1859 Terry Diary

February 2, 1859  Warm. Pleasant. Rained last night. Turned cold late in the eve. I stayed with F.M. Nooner. We went up to Thorn’s in the morning. Stayed till 11oc Miss Buchanan was there with Missess Vs. We had a very nice time. Squier hauled the corn from Nabors to day 50 tubs. Spliting railes and picking cotton. Cousin George talke of going to Tenn.

2/3  Nice day but cold. I & Squier went to the saw mill. Got a load lumber to fix the seller. I got home at 2oc found Dr. Bos. and F.M.N. here. Picking cotton. Getting railes.

2/4  Clear. Cold wind from the north. I & Squier hauled up a load of rocks for chimney. Sallie & cousin G.W.A.G. started to Tenn. this morn. Fayette went to Salem all day to court. After dinner I went over to the Williams’ old house to look for a trowel did’nt find it. I rec’d a letter from Thos. Norris. Very nice one.

2/5  Cloudy wind from the south. Began to rain. Cold from the north before night. I began a chimney to the cabin. Went to Salem in the eve. Took Brandt. Got a wagon from Farnie ($50). F.M.N. came by took Fayette with him. No one with us to night.

Sunday, 2/6 Clear cold bright day. We all stayed at home till after dinner. I went to
A.J. Smith’s got nearly there turned back   through Beck’s woods faster. Find we owe him  .I got down at a fier to warm in the woods at a log & my horse ran away from me, came home. F.M.N. came back with Fayette just at night.

2/7  Clear with some clouds at night. Picking cotton & spliting railes. I & Brandt working on the seller. F.M.N. & I have made arrangements to go to school to Mr. Lipford to board here and begin in two or three weeks.

2/8  Cloudy. Rained all day. Five of us at work in the seller. Marcy Mechan was to get married to night but it was put off one day.

2/9  Cleared off cold this morn. Spliting railes & cutting wood. I started to gin this morn. Ginning I.C.W’s last bale. I went to Salem in the eve took a horse for John Robinson to come out on but could not till next week.. All the fellows were fixing for the wedding. They will have a fine crowd. H.G. Spencer there.

2/10  Clear. Cold. Picking cotton & spliting railes. Cousin G.W.A.G. & Sallie got back from Tenn. just at night. Bring pretty good news. I ginning & packed 2 bales cotton. I.C.W. sent & his bale weighing 475 lbs.

2/11  Damp day. Misting rain all after noon. Picking & ginning cotton. G.W.A. & I working in the shop    Hugspeth came over to see W.L.N. on

2/12  Cleared off cold. We all picking cotton. I & G.W.A.G. went to Salem. I put in my petition to Masons. A good many at salem. We wrote valentines to Miss Genia, Eliza, Corrie & Mary N. I got one from Wm. to Eliza.

Sunday, 2/13 Beautiful day. Young Thos. Robinson stayed here last night. I & he went to Liberty to preaching. Not many there. Big Owens was there. Miss Fannie. Robinson went to Beck’s for dinner. Big O & I got dinner here went down to Spencers. Had a nice time with the girles. Big can shine where I am darke “The Lord has blessed him with wealth”. We left there at 9oc p.m. I came on home found F.M.N. here writing.

2/14  Cloudy. Damp. Rained a little. We finished picking cotton & hauling up. Splitting railes. I went to Salem. Came back at dinner. Worked on the cabin. Ginning cotton.

2/15  Rained hard last night. Rained by showers all day. I went to Salem got two trowels. Got a valentine for G.W.A. Graydon, also one for myself from Miss Mollie Thorn dated at “Forest Home”. G.W.A.G. & I began a chimney to the cabin.

2/16  Cloudy. Foggy in the morn. Cleared off warm at night. Cutting out a fence row next to Beck on the west. We building on the cabin chimney. Dickerson came over & got some apple tree limbs to set out for trees.

2/17  Chas. Md. Terry. Cloudy. Warm. We finished the chimney to the cabin by noon. Then finished the   Spliting rales and cutting out fence row south of the valley north of Beck’s fence. Fayette lost to day. Charles M.D. Terry

2/18  Rained in the morning. Hands to working the road. I & cous’ G.W.A.G. layed the harth in the clouded room. I then went to Salem. Nothing of note. L.C. Bogard has returned from “Philadelphia”. I got a letter for Sallie from Irvin. Nothing interesting in DeSoto, the land of

2/19  Cloudy with some sunshine. I went earley to work on the road. We had about 20 hands. My man Harley was there but said not a word to me about slashing me. He is a coward. Beneath my notice. I went to Salem just at night with Big 0.

Sunday, 2/20 Clear and beautiful. Pleasant. We all stayed at home but Fayette went to Tippah. We reading. Had a pleasant strole in the evening. F.M.N here at night. “Discontinment is ours”.

2/21  Cool. Frost at night. Clear day. We working in the seller Spliting rales clearing out fence rows. Still discontented. We finished packing cotton making three bales.

2/22  Cool & cloudy. No rain. I started Brandt to La-grange this morning with 3 bales cotton & 4 mules. Began to sow oates 3 plows. A.J. Smith began the smoke house this morning. Fayette, Sallie & Eliza went to Mr. Lipfords in the afternoon.

2/23 Cloudy. Warm. Rainey. Muddy. Working in the seller. Lipford up. Dickerson over. Brandt got back from La-Grange. No news.

Oak Lawn - Tippah, Mississippi

10/19  Clear, cool. Frosty. I left James in Memphis at 1oc a.m. Took the cars to La-Grange where we arrived at 4 1/2. Breakfasted at Dabb’s. Then G.W.A. Graydon and I left for home. G.P. Robinson paid me $10 in Salem. Scot acct.

10/20  Cool. Clear. G.W.A. Graydon & Lide left earley for Pontotoc. He is on a courting expidition. Hee’l get slayed. I went to ginning Dickerson’s cotton. Ginned two bales. Jno. Williams at the gin this morn. I finished reading “From Dawn Till Daylight”.

10/2 1 Clear & cool. Ginning & picking cotton. Ginned & packed 2 bales for Dickerson. Reading Cemie Stories. No one here to day.

10/22  Warmer. A little like rain. Ginning cotton & picking. Packed Dickerson 15th bale to day. This is the last day of the “Fair at Ripley”. Henry Mechan took two premiums with his span of clay    Spencer girles have gon. B. Owens did not get a pitty.

Sunday, 10/23 Warm. Pleasant. Sallie, Will & I went to Hopewell. We expected a new preacher but he was not there. So we were hired out with Prescot. A dry crowd. R.J. Owens was there with all his oil & wind. No one came home with us.

10/24  Pleasant. Ginning and picking cotton. Ed & Ann came this morning stayed all day & at night we had a dance in the parlor. I was the fiddler. We had a merry time.

10/25  Pleasant weather. Nice on cotton. I traided Ed Rieves my watch for a cow & $5. Ginned another bale cotton for us 21st no. Finished Dickerson’s fine. G.W.A. Graydon & Eliza got back from Pontotoc. F.M. Nooner came just at night. We all had a splendid dance at night. Fannie Lipford danced with me.

10/26  Warm for the time of year. I rode round to collect till 12oc but I did’nt get a cent. Will left for La-grange with George Graydon at 1oc. I went to J.C. Williams had a settlement with him.

10/2 7 Clear but cooler. After breakfast J.C. & I went over to C.C. Terry’s found them at home. I got an introduction to Mrs. Terry. We made arrangements for us to go to Ripley this eve. I went from there to Salem. Had a settlement with Ray & Harvill. Got a receipt. Got a letter from James. Went to see Mrs. Brown. She is an informal old fool. Came home fixed up went to Ripley got to Dr. Whitlows at dusk. Found them all well. Went to bed at 9oc p.m.

10/28  Clear & pretty cool. Sure after breakfast Dr. L.L. went to his gin. Looked at his new works. Liked it finely but his gin does not do well yet. He has a “Pro Voss Press”. We went up town met Dr. Terry & Stricklin coming down. We worked till 12oc fixing up matters. I got Terry notes for $1400. Whitlow gave the deed to the land. I took dinner with Whitlow. Put out for home where I rived at sun down. Packing cotton for Mechan.

10/29  Very cold day. Wind from the north. I started earley to Desoto in a buggy. I drove pretty rapidly. Stopped at Salem warmed. I passed through H. Springs at 12oc did’nt stop. Got to Byhalia an hour by sun. Saw Wm. Warren at Corrinth came up with the Singing School remains consisting of a lot of girles & H.K. Nabors. They all seemed glad to see me. H.K. got in with me. We stopped at the gin found them all well but Tommey. He is pretty low. Tifoid.

Sunday, 10/30 Still cold. Cousin Carrie went in the buggy with me to Sunday School then to Nashions Colleage. A small crowd there. A sermon by Dr. Bight. Went to Uncle N’s for dinner. Aunt Undy & Polley there. They praised my fine looks (I thought it was my whiskers, I have a fine hair on). I went home with Aunt Polley. Thomas in bed with a chill.

10/31  Some warmer. I went down to Maj. Allens. From there to Edwards found him with Miers, Tison & Ingram. They were trying to fix up a difficulty between him & Dunkins. I bought Edwards corn $3 barrel!. Went back to Uncle N’s. I.G. & I went to Corrinth. Preaching by Harris. I went home with Corrie & stayed all night.

11/1  Still warmer. Clear. I went to James Duprey from there to Byhalia thence to Mr. Arnolds. Took dinner stayed till 2oc went back to Byhalia got to see Wm. Martin. I saw my rival, Ab Miars & Casson. I went back to Mr. Arnold with Miss Mag & Kitt.

11/2  Cool morning. I got up before the family. Caught my horse went to Uncle N’s for breakfast. Thence to Edwards to measuring corn. We got along slowly. I eat dinner with Edwards. I got aquainted with Steve Bogin, brother to Tom. He is blink eyed. I went to Aliens after supper. I went in to Miss Ann’s room. She kept singing & giggling till I went into the old folk room. From the sign they had just got over a tight family quarrel.

11/3  I went back to Edwards. We finished measuring corn. I went by Parson Winbons. I asked me to call on him. I went back to Aliens found John Cason there. He thinks a right smart of Miss Mary. I found all at home. Tommey a little better.

11/4  Clear & warm. I & Uncle Nimrod went over to Thomas Teing’s. I bought 8 bus. wheat from him. Sold Tom my pistol for 200 bus cotton seed. After dinner I went to Byhalia to Marting back to Mr. Arnolds. After supper Anderson & I went to the lodge. I joined the Simeritans. Miss J was at R’s. We had a big oyster supper at Webbers Store.

11/5  Clear. Warm. Dusty. I left Arnolds after breakfast put out for home. Saw Abby in Byhalia. I drove pretty rapidly stopped at Holly Spring got Aunt Pollies business fixed up. Eat a snack in the Court House left out at 1oc for home. Got to Salem at dusk. A.C. Crawford wanting to buy corn. Found all well.

Sunday 11/6 Warm & dry. We all stayed home all day. But Fayette went to Bethalaham. We had Courts & Brown all day as guests. Brown is a slow hand with ladies. It is pleasant to stay at home of a long winter day reading & talking.

11/7  Still warm. Pleasant. I worked in the shop on a wagon all day. Got it redy for hauling corn just at night. Zack Smith came after supper. F.M. Nooner came from Salem with Fayette. They had a fine possum. Picking cotton this week for J.H. Mechan. Local music by Smith.

11/8  Clear & warm. No change in the weather. Began to haul corn. Hauled five loads. Working six mules. Brant & Mandy pulling.

11/9  No change. Hauling corn got four loads. F.M. Nooner helped me with the last load.

11/10  No change. Weather still warm. F.M. Nooner left earley. Fayette came home at night. We hauled four loads corn. Corn pretty fine in valley.

11/11  Warm. A little rain before day light. Fayette went to Ripley to big R. Rrede Barbecu. Expects to have a great time. We put Fannie to the wagon this morning worked her all day she did fine.

11/12  Warm before noon. A very sudden change to very cold wind & rain from the north which terminated in a heavy sleet just at darke. Rieves and lady stayed with us last night. Left after 12oc to day. I worked Todd to the wagon all day. She did finely.

Sunday, 11/13 Very cold wind from the north. No company all day. Mat & Mary went home with Fannie Upford. They came home just at dark. Fayette got home from Ripley after supper. He has been to Themes & Jones’. He is in love with Miss Mollie Jones. He looks mighty green with a big piece of arborvitea in his hat.

11/14  Very cold wind from the north. Began to gin again. Rather cold business. Hauling corn.

11/15  Pretty. Cool. Moderating a little. Ginning cotton. Began to pick cotton after
dinner. Finished hauling corn. Made 180 barrels. No news.

11/16  Turning warmer. Very smoky. Ginning cotton & picking.

11/19  I staid at J.C.W. last night. Thought of Miss Mollie Jarrette. After breakfast I went up to J.M. McDonolds. He offered me $275 for Mose next year but I did’nt take it. I went to Mrs. Coxes to a sale. I acted as clerk. Left there at 3oc came by Tanyard got the rest of my harnis.

11/20  Cloudy. Looking a little like rain. We, I Jack & Squier got started to Desoto by 9oc. Got to Salem by ... Dick went with us to Mathews. We got to our camping ground by darke. With much difficulty we got fier started & water and got off to rest at 9oc. But at 12oc it began to rain on us. We passed the balance of the night with little comfort.

11/21  We left our camp before sun up. It quit raining but it was very muddy. We went the Byhalia road six miles then south 2 miles into Hennandor Road. With hard traveling we got with in 7 miles of Major Allens. At darke struck camp again with a good fier we would have done very well but our bedding was wet. I threw myself upon it and slept as sound as a tired fellow could. Dreaming of warm dry beds & those I love. An hour before day I got up feeling very bad with a cramp in my brest. I tried to eat but could not. We started by good day. I tried to walk my bad feeling off but could not found I had a chill on me. Lasted till 8oc.

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