1858 Terry Diary

January 20, 1858 So far we have had a very warm winter with a good deel of rain & no snow. The ground has not been frozen a inch deep yet. To day has been clear & warm like spring & the birds sing like spring about. James & Willie both in La-Grange this year. Willie, F.B. Gossitt & James with John Thompson. He is getting $300 & his board & washing & clothes at cost. I am living at home for $200 clear. We began to build a fence over at the Slayton old field this morn. We put up 2400 railes. John C. sent over after his gear.

1/21  Clear. Pretty. Bright warm day. Some clouds late in he evning. We are building fence of 1/4 of a mile a day. Squier is sawing railes. Sallie & Eliza have gon vezeting to Mrs. Lip. Casey.

1/22  Clear warm morning but clouded up late in the eve. Squier & I started earley down to Tippah to J.O. Houstons after a load of shingles. Got there by 11oc had an awful time getting out of the bottom. Put on 4000. Came by Spencers had hard times down the hill in the lane between Lipford & Lax. Got home after darke. Moses & his co building fence. Got .... don that north ....

1/23  Cloudy. Appearance of rain. Sprinkled rain in the evning. I sent Bud to work on the road in Squierís place. I staked off ground for fence row. I got to where they were at (above Nabors) at 10oc. Dickerson overseerer we got through by 1/2 past 3oc. Bob Owens & I then went to Salem. We came on back together to the corner.

Sunday, 1/24 High cold winds from the south. Cloudy. Rained some last night. Sprinkling a little to day. Francis M. Nooner came by earley he, B., & I went to Hope Well. The sermon by Pitts. A great tall ugly fellow. Mrs. Spencer & her sweet little ĎAnnaí & Ed came in the buggy with Spence. The Lord Czar was there with his old dad. He is to get married in three weeks. Sevril of us young went to Mr. Lax for dinner. W.M.P. Nabors, John Bunn & myself & Francis & Fayette. We all left at 3oc I came home to reading. J.T. Headleyís letter in N.Y.. Fayette soon came in & is staying all night here.

1/25  Cloudy & raining till 1oc. Fayette & I went to Salem found a few of the long faced fellows there. I loaned McDonald & Ayres $25.00 for a few weeks. Fayette & I went home with Mac Nabors. L.N. is in a big way about DeSoto. We all had a debate at night.

1/26  Cleared off last night. Fayette & I left Nís earley. He to Salem and I on home. Stopped & fixed up went out to Salem. Had my likness taken for $2.00. Saw Billie Coal came out home with me. I staked off fence row. Hands hauling railes & clearing up some ground in Poff field. Just at night Bob Daniel came in on his way over Tippah. He is a flashy bird.

1/27  Clouds from the west like rain till night. Clear pretty moon shine. R. Daniel left earley. B. Coal went to Salem. Me & Mose killed a hog earley. then Graydon & I went over to stalking off fence row. Hauling railes & clearing up ground. Latte in the evening I went up after Dr. Whitlow to see Mandy. I saw Bose he wanted me to stay.

1/28  Clear as a whistle all day. wind pretty cold from the west. Hands hauling railes & building fence, beginning at the sand & going south over the branch by the Poff house. Dr. W. came down & I went home with him to get a bottle of terpítine. He has got me in a worry about Arkansas. He stopped at Pools & I went on found Bose making a fier. We talked & hour and I left. We talked of Misses Eugnia & Fannie. I came home & after dinner went to Lippfords. He was not at home. I killed one of his dogs wches deep.

2/4  Cloudy all day. Cleared off at night very cold. Doing nothing but hunting rabbits. Didínt catch but 2. John C. came over at 9oc & stayed till 1oc. We started over to see Andrew but finding he had gon we turned & came back he wants me to go with him to Tenn. to see a Miss Redicks.

2/5  Clear & very bright. Cold. Snow melting pretty fast. Hands chopping wood about the house. I took a pair boots up to McCabes to get them fixed. Found Dr. R.M. at the Tanyard. We went up to the house got dinner. I went from there to Salem met B. Halcomb he said he was going to Ripley Sat.

2/6  Cloudy. Began to rain in the evning. I went to Salem stayed all & didínt get a cent of money. Went home with John & Mc Nabors. Squier hauling wood and the rest cutting stalkes. Preaching in town by Brooks.

Sunday, 2/7 Clear cool & pleasant. We boys fixed up & came by home on our way to Salem preaching. The girles had left so with out stopping long we put out after them but didnít catch them. A pretty good croud for the day. Pretty Miss Mollie Collins was there. We had a talented sermon by Rev. Broocks P.E. Misses Martha & Nannie, FMN & John Bunn were here for dinner. Late in the eve Sallie & I took Martha & Nannie home. Nan behinde me.

2/8  Some what cloudy. Hands hauling railes & cutting fence row. I worke with gate got it near don. In the eve we had the pleasure of Mr. G.P. Robinsonís company & with it a Dun. Had no money either.

2/9  Cloudy & a rain in the eve & a hard rain at darke from the north. Turned cold. All hands fencing over at the Poff place yet. Fayette Nooner got back from DeSoto.

2/10  Clear with some clouds. Cold. Ground frozen a little. We all to fencing again. Rebuilt the fence between us & Lippfords. F. Asberry came to stay to night.

2/11  Cloudy. Cold from north. Fletcher Asberry left earley this morning. Think he still loves Miss Eugene from the way he talkes. Squier hauling railes the rest repairing the north east valley fence. Fayette Nooner here late. L. Smith marries to night. Began to snow at darke.

2/12  Awful! Awful day. Sleeted last night & then began to rain & rained all day long. Snow didínt all get off. No work on the farm. Shelling corn. I reading J.T.Headley. I heard something that pleased me very much to day. C.M.D. Terry

2/13  Cloudy. Misting rain in the eve. Cooler. We killed a beef. Bud took the hide to the Tanyard and brought back two pair boots. I went to Salem. Collected money $5 from E. Cox. F.M. Nooner came late & is staying all night.

Sunday, 2/14 St. Valentineís Day. Beautiful clear day pleasant. Francis & I left for meeting at Liberty. Went by Mr. Lax & from there to Spencers to meeting. We met our friends but no preacher. The crowd broke up. Mack & Sam Nabors & I went to Mr. Lax with F.M. Nooner. Then F. came on with me & we wrote off names & had a Valentine party of our on. The following is the way we concluded would suit and we drew to match. May mine at least turn out true. S. Tarpley & Nannie Ayres. J.S. Terry & Lu Gossitt. John Nesbitt & L.M. Nabors. L.C. Bogard & M.J. Nooner. Jno Robinson & Moiie Collins. S. Asberry & D. Bogard. Gad Boswick & Dorthula Wilcox. C.M.D. Terry & Julia Arnold. Bose Holcomb & N.V. Nooner. F.M. Nooner & Lizzy McD. Wm. Bunn & D.M.F. Beck. Wm. Wilcox & M.C. Beck. Pollie Nabors & H.L. Mechan. F. Asberry & Fannie Spencer. Orrin Beck & M.A. Terry. Thos. Bogard & Ema Lewis. H.K. Nabors & Lizzie Aughey. Ambros Daniel & Beth Gray. S.M. Terry & W.M.P. Nabors. W.L. Nooner & E.J. Terry. Mollie Nunnaley & Wm. Mitchel. J.C. Williams & Carrie Nabors. Frank Ayres & Bettie Matthews. Sam Nesbitt & Mary Mechan. G.P. Robinson & Kit Crawford. Jno Nabors & Sallie Warren. Dr. R.M. Bostwick & Fannie Wheatley. R.H. Daniel & Mary Hix. Wm. Terry & Mary Wheatley. Wm. Warren & M.K. Terry. Jno Bunn & Rebecka Henderson. J.G. Nabors & C.C. Nesbitt. Thos. Norris & E.E. Spencer.

2/15  Clear. Pleasant. Fine day for anything. Earley Francis & I started out hunting & to see his farm. Stopped at Nabors & got his gun from their own big road to Bej. Bright he was not at. Putting out from his house through the woods saw a fine drove turkeys on ahead. F. stood while I galloped around & in so doing I came on them before they knew it. I fiered at them but didínt fetch one. I loaded & we followed on. I got another fair shot & crippled a fine gobler! & in the chase I lost my powder horn. We went on & found Days at work. Near 12oc we left there for the steam mill. Francis had a settlement with McD & we stayed to see them begin to saw. We left there at 2oc & parted near McD at the fork of the road at 4oc. I came by Nabors left his gun. Thos. Walls was there. He came on as I did. Spencer was here & got a goat. Gave a dollar for it.

2/16  A little cloudy in the morn but clear in the evening. Squier hauling railes. I took all the rest & worked out the road between here & the southeast corner of our land. I went to meeting & finished the road by 1oc. Not many at meeting. I left when they began class meeting. After dinner they went to cleaning up the upper field. I burnt a plant ..... & worked a little on a gate. Mrs. Redus is with us to night.

2/17  Clear pleasant spring like day. I went to Salem earley to see Mechan but he being gon to Ripley I didínt get to see him. I got $5 from Wm. Henderson as pay for his shop account. I came home went to work in the flower garden fixing up the summer house. F.G. Toombs came this evning to buy my oxen but I didínt want to sell. Dickerson came over to get me to haul his cotton to Sales-berry but no ! ! !

2/18  A little cloud all day. Warmer. Rained a little just at night. Parson Lippfordís lady & father came by going to his mill. He stopped & got a spool of thread. Thosa. Craft has bought a note on Ma $100 from Ray. He came over & I paid him $30 on it. Misses Eugenia & Fannie & two little brothers came up & spent the day with us to day. John Courts came with them but he didínt stay long. I worked in the flower garden. Pleasant work for the day. the girles got some cuttings of all sorts of flowers. How pretty they are and I have a kind of affection for them & oh! it will be (I fear) be written & not spoken. They left an hour by sun looking so fine but Alas! Tthose two brothers of theirs had a hard fight before they got out of sight.

2/19  Cloudy all day till just at night. Cleared off. Cool. Rained last night. I & three with a yoke of oxen roled logs all day. Cutting stalkes. The other hands are at. Mrs. Redus is still here. Dose this look like it was written by a cub who is engaged to be married to one of the fairest & prettiest, pureist girles in north Mississippi. Well it ainít so. That all.

2/20  Clear. Pretty. Cool day. I went to Salem in the morn stayed all day. Saw a good many debtors only collected $2.90 & that from Burk Brown. Mack Nabors treated me to some cakes bought of a negro. Mack came home with me stayed all night. Young Williís had a childe to die this eve. Sallie & M.J. Nooner are staying there to night. R.H. Daniel came just at night. Hands splitting railes and nocking stakes.

Sunday, 2/21 Cloudy. Looks like rain earley. R.H. Daniel went to Salem left me & Mack here to meet him at Nabors. Sallie & Martha came & got redy to go to Salem when R.H.D. came riding up. We all went on. It began to rain. All came back but Polk & I went on to Salem. Miss Nannie Ayres there. Looked so pretty. G.M. Bostwick & I went up to Mechans for dinner. The Parson also. Misses Hallie & Grace Ayres were there. But the men didínt talk to the ladies any. F.M.N. sent for me. He was at Cambles he had written a letter to O. Beck, Jr. & wanted me to see it. I came home. Still raining. At darke it changed to sleet.

2/22  A heavy sleet fell last night which has suspended all business for a day or two. Cleared off at night. I sat in the house all day read ĎLalla Rookeí through. I was delighted in it. Ground covered with ice so we have some fun. Fun skating. Oh! What a beautiful sight is the moon shining on the earth when it is covered with snow.

2/23  Clear and very cold. the sleet didínt melt much. Chopping wood & spinning cut down the large tree before Rachels house and cut it up for wood. Mr. Lipford came by & I went over to his mill after roles 25 lbs.

2/24  Clear. Cold. Sleet melting. Very sloppy. Hands knocking stalkes & splitting railes. I started out to get some gold to pay Lax. Got $10 by dinner from Mr. Day. Came home went to Salem got $25 more engaged. Got into a snow-balling with Tarpley, H. Mechan & Frank Ayres. Got a letter from Francis Marrow Nooner.

2/25  Clear. Cool. Sleet nearly all gon. Hands splitting railes & knocking stalkes. After dinner we went to fencing over at the Poff place. Put up 100 panels. Work is pleasant. Yes.

2/26  Clear pleasant spring like day. We built fence till dinner. Squier & Mose splitting railes. After dinner the rest cutting stalkes. I went to Salem. James Jobe offered to pay me, but we couldínt make the change. Dr. Davis in town. I loaned Hall the old buggy to go to La-Mare to morrow.

2/27  Clear. Pleasant till 12oc then began blustrious & cloudy from the south. Splitting railes & cutting stalks. I went to Salem at 11oc. Made settlements with W.J. Hamer, J.H. Mechan, James Jobe. Bej & James Bright. James T. got there from La-Grange at 3oc. He then went out Leakís came back & H & I came on home at an hour by sun.

Sunday, 2/28 Cloudy. Raining in the morn. We stayed close at home all day. Talking to our brother James but Alas! His company which is alway sweet to us, was some lost to us for he started back to La-Grange at 1oc. We all hated to see him leave. It dose seem that we will never get used to his being away from home. He seemed more melancohly than usual from some cause that I expect I know something of. F.M. Nooner came by at 3oc going to Mr. Nís. Rained sleeted & snowed to day.

3/1  A very raw bitter day. Some clouds from the north with wind. Very cold. Knocking stalkes & splitting railes. Mose came home to day sick with the rhumatism. I went up to Dr. Wís just at night to see about Mose. The boyes not being there I came back home.

3/2  Very cold & clear. Bright. I & Lang went up to Crafts for his coal. Got 25 bus. I went to work in the shop. Fix up a lift chain & worked on the old buggy Bud broke. This morning Coopers day to preach over here. Pretty girles at our house. Misses Martha & Nannie Nooner. Sallie & Martha staying at Mr. Dickersons to night.

3/3  Clear. Cool. A little warmer. Cleaning up for plowing. Burning logs & brush over Poff place. I, Squier & L. Mose tore down and hauled over one of the Poff houses for a cabin. Misses Martha & Nannie left late this evening. How pretty Miss Nannie is. I believe I am in love with her. O. I wonder dose she love me. Iíd give the world to know.

3/4  Clear. Bright. Damp. I & Graydon hauling wood till dinner then we & Em went over & got F.M. Nooners stack of oats. Didínt turn over but we came very near it. the rest cleaning up the Poff valley. Squier & Mose getting railes.

3/5  Cloudy. Warm. Wind from the south. I took L. Mose up to McDís. He has been here since Sunday. He has lost 9 day we went by Dr. Hís got linenment. I went on & came back to Dr. Wís traided Lizzebeth for two colts. Bose talks of the girles much. After dinner I sowed cabbage, rolled logs & made plow lines. Mr. Lippford came by. Talks of turning off his miller Hedgespeth.

3/6  Cloudy. Sprinkled rain in the morn. Rained hard toward night. Turned cooler. Wild gese flying north. I & Bud went up to Dr. Wís got my colts. Had race to catch them. Four plowes began to plowing oats. Squier splitting railes. I took the buggy and went to Salem to get a plow. Got $15 in money from J.E. Madry. Came back home. Mack came as I did. N. Dickerson is holding forth in Salem.

Sunday, 3/7 Cloudy. Rainey day. Dull glumey. But a dull day is past pleasant with a soul that is as full of love as mine. Yes I believe I am in love. Yes but who with that is a point I canít settle myself. Time will do it for me I guess. We all at home all day. I am reading I.T. Hadleyís ĎLetters From Italyí. I wrote Willie a letter. John C. came over & stayed till 11oc then went over to Dickersons. He speaks of a little girl heís got up in Tenn. picked out for me. She pretty, smart & rich. 18 years old. He told her he would bring me up. F.M. Nooner came in just at dinner. He stayed till 3oc.

3/8  Cold. Began to sleet at bed time last night. Soon turned to snow. Snowed on till 12oc to day to the debth of eight ins. We sat in the house all day. This snow is the breaking up of winter.

3/9  Cleared off earley this morn. A little warmer. all the snow melted off to day. Very sloppy. Jo Houston came & I paid him $10 for his shingles. He is a bothersom old scamp. Mrs. Redus arrived safely this eve from Mr. Caseyís. I am engaging her to do some counting for me. I had the corn behind the kitchen moved to the crib. I hunted & blacksmithed all day.

3/10  Clear with some clouds. Pleasant. John C. came over earley. He let me have two hands to raise a cabin. We got two new logs & got it up & then built the fence by night.

3/11  Warm & cloudy. Sprinkled rain just at dinner. All hands to building fence over next Lipfordís. Built about 100 panels. Squier & Jack hauling railes. L. Mose cutting fence row. Sallie & Eliza went down to Mr. Spencers. John C. came by going to Ripley. He tolde the doctor to come to see Nann. She is sick. Dr. R.M.B. came just at night. He is staying all night.

3/12  Beautiful clear spring day. R.M. Bostwick left earley. 5 plowes began to plow in oats again. I sowing & cleaning out ditches. We finished the upper valley just before night. Got down in the other to sowing. 2 turkeys came in the wheat field, and I shot but didínt get them.

3/13  Clear pleasant day. Five plowes sowing oats. I went to Salem earley. Settled Mrs. Redusís account with Siles being $4.75. Came back by 12oc. Helped Squier fan a load of wheat. He took it to Dunís mill. I fixed up when to Dr. Wís. Saw Dr. W. & Bose shooting a squirrel. Sam N. came to invite us to his País birthday celebration.

Sunday, 3/14 Clear. Pleasant. We boys got up late. Had our boots blacked then Bose & I started to Liberty to meeting. We came on by here (found Sallie, Eliza & Bud had gon to Salem). We went on to Liberty found a house full as usual. The Misses Becks & Spencers were there. Bose waited on the Misses Spencers. We came on here for dinner then put out down to see Miss Genia & Fannie. Hessey met us at the door took us into the parlor. We waited 15 minutes then girles came in smiling. Bose cornered off Fannie & I Genia. We had a pleasant time till sun down. We went on till we over took G. Poff. We parted.

3/15  Clear till 12 oc then clouds from the south. 5 plowes plowing in oats. The end of the school. Mr. Brown has run off stealing things out of the store. Awful affair for him.

3/16  Nice pretty day. Wind & clouds from the south. Squier & Bud started to La-Grange took five mules & five bales. I plowed the garden. Parson Ford preached over here to day. Went to Caseys for dinner came over here at night. We planted our garden this eve.

3/17  Cloudy & rain from 9oc till 12oc. I began to work on a cabin but was prevented by the rain. John C. came over says he is nearly married to the widow Knight in Tenn. Wants me to go up with him in 3 weeks. I went up to Salem after dinner. Waited there till Squier & Bud got there. They were loaded with 13 plowes for Mr. Sulivan & some things for Ayres & Bunn. I got a plow from Sulivan at $4.50.

3/18  Verry warm to be cloudy. Sallie & I fixed up got started to La-Grange by 11oc. Went through Salem. Bunn & James had been there from La-Grange & had gon to Leaks. We were going at the rates of a snail. At 4 1/2oc James over-took us 2 miles this side of La-Grange. We went on up to Maj. Cís. Got down went in to the parlor. I introduced Sallie to Miss Nancy. Then went up town saw Will & James. Then at night Will & I went up & took supper with the Majorís. Chatted the girles & they made music for us.

3/19  Rained some little today. A very hard rain last night raised the creek. I took breakfast at Mr. Thompsonís this morning. From there I went to the depot but had left my cotton receipt with Will & had to run with all my might to get it but made a mistake & got wrong reíct at last. Saw Brown as I ran walking the streets. Didínt speak to him. We met the mail train at Moscow. We went on 5 miles found a bridge washed so we couldínt cross. We all got out and walked over waited 3 hours for an other car for Memphis. But I concluded to return to La-Grange. Got my dinner at Moscow took the car just at night. Came on up to La-Grange took supper at Thompsonís. After supper James, Will & I went up to see Sallie at Major Gossitts. Miss Lu didínt come in. I was sorry for Iím in love with Miss Lu. We talked till 9 1/2oc then Miss G. went to get a candle & we left.

3/20  Cloudy. Warm. Rained last night. After taking breakfast with James I went up & caught my horse out. Then Sallie & I biding them goodbye & asking Miss Gosíst to come see us we left. Went down and traided some with James. Left La-Grange at 9oc with James McDonald who had his seamstriss with him. After going 2 miles we met Will & Joel Bogard who said the creek at the mills was up so we couldínt cross. So we turned round took the turnpike road. Will road in the buggy & I took his horse. We left Joells at Harises. We got to Salem at 3oc. The horse I was on gave out before we got home. We got home at 4oc found Miss Martha Nooner here & Graydon had got thrown from a horse & nearly killed. Will & I went fishing down the creek just at night.

Sunday, 3/21 A little sunshine. Warm. Pleasant. John C. came over earley Will & I fixed up went with him to Salem. Expected preaching by Pitts but he didínt come so we were all disappointed. Misses Bettie, Mollie & Nannie were there. How pretty they did look. Heaven can only boat of such beings. They are two good & fair for the troubles of this old wooden world but ĎGodís will be doneí. Will went down to Mechans for dinner. I came on home. F.M. Nooner was here. Our sisters had beaux to wit, W.M.P. & J.R. Nabors & John Courts. He went from here to Mr. Spencers late in the evening. Will & I went round the Slayden farm. Road two little mules Kit & Peeton.

3/22  Awful rainy bad day. Rained all day. Willie started to Crawfords. Got to J.C.ís and it rained so we turned back. Wm. Dickerson came over & he & I worked in the shop. We made a pair gin ..... I made a fastner to the parlor door.

3/23  Cleared up this morning. A beautiful day followed. I shingled the cabin till dinner. Willie went over to Crawfordís got back at 10oc. After dinner Will & I started for La-Grange. We got there at sundown. I went with Will to Mr. Gossitts shook hands with Mrs. G. & took supper. They had a temperence meeting in town to night. I slept with James.

3/24  Clear beautiful day. Spring. I got breakfast at Mr. Gossitts then Will went down to the depot with me. I got on the ĎAccommodationí and left for Memphis. Got there at 11oc. I found my cotton had got there but was not off the cars. So I went up to town. Bought my groceries & dry goods then went down found my cotton was off & I went back up town got Goodlet to sell it for me. He said he couldínt sell tomorrow so I made myself easey till night. Went to Whitmers & put up for the night. At night I went to book auction bought Byron $2.25, Burnes $1.60, Milton $1.00, Pape $1.60 & a gift for Miss Mollie N. for $2.00. To bed at 10oc.

3/25  Lovely, delightful, nice day. I slept pleasantly last night. Got up earley & after breakfast went up to see when my cotton would be sold. They said at 11oc if I would come it would be sold & redy. Walked down in the south part of Memphis. Stopped & took a peep at the ĎGayocaí it is a splendid building.

4/3  Clear. Bright. Warm day. John C. & I got started up to Tenn. by sun up. We passed through Salem just as some of the lazy dogs were crouling out of bed. saw Mechan as we passed ..... Drove rapidly on saw Smith, M.D. & S. Tarpley. Passed Wm. Wilcox in his field. We got to Kings turnpike and broke our tongue. M. caught up with us there but we soon left him. In passing from Spring Hill to ..... pass some old worn out farms. One or two very fine houses. People seemed to be doing well. We broke our buggy axel tree 4 miles this side of Saulesberry. Hauled it up on a raile. Got a negro to haul our wheel. Had it mended for a dollar. Stayed in town till 12oc. We pass a better countrey till we get to Van Burrin. We stopped an hour there 4 miles from there ..... our buggy body. Went on to Midleburg at 4oc. S. Shivers there. I got an introduction to Mr. ...... merchant. We left our buggy & horses went on to Shivers. Shade sent a boy after our horses. Met Shivers in the yard. We contend our selfs by talking about the widow Knight & other girles.

Sunday, 4/9 Pleasant clear a little cooler. We rose after the sun had began to throw ever ceering rays on the pleasant little place. ..... after eating a hardy breakfast at M. Shivers. John C. had gon over to see his sister. Shade & I got horses caught to go to see the women. Went up and found some young men to go to meeting at Castle. We went up to see Parson Hamer I got an introduction to two Misses Hamer so finding Miss T. gon to the Castle we concluded not to go there. ..... very nice girles rich smart & handsom. What is the reason such girles doínt marry. Not because they donít want to nor is it the want chances! I wanted to see Miss Trice. We left Hamerís at 11-1/2oc. After getting dinner at Shivers we fixed up for preaching. John C. took buggy & I went up to Mr. Garretts to see his widow. Mississ Hamers were there also a Miss Hardison .... sister Mrs. Williams. They did look so ..... think I fell in love. A sermon by Boswell. Shivers & I went back to Hamers stayed with ..... till sun down. We went on back to Mr. Shivers.

4/5  Clear pretty nice day. After breakfast which was earley Shade went out to the field & the old man & I stayed at the house & ...... till John C. got back from Garretts. He had not got the concent of the widow to marry him. Said he had made arrangements for fishing spree. Shade & I went on back with him. We met the lady at the door. We went in to the parlor. Soon Laura Hardison & Miss Eliza Jarrett came in and ...... after talking a little we started for the pond which was 1/2 mile off. John C. took the widow. Shade Miss Eliza & I Miss Laura. Oh! How nice she is and so lively. I really canít help loving her. she is a foot lower than I, weighs 132 lbs has round face and black eyes & black curley hair which is short on her shoulders. We had a pleasant time quit fishing went back to the house. We concluded not to start home. John C. Shade & I took a walk. John said he & the widow had fixed their matrimonial engagement. Shade left ..... late in the evening we all took a walk ..... after supper we had a splendid time. John C. gave me the hint that he wanted to ask the old man for his daughter. So after sitting a while we one by one soon left John & the old man alone. During this time I had got pretty well acquainted with them all. We got on finley. John let the old man out at 11oc then took the widow hugged & squeezed her an hour. then at 12oc we all went to bed to dream the rest.

4/6  Clear. Warm. Sunshiney day. We got up late. J.C. a little sick but managed to get to breakfast. Miss Lauraís face looked so bright, sweet & pretty. After J.C. got to ask the old lady for her daughter & I and the girles walked into the garden. We ordered our horses. When they were hitched up I asked Miss Laura to take a ride with me. She got in & we rode rapidly on. Time passed so fast that we were a mile off before I hardly knew it. Got back and helped her out. Then John C. & I bid them all good bye. Off we rattled with empty pockets & light hearts. Stopped at Shiversís. No one there. Went on to Mrs. L.ís. Broke our buggy tongue. Fixed it got dinner left for home at 10oc. Got three miles from Van Buren broke a wheel down. Had to haul in on a rail. Borrowed a wheel from Moor left Van at 12 1/2oc. Had no more bad luck. Drove very fast. Got to Salem at sundown & home by darke.

4/7  Clear. Warm with clouds in the eve. The old field being beded up. We with 2 sets planters began to plant it in corn. Getting on finely but I canít help thinking of Miss Laura. I really am in love with her, aint I.

4/8  Cloudy. Thundering. We left the field at 11oc for rain. Continued to rain till 3oc. It cleared off. Building the last fence this eve. Dickerson came over. He & I had a settlement. We differ in opinion about $5. Miss Martha & Nannie Nooner here all day and staying to night.

4/9  Clear till noon then cloudy from the south. Riding cotton land till dinner. I at work on the old house. After dinner with 3 sets of planters we finished planting the old Slaydon field. Got some little done in the little sand valley.

4/10  Clouds still from the south. Rained very hard just before night. Six plowes finished planting the sand valley by 11oc then to ridging the cotton land. I worked on the old house. John C.W. came over took Clara home with him. After dinner I gave holiday & went to Salem. Got a note from J.A. MíDís for his shop account. I stayed with John C.W.

Sunday, 4/11 Cloudy. Raining all through the day. Cool or cold. John C. & I fixed up came on down here. From here we left for meeting at Liberty. But when we got to Becks saw no one. Could gon on so we kept on. Went on round by Mr. Spencers & round home. In the evening 2 bucks came in to see our girles. F.M. Nooner & John Bunn. I gathered a large bouquett & sent it to Miss B. Matthews.

4/12  Cloudy. Cold. A little rain at intrivals. 7 plowes ridging cotton ground in valley. I hear record the death of a young friend John Fletcher Asberry. He died last Saturday at two oc. He had gon off to preach on the Chulahoma Circuit. Took the typhus fever. He was confined but 2 weeks. Oh! What a good boy he was. He was an orniment our society & why it was he was removed from us by the ruid hand of death we can not tell. Sallie, Eliza & I went up to see him put in the ground! At Uncle Bobís a large croud there. Bose waiting on Miss Eugenia Spencer.

4/13  Cloudy. Cold. Raining by showers. Seven plowes preparing cotton land. Bud & I finished laying off just at night. Iím thinking of a speach Iím going to make to my intended wife in the course of a month. Sheíll say yes.

4/14  Cloudy. Cold. Began to clear off in the eve. By night it was very clear. We began to plant cotton (one set planters) in upper field. Five plowes bedding out cotton. Iím thinking how it will realy be if I marry my wife. I concluded itís a good idia.

4/15  Clear. Pleasant spring day. Finished planting the upper field. Beck is planting his field south of us in cotton. I think of his girles.

4/16  Cloudy. Warm all day. Threatens rain. Still planting cotton in valley. I caught all the goats this morning. Trimmed their feet to keep them out of the wheat. Sam Nabors here at dinner. I think for me to marry & be confined to home is a fore plan. So, I have concluded not to marry but to live a batch & roam over the world and enjoy my self as long as I live. I will come to a conclusion soon that I am fickle minded.

4/17  Cloud with obscure sunshine at intervals. Six plowes running. Bedding cotton & planting. Earley I fixed up when over to Mr. Nabors had a settlement with him, he owed me $5. Finding the boys had gon a fishing I followed after them. Found them above Norrisí field on ĎRabbití. We sported & fished till 12oc. Eat the little snack they had (flitters & meat) felt a little better. By this time Dawkins had brought the sein. Soon John & I were off and putting into it but having no luck & finding the water cold. We soon got out washed off, and Mack & I left for Salem. Went by saw Mr. Pool. He paid on his shop acct. for $4.70. On by Mr. Wís saw Bose & Robert. On from there to McDonaldís. Fixed up my business with him & at 3oc we left straight for Salem. Didínt stay long in town. Mack would not come home with me.

Sunday, 4/18 Cloudy. Warm. A little sunshine. Sallie, Eliza & I went over to Pigsy to meeting. A shabby sermon by Stone. A small crowd out. Miss Mat. & Nannie were there. Revd. R. Owens was there. After meeting I & F.M. Nooner took dinner at Nabors. A crowd there. We son left the boys telling them we were going to Mr. Spencers, but came on here & soon the boys came in (Mack & John) they came to see the girles. I went part of the way with F.M.N. We talked till near sun down. I am reading ĎLord Byroní. His life is interesting.

4/19  Cloudy. Warm. Began to rain last night rained hard all day. Washing rain. Nothing doing but shelling corn. I reading all day. I finished ĎByronís lifeí. Read some of Moorís & began to read life of ĎRobert Burnsí. He was a very poor boy but a good one. His father was a gardner in Scotland.

4/20  Cloudy. Warm. Cleared off just at night. Left a beautiful night. Putting up washed down fence & fencing pasture fence. I began to cover the old house. John & Mack Nabors came over to take fish, it being to wet for the girles. We went down the creek below Lippfordís gin. We fished all day, had a deal of sport (John got ducked under a log by its turning over with him). Caught a mess of little cats. Left an hour by sun. I came home with John C. stopped at the gate. He is in a tight for money. He wants Mose back. After supper I went up to see him. I traided him Nan for Brant. Gave $200 to boot & give up Mose.

4/21  Clear. Pleasant. Beautiful day. John C. & I got up earley came down here before breakfast. After breakfast we left. John C. for Holly Springs with Nan & I to La-grange. I went all the way to La-grange with out company. Saw but few on the road. I got there at 11oc. Got F.M. Noonerís watch. Paid 75 cts. Went back up town found the boys looking very fine. Squier Wilcox was in town. I bought some things from Will then had pair pants cut. Eat dinner. Then at 2 1/2oc in company with Squier Wilcox I left for home. We had a jovil time. He wanted me to go home with him. Plowing the orchard.

4/22  Clear. Bright. Delightful. Began to plant cotton again. 4 plowes bedding cotton. At dinner I rode over to John C.ís to see Ed Rieves about hering Burril. He & Ann say that I can hear in a week about it. I brought my harrnis home. John C. has got an April Fool from Miss Sallie Warren Ďthou art the star that guides meí. Ma & I are fixing up to go to DeSoto in the morning. I expect to make two or three speeches while gon.

4/23  Clouds from the north accompanied by very cold wind. Ma & I got started earley for DeSoto. Working Polley. She drove very freely. Got to Holly Springs by 11oc. I stopped & saw Mr. Parsons about John C.ís wedding clothes. Then we drove out 4 miles & stopped & fed Polley & eat our dinner. Then at 1oc we drove out again. We drove very pleasantly along till 3oc not knowing what danger awaited us. Just after passing McCombs I let the lines drop & Polley started. I jumped out to catch the lines but missed it & Polley pur off as hard as she could go with Ma in the buggy. What an awful sight it was. Expecting every minute for Ma to be killed, but for all, the sweet little word of hope would come to me as a comforter. But this feeling soon ended for after running a while she hit a stump in the road turned Ma over with the buggy. I caught up found Ma hurt pretty bad. I sent a negro which was in the road home to get help. He belonged to the Guy estate. Mr. More was the overseerer. He and his wife soon came with a wagon & a bed. Took Ma to his house got a carriage & two mules. Got Ma in it I drove & the boy rode Polley. We got to Mr. Owins by dark. More sent my buggy on to a shop 2 miles off. He is a very cleaver man. Didínt charge a cent for trouble.

4/24  Cool. Very for the time. Ma is very bad. I got breakfast and started for Dr. Bís. Stopped at Uncle Nimrods saw Jo Harrie. I went on down to doctors but he was gon. Saw Mrs. Boyes she is sick but the paleness of her cheek only adds a new beauty. I went on to Uncle Tommeys saw Dr. B just as he was leaving. When I got back to Uncle Nís Kenerdy was ready to go to Corrinth to a singing school. I found Misses Julia Tet & Corrie all very glad to see me (apparently). We had a very nice time till after dinner. Irvin & I left for Mr. Owins. Ma know better. Irvin & I then went out to shop where my buggy was. It was not done but would be Monday. We went on to Uncle Nís. Fayette stayed with us.

Sunday, 4/25 Some frost this morning, not to hurt. Cloudy in the eve. All went over to S. School. After school was over Rev. Wm. McMayhan preached a short sermon to a small crowd. After meeting Kenerdy & I went down to Uncle Demcyís for dinner. Also McMayhan & son-in-law. We stayed in the room with the girles while the old fokes were in the parlor. We didínt talk much. I felt bad. Got my feelings a little hurt about a little thing, not worth quoting though. The offender never new it! Got alright or nearly so before I left. John Nesbitt went over with Kenerdy & I. Staying with us. Heís splendid.

4/26  Colder still & cloudy. We got up late. After breakfast I went over to Uncle Demcyís. Aunt Matildy & Miss Tet went to Mr. Owins with me. Just as I got on the plank road Polley fell brand sac with me in the mud. No one saw me but a workman. We found Ma very much better so I began to feel right again. After dinner I went out got my buggy. It all cost $18 1/2. I drove six miles in 30 minutes. I took the ladies home almost made a speech to Miss Tet. Promised them I would go to Uncle Nimís and come back. But got over ther & John Nesbitt soon came. He got on behind me & started over. Met Julia Hoke & Corrie coming over to Uncle. When we got nearly to the plank road I thought of Fayettes watch which I had left. So I put John down with my carpet sack went back found the girles so captivating I could not leave. I put up my horse & went in to chatting the fair sex. I enjoyed my self for once sure Ďlusus habeo finusí.

4/27  Clear. Cool. Had a frost this morning to kill beans, corn & cotton. We were late going to bed & getting up. After breakfast I took my leave. One of the young ladies pressed my hand tighter than the other. I stopped at Uncle Dís got my carpet sac went on to Mr. Owens. Found Ma still improving. I hitched Polley to the buggy left for home at 10oc. Drove rapidly. Got to Holly Springs at 12 1/2oc. Saw Misses Bettie, Nannie & Priss all there & their beaux Crawford, Robinson & Ayres. I got John C. clothes. Came out 3 miles from town fed & eat. Stopped in Salem a minute. Saw Buddy Spencer. Ayres & Bunn are getting good. I got home before sun down found them all well. They had finished cotton were plowing corn. Cooper here to night.

4/28  A little more pleasant. 4 plowes in the corn & 2 harrowing cotton. Cooper left at 9oc. John C. came over & he & I made a horse traid. I gave him $87 1/2 between Polley & Telegraph. I made a harrow.

4/29  Clear. Pleasant. plowing corn & harrowing cotton. Miss M. Nooner stayed here last night. Sallie & Eliza went home with her. I took Sallie behind me to the other end of the lane. Then with a large boquett Sallie sent to Eugenia & Fannie. I went to Mr. Spencers. Met Hessy at the door. He took me into the parlor. We set there some time & Fannie came in and I soon ask for Eugenia but she was sick so my trip was lost. ĎDisappointment sinks the heart of maní. Holcomb has been down & has got a head of me. Miserable wretch that I am. I soon left went to Osbons. To his mill. Saw Click, on to Reives found Osbon there. He paid his shop account. I stayed there till 2oc got dinner. Agreed to give $12 1/2 a month for Burril & 1 suit. From there I went to George Poff. Met Dr. W. He said the boys were at home so I went up there found them at the Tanyard pretended to be drunk. I home.

4/30  Pretty nice day. Some clouds from the south this morning. Plowing corn & harrowing cotton. I worked in the flower garden till dinner then hived a swarm of bees. Sam Nabors over to borrow a saw. My minde is now settled. Tamen magna timene sum. Of its being unsettled before a week.

5/1  Cloudy. Warm. Rained a little early. I started after breakfast to Desoto to see Ma. Left Salem at 8oc got to H. Springs at 11oc. Stopped got a warrent for W.M.P. Nabors. Didínt stop to eat dinner. Got to Byhalia at 5 1/2oc. Found Bej Traynaham, Mr. Owens & John Nesbitt there. They sayed Ma was better. I went on stopped at Uncle Dempís. Found the girles pretty. Corrie pressed my hand with a smile which made my frame viabrate with feeling inexpressable. I suppose it muct be love what else. Found them all right at Uncle Nimís. Wm. Warren & Fayette Nooner. Warren stayed all night.

Sunday, 5/2 Rained a small quantity earley. We all, viz: I, G, H.K., Tom, Lydia, Caroline & I went over to Sunday school. Miss Nesbitts there. Corrie looked so pretty. She was made to torment me I believe. Why so is it? After school was over I started home with Corrie but the other boys would not take the hint to go with me so I could go to church so my hopes were basted. I had it in my mind to court Corrie & hope it is not yet gon. We went on to church. Not many there. Parson Miers preached. After meeting I caught Miss Julie Hoke for a beau to Uncle Nimís where she & her brother stopped for dinner. Mrs. and Mr. Arnold & Dempsy were there also. Mrs. Arnold asked me to go see her. I told her I would. We all went up to Mr. Warrenís. Mr. Miers & the Parson & Fayette were there. Miers is a great ladies man. After Miss Julie H. left A. Miers, W.M. Warren, F. Nooner & I went over to Uncle Demces to see the women. All the girles came in. Miers & I both after the same one. In a short time I pressed the girles & left for Mr. Arnoldís. Met Miss May at the gate. After supper I & the girles went into the parlor. Talked till 10oc.

5/3  Cloudy. Rained all day. After breakfast we caught our horses. Mr. Arnold & Alen took the girles to school and Anderson rode behind me. I got me a saddle blanket from Webber $1 1/4. I left while it rained. Rode all day in the rain. Would have felt very bad if my mind had not been busy in thinking of one who to think of ever acts as a soother of trouble. If I get over throwne in this undertaking I am ruined for ever. But if, on the other hand, I can turn the wheel as I want to then I can say I loved to live to love if ever love was pure & foundered on pure principals it is with me. I stopped at H. Springs but Daniel was not in. I met Silver gave him Robinsons money. I got home an hour 1/2 by sun. Sallie & Lide been to John C.ís to fix up for him. He brought them home. I went on back with him his place looks 50 per c. better.

5/4  Bright clear morning. I took some of my hands & two from Dickerson & worked out the rode between here & Salem road. After which I stacked & ridred some fence till dinner. Squier hauling railes & Brant spliting. After dinner I sat six plowes to planting corn. I & the girles fixing up for John C.ís affair. I put up steps made a screen.

5/5  Nice day. Cloudy with some sunshine. Sallie & I went to Salem traiding. Didínt buy much. Saw Mrs. Beck & the Czar on their way to La-Grange. In the evening I went over to my cotton at the upper field. Find a very good stand. After dinner I wrote tickets & sent them by Bud to Holcomb, Bostwick, W.M.P. & Jno Nabors, Eugenia, Fannie, Martha & Nannie. Eugenia wrote she could not be here. The affair is to be on Sat. next. Plowing corn at old field.

5/6  Clear cool day. Wind from north. I got ready to start to Tennessee just as Mrs. Lax came. She is going with me up to her fatherís. We left here at 7oc. Stopped at La-Grange at 12. Saw James & Willie in good health. They were anxious to go up with me but could not. It always gives me so much pleasure to see them I hate to leave them. They said it was doubtful whether they could come down or not Saturday. We stopped out 2 miles from La-Grange & eat our snack. We had a nice trip of it. Mrs. Lax is an interesting good woman & very intelligent. We got to Mr. Gates at 3oc. I put up and fed my horse then at 5 oc started for Middleburge. A very rough road. Got to Mr. Shivers at 6. Found John C. there. Shade & he had been to Boliever got license for the wedding.

5/7  Bright pretty day. All right for the occasion. John C. got up very earley. After breakfast we fixed up as fine as we could. Waited till 7 1/2oc when the Parson came by (Hamer) we all darted after him. John C. next to him, I next & Shivers brought up the rear. We got to Jarretts. I got an introduction to John Jarrett & daughter. I was well pleased with them. She plays finely on the piano. She is intelligent but shy. They came in and were married at 8 & 10 min oc. Mrs. Knight was a little scared. Then after going in & eating of a very nice dinner which they had prepared with taste for the occasion. We packed up trunkes & boxes. We left at 9 1/2oc for home. The tears fell fast from the old fokes when they pressed the hand of their daughter. Oh! Hhow they love her. I brought Miss Eliza in my buggy. I got all the gab she had & that was but little. I talked to her all the time. We stopped a mile from Saulesberry & took dinner. It was a very nice one indeed. Came on pretty fast. Met Tho. Hamer in the lain the other side of Salem. Didínt stop in Salem. Got to John C.ís about sun down where Sallie & Eliza were waiting to meet us. Had a nice supper. Walls there. John & I had a little fun where to sleep.

5/8  Clear pretty day. Just enough clouds to make it pleasant. We eat a rather late breakfast not much eat by any. Sallie & Eliza left after breakfast at 9oc we all harnised our horses came over in our buggies. Found Martha & Nooner & John Nabors here. Then came Mac N. & F.M.N. Then at 10 oc Boswick & Holcomb which completed our crowd. A very nice little crowd. We all acted our part very well for young ones. Not an old person in the place. We had a very pleasant day. I took Miss Nannie home. Sist. Mat went with her. John C. took his lady over home just before night. Miss Martha Nooner is staying all night also Miss Eliza Jarrett.

Sunday, 5/9 Cloudy. Appearance of rain. We went to Chapel Hill to day. Sallie & Miss Eliza, Lide & Miss Martha went in buggies I horseback. We had a little trouble with Polk. The house was crowded & a great many out. Rev. Ford preached Fletcher Asberrys funeral. Not many tears shed. Poor Fletcher almost sunk into oblivion so soon. His brother James never shed a tear or seemed to care. Oh! What an unfeeling peopal. Will not a each of my brothers shed a tear when I am gon. I would hate death worse if I thought they would not. Began to rain as we left church. Rained pretty hard before night. Sallie went home with Martha Nooner. John C. came took my dear Eliza home. A little -----.

5/10  Cloudy cool wind from the north. Bad weather on cotton. Some very serious changes have taken place since I was twenty. Lost some very dear friends. Some by death and others by separation. Willie for one has left home to mingle with the cold unfeeling hardhearted world of business. Still there are sevril of us. But will not an other year separate some others in some ways I fear it will. Will it be me. I know not if so how. By death or marriage one which? Well the world lookes on me now as a man. I must leave off my boyish ways. How can I do that, I feel no more like a man than I did 5 years ago. what enjoyment do I have now. Is being with the ladies an enjoyment to me? No it is really a crass to be in their company. I derive the most of my pleasure from being at home hard at worke and in the company of my own folkes. It is true I think I have some true friends. But what is friendship but a name. A charme that lulle to sleep. A shade that follows wealth & fame. And leaves the wretch to weep! And who is it that has not a pretend friend. I get worse & worse out of concert of the world every day. I must quit it. It is wrong. Well to day the world wages pretty easy with me. And I intend from now on to let things go as they may. I will ever cultivate contentment of mind ! ! ! ! Begin to bar off cotton this eve. Four plowes.

5/11  Cloudy. Coats on all day. Wind from the north. Finished the upper field cotton. Began the valley. Very poor stande. Hoing valley corn. Five -----

5/12  Clear almost frost last night. Four plowes running baring cotton. I plowed till dinner then I sheared sheep. Sallie & Eliza over to see John C.ís folkes. Brought dear Miss Eliza Jarrett over.

5/13  Clear. Turning warmer. I finished shearing sheep by 3oc then Graydon & I went down the branch. Took a decent wash off. Sallie, Eliza & Miss Eliza Jarrett went down to see Miss Martha & Nannie. Four plowes baring off cotton. Finished hoing corn just as night.

5/14  Clear with some clouds. Warme. Four plowes baring off cotton. I went up to Dr. W. earley took two horses to get his carriage but it did not suit. Found the boys in pretty good spirits. B. talked a great deal about Eugenia & Fannie. I think he is now engaged to Fannie. I came on home got dinner worked on buggie then went over got John C.ís harnis & tung I am going to Desoto to morrow after Ma.

5/15  Clear warm bright day. I got started this morning earley. Had my buggy worked on till after 10oc in Salem. Our horses trot finely. Ball & Polke. Stopped at the mill at 12oc got dinner. At 1oc started again. Passed Holley Springs at 2 1/2oc. Stopped twice to water. Got to Byhalia an hour by sun. Didínt see any one I knew. Saw Capt. Allen in the road. Said Ma was still mending. Got to Uncle Nimís by sun down. Irvin had a chill. Ma better than I expected. Miss Sallie Warren there but soon left.

Sunday, 5/16 Clear. Warm pretty day. Some clouds late. We all fixed up earley went to Sunday school. Fayette Nooner came and went with us. I think he intends to court cousin Polley. What a nice pair they will make. A very large crowd at school. Corrie & Julia looked so pretty. I love them. After school I thought I would go to Mr. Arnolds but the girles did not go home so I went with them to Uncle Demcyís. We talked the girles till dinner then we boys went to see some ponies. Had some fun at Uncle Nathes. Came back. Julia, Corrie & I went into the parlor and were having a fine time when the beau came in. Miers, Rodgers, Warren & Tison. Han & I left just as Julia & Mag did. Fixed up the wagon for to take Ma. Miss Sallie Warren stayed all night. Chas. M.D. Terry

5/17  Clouds from the south. No rain. We got up earley. got Ma fixed nicely in the carriage. Stopped at Uncle Demcys. Bud & Tet soon got ready. We told them all good-bye. Corrie looked so good may the angels protect her till I see her again. Then they may leave her to me. We left an hour by sun. Got on finely. I dropped my whip. Had to walk backe after it. We stopped at the well at 10 1/2oc. I went up to the house got a lady to make Ma some coffee. We soon had it all drunk. We passed through H. Springs after 1oc. Stopped at the mill. Watered. Got home by sun down. Miss Tet got very sick. Got in with Ma & me at Crafts Hill.

5/18  Cloudy. Rained last night. Rained till after dinner. Bud & I fixed up went down the creek fishing. Caught 70 fish. Got back home before night. Bud tore his breeches. Had fun with the girles. Miss Eliza Jarrett came over. We talked & laughted about her to her face. She didínt knowe it. No harm in it though.

5/19  Cleared off in the eve. Cool. Miss Tet & Bud left early for Ripley. If Miss Tet was young enough I would speak to her. She is so good. I went to Mr. Nabors with them. Saw Mr. N. He is looking bad. He has had a new baby at his house. I came home went to plowing cotton & I am a miserable mean fellow.

5/20  Clear & cool. Five plowes in the valley corn. Old man Beck came into the field. Used some very insulting talke to the negros about mocking him. It was Graydon. It insulted me so I went up to his field. Had a long talk with him. I told him part of my minde right plain too. A mill man & Wall there. Dr. Bostwick here to day for dinner & till near night.

5/21  Clear. Bright. A little warmer. Four plowes all day in the cotton. The rest hoing. I went down to Ed Rieves hired Burril at $12 per month. Stopped at Mr. Lax got all the information about S. I could. Genia is sick. Bless her. I came back went.

6/26  I came home got supper was starting to the debate when Mr. Wheatley drove up to the gate with Mrs. W. and Mattie. I went on to the debate and had a fine time of it. Came back was surprised to find a stranger in my bed.

Sunday, 6/27 Powerful hot. Sultry. I slept last night with a Mr. Dunkin who is going to take Mrs. Wheatley to Tishamingo. He is a very nice young man. Mrs. W. has got the Ďconsumptioní. Poor woman she looks bad. She is fast sinking to her grave. What a thought. They left 9oc. We all went down to Sunday School. Good many out Misses Spencers & Becks were there. After school we had a splendid sermon by Lippford. We came home with out company. John Bunn in the evening. I gave Mose my watch to sell. I got a letter Sat. which I have been very anxious to see but what was it very different to what hoped it. My aerial castles are broken down. Bright pleasant sunny days which I had in view have I fear turned to darke glummy unpleasant ones. Sorrow & regret disappointment Oh! Awful, I never loved before now I know it. But disappointment. Why did I ere see her. Why did I love her Oh! Fool that I was. There is something about love I never knew till now. We have but little power over it. But why did she give me the encouragements she did. Why did she smile on me, when I talked to her of love. But she is not wrong. She is pure. She fault less. Itís me not her. I the demon. I doomed to diappointment. What hope have I now. This is too heavy for me.

ĎGo then Ôtis vain to hover
Thus round a hope thatís dead;
At length my dream is over
ÔTwas sweet. ÔTwas false. ÔTis bledí

6/28  Very hot till 12. A pleasant cloud after dinner from the north. Finished the laying by of my corn to day. After dinner I went to Salem got a big plow made. The men playing marbles. I took a hand. Brother Ock Spencer there.

6/29  Very warm. Showers around. Four plowes in the cotton. The rest hoing. I went by took siss to John Cís. They both a sleep. I got a bate of cerries. Then went to Salem got an another plow. Played marbles with the boys

6/30  Very warm. 5 plowes plowing cotton. John C. came over to get the oxen to haul water but they were not up. He came into the field said he thought cast plowes would do my work better. So I got them. Found they did the worke better.

7/1  Cloudy. Hot. Got over my cotton just at night. Aaron came over this morning. Took a hunt for the oxen. Not finding them he came in to the field plowed & I went and hunted them.

7/2  Warm. Cloudy. Rained a harde rain just at night. Very heavy cloud southeast of us. I went to Salem in the morning. Duck to the buggy. Mr. W.D. Beck was there. Miss Fannie Ritcherson has discarded him. They have been engaged 5 months. Good for him & good thing for her. O.A. Beck ran away with Miss Emah Lewis yesterday. They have gon to Tennessee to get married. What a fool she was. What can he promise her but a miserable life I think. Time will tell. He 17 and she 19 years.

7/3  Very warme day. Some clouds. I gave holladay. I took the buggy started to the barbecue at Davisís mills. John C. went in company with me as far as his house. I got to the mills by 9oc. Not many there. They soon began to come in. They kept coming til 11oc. Not a big crowd though. After they all got there some very pretty girles there. Miss Lu Gossitt there. She is very proud of her beauty which does not exceed all that I have seen. We had a speech by D. Miner on ĎAgricultureí. Then we took dinner which was pretty fine. Wm. nor James were there. Bryan said they were well. I left with N. Dickerson & Wm. Ceains. At 3 1/2oc. Got to Salem at 8 1/2oc. Boys there playing marbles. I came on home found Mr. F.M.N. & Misses Laura Hardison, Eliza & Mollie Jarrett all here.

Sunday, 7/4 Some clouds. Hot. Harde rain at 5oc in the eve. Sallie, Mary, & I went to Salem. Preaching by Ford pretty good crowd. Miss Laura was there. Boys who were at the barbeque were there. Some of them incline to make fun of my goatee but they canít. I went to John C.Wís for dinner. The girles pretty lively. They could not go with me to the Sunday school. Miss Fannie S. was there also Bose H. Of course I could not shine then. He took her home. Sallie, Eliza & Mary went to Mr. Lax after school.

7/5  Some clouds. Hot. I busied around here all day fixing up things. F.M. Nooner came over in the eveing after his ox but didínt get it. He staid till night. Miss Laura & Miss Mollie came & stayed till near night. Sallie & Eliza back with them. Plowing & hoing cotton in valley.

7/6  Clear and very hot. Plowing and hoing cotton. I went to Salem earley. Got a letter from no one. Went from there out to J.M. McDonaldís. Mose is getting on finely. I solde my watch to Brown for $20. From there to Dr. Wís. Found Wm. Beck there. He is in a bad way. His Tenn. girl has lifted him from his boots poor fellow. He came on as I did. I condoled with him.

7/7  Clear. Hot. Some air stirring from the west. Hauled in a large crop of wheat by 5oc. The young ladies stayed here last night went down to Mr. Lax. After I got don wheat I took horses started after them. Met them at the branch. We all went over to John C.W.ís. F.M.N. was there. We had a fine time. A small dance too.

7/8  I put Gin to the buggy started to La-Grange after Will. Very hot clear. I got a letter from James as I went through Salem. Also one to Sallie from Fayett Nooner. He writes & spells very bad. I got to La-grange at 11 a.m. Found the boys well. James looks unhappy. Will and I left at 2oc. Stopped at the creek went in swimming. Refreshed us up. We had a load could not come fast. A thunder cloud in the north. We got to Salem at darke. Tarpley wants me to go a fishing with a party of girles tomorrow out at McDoogles. We got home by supper. After supper we undone the things I had got to day.

7/9  Cloudy in the morn. I got up earley fixed up. Found S. Tarpley getting redy to go. I trade my saddle to Nunnely for a new one. Gave $20 difference. Tarpley went on to Mechanís. Got into the pack. I went on after them. Met Squier Wilcox. He asked me if I was going sparking. I said yes. S.T. & I went on to S.Mídís. Grindy H. was there. He got a horse. We went on to Willcox. The fishers had left. Scampered on got to the mill. Found Willcox & sister there. Waited an hour & the rest came Misses Maxwell, Hix & Nannie Ayres. S.T. & I had a nice time with Misses Nannie & Darthula. I did not get an introduction to the others. After eating a snack & I confess without enjoying my trip to an excess I left. Came to Salem got Jno Crawford came on home and just after sun down. We, Will, Sallie & Eliza went over to John C.W. where we had a nice time til 1oc. J.F.H. the fiddler. We danced five or ten sets. John Robinson & J.B.C. came home with Will & I. At 2 to bed.

7/10  Hot. Some clouds. We boys got redy to go a fishing earley. I feel very drowsy. When we got over there the girles had just had breakfast. We all 5 girles & 3 boys went to Brocks old mill fishing. John Robinson left us at Walls. We soon got what bate we wanted. Crawford took Miss Eliza & Will Miss Molly. I got all the rest. We had a very nice time. Got back to John C.W. 1/2 after 12oc. At about 4oc we left Crawford & came over here. Miss Eliza took sick. Will & I had a nice game of marbles with Molly & Laura. To bed at 10oc.

Sunday, 7/11 Cloudy. Looks like rain. Sallie & Eliza fixed to go to preaching but for the rain they didínt go. Will took the girles home earley. I went to meeting. Met them at the lane. Will with Miss Mollie on a horse. Miss Laura & Eliza in a buggy. When we got there I helped the girles out and in the buggy & Miss Mollie off her horse. Orrin Beck & lady were there. I envy not his pleasure. J.B. Crawford came on back with me & insisted on my going to J.C.W.ís with him for dinner. So I did. The girles looked so pretty we could not get off till 3. Misses Laura & Eliza came on with us expecting to go to Sunday School. But it being too late we stayed here. Dr. Bostwick & Halcrom were here. They pitched in very rapidly with the girles. Bill & I took the girles home. Drs. B. & H. left before night.

7/12  Hot. Very warm. Unpleasant.

7/13  Hot. Very warm. Unpleasant. I plowed all day til just at night. Came to the house prepared to go to the Ball at J.C.W.ís. Just as I was redy for supper B.H. & W.A. Daniel rode up. We soon went out to supper when Drs. Bostwick & Holcomb came in. We all eat, went over to Wís in fine glee. All the girles looked so pretty. Miss Mollie in corse. I had the pleasure of introducing all of the young men & ladies that were not acquainted. It was not long till the fiddlers came then we got up a dance. A cotilion thus; B.H. Daniel & Miss E. Jarrett, Holcomb & Sisít Eliza, Will & Miss Laura, I & Miss Mollie. We had a nice time all night til 1oc as it was the last night we would be with the girles. I felt a little bad because Holcomb kept with Miss Mollie all the time. She finley refused to dance with him. I went to her & she danced with me. We parted. All the boys a little struck with Miss Mollie. Daniel came on with us. Wm. stayed.

7/14  Cool pleasant day. Brisk wind stirring. I at worke in my grassey cotton. Two plowes, the rest hoing.

7/15  Still clear. Cool and pleasant. All hands in the cotton. Wm. went to Salem.

7/16  Some few clouds in the morn. Pleasant. Plowing & hoing cotton. Billey Coal came up from Tippah on his way to Salem. Stopped got dinner. I let him have a mule to ride. Sallie & Mattie went with him to J.C.W.ís. He came back didínt go to Salem.

7/17  Clear. Very hot. I worked till dinner then I fixed up to go over Tippah. Billie Coal went to Salem got back here by 11oc. I left him here. I trotted on farelly rapidly got to Daniels 1/2 an hour by sun. Found Robert Ambrous, Kit, John and the old man at the store. After supper we all went over to church. We thought to get to see Miss Bettie Gray, but she was not there. Miss Swan a very pretty girl there. We went to the store to sleep. I borrowed a shirt from Ambros to sleep in.

Sunday, 7/18 Clear. Very hot. I was waked up with the cry ĎGeorge wants his shirtí. Ambros had given me a manís shirt he wanted it to wear. We fixed up went over to Sunday School. The crowd for day pretty well all got there at the Sunday School. Miss Bettie Gray came & Ambros helped her off her horse. She is so pretty that I fell in love with her head and ears. I tried to get a introduction to Dís for dinner. Got introduced to Miss Swan. We went back to meeting at 4oc but Miss Bettie was not there. So we stayed a while then left for parts unknown. We came by the sawmill met Mr. Coopper going down to church. We stopped at Simpsonís. Cider plenty to drink. We left there with Than. Came on to Pisgy. We had a powerful meeting. Daniel & Coal came with us.

7/19  Britght clear warm day. R.H. Daniel left at 9oc. Sallie, Will & I went to Salem to there Baptis meeting. J.B. Crawford was there. Wants me to go up to Tenn with him. I said I would. He is very much smitten with Miss Eliza. After meeting I went home with Frank Ayres. He gave me an introduction to his mother & Miss Puss Crawford. After sitting in the parlor some time I took my chair & set right up to the girles. Had a very pleasant time with them had it not been for fool Robinson. At 3oc we all went to the porch at Matthews gin. Frank A., Frank C., Joel B., John D., John R., & I. We had a nice time. I found F.M.N. at Salem. He came on with me.

7/20  Clear. Very warm. I plowed til 12oc in the upper field. Coopper preached over here to day to six persons. Came here for dinner wanted me to go with him over to Tippah. I put on my white pants, silk vest, black coat. Took Jolley off. We put out at 3oc. John Davil was at Willisí as we pass redy to go home. He went with us. We went by Jon Tidwells. We got to W. Murreys before sun down. Parson Freeman came just after we got there. We got supper then to meeting. Sam Asberry was there. I went home with hiem to Ma Grays.

7/21  Clear hot. Very hot. We (Sam A., I & two Reathfords) got up late. Went up to the house eat a shabby breakfast. After breakfast we went up to the house and Sam gave me an introduction to Miss Bettie. I think Iím in love with her. She is such a fine domestick girl. Sam soon left for school. I talked to Miss Bettie an hour then said good-bye to her. Left at 8oc. Came on to Pisgy to meeting. Miss Ragsdale there. Shís pretty too. From there I came home to plowing & hoing cotton.

7/22  A thick heavy cloud in the west all morning. Sprinkle of rain. All in the upper field cotton. Will got crutches from Salem.

7/23  Some little rain to do no good. Rain in the west in the morning. Plowing and hoing the upper field cotton. I heard of the death of Miss Mat Hardison. She was young and beautiful. It made a strange feeling come over me, though I had never seen her. Why should God take such good, lovely, pure beings from earth? Why not let them stay & bless the lives of someone? They are too good for earth.

7/24  Clear pleasant. No clouds. Buck Clairs died to day. He died drunk. He willed his property to his brotherís son and his soul to the devil. If the Bible is true then he is in Hadeas reaping his reward. Where the worm dieth not and the fier is not quenched. Awful. Awful. The Babtist began a protracted meeting to day at Hope Well we all went at night. I see a Mr. Parmer there who is making rapid strides toward my Genia. What shell I do? Go & kill him off.

Sunday, 7/25 Time passes rapidly on and does not waite for me so I have fallen behind with my book. Many happy scenes have passed since I stopped writing but still it has left me to vie with an unsettled mind. I wish I had a book of my mind. It would present a scene of a mixed mass of chaotic confussion. What a mess! Sometimes of a bright dream where wealth and reputation shine forth in the future in all their allurements. And sometimes right to the reverse. I have thought a thousand times of maraying but that wont do. Then I think of making a ladies man but that I never can. What then a batch? Well I canít stand that. Well I have been having the chills and that has brought me down to zero. Now then Iíll make another starte.

8/24  Clear & hot. Pretty nice day. Somewhat sultry. All hands gathering fodder in the old field. Willie Graydon & I hauled of a load of fodder this morn. At 12oc John C. sent for one of us to go over to see Tom Knight who they thought was dying. Wm. went. John Dickerson & Mr. Giton took dinner here. They are canidates. Sallie & Martha Nooner went over to Mr. Nabors to day also Miss N. Shivez.

8/25  Clear warm dry.

9/10  Clear. Cool pleasant. All hands making brick. We have 20,000 made. Wm. Cole is still here. This is 13 1/2 days at 75 cts. a day. I had a harde chill yesterday. Took 1/4 beef from Mr. Lippford 31 lbs. My head feels dizzy from the quinine I have taken.

9/11  Clear pleasant pretty day. All making brick. I up some to day. Peaches nearly all gon. Apples rotting.

Sunday, 9/12 Cool morning. I dressed earley started to Mt. Olevit to preaching. Got to Mr. Lax. F.M. had not got there. He came in 1/2 after 8oc we were off. We traveled pretty fast. Went by Tidwells got to church at 12oc. Good many had got there. Miss Bettie with the rest so that was to my hand for I went to see her & for nothing else. Well Iím in love thatís all and how will I get out after a sermon by Freeman. Sam A. was with Miss B. but I went & helped her on her horse. F.M. & I went to Browns for dinner. Wiley & we then went to Crawfords to see Miss Kitt. Not a word was said to her but what I said. We left there. F.M. & I came on to Em Becks got supper then to Liberty. House full. F.M. came and stayed with me. We took a pretty good round.

9/13  Clear. Warm. Making bricks. All nearly sick with the chills.

9/14  Clear. Pleasant. Warm at 12oc. Finished making brick to day. We have 30,000. Billie has worked 15 days.

9/15  Some clouds in eve. Putting up bricks and making baskets. Fayette Nooner got back yesterday from DeSoto and left here to day for Liberty. Ma had a hard chill. Sent for Whitlow. He is staying all night. He wants to sell me his land $2,300.

9/16  Clear. Cool wind from the north. These nights come very near frosting. Making baskets and putting up bricks. Albert Toombs took dinner with us. Itís been a long time since he was here. He is a miserable looking little fellow.

9/17  Clear bright day. We began to pick this morning at our cotton. Squier picked 120 lbs. I think I will get 10 bales. Going over the first time.

9/18  Cool clear day. Fayette stayed here last night. He went on earley to fix up for the meeting over to Tippah. After I fixed up I went by got Fayetteís saddle packes. He & Nannie not being redy I went on to Hickory Flat. Got there at 1/2 after 11oc. Found a house full. A good many I knew of whom were S. Asberry, Miss Bettie & Miss Siss Swan. We eat little. I got acquainted with Mr. Thomas, a canidate. He & I went up to Cockrams & got an other dinner. Mr. Ben Nabors preached at 3oc after which I made a beau of Miss B. Went with her to Mrs. McKayís got introduced to two Miss Mcís and Miss Poots. At night I went back with a Miss McKay. She is a fine looking girl. I came near making a speach to her. We had a great time with fellows trying to steal a girl all night but she would not go.

Sunday, 9/19 Pleasant bright day. A gay looking party at the breakfast table except the young lady to who was to run away. She looked a little sorrowful. After breakfast we had a crowd all of those fellows who were scampering about. Dr. Simons, the beau, with the rest.

10/23  DeSoto County, Mississippi.
Clear cool & dry. Charles started his wagon to Memphis this morning. Went with it as far as N.M. to borrow Kennedyís horse. Sallie & others fixing for meeting.

24,25,26,27, and Sunday October 28 H. Winbourne, John Anderson, Braun Ingrahan, E. Ninyahan, John Edwards, James Edwards, John Duncan, Hamp Duncan, Stephen Myers, Absolon Myres, Thos. Downer, Thet Rogers, C. Herrington, N. Nabors, A. Warren, D. Nesbitt, Thos. Nesbitt, N. Nesbitt, A. Smith, A. Arnold & others too numberous to mention. Byhalia, Mississippi.

Dinner was over the dishes washed & set away & the family set around a glowing fier talking now of this matter & now of that. Martin had drawn his feet near Mrs. Winkle & her charming .....

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