Stories of Boone County Residents

Stories of Boone County Residents


I am looking for stories of your past, present or future. The only prerequisite is that you or the subject of your story is real and lived in Boone County at some time.

Hopefully the story will include some history of Boone County, but please don't make this a historical record. My intention here is to have you write a memorance about your ancestor, your grandparents, your parents, yourself, aunts, uncles - whomever you wish IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

Be sure to give your story a title and email it to me. You can send in as many stories as you like but please send each one as a separate email.

My Mother and Santa Claus
by: Robert Finnell Lockbaum

My Great-Grandpa Charles
by: Carol Osborne

The Little House on Russell Street
by: Kel

Mother Tanner's Christmas Tree
by: Gin-Nie Tanner Smith

Boone County Cemetery
by: John Crowe

Transistor Nights
by: Gin-Nie Tanner Smith



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