piece in Harper's called 'the Whirlpool'.

10/20  Cool & clear. Very heavy frost last night. Killed all the cotton. Picking cotton. Hauled railes for shuck in then hauled up all the corn tops. Put the things in the paster. Began to shuck corn.

10/21  Warmer. Preparing to rain. All hands picking cotton. I made a shelter over the corn tops. Houston came & I engaged him to get 8,000 shingles at $2.50 a 1000. I went to Salem in the evning. Found Mose sick. I got Dr. A. to see to him. Got a letter from James & Willie. They are well. I came by the factory got no wool.

10/22  Cloudy & warm. Picking cotton.

10/23  Stil cloudy & warm. Rainney appearance. I went to Mr. Spencers last night stayed all night. Mrs. Morurning & Darthula Beck stayed there with them. They talked meriley to me while at supper. I did not go in the parlor after supper. I got my oxen. Drizzling rain all day. Hauled some wood & shucked corn. Mr. Casey over to sell me a sow hog.

10/24  Cleared off warm. Picking cotton I & Squier treightened up the gin shelter. I killed a feefe at 2oc pm. F.M.N. stopped going to Salem waited for me. James and Willie rode up just as we were starting. We went on to town with Mac N. Came on round home with him got the last bate of water mellons. We parted there with a fight with water mellons.

Sunday, 10/25 Cool with some clouds. James, Willie, Sallie & I went to preaching at Hope Well by Lipford. Mr. Spencer's two daughters were there. Miss M.C. Beck extra. R.M. Bostwick came home with us got dinner then when to Salem. Late Willie & I took a stroll for grapes.

10/26  Clear bright cool day. Squier & Jo fixed the screw. Picking cotton. Mose is still sick. John C. & James went down to Mr. Lax this morn. After dinner James & Willie left for home. I went to Salem with them. I hated to see them leave the worst I ever did it seems they are so much company to me but it is not worth while to be so, for we have to part. The hogs are getting into the corn.

10/27  Cool. Clear. Picking cotton. I fixed up the stalles in the stable. Bud Freeman came to get some wheat but did'nt. Dr. Bostwick came to see Mose. H. & I are on a horse traid. He took Polley & left his horse.

10/28  Clear & some warmer. Began to sow wheat this morning with (6) six plowes. All the hogs in the corn last night. Dr. Bos came just as we were hitching his horse to the plow. He plowes very well. We took him out put him to the buggy did not do so well. He stalled going up hill. I put up our fattning hogs to day.

10/29  Warm. Cloudy somewhat. Still sowing wheat. Finished the gin field got the valley. John C. & Sallie went up to Dr. W's to spend the day. I went to Salem late got an oz quinine at $3.75.

10/30  Clear. Cool pleasant. Still sowing wheat. Mose went to Salem to try to work again.

10/31  Cloudy looks like rain. Rained a little last night. Finished sowing wheat by dinner. After dinner hauled two loads of corn to the fattning hogs. I went to Salem found Mose sick. Came home went over to Givleys with J.C. to see Brant who is sik.

Sunday, 11/1 Delightful. Clear. Pleasant. We are all at home all day with not a sole for company. I read some very nice tailes in Harper's which of course made me fall in love & made me want to roam by myself. I went down Mr. Nabors found F.M. Nooner there. I went round by the mill with him. I came home wrote a love letter to send to my dulsima. I wo'nt write her name. LCIX

11/2  Cloudy. Began raining earley cleared off late. I sent Squier & Jack after a load of coal. I went to Salem to meet Squier. Mose is still sick. I met Squier at Jim McD's. We left the wagon. Squier went by for Mose.

11/3  Clear. Pleasant. I worked till dinner on the gin then went to Salem. Sent Squier after his coal again. I met him at a hill stalled. I drove him up got to home at darke. All the rest of them picking cotton.

11/4  Cloudy & still rain at intrvals. I went after the Dr. this morning for Mose. Got Dr. Bos. Picking cotton.

11/5  Warme rained all the morn. W.P. Nabors came over. He & I had a settlement. He came out 8.55 in my debt. F.M. Nooner came by just at dinner to get some pattrens. Picking cotton. I worked on the gin. Dr. W. came to see Mose.

11/6  Clouds flying from the south. Hard winds. Squier & Jo got the rafters for the shelter. I got the gin redy for runing by dinner. Wm. T. Dickerson began to haul in his cotton to gin. Picking cotton. I ginned (the first) this eve. Sallie received a letter from cousin Kenerdy which has the death of one of our dear friends Miss Puss Nesbitt. She died Friday eve Oct 30th/57. She was in the bloom of youth. Her future looked as bright to her as the brightest. Little thought she six weeks before of dying. She to the eyes of the world seemed all lovliness but oh how transient the things of earth. That lovely girl like the rose in full blume had gon from earth and oh! will she soon be forgotten by the cold hearted world. If so she will never be forgot by me. C.M.D.Terry

11/7  Cloudy & warm. Still raining. Rained very harde late in the evening. I ginned cotton all day. Mr. Dickerson hauling in cotton. My hands all picking cotton. Fayette Nooner stopped in this eve. Beauty is a gift from heaven which is riley not need by us all.

Sunday, 11/8 Cloudy & turned cold last night. Quit raining. After reading till 10oc a.m. I fixed up and went down to Liberty to meeting by Lambert. A small crowd & long sermon. Fayette & I went to Mr. Lax saw F.M.N. at Spencers. We got dinner. Just at night F.M. got back. I & Fayette left I came home. I began a love tail 'A Tail Of The South'.

11/9  Cold. Cleared off this morning. Bright sun peeped out drew the sail from his face which has shut out his cheering rais for many days past. Ginning & picking cotton. I went to Salem got 3 pair shoes from T.A.C's. Got a letter from James & Will.

11/10  Cold. Clear. Picking cotton. Ginning all day. Packed a bale at night. I read as I gin.

11/11  Clear & a little warmet. Picking cotton. Not much to pick. Ginning. Packed a bale at night. Sallie got a vest patern from Willie to make for him.

11/12  Something like rain again. Cloudy nearly all day. Began to gather the valley corn. Also Gathering peas. Hauled up four loads to day.
11/13 Began to rain before sun up. Rained all day. Slightly in the eve. Packed four bales of cotton one of ours. I ginned two bales to day.

11/14  Cleared off last night but clouding up by 9oc. Hauled four load of corn to day. Mattie Hayden was over to see sis Mat to day. I dressed up went to Salem. Got 2 pairs of shoes from the tanyard. Saw Dr. Davis he is looking very fine. I went from town to Mr. Nabors had a motive to barter to swope a mule for Polley.

Sunday, 11/15 Cloudy. Cold rained a little from dinner till night. Mac & I left after late breakfast down to Pine Grove. We engaged up on a conversation on money making & wife getting dwelling very long on the latter. We got up in time to hear a sermon by Prescot. Saw Miss Kitty Crawford. Green Freeman was waiting on as Miss ..... We came on back with F.N. to Em Becks where we all stopped and got dinner. Then Lucy & Em came on up to Mr. Lax. We met Fayette. He turned came on with us.
11/16 Cleared off by 12oc. Cool!! Cutting & hauling wood till dinner. Then hauled a load of cotton. I made a new gate for the lot.

11/17  Clear. Cool. 3 hands cutting dinner. We finished hauling cotton then I ginned a bale by night. Picking cotton.

11/18  Bright clear cool day! I ginned two bales our cotton. Fayette Nooner came & stayed all night this morning. He says he is going to Ar'sas to live. He will start next week. We had the company of Mrs. Wheatley and Mrs. Brown of Salem. Very interesting ladies indeed. I let Mr. Dickeson have two hands to day.

11/19  Cloudy very cold. We had some little snow the first season. We finished gathering the valley corn to day. Made 11 loads. Packed the 4th bale of our cotton & loaded up to night.

11/20  Cloudy & as cold as flugeans. Snowing a little before noon. Cleared off in the eve. We got up earley & got Squier & Jack off to La-Grange. I went as far with them as to H's hill. Salem will be somewhat changed for I learned this morning that Mr. B.H. Henry dide last night with a apopletick fit. He was on his way from La-Grange home and dide very sudnly. Death when we least expect it. He was stout well & hardy just before he was a corpse. Sallie & I dipped 50 candles.

11/21  Clear & cold. Sallie & I went to the burying. First went to Mr. Wheatleys stayed there till 11oc then went to Mr. Henrys from there to the grave yard. We had a splendid talk & prere per Caldwell. We came home. I hung a gate. Picking cotton.

Sunday, 11/22 Cold. Some what cloudy dim! Sallie & I went to meeting at Salem. Our new circuit riders there. A sermon by Ford. He is a tall darkee haired man about 30 years old. Mr. Cooper is a medium size man rather fleshy fair skin brown hair 26 years old. Miss Fannie Wheatley was out as pretty as a pink. We came home bringing Jno Bunn with us. He stay till night.

11/23  Cold. Clear. Wind from the north. I fixed up started to La-Grange about 1oc rode Puss. Had a very cold ride got there by sun down. Found James & Willie in fine spirits. We enjoyed the night finely talking of the passed and future. We all stayed together till 11oc then Willie left for bed.

11/24  Clear & cold. I got up earley got a little snack I had for breakfast then got on the 'Accomodating'. A fine crowd aboard. Got to Memphis at 11oc. I went first & saw Ambros D. then don all my business by night. Sold 4 bales cotton 11 5/8 cts. per lb. A. & I went to the theater. A fine crowd & a splendid play 'The Irish Embassador' & the White Horse of the Peppers. To bed at 12oc.

11/25  Warmer & more pleasant. We got up by 3oc put off to the depot in a rush to get there. Found we were an hour too soon so we sat & talked till 4oc then I parted with A. & got into the cars & spat out for La-Grange in company with a car full some of which I will name: In front of me sits two Baptist & an old Methodist who is 78 years old never was drunk nor never swore an oath. The Baptist took from his satchel a long bottle & they both took a soaken & offered the Methodist but he refused. They then pitc off on scripture but do'nt talk long till they lose the Methodist. Behind me are two young men who sleep very sound. Over the way is a pretty girl who has been on a tour up north & to Texas. She entertains 2 gents near her by telling them of the burning boats & how near she came to getting dround. We got to La-Grange by 7oc & 30m. I got breakfast at the depot in a rush. I then went up town found James & Willie at work. I caught out Puss. Great many admiring her beauty. I set home by 4oc pm.

Sunday, 11/29 Cloudy. Warm. Rained a little in the forenoon. Sallie & I went down to Mr. Nabors. Sallie stopped. I & John went over to the church. We found a small croud there among whom were: G.M. Bostick, J.T. Asberry, Base Holcomb & Dr. Bostick. We were all disappointed no preacher came so we soon broke up. We came on back to Mr. Nabors. John promises to come over next Sat night & I am going to show him a love letter I have from Miss E. Mr. Nabors talked us till near night on making money & marrying. Two travelers stayed there all day. We came home before sundown. I wrote a love letter at night.

12/2  Cloudy. Something like rain. I took Polley & Puss went out to Salem to see Mr. Mairs. He wanted Puss & $12 for a fine white horse and a little mule. I eat dinner at Mechams saw daughter & think it will be as good luck as any to marry her if I can get her. W.D. Beck was in town.

12/6  It rained all this morning & at 12oc quit & is turned cooler & clearing off. This has been a dull day. All of us at home and of course confined to the house an imprisonment which dose not at all suit a sole like mine. Unsettled, discontented, self-making-miserable fellow as I am. Mary & Martha and some of the negros have gon grape hunting. My mouth is watering for a bunch of them.

12/7  I am and have been for the last week or more lower down in the board than I ever have been in my life. What is the cause of all this miserable feeling. I shall not write it heare even if I knew the cause & surely I do. I will remember it in after years without penning it here. So I will say it is all my own to do. Many years have I looked to this time of my life for enjoyment but oh! alas! where is it. To be sure I have my few little mometary pleasures who has not. But they do'nt last like I thought they would. The fact is I did'nt view things as they really are. I looked on the sunny side of the future. I never cared to look at the darke side. I never thought that by lifting the vales of men's hearts that I would there find so many darke, low, underminding characters written there. That all at the same time the outward man seemed to beare with in a pure heart. Yes & he be honored among men.

12/12  Pretty day, sunshine & pleasant. I hauled corn from the upper field with 5 mules & my 'Snow Ball'. Dr. Bostwick came over & wants to swope his horse Rover for him & came again this morn & we made the traid. He gives me Rover & a gold watch for my horse & $10. After dinner I went up to big Jim McDs to hire Moses, met Dr. B and he went up with me. But Mc was not at home. We stayed there till near sun down then went down to Dr. Whittes. Saw that Miss Fannie W. was at Asberrys.

Sunday, 12/13 Clear. Rather cool but pleasant. We, Bostwick, Holcomb & I went up last night to Asberrys to see the women. Miss Fannie Wheatley oh! how pretty & Jane Poff. Twow garretts. We enjoyed our time pleasantly. We took it time about with Miss Fannie this morning being Sunday we fixed up went to meeting at Liberty by Lambert. A house full. No pretty girls there ex Becks. After meeting we B. & I went to Spencers to see the girles. There is something peculiar about where we got our dinner & how we got it. Sufise to say we got to see the girles. I talked to them till Sun down. We ask them the news they told us that they had not been out to get any news. We had the girles to their selves.

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