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November 2004 Updates:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - send in those pictures!!!


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I'm really behind in getting this page updated. Although I've been posting new data since January, I've not kept track of what I've updated. Sorry! Here's an attempt at a list of updates since February 2004:



January 2004 Updates:


Changed the way that Brick Wall Ancestors queries get posted, see new form 1/24/2004

Added New Surnames 1/3/2004

Added KYGenWeb Postcard link to the Boone County Links Page 1/4/04

January 2003

Updated Links and Research for the Marshall Family records 1/5/2003

New Surnames added 1/5/2003

A New Census Link added 1/8/2003 (1930 Census from the National Archives)

New Kentucky Migrations Link added 1/15/2003

A New Brick Wall query added 1/21/2003

New Surnames added 1/24/2003

A New Family site added 1/24/2003 "The Aylor Family"

A New Link, 1880 Verona Precinct Map added 1/24/2003


A New Link to the Kentucky Naturalization Records was added 2/2/2003

2 New Searchable databases were added 2/12/2003

Boone County Roadside History was added 2/12/2003

A link for Passport Applications, 1834-1843 was added 2/18/2003

A New Brick Wall query and a New Surname were added 2/18/2003

A New Photo was added 2/18/2003 "The Berkshire Family"

A Link to Kentucky Lawyers of 1859 was added 2/18/2003 (Scroll down to Resources - Links)

New Military Info, New Links, & New Cemeteries added 2/23/2003


Many New Photos have been added to the BCPL web page. This is an outstanding resource for Boone County genealogy. Please visit their site soon!

Medical Facts added 3/30/2003 "Epidemics"



I recently received material in an email that was from someone else's' site. I posted this information and did not know that a copyright violation had occurred. My apologies to J. Duvall for this infraction. The material has been removed from this site. When sending material to be posted, please make sure to give credit where credit is due and do not take another person's research without their permission... Thank you.

A link has been added to Postcards of Boone County 4/6/2003

A New Lookup Volunteer was added 4/22/2003 "1911-1980 Births"


Many New Surnames Added 5/5/2003

New Brick Wall Queries Added 5/5/2003

A New Page "Bulletin Board" was Added 5/5/2003

New Medical Information "1873 Cholera Epidemic in Kentucky" Added 5/15/2003

New Surnames Added 5/15/2003 "Craven & Whitson"

New Resource Links Added 5/15/2003



Added A New Query to the Brick Wall page 6/4/2003

Added A New Surname 6/4/2003 "Stephenson"

Added A Link to A New Boone County Site 6/4/2003

Added A Link to the Roster of the 13th KY Cavalry 6/4/2003

Added Boone County Birth Records for 1911 - 1920 6/22/2003


The Bulletin Board was updated 7/6/2003

A New Surname was added 7/8/2003 "Rice"

2 New Surnames were added 7/16/2003 "Reed/Reid & Slaughter"

A New Brick Wall query was posted 7/16/2003

A New Photo was added, "David Manuel and Rhoda Ellen Slaughter Reed family" 7/16/2003

Added The National and State Family Group Sheets Project 7/22/2003

Added Links to the 1850 Boone County Census (located in the  Archives) 7/22/2003

Added some New Links 7/22/2003


New Brick Wall queries added 8/4/2003

New Links added 8/4/2003

New Cemetery Workshop Info added to the Bulletin Board 8/4/2003

Added A New Page "Cemetery Photographs" 8/26/2003

Added Death Records 1900 - 1999 8/26/2003


A New Link "Historical Postcards" was added 9/4

Added a New Link to the Kentucky Regional Directory 9/5

A New Map of our County was added 9/7

5 New Surnames were added 9/7 "Hall, Adams, Beall, Marshall & Stephens"

A New Brick Wall Query was added 9/16

2 New Surnames were added 9/16 "Duvall and McDade"

A New Lookup Volunteer was added 9/16 (Automated Archives Marriage CDs, covering the years 1763-1871)

A New Family URL was added 9/16 "The McDade Family"


October Updates:

Added New Surnames 10/29/2003 "Carpenter, Finnell, Griffith, Jackson, Osborne, Roberts, Sleet, West"

New County Coordinator Carol Griffith Osborne 10/10/2003

A new page was created for links to Vital Statistics in the state of Kentucky 10/6/2003

A Newspaper Article about Boone County was added 10/6/2003

Added new Obituary for William Henry Griffith 10/29/2003

Added new Obituary for Charles Logan Griffith 10/29/2003


November Updates:

Added New Surname 11/15/2003 "Hill, Swindle, Rouse"

A new page was created for current Boone County Churches 11/15/2003

1883 Maps of Boone County were added on the new Boone County Links page 11/15/2003

2003/2004 Heritage Events were updated on the Bulletin Board 11/15/2003

New article included on the Family Web Site page for Loranzo Dow 11/15/2003

Added new Bible Record 11/15/2003 "Griffith/Finnell"

Family Home Pages is now linked from the Home Page and has been updated. Also, new link to family pages
"The Hill Family of Kentucky, Illinois, and Arkansas" 11/15/03

New Cemeteries have been added to the Cemetery page 11/15/03

I have also updated the web site search engine to locate all the new pages I've created so you'll get more results.
Have fun! And let me know how you like the new look. Be sure to let me know if you find any broken links!


December Updates:

All the pages now have links at the bottom to help you navigate through the website easier (see below).

Added New Surname 12/30/2003 "Beach"

Added Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness link on the Research Links page 12/30/03

Added New Photograph links to the Research Links Page 12/20/03

Added New Surname 12/8/2003 "Brasher"

New Family Web Site page for Brasher Steamboat Captains 12/8/2003

Added two new links for Northern Ky and Ohio Photographs and Postcards

Updated the pages for Boone County Deaths 1900-1993 for faster viewing.


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