Our "Brick Wall" Ancestors

Every one of us has at least one ancestor that simply refuses to be found! I call them "brick wall" family members! And that's what this page is all about! Send me a query regarding your elusive ancestor and we'll post it here! You never know when someone will visit Boone County and be able to supply you with the info you need! 



Posted 11/14/2017

Surname: Hughes

I am searching for the parents of Georgeann Hughes, born 1817 in Boone, KY. Lived in Mercer, KY, but died young around 1855. She was married to Joseph Lillard, of Mercer, KY. Her parents names may have been George and Sarah. George may have been born in Ohio, and Sarah in KY. Any help appreciated, Micaela Lillard, [email protected]


Posted 02/15/2014

EMAIL: Kaye Jennings [email protected]

I am researching the family of George Kite, Sr. and would like to find a copy of his Will. The Boone Co. Will Index has it listed in Will Book 13, p. 277-78. I would like to find someone with a copy or perhaps someone with the Will books who could give me a copy. Need to find the children of his daughter-in-law, Mary Hord. Thanks for any help!

Posted 10/28/2003

EMAIL: Ann Ferguson debbiej

I am trying to find info on Lucinda Riley Hood, born March 30, 1897 - died around September 1982. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I found the SS death has her listed living in Boone County, perhaps the Devon, Florence, or Holful Heights area. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks...


Posted 6/4/2003

EMAIL: Ann Ferguson [email protected]

I'm researching a Stephenson family of Campbell-Kenton-Boone, and Rosa J. Stephenson (1838-1890) married Charles Gosney Yelton in 1853 in Pendleton Co.  It looks like the family was in Pendleton--at least I've traced them through censuses from 1860 to 1930.  Rosa was a daughter of William and Belinda (Armstrong) Stephenson.  Would like to correspond with anyone else working on this line. Thanks...



Posted 5/5/2003

EMAIL: Joyce Wolfe Neff [email protected] 

Looking for information on  George W. Wolf(e), of Boone County. Anything will be appreciated.

Posted 5/5/2003

EMAIL: Marge Mouer [email protected]

Have been looking for Elijah Neal and Agnes Griffin who married in Boone Co. in 1836. This is what I have on my Boone Co. ancestors:  Elijah Neal b. abt 1814 married Agnes Griffin b. abt. 1815. They married 23May1836. They are found in the US Census in Boone Co. 1840, 1850 and 1860. They had the following children:  Lucy Ann b. abt 1842; Nancy Jane b. abt 1844; Harriet D. b. abt 1846; Maria M. b. 1849 and Mary Agnes b. abt 1851. On some genealogy sites I have seen that William and Nancy Davis Neal are listed as parents of Elijah. Have not been able to find anything about Agnes. Their daughter, Maria M. is my great grandmother. I found that by 1870, they had relocated to Jasper Co. IL, as they are in the US Census 1870 and 1880. Actually, by finding them in all these censuses, I have more unanswered questions than I had before. This family IS a brickwall! Any information will be appreciated. Thanks. 

Posted 5/5/2003

EMAIL: Mary Louise Brasher  [email protected]

Looking for information on [g gf] Robert D. Brasher  (Boone Co.),  [g gm] Anna E. Rogers (Boone Co.); {"Annie"'s parents} Warren Rogers &  Elizabeth Allen  were prominent residents of Boone Co. during the Civil War. Robert/ Annie's son, Charles Warren Brasher, married Fleta  Witcher  Hunt {Rising Sun IN} and resided in Boone, then Kenton Counties. Any help will be appreciated. 

Posted 2/18/2003

EMAIL: Debbie [email protected]

I am looking for anyone who is researching and/or descended from the Charles "Charlie" McKinney line. Charlie was the son of John W. McKinney & Missouri Ann Perkins. Charlie McKinney was living in Madison, Jefferson, Indiana in 1945. He was the informant on his father's death certificate. Please contact me if you are researching this line. Thank you, Debbie.

Posted 1/21/2003

EMAIL: Madonna Davis Marks [email protected]

I am looking for information regarding William Golden who died in Boone County, KY in 1835.  William was a Revolutionary War Soldier whose daughter Eliza married Harvey Leming on 12 Sept., 1827 in Dearborn County, IN.  I'm specifically interested in his possible burial location. Thanks, Madonna.

Posted 10/16/2002

EMAIL: Charlene Farrell [email protected]

I'm looking for info on Thomas Dwyer. Maybe you can help me.  He was married to Catherine Ryan in Verona, Ky. circa 1850.  They had seven children.  There were many Irish who settled in Verona after the Potato Famine in Ireland.  One of Thomas and Catherine's children, Mary Dwyer, married Thomas Farrell, my husband's Great-grandfather. Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Charlene

Posted 9/19/2002

EMAIL: Jennifer Kendall [email protected]

I am trying to find out information on a Henry Presser who lived in Union, Boone, County, Kentucky between 1850-1870.  He was married to Emily C. Riley, also of Boone.  It is rumored in my family that he might have died in an accident, however, our genealogy line is stuck on him until I can gather more information. Can you help me?  Thank you very much...Jennifer Presser Kendall


Posted 4/24/2002

EMAIL: Jerry Johnson [email protected]

JOHNSTON/JOHNSTON, we are looking for the parents of Abel Johnston b.Aug 9.1803 in Kentucky ,he may have had two brothers ,John Miller and William, they all ended up in Lafayette Co.MS by the mid 1800. HELP! Jerry Johnston

Posted 4/4/2002

EMAIL: D. Greg Struve grgs@gt

Need information on the name Struve from Boone County, or surrounding counties, from the late 1700's to the early 1800's? Looking for ancestors of Clarence and Naomi Struve. Any help appreciated!

Posted 4/4/2002

EMAIL: Dave Hall [email protected]

We are researching the surnames Marshall, Hall, Stephens, Beall, Adams and possibly Cherry. We are trying to find out if the Thomas Hall who was married to Cynthia Cherry in 1808 In Boone Co. was the same Thomas Hall who was married to Susannah Beall in 1820 in Mason Co. Thomas in Mason Co. was supposed to be a Methodist Episcopal minister. The name Thomas Hall appears on  many marriage papers in Boone and Kenton Counties as minister performing marriage. Is this the same Thomas Hall? In the obit (1908) of Amos Hall it gives a T.B. Hall as his father and a  minister. Amos was born in 1824 in Mason Co. and  married Elizabeth Westbay(sp) in 1846 in Boone Co. (known). Amos was my ggr.father (known). Thanks,   Dave Hall   

Posted 3/15/2002

EMAIL: John Miller [email protected] 

Looking for information on the Lancaster/Dobbins families who lived in Boone Co. from about 1790 to the 1860's.Reuben Lancaster b. 1798 and Mary Dobbins b. 1806 were my GGGrandparents. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with similar interests in these families.

Posted 2/16/2002

EMAIL: Gary McKelvey  [email protected]

I'm researching William and Willis BATES. William was born in Madison County, Virginia and was a Revolutionary War veteran with the Culpeper volunteers. William's son Willis was born in Boone, Kentucky and fought Tecumsah in the War of 1812.

Posted 2/13/2002

EMAIL: Howard & Dinah [email protected]

Working on the name Mellesene Stevenson who married James William Woodford Glore in 1863. Looking for a marriage license. Is there anyone working on these names? Would like to know who Mellesene Stevenson's parents might be and the name etc. of any brothers and/or sisters. Any help appreciated. Thanks

Posted 10/21/2001

EMAIL: Sally Lynn [email protected]

Looking for William Martin Hamilton my grandfather, may have been born, in Perry County Ky. Nov. 21, 1869.    Not sure but married in 1896 to Nancy Elizabeth Sparkman born Jan 9, 1876. Thanks, Sally Lynn

Posted 10/6/2001

EMAIL: Jerry Fox [email protected]

I am looking for any information on George W. Fox (b. 1806, d. 1850, m. Martha Gordon 1826).
Their children were: Sarah (b.1828), Emily (b.1829), Jeremiah (b.1830), Washington (b.1833), Mary (b.1835), Milla (b. 1839), Nancy (b.1842), John (b. 1845) and Catherine (b. 1848). One of George's brothers, Sebastian C. Fox, was born in Loudoun County, VA...I wonder if George was born there too?

Posted 9/15/2001

EMAIL: Joanna Harrison [email protected]

I am lost in my quest for Susan Brock b. about 1817 in Kentucky, Boone County. She married John Kimsey and travelled over the Oregon Trail to Oregon Territory in 1847. Hoping for birth certificate or record with father and mother's names.

Posted 9/9/2001

EMAIL: Chris [email protected] 

I have been researching Fleeks,Craigs,Slayback,Winkle
My greatgrandfather was Nicholas Mosby Fleek,him and his wife Margaret Jane Justice lived in Boone Co,Petersburg  in the 1800's.They had 4 children Nancy Rose b:1874 She married Solomon Winkle in 1890 need info.Sylvester b:1877 married Alice Garland  1898 need info.Anna b:1881 married Charles Slayback 1901 need info. Millard (my grandfather)b:1884 married Jesse Lou Craig 1904.Anyone can help let me know.  

Posted 8/15/2001

EMAIL: Patty  [email protected]

I am looking for info on Abner Hunter.  He was in Boone county at least from 1838 until 1843, these were the years 2 of his children were born in Boone County, he had lived in Dearborn County Ind prior to moving to Boone and then after was located in Harrison County Ind.  Abner was born in 1812, New York
and married Magdalana Vargison in Dearborn county, Ind.  I was wondering if someone with access to 1840 Boone County census could look up Abner for that year.  Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.      

Posted 8/7/2001

EMAIL: William H. Martin  [email protected]

I am looking for Ed. and Amanda Clatterbuck. I know he died in Boone county and was buried in Florence. (death cert)

EMAIL: Mary Catherine Albert  [email protected]

I am currently researching my GG-Grandfather and his wife, John and Johanna (Bridget) Furlong. They came through the Cumberland Gap in the late 1850's and ran a toll house between Burlington and Covington. My family stayed there until the 1930`s when my Grandfather moved to Louisville.

EMAIL: Judy Garner  [email protected]

My ggggrandparents, Anna Maria Nicholas,b:1802, married 28 July 1817 in Boone County, Kentucky, Joseph McGee. Anna Maria was the dau. of Frederick Nicholas. Would like to find other researchers of these families. 


EMAIL: Joanna Missler Harrison [email protected]

I am looking for information re: my ggggrandmother Susan Brock who was born in Boone County Kentucky in 1813. She married John Kimsey from Alabama in 1833 and emigrated on the Oregon Trail in the Smith Wagon Train in 1847.

EMAIL: Sally Marksberry [email protected]

Trying to find where my great-grand parents are buried.
(Casper Lynn Marksberry and Elizabeth Jane Ashcraft).
Any thing would help.

EMAIL: Diane Wayland [email protected]

I am researching the William S Wayland (B 1848) line from Boone County. His wife name was Sarah E.(B 1850) I believe they had three children:#1) Fred (B 1882) married Mary L.they had a son named Elstner. #2) Pauline (B 1886) married Robert DeJarnette (B 1872) they had a daughter named Pauline (B 1919) #3 Claude (b 1890) no information on spouse or children. They are listed in the 1910 Miracode index and in the 1920 census for Boone county Walton Town. It says William S was a farmer and Fred Wayland was a Tobacco Dealer. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

EMAIL: Helen Connelley [email protected]

We are looking for information on Maria Chapin (b. abt 1800) who later married a John Shook in either Dearborn or Ripley County, Indiana. They had a daughter, Clarrissa (Clara) Shook in 1830 who married Archibald Connelley in 1846.

Posted 6/22/2001

EMAIL: Dan Records  [email protected]

I need help with my "brick wall". We have been on the hunt for the parents of Alexander Records who died in Boone County 02 Sep 1822. He may have had a brother Charles Records, and the family was in the Redstone Area of Western Penn (then Virginia) in the later 1700's coming from Deleware/Maryland area. The two most likley people are Archibald Records and also a Charles Records. It is possible the name may have been Ricords or Rickards or some other varient, but I think they were "Records" by that time. ANY help would be great!!!


Posted 6/22/2001

EMAIL: Becky J Pottinger  [email protected]

James Lycurgus Pottinger, my husband's great-great-grandfather was born sometime before 1830. According to the Boone Co. KY census of 1870, he was born in Ireland. I am told he came to America to fight against slavery in the Civil War. He married Elizabeth Lancaster on March 04, 1869 in Boone County. They had twins. One died at age 4, and the other had 14 children. So, a number of descendants come from this line. I cannot find anything more on James Lycurgus Pottinger. 

Posted 6/15/2001

EMAIL: Carol Seales  [email protected]

My brick wall is the Seals family. Barnett SEALS (son of John SEALS of Nelson Co) married Elizabeth CRAVENS. They had many children and I would be happy to submit the wills listing them. However, there was a Barnett SEALS who married a Lucinda MCINTIRE in Boone Cty in 1818. After the marriage, it appears they move to Pickaway Co. OH and are there in 1830. The first Barnett dies a few months after the 2nd Barnett marries. The 2nd Barnett is never mentioned in the 1st Barnett's will or the will of his Grandfather Cravens or the will of his Grandfather SEALS, even though the rest of the 1st Barnett's children are listed. I think that the 2nd Barnett is the son of the 1st Barnett, but can't prove it. If there's anyone out there that can tie this line for me, I would appreciate it.

Posted 5/28/2001

EMAIL: Louis M. Newton, M.D. [email protected]

I am trying to prove Mary Elizabeth DOLLINS b. 10 Feb 1834 to William & Elenor DOLLINS who are probably parents of  an infant, James E. DOLLINS buried in Sand Run Baptist Church Cem. located near Bulletsville, between Hebron & the Ohio River (from DAR cem. records in KY). Wm Dollons & Elenor Stansiffer were m. 14 Feb 1828 in Boone Co. Wm & Elenor both d. Abt. 1848 Boone Co. Wm's father (also Wm) d. 4 Nov 1850 Kenton Co & wife Jane BROCKMAN d.aft 1850 Kenton. I also need to link the 2 Wms who were b. Albermarle Va. I will appreciate any suggestions you might have to help me. Thank you...

Posted 5/24/2001

EMAIL: [email protected]

  Looking for info on ANNA RUDOLPH (Niehaus or Neihaus), who was married to a Aubrey S. Clifton, around 1914 of so. Children were Alma Clifton born after 1915, and there was a son Oscar/Roscoe born and died Dec 7, 1915. I believe her maiden name is RUDOLPH. She died in 1932. Any help on this Rudolph, of Brown Co., Ohio, likely Georgetown, greatly appreciated. Can find very little trace of her or of Alma, her daughter... Thanks!


Posted 5/24/2001

EMAIL: [email protected]

My great grandfather, Curtis Calvin Kelsey, and his wife, Frances Ogden Kelsey, Moved to Petersburg between 1857 and 1860 and moved to Kansas in 1870. My grandfather, Louis Curtis Kelsey, was born there on June 1, 1867. Looking for any information on this family... Thanks!

Posted 5/24/2001

EMAIL: [email protected]

Looking for information on my great grandmother, Nancy (Adams) Nichols. She was born in Kentucky and her parents maybe in Virginia. My great-grandfather, Nichols might have been born in Kentucky. Their three children were born in southwest Missouri. I do not know great-grandfathers first name yet. I would appreciate any information you could give me... Thanks!

Posted 5/24/2001

EMAIL: [email protected]

My Donnelly's, Thomas & Catherine, were in Hamilton Co., Ohio in 1860 census with 4 children. Children were placed in an orphanage & I have found most of them in KY later, so I am searching for every clue I can find... Thanks!

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