1860 Terry Diary

.... Uncle Nís and traid. Found Miss Sallie Warren & Lydia Cason there. We had a small amount of fun with them about reading a letter in a paper.

Sunday, January 8, 1860 Clear pretty day. Weather beader. Anderson & Can came home with me. We met Sallie & Will about half way. Turned them back. I feel very unwell with rising on my lip. Anderson took a nap in the evening. An hour by sun they all left. Sallie & Will went home with Can.

1/9  Cloudy. Like rain. Began to gin Mr. Vines cotton after dinner. The gin goes fine. This cotton is the pretties I ginned. He hauled two loads. We ginned about one bale. My lip kills me I canínot rest anywhere.

1/10  Cloudy misting rain a little. Mr. Vines hauled two more loads cotton to day. We gin as fast as he can haul. Sallie & Will came home and brought Lydea with them. Charles Charles

1/11  Raining all day. Began to freeze at night. Ginned a little cotton then fooled about. Put in the glass in the windows in the parlor.
1/12 Cold. Cloudy. Confounded bad weather. All hands clearing above the gin.

1/13  Rained this blessed day. No work but such as can be done in the house & all of that is to eat. What dull times is wet days. I have been reading and studying out my future and find its a hard peep. But I expect poverty mixed up with pleasure & pain. But true love makes a rough road smooth. Charles M.D. Terry

1/14  Cloudy but little rain. Clearing land. Started to mill but couldnít go the creek too full. Bud let his sack fall in the creek. I road round to look for some hogs. Met Mr. Bigs (the tax collector) at the creek. Wall & I went hunting in the eve. Didínt get a shot. W.W. Warren, T. Duncan & Kan came in staid till late. Shot at pigeons. Kan & I went over the creek with T. Dunken. Staying all night.

Sunday, 1/15 Another weather beader. Beautiful. Bright. We all walked over to the church at 11oc. Found the bell there. A small crowd there. C.E. Slicks with the rest. He left earley. Didínt pay him he said. No good looking women out. We didínt fetch anyone with us. We had a nice time jumping the roap. We went part the way with Lydea & Kan just at night. Lydea told me a secret which I was surprised to hear.

1/16  Clear. Pretty fore noon. Clouded up began to rain just at night. What a world for bad weather. We packed out four bales cotton for Mr. Vines. Began to gin at 10oc. He hauled in two loads to day. I bought four 1/2 lbs of tallow from Vines. Mr. Dunken at the gin a little while this morn. Sallie came up to the gin late this evening got her dress caught in the bane. She very much scared.

1/17  Cloudy in the morning. Clear bright at noon. Ginning Vines cotton. He hauled 3 loads.

1/18  Clear. Pretty. A little coudy in the evening. Mr. Duncen brought his daughter Ann over to see our women. I didínt get to see her being at the gin. Mr. D. went over to Falkner. They left just before sun down. Charles Terry

1/19  Clear pretty day. Packed 4 bales cotton of Vines by dinner making him eight. After dinner Mississ Mary & Vick Winbon came over & spent the evening. The girles were very well pleased with them. They were nice intelligent girles. Miss Vick is beautiful. Large, rather over the medium size. Round well formed limbs. Handsom size bubbies. Very black hair & eyes & lips that would do one good to dwell upon with long drawn out kisses. And a heart no doubt as large as a bale of cotton and perhaps not all her own.

8/25  Clear cool & pleasant. Big meeting commences at Fountain Head to day. Parson Bell preached at 11oc Dr. Wright at night. No excitement yet. Lydia & Carrie Nabors with Miss Sallie Warren are at Aunt Wís. Wm Warren took dinner with us in the evening. Sallie & Sallie W., Eliza, Carrie Warren & Graydon went to Parson Winbourneís took supper & then went to church from there home. Charles & Dick came home from Byhalia after we had all gon to bed.

Sunday 8/26 Preaching by Parson Bell in the morning, at 3oc to the darkies. Had a great time of it sang ďTruth Is Mighty And Will PrevailĒ.

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