1856 Terry Diary

Oaklawn Plantation, near Salem, Mississippi Tippah County

Wednesday, April 9th, 1856 Dry, warm, clear, spring day. Still riging the upper field. John Nesbitt, Jas & I sitting around in yard. We read “Lalla Rooke”, in the bower.

4/10 Dry & warm sunshine. John Nesbitt left this morning earley. Jas went to Salem, found he could not get into business. We finished riging the upper field. I am rainy dtching in gin field.

4/11 Clear warm day, commenced planting the north-est valley in white corn. Squier bedding the gin field. Jim Craft came and got his cotton and made a settlement for said cotton. Jas & I made plow lines. Misses Marthie & Nannie Nooner spent the day with us.

4/12 Clear, windy & flying clouds. Planting corn and bedding cotton ground. Jas went a fishing down branch. Zach Smith & Tate Nooner are here tonight.

Sunday, April 13th Clear warm sunshine day. We all went to preaching at Hope-Well by Mr. Lipford. Mesers. R. M. Bostwick, Rob Owens & Jas Craft stopped this eve.

4/14 Appearence of rain. We finished N.E. valley of corn. Jas is working in the garden.

4/15 Clear & cloudy verry windy. Commenced planting our first cotton in the rodeside valley. Jas, Salle & Eliza went to preaching at the Protestant and a fishing & got dinner at the Nabors.

4/16 Clear with some clouds. Finished planting valley cotton gon to the upper field. I finished laying off the gin field for cotton.

4/17 Raining. Rained a pleasant shower last night. Cleared off in the evening. Planting cotton in the upper field. Cool.

4/18 Cool cold wind from the north. We finished planting cotton in the upper field. Cool.

4/19 Verry cool morning wind from the north. Jas & I went a fishing. Caught about 50. Bedded up the gin field for cotton. Squier planted his cotton.

Sunday, April 20th Clear & still cool. We all went to preaching in Salem by Mr. Harris. There was also a preaching by Mr. Spencer in the Baptice church. Not many out. John Nesbitt & Aunt Malinda going to Ripley.

4/21 Clear & cool. We are planting cotton in the gin field & corn in the valley between here and school - house.

4/22 Cloudy & commenced raining about 11oc. Rained till night. Finished planting cotton & corn before the rain.

4/23 Faired off in the evening. Building the last valley corn field. Jas, Bill & I went a saining in Rhoden’s. Caught 20 fish.

4/24 Clear with scattering clouds. Ma, Sallie& Jas went to Salem traiding. Mrs. Berry & John Nesbitt stopped going home.

4/25 Warm & clear. John Nesbitt left this morning. Harring corn. I am shearing sheep. Jas, Sallie & I went to Salem night preaching by Mr. Garriett. Hog drover was there with Miss M.

4/26 Warmer & clear. I & Squier finished the sheep. Jas and I went to Salem to trade-trade-trade.

Sunday, April 27th Rained last night. Cloudy from the south. We went to Hope-Well. M.F. Lipford, R. Daniel came by and went with us, Darthula & Mournin, beaus from Ripley, in a two horse buggy.

4/28 Warm & cloudy. Jas went to Salem hauling railes and plowing up a pea patch. Mr. Lax, Forte, Jas & I went a saining (after 12oc) to Yellow Rabbit. Dident get many. Had a heep of fun, got home after supper.

4/29 Heavy rain last night. Jas & Gradon went to Salem. Nothing doing on the farm today. Shivery wet evening.

4/30 Verry hevy rain & storm last night. Blew down great deel of timber & tore Salem to pieces. R.M. Bostick stayed with Dr. Rieves last night and is now with us.

5/1 Windy, clouds blew away. Jas & Mat went to Salem and to Mr. Scott’s to get Sallies bonnet.

5/2 Warm and clear. We commenced scraping cotton.

5/3 Warm clear with some flying clouds. Plowing corn Squier & I planted peas Jas and I went a fishing.

Sunday, May 4th Warm cloudy morn. Fayett and I start to Bethlaham preaching. We had got nearly there when it began to rain. We got wet. We had a long sermon by Mr. Boswell. Misses Mary & George Tedhix were there. Tate and I came on home with Mr. Nabors and got dinner Wm. Bunn & Wm. Casey spent the evening here preaching by old Sam at the school house.

5/5 Cloudy and warm. A showing of rain at night. Scraping cotton and plowing corn.

5/6 Cleared off this mom. I and Squires finished the valley & commenced scraping the upper field. Misses Martha and Nancy Nooner were here triming bonnets.

5/7 Cool wind from the north, clear. Jas & Sallie started to DeSoto this morning. We are scraping & hoing the upper field Bit & Nan are plowing the Poff field of corn. The Peonahs are opening.

5/8 Cold & cloudy wind from the north. Cleared off just at night. Finished the upper-field, are now in the gin field.

5/9 Cool clear morn; I and Squier scraping the gin field of cotton; Bil & Nan finished the Poff corn. Bud went to mill.

5/10 Cool and clear: Plowing corn till dinner: I am 19 years old today and weigh 147 lbs. & 5 feet 7 in high. I took a fly fan to Mrs. Walls then to Salem. (Got papers speaking on Kansas. Faddling by Mr. Redus, and, an old Virginian) Came back with Mr. Wall & took supper with him, then got on my mule and came home through the beautiful moon-light & found Chas Dawkins here. He is dressed out in white.

Sunday, May 11th Clear, cool, beautiful day. Mr & Mrs. Naline over this morn, and spent the day. Chas D. and I went to Mr. Nabors took dinner. I got on my mule to go to Mr. Lax: but met M (and we then went to Chapple Hill. Meeting had broke before we got there. We come on back and I came home) he had been there and said Misses M.C. and D.M. Becks, and Miss E. Spencer and Miss Mary Macham were there till he left.

5/12 Warm clear. 4 plowes plowing the upper valley corn & four hoing cotton. I sheared 9 sheep in the evening.

5/13 Turned warmer. clear. Jas got back last night from Desoto. He has gon this morning to Ripley after Aunt Lindy. I went to Salem and to Mr. Mechams. Plowing corn and hoing cotton. Lide & I went to preaching over by Vandygriffs.

5/14 Clear with some flying clouds I & Squier finished running round the upper valley & commenced in the sand valley. Jas and Aunt Malindy got here.

5/15 Clear hot day. Jas and Aunt Undy left early this morning. I & Squier finished the sand valley just at night. Mandy and Nann finished the upper valley a little before dinner.

5/16 Rained a small shower last night. Warm and cloudy. Began to plow cotton in the gin field.

5/17 Rained last night. Cloudy, still threatens rain. I gave holloday in the evening and I went to Salem. It began to be showery after 12oc. Squier is plowing his cotton. I and Tate N. went to Pisgy to preaching by the Rev. Rodgers.

Sunday, May 18th Turned cold last night. I came home this morning from Mr. Lax. Lide and I went to Liberty to preaching by Mr. Lambert. This is in the middle of May and peopal are dressed in wool & blankets. We went from preaching home withe M.G. and W.L Nooner and then at night to Pisgy and thence home at 10oc.

5/19 Cold and cloudy morn. Beautiful clear evening. Plowing & hoing cotton. Jas got home from DeSoto at supper time.

5/20 Clear and warmer. Plowing & hoing cotton. Jas has gon to La-Grange, he got back at night. Did not do his intended business.

5/21 A grate day for the growing of truck. Clear and warm. Plowing & hoing cotton. Jas and Eliza have gon to see John and Nancy. We found a swarm bees and hived them.

5/22 Warm and clear. 4 plowes plowing cotton. Next Beck’s.

5/23 Verry warm clear day. I went saining with Mr. Lax, Tate, Poke, Mr. Smith and 2 boys. We went to the old McMillron Mills. Caught a few. I came on home with Tate and got supper then we all went Pisgy preaching. Thence I went home with Chas Dawkins.

5/24 Bright and warm. I got home by breakfast time. Plowing oldest corn till dinner. Jas got home last eve from Tippah.

Sunday, May 25th Clear & warm. We all went to a Hope Well. Not many out. Miss H. Selby and Miss F. Wheatly came with W. Berry and Miss M. Mecham. We had a sermon by Prof. Lipford on Communion and then the Sacrament.

5/26 Clear warm plowing and thinning corn. Jas got home from the Nabors.

5/27 Thunder & rain around & a small shower here about 1oc. Plowing and thinning corn in the upper valley. Jas and I went to the mill pond & got Ma’s wool roles.

5/28 Some cooler. Clouds flying from the north. Plowing corn & hoing cotton. Jas and I reading “Shakespeare”.

5/29 Clear and pleasant. I took Jas to La-Grange. He stays with Mr. Cosset 2 or 3 months for his board. I left there at 2oc got home at darkee. Plowing corn and hoing cotton.

5/30 Cool bright morn. I went to James Anderson. Received $30 on his note (from 1855) I then went to John’s and got dinner - thence home by G.E. Beck’s and Osborns. I got home mideve. Plowing corn and hoing cotton.

5/31 Clear cool day. I went to Salem. Made a settlement with Ray & Dickenson. Not many in Salem. There was to have been a Kansas meeting but was not. Plowing corn hoing cotton. Mrs. Williams was here this evening.

Sunday, June 1st  Dim Sunshine. Threatens rain. Ma and co are going to Salem preaching. I am going to Hopewell. I went to preaching in company with Fayette Nooner. We had a sermon by Mr. Lowery. Not many out. Mrs. Spencer and Miss Eugene came in there new carriage. Hesey and I went home withe Fayett and also John Nabors & Fanny. Stayed till eve.

6/2 Verry warm and clear. Ma & I went to Salem traiding. Finished plowing. Corn over it’s waist high (I made a bridal).

6/3 To day with thunder clouds. I and Graydon went to Salem in the buggy. Took 114 pounds of bacon to Nunley & Reduce to sell. I made another riding bridal this evening.

6/4 Some thunder showers around. We are kneeding rain verry bad. Some sheep men came to get sheep but did not. B. Henry and Jon Burgess came by going seineing. I went with them to Tidwell’s pond. Caught 90 fishes 1 large keeper. Plowed the peas and plowing and hoing cotton.

6/5 Hot, sultry. Thunder and lightning. Hevy raines up north. It rained a small shower here about 2oc pm.

6/6 Clouds in the west Appearence of rain. Plowing and hoing the upper field of cotton. I went to Salem got the appeal. Ben Nabors was in town talking politics. I went to Mr. Le Nabors stayed all night with them.

6/7 Thunder - clouds around. Plowing and hoing cotton to till dinner. Mac, Sam & Jon Nabors & C. Dawkins & Bill & I all went a seining to Yellow Rabbit. We went to the bridge above Richman’s old mills. We had a great deal of fun. We caught 68 fishes. Got home about darke.

Sunday, June 8th 5am Nabors & Bill & Bud have gon to Salem to S. School. I went to
Liberty. A sermon by Mr... A verry fine congergation out. Every one of the Becks were there except Lucy. Ma and Lide went to Pisgy to here Mr. Can Thlpit. Mac Nabors came and spent the evening with us. We are kneeding rain. There is a verry darke stormey arising in the west that looks like rain.

6/9 Raining. It rained a verry good shwere last night & blew up trees across the fence. Hoing cotton.

6/10 Pleasant. Fog until 10oc. Cleared off. I went to Givleys to get corn for Poff but did not. James Jordan came and got 1 bushel of peas. I wrote a letter to Aunt Mary Terry for Ma. A took it to Salem. The Salemites are talking of the nomination.

6/11 Clear warm day. We are hoing and plowing our valley cotton. It is knee high.

6/12 Pleasant day for plowing. Four plowes commenced laying our oldest corn by. Also planting peas in’t. Our first tassels seen to day. Hoing cotton, and I am plowing cotton with Poke. Dr. Craft was here. Gave a new note for the old one.

6/13 Thick cloudy. Rained a hard shower at 12oc. I plowed cotton till dinner & then went to Salem. Got a letter from Jas Terry and one for him from cousin Ann Terry.

6/14 Cleared off cool. We began to cut wheat. Two sythes. Jas came down home. I went to Salem and got Jas a vest. Mr Webb is verry sick.

Sunday, June 15th Clear cool day. We all went to Salem, a Baptis and Methodist preaching. R.M. Bostick waited on Misses Becks. Francis and Fayett took dinner with us. Chas Dawkins was married to Miss Fannie Nabors this morning by A. Freeman.

6/16 Cloudy and rained a little. Finished laying by first corn. Jas left this evening at 1oc pm. I went to Salem got a letter for Ma from Sallie.

6/17 I am starting after Sallie. Mac over tooke me at the plum orchard. We had to stop at some old houses out of a thunder shower. Verry muddy on two miles west of Holley Springs. We took dinner at the old well. A pretty road as far as Red Banks. There is began to rain, rained on until we got to Byhalia. Through mud & water we reached Uncle N’s at darkee. We all handed & then Mac & I eat supper. Then talked after which we all went bed.

6/18 Damp cloudy morning. We took a walk over uncle’s farm. It is verry grassey. We had a hard shower before 12oc. After we eat dinner we had another shower. We boys went over to an apple orchard. We stayed at uncle’s all night.

6/19 We all went to the examination. Oh! What a show of beauty, about 25 girles. The prettiest that the sun ever shown on, amongue who were Misses L. Mc., Priss & Corrie Nesbitt. They gave us music between each class (and that of the richest kind) they finished the examination at 1 oc pm. We then had a splendid dinner, of which, the ladies partook first. After dinner was over we heard all the girles’ compositions which were very fine. We then had a very splendid speech on education by Mr. Ware of Memphis, Mr. Eckels gave three of his girles diplomas and then gave the girles to the boys. We were dismissed for home, Uncle Nims and Dempses girles Sallie & I went to Mr. Owens. Mac & Irvin to Mr. Rodgers. We got supper (Mary & T.M. too sick to go). Then went back to the concert by the girles. More beautiful than before. We had the finest music I ever herd on. Violeons, piano and maladian all at once. They played till bloc. Back to Mr. 0’s.

6/20 Foggy morning. We left Mr. 0’s with Mary & Tett. Took Priss & Corrie home. Sallie & I & Mac went on to Uncle N. N’s. They were all at work. We ate dinner. It began to rain. It rained hard shower, we, Mac, Can, Udy, Sallie & I went to Uncle D.N.. Were friendly received by them all. We took supper after which the girles made music for us. We sat around talke then to bed.

6/21 Darke clouds in the west and south. We told them all goodbye with kisses & shaking hands about an hour by sun. Saw John Nesbitt in Byhalia we got to H.S. at 2oc p.m. Traiding a littel. We saw Mr. Lax, Bob & Danil came to Salem with us. We got home at sundown.

6/22 Clear looking morning. We all went to Hope Well to preaching by Mr. Natt. A verry good congregation out. Mr. Wm. Ayres put Misses Spencers into the carriage. Then he Grundy & James Robinson went home with them. James Craft, G. Autry and sister took dinner with us. They left about 3oc after a hard rain. Bill and I went to night preaching in Salem by Rev. Garriett. Pretty faces (with girles to them) were out his pleasant night.

6/23 Clear and verry warm. Thunder showers around in the evening - none here. Cutting wheat hoing cotton in gin field. R.M. Bostick is here for dinner. I Wish I Was Rich! !!!!

6/24 Clear and Oh! How hot it is. Today plowing corn in upper valley. Squier finished cutting wheat by dinner. We thade 404 dozen of wheat. I am plowing cotton this evening. 4 plowes laying the upper valley corn by.

6/25 Hogs in the wheat field!! Sultry hot day. Plowing corn and hoing & hoing on cotton. The valley cotton is waist high: juno jovis cojux erat.

6/26 Hot, Oh! Very hot. Wind blowing a littel in the middle of the day. Hogs got in the wheat last night again. Plowing & hoing cotton. Finished laying the upper valley corn by. Bud went to Salem for a doctor for Givley.

6/27 Hot and clear. Plowing little valley corn. Plowing & hoing cotton.

6/28 Hot. Appearence of rain. Miss M.G. Nooner came last night and stayed all day today. Finished laying by corn this evening. I wrote a letter to Jas. We all went to the mill pond to wash.

Sunday, June 29th Clear. A little more pleasant. Cool winds from the south. We all went to Salem to hear Mrs. Hamer’s funeral preached. Every boddy and his wife were out to day. Fayett Nooner eat dinner here to day with us Mack Nabors came over and spent the evening with us. Ma, Fayett and I went over to see Givley. His arm is expected to be cut off.

6/30 Clear in the morn. 5 plowes plowing cotton in gin field and hoing in the upper field. It began to rain about 5oc. Ran us out of the field.

7/1 Clear warm. Began to cut oats. Mr. Autry and lady came over spent the day with us. We dried and shocked up the oats we cut. Nan & Squier cut oats and the rest of us to plowing and hoing cotton.

7/2 Clear with some thunder showers around in sight. Cutting oats & plowing & hoing cotton. Mr. A. Freeman called in at work tim to hier a negro a few days but did’nt. Mr. Webb is worse Givley is better.

7/3 Hot with some clouds fit for showers. Plowing and hoing the upper field of cotton. Squier cutting oats.

7/4 Cloudy pleasant A.M. Very hot P.M. I went to see Mr. Webb buried which was down by the Masons at Salem with some tears “Deth rides on every passing breeze and lerks in every opning flower”. After which we (11 good men of the gents) over to Gov. Mathews water gin to the celebration of the day which our forefathers founded our liberty (1776). We had a show to do as I would call it. Not many there in the first place. We had two speeches on Centrile America. A Mr. Turnbull one of them who said he had been to the place. We then had dinner which was a very fine one but small. After dinner they got up a dance but did’nt contintue long. The croud broke up at about 3oc in the evening. I came by Salem a home.

7/5 Cloudy. Pleasant. Plowing cotton and hoing in the upper field. Cutting oats until the evening.

Sunday, July 6th A little cooler. To day clear. Sallie & Bill went to Bethiaham took dinner with Mr. Nip Hix. We, Ma, Ude & I went to Mr. Freeman’s church. We also took dinner with Mr. Spencer. Stayed there till evening. Mr. Nabors & lady came by and we went home.

7/7 Cloudy & pleasant. Plowing & hoing the upper field of cotton. Squier cutting oats. R.M.B. stayed here last night and left this morning.

7/8 A few thunder showers around. Ma & Sallie have gon to G.C’s. We are hoing the valley cotton. Cutting oats also!!

7/9 Rain in sight. None here. Plowing & hoing the valley cotton. It is shoulder hi.

7/10 Clear with pleasant winds from the southeast. I and Squier cutting oats. We finished before night made 600 dozen. The rest hoing cotton.

7/11 Warm. Commenced hauling in wheat. Hauled 6 loads. Hoing cotton. Mr. Micham sent over two of his blacks to cut Mr. Givleys oats.

7/12 Clear and hot. Pleasant winds from the south. Finished hauling in our wheat making 8 loads. Bill has gone to La-Grange after Jas. Naner and Jon come this evning. R.M. Bos. & F.M. Nooner came at darkee. Jas and Bill got here at suppertime.

Sunday, July 13th More pleasant. Clear. We all went to Liberty herd Mr. Lambert. The house was full. Jas, Sallie & I went to Mr. Nabors after dinner. We chatted withe the old folks & Mac till night.

7/14 Clear and very hot. Sultry summer day. Jas & I started, for La-Grange, before sun-up. Stopped in Salem. No person up but Mrs. Dickenson milking. We got to La-Grange at 9:00. A.M.. Put up our mule. Sat around at the store till Maj Gosett and I went to the College. Oh’ What a show of beautiful young ladies finly dressed with improving minds. They had the house beautifully arranged. Their examination went on smoothly for 5 hours when it adjourned at 1oc am. I then took dinner at Mr. Gosett’s. Was introduced to his eldest daughter also to Miss Cassey. I sat around a little. Started for home. Got home after supper was over.

7/15 Sultry. Finished plowing the valley cotton. Plowed and howed the peas and commenced to plowing the gin cotton. I went to Salem got prowder & shot. Saw Sep Bogand. I am reading Dr. Cloorke.

7/16 Some air stiring. Sultry. Plowing the gin cotton. Commenced hauling oats. Ma & Sallie have gon to the sewing at Mr. Nab.

7/17 Clear warm morn. Clouded up in the day. Rained a small shower about 4oc. We finished hauling in oats. Hoing cotton in gin field.

7/18 Warm cloudy morn. Rained a fine shower in the evning. I went down to John’s a hunting. We hunted till 12oc M. We jumped one deer. Our dog followed it till night. After dinner Jon Bunn & I went out shooting patrages till night.

7/19 Cloudy morn & clear eve. I started for home about 10oc pm in co with Jon Bunn and the little deer which J.C. gave to me this morning. We got home 1oc, got dinner then J.
Bunn & Bill went to Salem. Sallie & I went over to Mr. Bogard’s. Got aquainted with Misses Martha & Mary Cottrel. We stayed all night.

Sunday, July 20th Cool for the tim of the year. We got up after the sun, had our shoes blacked & put them on. Stepped out and washed our faces in a skillet Two of the girles Endocia B. & Mollie C. also L.C.B. came home with us. We enjoyed ourselvs by talking and looking at garden, deer & squirrels. We all went out into the garden and stayed till Wm and Fayett Nooner came in & sat a while then they left us. Fayett is staying all night withe us.

7/2b Clear & warm. Runing round the gin field. I went to Salem also by Mr. Autry.

7/22 No appearence of rain. The ground is very dry. Plowed till dinner in the upper field. Commenced laying valley cotton by. Sallie & Lide went to Mr. Autry’s. Uncle Nimrod & Irvin came about sundown. They have come after a load of corn.

7/23 Appearence of dry weather. Commenced laying the upper field cotton by. I & Irvin went to Mr. Nabors. Saw wild turkes in Givley’s field. We went over Mack’s cotton got water mellons. We then went to Chas D’s on to Mr. N’s got supper. On home and went to bed.

7/24 Clear & hot. Uncle N & Irvin left this morning with their load of corn. I went to a mule with them until after dinner. Finished laying by all cotton but upper field.

7/25 Clear hot. No signs of rain to day. We finished laying by to day.

7/26 To day I sent Bill and Squier to Salem after boxes for wheat. I went a seining in co with Mc Nabors & John to Yellow Rabbit. We caught 25 fishes. I am staying all night at L.N.

Sunday, July 27th Clear and rather cooler air stirring. We all went to Hope Well herd a sermon by Mr. Nut. Sallie went home with Ma.  G. Nooner, F. Nooner, S. Asberry and Mc Nabors all came home with me. Stayed till after supper then we all went back to preaching.

7/28 Clear & hot. No Appearence of rain. We commenced thrashing wheat. Very dusty.

7/29 Clear & hot, bad weather. We finished thrashing wheat by night.

7/30 We - Mc Nabors, Fayett Nooner & I went a seining. We went by Mr. Sam Jobe’s and got five large watermellons. Carried them to the mouth of Rodens to let them cool. We commenced seining in Tippah. Seined to the bridge. As we were redressing it rained on us a small shower. No rain here at home. Putting up & hauling away straw from the gin.

7/31 No rain this month to help crops. Faned wheat all day.

8/1 Clear & hot finished faning wheat and pened chaff in a pen.

8/2 Hot day & dry. Mc N., H.K., N. & I went a hunting before dinner. Got nothing. After dinner, which we got at L.Ns, we all went a hook fishing to Yellow Rabbit. Not much luck. H.K. & I are staying at Mc Nabors.

Sunday, August 3rd Flying clouds. Looks like rain, but none. John, Mc, Han & I went over to Mr. Lax in the eve. Han and I got supper alon.

8/4 Still clear & hot. H.K. & I went to Hope-Well to help them put up an arber. Did not do it, we came home and took a stroll over my crop.

8/5 Hot and dry. I went to Salem. Mrs. Webb died yesterday and was buried today. Kenerdy left this morning for home. Began to cut down our corn which has no eares.

8/6 I am tiered writin, “dry & hot!” I want to write that we had a good rain!!!! Cutting corn. I swapped goats with Mr. Spencer.

8/7 The Union meeting began today at Hope-Well. I was there today. Not much meeting to day. Cutting corn. Ben Franznkuna got up from DeSoto today.

8/8 Dry & rather cool nights. Ma, Mat and I went to meeting. The house was half full. We heard one sermon at 12oc. Their delegate meeting then after dinner consumed the time till 5oc pm. Squier is stacking fodder-corn.

8/9 No rain yet. Wind from the north. This is the third day of the meeting. It has the Appearence of a poor meeting. We had sermon by Rev. Lipford. Also meeting at night. William has gon after James. I went home with Nab.

Sunday, Aug 10th Clear & Hot. Dry. I left Mr. L. Nabors after breakfast. Found James and Wm had got from La-Grange. We all went to the meeting. We heard a sermon by Mr. Ray. A very large crowd at meeting today. We had company at our house today. Messers. J. Robinson, W.D. Bunn, G. Bunn, G. Autry, R.F. Traynlian. Mc Nabors, R.M. Bostick, F.M. Nooner. Also two Miss Autrys. We took supper went back to night meeting.

8/11 Something like rain clouds & rain from the south. Sallie, James, Bill and I went to the meeting. We heard an interesting sermon by Mr. Ray. SaIIie and James went to Mr. Lax for dinner. I took the buggy to Salem this morn to get the tiers cut. Began to save fodder.

8/12 I & Jas went to Salem in the morning. Clouds begin to fly from the south. Jas and I started back home in co withe W. Berry. We went on to preaching. Not many out. A closeing sermon by A. Ray. Jas went down to Jon C’s. W.B. & I went to Mr. Lax’ got dinner.

8/13 Cloudy in the morn but clear eve. I went to Salem got the buggy & payed Dickerson & Ray for their worke 1 dollar. I came home unloaded a load of fodder put it in stable.

8/14 Clear & hot - dry. I hauled a load of fodder up. Spred it in the yard to dry. Took up in the evening in the crib loft. We finished pulling our oldest corn over by Poffs. I took all and worked the road to Harrises. Jas came from Jon C’s.

8/15 Indications of rain clouds from N.W. Sprinkled rain about 4oc alittle. I took all hands and helped Mr. Beck worke out the cain. Jas took the dogs went a hunting, killed one squirrel.

8/b6 Rainy aspect. I got up early. Went to Day’s Mill after a load of flour, Came home. Sallie, James & I went to preaching at Chaple-Hill. Not many out. A sermon by Mr. McFarlen. Mr. Davis, Mr. McFarlen & Mr. Harris were their preachers today. Sally & James went home with Mr. Asberry for dinner. I had several invites to dinner but came on home. There is preaching there tonight again. I, Wm & George went back. Heard a sermon by Mr. Harris in which he got tangled in the brush and stopped. Miss Sallie, John & Grace were there. We all came home.

Sunday, August 17th   Some clouds from the north. Still dry & hot. We all went to the C. + H. meeting. All came home but Sallie & I went to G.L. McDonald’s - There were some others there viz: Mr. Davis, Mr. Harris, O’Beck and two girles. Mrs. Lewis & Ema, Mr. Tomlinson, Mr. Wm. Wilcox and Sister Darthula. We all eat dinner. I stayed withe the girles until I got scull & thick headed. R.M. Bostick came in about this time. He Wm. Willcox & I went out and sat in a carriage till James Robinson came riding up on a mule. He & I went in to see the girles.. He talked withe Mrs. Marrio & I withe the Misses. Beck until the Lord Czar of Tippah came, he let me out. We went over to preaching. Not many out. John N. & F.M.N. came home with us but did not stay - James left this evening he is going to Mechan’s tonight and is going to La-Grange tomorrow with Wit Berry.

8/18 A brisk wind from the south. Gathering fodder. Sallie, Eliza, Ma & I went back to preaching. A sermon by Mr. McFarlon, after which Ma and I went backe home. Sallie & Lide went to Mr. Asberry’s. We met the Becks as we were going to preaching. They were going home - I started back to church (two hours by sun). I went on to Mr. Whittans got supper there. F. Nooner, Marke and I went to preaching. Miss Fanny Wheatley was there also the Misses Ayres. A sermon by Mr. Harris. A very heavy darkee cloud rose in the north, with thunder & liming. About 1Ooc all persons hurred off from church out of the rain. But alas, no rain. We all at Mr. Asberry’s.

8/19 The clouds of last night have disappeared and the earth has made another revolution & brought another day. Hot sunshine day, wind from the north. We got up after sunup, had prayres eat breakfast. Then we started for home. I came by Mr. James McDonald’s after Sallie’s gloves Saw Misses Fanny Wheatley, Go. Morris, Lizzy Mc. We got home at 10oc. I went on to Salem went into Nunley’s where the boys had just split open 1/2 doz watermellons of the finest kind of which I pertook plenty. I came home. Mack & Robert Nabors here. Bob is on his way to Memphis to get a situation as clerk. They stayed all night. We sat up until late bed time.

8/20 Another dry hot day. Wind from the north I went home with Mack & Bob Nabors stayed all day till just before night. I then came on home by Givley’s. Pulling fodder in the upper valley.

8/21 Clear & hot, not a cloud seen all day. Wind from the East. I heard a fuss among the chickens before day this morning, got up, took the gun and killed a very large owl on a stump. I hauled a big load of fodder this morning from the field. Pulling fodder.

8/22 Dim sunshine till dinner. I hauled 2 loads of fodder this morning from upper valley. Pulling fodder. Misses Eugnia and Fannie came up to see us. They stayed up untill dinner then they Sallie and Eliza went up to Mr. Charlie Dawkins to learn something about the state of matrimony. Thy there till came up a darkee cloud in the east which looked very much like rain. They put off for home in loap. lt did not rain.

8/23 Clouds from the west. Signs of rain. I hauled out and put up one load of fodder this morning. Took 30 bushels of wheat to mill after dinner, it rained a good shower when we were at the mill. We got watermelons at Mr. Nab’s.

Sunday, August 24th Cloudy and cool. We all went down to here Mr. Spencer’s Devil Sermon. His text may be found in Gensis Chapter III and Verse 4. Not many out. Mr. F.M. Nooner came and took dinner with us. John Bunn came by and stopped going to Tippah. I caught our goat Squirt which had been out severil day. Misses Martha, Nancy & Fayett Nooner came this evening and stayed till after supper.

8/25 Clouds flying from the north!! I plowed up the turnip patch and hauled one load of fodder. Cutting the tops off the youngest corn. R.M.B. here all day.

8/26 Cloudy morn. Clear evening. I hauled our last load of fodder. They finished topping corn. I went to Salem by Mr. Autrys. Jacob and dad were cutting peaches to make vinegar. I got back from Salem at darkee and found Robert Nabors, Irvin and Lyda all here. They got up to Uncle Lewis’ last night.

8/27 Some clouds flying. Warm. Finished shocking up the cut corn. We all stayed around till dinner then Irvin, Lydia and Lide went down to John’s. A little book agnt came roun. Came in while we were looking at his book his horse got loose. He ran out and followed him and caught him after which he & Bob Nabors left for L. Nabors.

8/28 Clear bright. Day warm. Irvin, Lydia & Eliza got back from John’s at 1oc. Irvin is very well pleased with that part of Tippah. After dinner I thrashed & fanned out the oats for seeds. There were 27 bushels of them. 17 of white 10 black. We then Sallie, Lydia, Lide, Irvin
& I went over to spend the night with Mr. Nabors. We got there after sundown.

8/29 We got up about sunup. Got breakfast then we hitched up & Irvin & Lydia shuck hands and after inviting all of them down to see them. We came on home and from here Irvin & I went to Salem to speaking. We sat around there until after dinner. We then went down to
the Baptist Church. Heard speech delivered by James Chalmers as a Democratic Assistant Elector. I had a slite chill to day in Salem. I.G. here tomorrow.

8/30 Clear. Warm & dusty. Ma, Matt & I went to Liberty to the beginning of their big meeting. We had a sermon by Mr. McFarlon. The Misses Becks & Spencers were there with their train of admirers. They broke up at about 1oc. We came home found F.M. Nooner here. I and he went over to Mr. Lax and from there on to preaching again. A sermon by Mr. Aughey. I got to see Miss Ema Cathey. She is very prety. I helped Miss F.S. on her pony.

Sunday, August 31st This has been a bad day for meeting. Clear. Warm & dusty. We all went to meeting at Liberty. Very large crowd out to day about 30 vehickles. Evry body had on their flying colors. Yes, even I had on my white vest & checked coat. A sermon by Mr. Lambert and a long one too. I sat by Mrs. Rebecker Beck in time on the sermon. I had a chill also. No person came home with us for dinner. Jon Nabors, Sam Asberry & La-Fayett Nooner came and went back with us to preaching at night. A house full. I got to see my pretty Miss Ema Cathey again with her golden hair.

9/1 Clear and warm. Dusty. We all expect to go to meeting again to day. Fayett & Martha Nooner came riding up about 9oc. Fayett went on to Salem and Martha went to meeting with us. A splendid sermon by Mr. Mc. The Misses Spencers were there. We came home and went home with Martha. Got supper then Fayett went on back to meeting with us. They were half done preaching when we got there. We Sallie, Lide, Will and I came on home after meeting.

9/2 Warm dim sunshine. Meeting still going on at Liberty. I was very sick all day with a chill. Mr. Le Nabors & Mc. and Jas Craft also Mr. James Nabors & Mr. Williams of “Pontotoc” came on. Went to meeting with us. A large crowd today again. After meeting was over the two Mr. Nabs & Mr. Willaims came on and got dinner. After which Mc. N. & Mr. W. went to Mr. Lax. James Nabors went on back to meeting with Sallie and me. A splendid sermon by Mr. Harris at night.

9/3 Great indications of rain. Thick cloudy & thunderin & Rained some little at 12oc. The meeting broke-up today at Liberty with 2 conversions and six mourners. Old Mr. Beck asked us all to take dinner with him, but we did’nt. We came on home and eat our owner dinner about three o’clock. After dinner I took a mule. Rode over to the upper cotton patch and found all of Mr. Beck’s cows had got into our pasture. They had knocked the fence don and got in. I put it up.

9/4 Thick cloudy. Rained some before noon I have layed in bed all day today with a hot fever from the effects of taking quinine and missing my chill. They are picking cotton in the gin field. We will about 12 bales. Got about 100 lbs per acre off gin field.

9/5 Rained last night and began again this morning. Rained steady until 2oc. Squier is making collars. Some spinning & pulling shucks for beds. After the rain was over I took Polk and Jolley went over to Salem after Eliza. Got our papers from the Post Office. I went by Mr. Autry’s to get him to help worke the road from here to his. Eliza is boarding at Mr. Nights and going to school to Mrs. Night. She likes them very well.

9/6 Low flying clouds from the south. We, all, Autry & Rieve’s 1 hand worked the road from here to Autry’s. We put it in good fix by 12oc. I brought our things from Autry’s, which James bought in Memphis. I came home and sowed turnips. Three plowes plowed them in by an hour by sun.

Sunday, Sept 7th Dry. Warm. Clouds & sunshine. I found myself asleep at sun-up. I got up knocked around. Wrote two or three pages and thought I would go to preaching at “Bethlaham” but finding I had no breeches. I thought it best to not go without, so I decided to stay at home, so here we are all aloan, except the cub H. Pinson. Thunder, litning and a little wind brought up a very heavy rain in the midst of which Henry Mechan brought James here in a buggy. After the rain was over Henry went back home. It has been a very bad washing rain. We have to put up fences being washed down.

9/8 Clouds & sunshine. Warm. I took Eliza to school & went on out to Mr. Hamers and got James’ things which he left on yesto-day. I came on home and James and I went down to Day’s mill to see about a load of flour which I took there on the 23 of August.

9/9 Clear, bright, warm day. A very heavy dew last night. Orrin Reck stopped at the gate at 11oc. Talked to me till l2oc. He wants a pistol. After dinner I went over to see A. Williams to get him to measure the land he rented in 1854. I then went to the wool factory but did’ent get the wool.

9/10 Clear. Warm. Picking cotton in the valley. Alick Williams did not come to measure the land. James & Ma went down to see Mr. Casey. I am working on the gin sweeping it.

9/11 Bright clear morn. James & Sallie have gon down to Mr. Freeman’s church to hear Mr. McFarlon preach on Baptism. They came by Mr. Spencer’s and got turnip seeds from them. Picking cotton.

9/12 Warm sunshine. I sowed a parte of the orchard and turnip seeds for feede. Mr. & Mrs. McFarlon got here about darkee. They intended staying here during the meeting. Mrs. Mc. is sick.

9/13 Clear warm. Some wind astir. This is the beginning of the Protracted meeting. Sallie, James & Ma also Mr. Mc. went from here today. A small crowd out today. We all went again to meeting at night. No mourners called.

Sunday, Sept 14th Bright warm sunshine day. We are all going to meeting to-day. A sermon to day by Mr. Lambert. A very large congregation out today. No effort for the mourners. I went to Mr. L. Nabors for dinner. We went back to meeting at night. A great many pretty girles to night. One Mourner.

9/15 Cool clear morn. James & I started to La-Grange early after breakfast. After a long warm drive we got there at 1oc. We found Mr. Gossett and family well. We got our dinner then I went down to the depot and payed for some freight for Mr. Wheatley. At 4oc I started home. Jolley drove free. The sun was one half of an hour high as I passed Mr. Morgan. I got to Salem just in time for preaching. Mr. Blackwell preached the best sermon I ever herd. He took his text in the 20th chap of Rev. A mistake. This sermon was preached Wednesday night.

9/16 Clear warm. The meeting still going on in Salem. One or two mourners. We had two sermons to day - one at 11oc the other at night. Nothing to write.

9/17 Warm bright day. I went to Dr. Whittons after we got back from eating last night to get him to come to see Mrs. McFarlon she being very sick. Wm also went after Dr. Ayres. Mr. Harris and Freeman came home with us last night. After the Drs. and preacher all left we Sallie and I went to the meeting. We went back at night again. The house was crowded with bearers. Old bro. Blackwell preached the sermon above soul.

9/18 Warm clear. Mr. Autry hauled in one load of cotton to the gin. I am preparing the gin to start it on tomorrow. There was a church trial today at Harmony between Mr. S. Carson & Jacob Rigs in which Mr. Rigs was excluded from the church. Picking cotton in the valley.

9/19 Pleasing clear day. I began to gin today at about 9oc. The gin does very well for the beginnng. I stopped ginning an hour and a half by sun & went after Eliza. Got to Salem nearly sun down. I went up and got tide and came by Mr. Wheatleys after Mary but she could not come.

9/20 Clear warm. I ginning Mr. Autry cotton. Packed one bale at night. Also we killed the chicken eating hog Bet this evening. Bill and I went to preaching at Nabor’s church after darkee. A sermon by Mr. Johnson (a young man).

Sunday, Sept 21st Cool, yes very cool wind from the north. Mr. McFarland & I went to Mount Zion to meeting. A sermon by Mr. Harris. He called for mourners but in vain. After a few shouts and tears they broke up for diner. They had dinner on the ground for all that were there but they all did’nt stay. We that stayed had a very nice dinner and plenty. Mr. McFarland gave me an introduction to Miss Ferril and also to Miss Emah Cathey. After a sermon in the eve by Mr. Mc., Mr. Harris and Mr. Mc. came home with me, we all after we got supper went over to Nabor’s church. A very good meeting.

9/22 Coudy. A very cool for the season. I took Eliza to school. I then came on back and went to ginning on Mr. Autreys cotton. I ginned and packed one bale for today for him.

9/23 Cool wind from the north. The meeting broke-up at Mt. Zion to day at 11oc. Mr. McFarland came on here in the evening. Mr. Harris is still down there in that neighborhood. We are picking and ginning cotton.

9/24 Cool wind from the north. Mr. McFarland and family left here earley this morning for Jackson, Tenn. Mrs. Mc. looks pale and weak. I am ginning cotton and the rest picking.

9/25 Turning weather warmer. I went to Salem got Polke shod. Left there an hour by sun went on to Charlie Dawkins. Saw him about going to the camp-meeting. He is not going until Saturday morning. I will go with him. I got supper at Dawkins’ then I went down to Mr. Caseys’ to prayer meeting. They had a splendid little meeting.

9/26 Appearence of rain. I ginned & packed one bale of cotton for Mr. Autry. Went to Salem after Eliza. Carried Mr. Night six lbs of cotton. Lide was not at Mr. Nights. I then went on to Mr. Wheatley; went in and found that she & Mary W. had gon on so I put on after them. Caught up with them at Jim Jourdan’s. We got home at darkee. I helped them out with the bale of cotton.

9/27 Clear pleasant day. Sunshine. I got up early and got started to the camp-meeting. Half-hour by sun. I rode on up to Chas D’s just after Chas & Fannie had left. I went on and got with John Nabors as he came troting up the hill at the corner of Harris’s field. We wupped on and caught up with F. & C. We rode on at a moderate rate until we reached old Mr. Dawkins’ at bOoc. There we got Eliza Dawkins and went on to the camp-ground. Not many persons there to-day. I got dinner & my mule put up at D’s after we had dinner. Bill Beck & Orrin, Mournin & Darthula all came riding by in two buggies. They all spoke to me. They went on to the camp ground. There were meeting at 3oc & darkee. The crowd increased at night. Whiskey was plenty at night.

Sunday, September 28th Pleasant day all day. The sun rose this morning as we all who stayed at Dawkins’ got up. After breakfast John Nabors & I went on up to the camp-ground. A sermon by Jo. Hams. No mourners. After an intermission of two hours there was a very large crowd assembled and after a missionary collection Mr. Lambert preached a very long sermon. Wm Beck gave me an introduction to Newton Hunt of Ripley. John Nabors & I, in Orrin Beck’s buggy with him came on to Mr. Dawkins and put up Orrin’s horse. John Nabors & I got in it with N. Hunt and left for home. I and N. Hunt got here before sun-down. We met John Courts. Martha Nooner & Sallie at the buggy-house. N. Hunt went on to see Eugenia Spencer. Martha Nooner is staying all night here.

9/29 Cold wind from the north. I took Eliza and Mary Wheatley to school then ginned cotton the rest of the day. M.N., Sallie went to Mr. Lax in eve.

9/30 Cool morn & eve. I finished ginning and had one bale of cotton packed at 12oc for Mr. Autry. This is six bales for him. I began to gin on Aleck Williams cotton. We finished picking our cotton over the fist time. We have of about five bales and one half.

Wednesday, October 1 Clear cool wind from the north. The first frost that killed our cotton was last night. It killed evry thing. Alick Williams hold in to bales of cotton to the gin to day. I gined & packed one bale for him to day.

10/2 Turned warmer last night. Robert Bostick here till after dinner. Picking cotton in the valley. Gined and packed one bale of A. Williams.

10/3 Pretty. Warm sunshine day. A. Williams hauling in cotton to the gin. We are picking cotton in the valley going over it the second time. Will get four bales this time. I ginned and packed one bale of A. W.’s cotton finishing him a load.

10/4 War sunshine. I commenced gathering my oldest corn this morning. Poff’s hogs are in it. It is very good corn. I hauled 4 big loads to day. A. Williams got his load of cotton today. He is going to La-Grange tomorrow. Bill & I went up to McDonalds to meeting at night. Ma & Sallie went up there today. Sallie is staying.

Sunday, Oct. 5th Clear, warm & dry. We all went to preaching at Chappel hill. A sermon at eleven o’clock by Mr. Blackwell. A splendid crowd, but not a large one. After preaching I & Sallie went up to Mr. Asberry’s to dinner. Also Messrs. Blackwell & Freeman. Misses Kitty Henderson & Fannie Wheatley. Miss Kitt is a lovely girl of 10 years. After dinner Bob Owens came in and at 3oc Sam A. & Bob 0. took the young ladies (in buggies) to Salem so that killed my joy for the rest of the day. We went back to night meeting. Orrin Beck went from & came to meeting with A. Mc.D.

10/6 Warm as summer. I finished gathering my first piece of corn which is over next to Poffs. The field made seven large loads. I got done before sundown. Bob Daniel came in just as I was fixing to go to meeting at Chapel Hill. We got supper and went on to preaching by Mr. Garriett of Ripley. After preaching Bob D. came on home. Sallie is staying at Dr. W’s tonight.

10/7 Still warm and dry. Sallie came home this morning. R.M. Bostick came with her. We bought some bailing from James Craft. I measured it today. There were 18 yds of it. We are to give 18 cts per yd for it. I gined & packed another bale of cotton for Alick Williams. Picking corn in the valley. I speyed hogs.

10/8 Clear. Warm. Some few clouds. I began to gin our cotton. Ginned and packed one bale to day. The leaves are falling fast.

10/9 Clear. Warm. Dry summer like day. Gined & packed another bale of our cotton. Sallie went to Mr. Spencers to see Miss Eugenia. She got back just at sun-down. Sallie & I fixed and went to Salem expecting to hear preaching by Mr. Garriett but we were disappointed. We rode in site of the church and lo! It was darkee & no person there. So we turned around, after getting a letter from James Asberry. Clear pleasant moon-shining night.

10/10 Cloudy & warm. Picking cotton. I gined and picked another bale of our cotton. I went in the eveing after Eliza. Got the papers. Saw Mr. & Mrs. Night. Also Miss Elizzy & Hughey. Came by Mr. Wheatley’s. It began to rain as we left Salem. We stopped at James Jourdan’s and got an umbarila.

10/11 Rained till 12oc. Gined and packed the fourth bale of our cotton. Picked cotton after dinner. Budd went to the wool factory and got 16 lbs of black wool. Fayette Nooner stopped here this evening going home from Salem. He is going a possom hunting to night.

Sunday, Oct 12th Warm. Cloudy. Sallie, Mary, Bill and I went to Liberty Hill. Young men as follows: F.M. & Wm. L. Nooner, J. Autry, John & Mc Nabors and R. Owens. We met Wit Berry. He turned & went with us. We had a long sermon from Mr. Lambert. He talked on until 3oc. We came on home. Severil persons took dinner with us. Old man Dawkins with the rest. Mr. & Mrs. Casy came & spent the day with Ma. I am glad to see him once more able to ride out for he seemed very near death once. Sallie went down to Mr. Lax & came back after supper. F. Nooner with her Mc Nabors, Fayett and Francis Nooner left at bed-time as the moon shown bright.

10/13 Warm. Cloudy. I began to sow wheat. I sowed one bushel & then took Eliza to school. I came back & sowed more wheat. I then eat dinner then went to Mr. Lax to the sail of Noolner children’s property. Francis bought the land for 2140$. All other property sold tolerable well. The mule for $105. the claybank mare for $55 after the sail. The men were around trying to traid horses. The cloud were thickening and it began to rain like five hundred. After rain was over I came on home. Came by Poffs found he had two of our little kids fasten up. He turned them lose. Dr. Whitlan came by going to see Mrs. Alford.

10/14 Clouds and rain from the north. Showery with wind. I got up before daylight and went and hauled a load of cotton from the upper field. Got back by breakfast & found that Nan had ran away & had taken Son with her. So I finished hauling cotton then after dinner began to gin it. Mr. Autry came and borrowed 150 bushels of cotton seeds of me.

10/b 5 Cleared off last night. Very cool wind from the north. Five plowes sowing wheat again today. Bleauford Thomas came up to traid me for some oxen. He did not traid. After supper Wm & I went over to A. Williams looking for Nan. But no sight of her.

10/b 6 Not clear nor too cloudy. I gined & packed a bale of our cotton. Picking cotton also. After supper I got on a mule rode over to Mr. Beck’s looking for Nan. I called the old man out talked to him an hour. Bill came out and we talked till 9oc. I then came home found Nan got here with A.W.’s old Sam.

10/17 The sun shines dimley through the smoky atmosphere. Cool wind from the north. I gined one bale of our cotton. After dinner Sallie & I went to Salem. We went to Mr. Dickerson first then Mr. Wheatley’s. There I left Sally. Went to Mr. Night’s after Eliza back again to W’s & found all the girles: Miss Kitt & Miss Fannie out at the gate (so that put me in a good way for a week). I left the girles. Sallie with them & to come back tomorrow. Lide & I got home at darkee.

10/18 Dim. Smokey. It is now what is called the Indian Summer. I got up earley and went to see A. Williams but he was not there. From there on to Mr. Wall’s. He had no money so I went on to the factory. Settled with them & brought home two packs of boles. Came on home. George Poff came over to traid us a colt but did not. I then went to Salem. Went to Mr. Wheatley’s got dinner after which Miss Fannie made some splendid music for us. I did’nt see Miss Kitt. Sallie & I then left. We went by Mr. Nabors where there is a quilting today. I left Sallie there. Came home. Went over to A. Williams but he was not home so I came hom.

Sunday, Oct 19th Dim sunshine. Pleasant. I dressed up this morning went down to Mr. Freeman’s church to heare Mr. Spencer on Baptism. The hall was crowded. He slased away for two hours. Made an awful effort. His sermon was like all the rest of his. He thought it was very “high faluten”, but no one else. After meeting Sam Asberry came on home with me. We got dinner then we went to Salem. I saw Alix Williams about the bale of cotton. Sam & I went down to Mr. Wheatley’s. Miss Kitty came out with a smile to meet us. Sam & I stayed and talked to Fannie until sundown. Promising to call again we left. Sam & I parted at the lain at Mr. Autry’s.

10/25 Will went to La-Grange this morning after James. They got here after supper.

10/26 Warm & coudy. Mr. & Mrs. Jacob all came buy this morning. Jacob stopped. Got down & waited till Jas & I got ready to go to meeting at Hope Well; we started got on the other side of Poff when it began to rain so that we came back. Jacob stayed with us till in the after noon and Gno. Williams came in. John stayed a little while then he and Jacob A. left together.

10/2 7 Bad & mudy. We have quite a croud here today. I took Eliza to school. Mr. Welons came home with me. We found Mr. L. Nabors and lady. Uncle & aunt & sister Nancy & little girles. All had a splendid dinner after which James & I bid them all good by & left for La-Grange. We conversed till sun-down found us at Davis’ Mills. We got to Mr. Gossitts about bed time. We took a little snack for supper. Went up to the cove & went to bed.

10/28 Clear, bright, cool day. James & got up this morning after day-light. I dressed & washed and after sunup went to the depot. Bought a ticket. Waited a half hour for the morning train. Got on. Put out for Memphis 8oc. The cars were crowded & running over. All of the bales of cotton were covered with men & boys going down to the great “Democratic Mass Meeting” on to-day & to-morrow. We got to Memphis at 11oc. Formed a procession and ripped around of an hour. I then went to the depot. Had my cotton drayed to the bluff. Sampled it. Tryed but did not sell. I bought groceries. Then went to the hotel. Found Sam Nesbitt there also Frank Pew & Wm Warren. We got supper then put out up in town to the circus. The largest crowd I ever saw at a circus & the best circus. After the circus was over we went Court Square & then to the hotel & to bed at mid night.

10/29 Clear, bright day all day. We all got up and eat breakfast at 6oc. I then with Sam Nesbitt started up in town. Met Mr. Henry there. I left Sam Nesbitt. I left & Mr. Henry left for breakfast. I went up in town sold my cotton to Mr. Parks for 11 1/4 cts per lb. I then finished traiding. Went to the “Union Bank” & got my money which amounted to $445,50 cts. I paid up for the things I had bought then I found it to late to go to La-Grange so I went to the hotel. Got supper. Then after supper I got with Robert Nabors. We went into Court Square heared the following Democrats speak: Jake Thompson, Wm Falkner, J.W. Thompson all of Miss. & Mr. Avry of Memphis. I left then went to Whitems went to bed at eleven o’clock at night.

10/30 Cool bright morning. I got up at 6oc. Eat breakfast. Went up in town got a morning’s paper. My partner got him a dram. Then we went on to the depot and got tickets. Got a seat for La-Grange. We arrived at La-Grange at 10oc. Went up to Mr. Gossitt’s. Hitched Polk to the buggy drove down to the store. Found Mr. Henry reddy to go so he got in the buggy with me & we left at 11oc leeding his horse. We drove on a mile. Got out hitched Mr. H’s horse in and led Polk. We came on to Salem at 3oc. I stopped at Mr. Henry’s put Polk to the buggy. Came by the office. Got my papers. Came home.

10/31 Ginned one bale of our cotton. Went after Eliza at Salem. Picking the upper cotton.

11/1, 11/2 Bright pleasant and butifal day. Sallie, Mary & I went to Salem to hear our new Circuit riders the first time. Their names: Greer and Kimbol. Mr. Kimbol is on his first Circuit. He is a small man, twenty five years old. He is not a hansom, but a well-looking man. He preached on today. Mr. Greer is a talented preacher. Large heavy built six feet high about thirty years old. Not many out for so pretty a day. After meeting I went home with John & Mack Nabors. Got dinner stayed till night then home.

Sunday, November 3rd It began to rain last night and rained on until ten o’clock this morning, In the eve I fixed and started to La-Grange with three bales and Graydon & Jack. When I got to Salem it began to rain a little. I drove out on the other side of Mr. Henry’s. Got into an old house with three doors & one shelter & no chimney. The darkeer it got the harder it rained so that I got wet through my clothes. I was at that time in a very glumey state of mind without fire or wood but night doesnt last always. the wind blew very hard in on us & cool all night.

11/4 Turned very cool in the night and cleared off this morning. I got reddy to start this morning at sun-up. But just as I got reddy the mules turned aroun broke the wagon tung out. So it was 8oc before I started. This is the day on which to try the Union. It is between “James Buchannan & John Charles Freemont”. I got to La-Grange at 4oc. Got my cotton off & things on before sun-down. We camped at the foot of the jig hill. James came down. Stayed until ten o’clock in the night with us.

11/5 Clear bright cool day. We waited at the camp till half an hour by sun for James. He promice to be there at that time. We got to Salem at 3oc in the afternoon. The men in a high way about the election. Salem went so strong for Fillmore. I got home found Mrs. Givley
& Priss here, also Miss M. J. Nooner. She is staying all night with us.

11/6 Charles Terry Clear cool day. Gathere corn in the upper valle. Hauled four loads.

11/7 Cloudy. I hauled two loads of corn by dinner. Then I hitched Polk to the buggy went to Salem after Eliza. Got started out of Salem and it began to rain on us lightly. We had two umbarils.

11/8 No field work going on today. Rained till dinner.

11/13 Clear bright warmer. I finished hauling in corn tops & stalks. Shucked corn at night.

11/14 Pleasant. Rather cool. Hauled & cutt wood. I took two horses went after Eliza. Got there just as the school turned out. Fannie Wheatley came home with us. We got here at darkee. Dr. Davis came to see Billey at night. He has been sick two weeks.

11/15 Clear & pleasant. Some warmer. Picking cotton. I planted cedar & arbervilae seeds, one bed in the flower garden & some behind horse lot. A. Williams sent for the bailing & rope which Ed Rieves had sent and got so he was mistaken. Late in the evening I hitched Jolley to the buggy & took Miss Fannie Wheatley to Salem. We got there after darkee. I hitched Jolley at the gate (at Mr. Wheatley’s) went in to get supper. Did’nt stay long till we got into the buggy. Went to Mr. Night’s. Spent some pleasant moments till after 9oc then I took Fannie & Sallie on to Mr. Wheatley’s then as the moon shown bright and wind blew cool. I got home at 11oc pm.

11/16 Clear & cool wind from the N. We all to preaching at Salem by Whit Kimbol. Not very many out. But one of the Becks were there. Lewis McDonald was there with Miss Fannie W. and Sam A. with Miss Kit Henderson. Mrs. Wheatley invited all of us to take dinner but we declined the invitation so we came on home. Found Miss Martha & Fayette Nooner & Mack & John. We all went out took dinner after which John Courts came in. They all left before night.

11/17 I took Eliza to school. Cam back & went to gining on Mr. Autry’s cotton. Gined & packed one bale. Looks like rain, cloudy. Messers Spencer & Lax came by and stopped to look at our oxen; I swapped our red yoke of oxen for Mr. Lax colt.

11/18 More like rain cloud. Fayette Nooner came after the oxen. Gined and packed another of Mr. Autry’s cotton. Also packed it.

11/19 Warm. Cloudy. Gined and packed two bales of Mr. Autry’s cotton. Also picking cotton. Mr. Spencer came up to see our gin casting. He has got a new set and they don’t do well. He wants me to come down and look at his oxen and make a traid.

11/20 Cloudy mor. Rained some at 12oc. Mr. Whit Kimbol who came here Tuesday left this morn for Liberty Hill where his is to preach on today. I went down to Mr. Spencers traid oxen, came home. Gined & packed a bale of Mr. Autry’s cotton.

11/21 Rained a very hard rain last night. Rained all night. Cloudy and warm. Rained till 9oc am. I gined & packed the last bale of Mr. Autry’s cotton making him 13 bales. An old gentleman moveing from Georgia to Arkansas came by this morning to buy meal and flour and riding a mare which he wanted to sell & which I gave him 140$ for. She is eight year old. Wm & I worked her to the buggy to try her. I took two horses after dinner went after Eliza. Got home at darkee.

11/22 Clear & warm. Picking cotton till an hour by sun. I went over to A. William’s this morning found him at home. He promised to come & measure “that” land next Sat & to pay 100$. I came home. Worked in the black smith shop till night.

Sunday, November 23rd Cloudy & drizzling rain in the morning. Sallie & I went to Hope Well to a meeting by Mr. Spencer on Baptism. We went on from there to Mr. Nabors’. Stayed there till night then on home.

11/24 Thick cloudy and foggy. I took Eliza to school. Got James vest cut by George Robinson. Came by Barney’s and agreed to haul his cotton to-morrow he promised to send down this evening but didn’t. I came on home and gined a bale of cotton. There being 250 lbs of boll out of A. Williams’. Began to rain in the evening near night.

11/25 Warm cloudy rainy evening. Cutting wood. Squier & I getting & making a yoke. I took two horses went down to Mr. Lipfords school and brought George & the girles on home through the rain.

11/26 Clear bright sunshine & warm. Finished picking our crop of cotton. Making in all twelve bales. Mr. Whit Kimbol came in this morning on his way to “Pleasant Hill” church where he is to preach on tomorrow. He left here late this eve. Dr. Davis came this morning to see Wm. He also pulled a tooth for Sallie. I finished my ox yoke this eve.

11/27 Cloudy & raining all through the day. Rakeing up mud in the lott & yard. Shelling and shucking corn. John C.W. came by this evening on his way to Ripley. He has been served by the “Lawns Beakman & Co” for the sum of 1000$ at the Federal Court.

11/28 Rained till 12oc steady. After noon I killed a hog. Then caught my horse went to Salem after Eliza. Got there late & it began to rain so I concluded to stay with Mr. Night. About darkee there blew up a harde storm from the so-west. It continued an hour. After supper we amused ourselved by planing cards.

11/29 Turned cooler in the night & has quit raining. We got up earley this morning at Mr. Night’s. Then Eliza & I came home & Miss Mary Booah came with us. When we got home Mr. Lax & little Nannie Gates were there. Also Mrs. Casey & Miss Pinsen came & stayed till after dinner. Mr. Lax came up with a foot - back and stayed until near night. Then he & his left for home. Still cloudy and cool. Cutting & hauling wood.

Sunday, November 30th Cloudy & cool. We Ma, Sallie & I went to Salem to hear Mr. Greer. A small crowd. Mr. Greer preached then read the General Rules & commented up on them. Eliza & Miss Mary B went to Mr. Lax and spent the day. Got back at darkee. We got back from meeting. R. Daniel, John & Mack Nabors took dinner with us then left at night.

12/1 Cool cloudy appearance of rain. Mr. Autry came got a load of his cotton. I took the girles to school.

12/2 Cloudy. John Nabors & I loaded up to start to La-Grange. We got to Salem by 12oc & it rained so hard that we left our cotton there and come home.

12/24 Clear & bright is this day. I in company with Kenerdy, Polley & Eliza went to Mr. Nabors and stayed all night last night. From which this morning John & Kenedy started for La Grange to see James and I to Ripley to get Moses. I arrived there at 1 1oc. Had my mules fed.
Walked around saw A. Daniel & F. Asberry. So leaving Mr. B’s note with F., A., Moses & I left there at 2oc. We rode piert till darkee. When we arrive at home & found Whit Kimbol here.

12/2 5 This is Christmas. Mr. Kimbol prayed that this day might be selebrated right. He left us saying he wished we all might enjoy the week. I went to Salem to the auction. Everybody was there. In the evening I went down to Mr. Wheatley’s. Mr. W being gon Mrs. & three daughters were shut up enjoying the Christmas by themself. After staying there a short time I left promising to get back to-morrow. Kenerdy stayed all night with us tonight.

12/26 Cloudy & cool. Sallie & I went to Salem. Sallie in the buggy went to Mr. Wheatleys. I went to the auction stayed till 2oc, went down to M’s after Sallie & Miss Fannie. But she could not come so Sallie sent for Miss Lizzy Aughey. We got home at darkee. Fayette
stayed all night with us.

12/27-12/31 Being a little behinde in my “journal” I mix five days together thus!! I go to Salem evry day trying to fix up business but coming in at a poor rate. I had rather be with the girles. Well! a crowd of us young folks (Nancy & John being sick Ma is staying with them) consisting of Misses Lizzy Aughey & Nancy Nooner and cousin Polley Nabors & Messers Fayette Nooner, Mack Nabors, John Nabors & Kenerdy Nabors had got here at night all seeming to be in a great glee. Also the collord people of this farm have had a quilting on today & at night are having a play. Some thirty in number. It is very amusing to see a starchey negro fellow with lips as thick as hocake salute a maiden with her hair puffed & cheeks painted & mouth puckered in order to keep the ivory from showing. Thus they proceeded all night. Mr. J.M. Randolph finished auctioning his good off on two months credit. Cousins N’s left Sunday evening for Chas Dawkins. Fayette Nooner and Mack Nabors went with them seaking a place to locate for another year. I wish the boys great success. Mr. Lipford came up to traid for Nann. I also had the pleasure of welcoming my friend Beenhorn Freeman all night & all day. I expect to go to Ripley on tomorrow.

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