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Notices in Burlington Advertiser Oct. 13 1849.


List of Letters remaining in the Burlington post officeOct. 2nd, 1849; and unless taken out in three months will be sent tothe General Post Office as dead:

Mr. Baldwin or Brown

Benjamin Fullerlove

Peter Grant

Thomas Graves

Susan P. Grant

William Graves

Stephen Graves

Joseph A. Graves

David Gates

L D Green

Dr. J R Hawkins

John Johnson

John B. Johnson

Mrs. Frances Kirtley

Mrs. Maria Logan

John Mason

John H. Moore

Mark McClure

John Ogden

John Paterson

Samuel Piat

Mrs. Mack Sims

Thos Underhill

David Williams

Mrs. E. Wheatley


Signed Hubbell Foster, P.M.





Call of five dollars on each share stock … subscribed,is ordered to be paid in by the 5th of November next; also sixdollars on each share, by the first day of December next. By the action of theBoard of the Petersburg and Burlington Turnpike Company, I am authorized tonotify delinquent subscribers, that unless payment be made on calls already due,they will be  under the necessity ofinstituting suit for the same; by order of the board.

October 6, 1849 W. H. Chapin. Treas. N. B. N. E. Hawes,of Burlingotn, is authorized to receive and receipt for all monies paid him forthe Turnpike Company.






The Fall and Winter Session of the School in theAcademy, at Burlington, will commence on Monday the 1st day ofOctober, under the superintendence and care of the Reverend Periander C. Scott,who will be assisted in the female department of the school by his amiable andaccomplished sister Miss Mary Anne Scott. Those wishing to attend the schoolwill do well to commence early in the session. It is expected that boarding canbe procured in town on very fair terms, for such young ladies as wish to attend.



For the higher branches, Latin, & etc.   $13.00

For Chemistry, Surveying, &c.                   10.00

For English Grammar, &c.                          8.00

Primary Branches education                       5.00


Tuition fees are lower than any other institution of thekind in the west.

Jno Cave




The subscriber having sold his shop and entire stock ofsaddlery in Burlington, to J. M. Riddell & H. O. Baker, would recommend themas first rate workmen, and worthy young men, and takes this method of solicitingfor them the patronage of his old customers and the community at large. Thoseindebted to the undersigned are requested to make payment, as he is desirous tosettle his business in Boone.

John H. Perkins




James M. Riddell & Horatio O. Baker have purchasedof John H. Perkins his shop and stock of saddlery in Burlington, and thebusiness will be carried on in the future at the old stand on the corner ofJefferson & Union streets, in the name of Riddell & Baker, who will keepconstantly on hand a large and good assortment of saddlery and harness, and willsell on reasonable terms. They solicit and expect, from the superiority of theirwork, to deserve a large share of public patronage.

Riddell & Baker.

Burlington, KY


To the Ladies!

Mrs. Rebecca Calvert having returned from Nashville,takes this method of informing her old friends and customers that she hasestablished herself again in the


And all work entrusted to her care will be finished withNeatness and Dispatch.

She earnestly solicits a continuance of those favors which were extended to her, during her former residence in Burlington.


Cartwright’s Cholera Mixture, at 25 cents, preparedaccording to directions and for sale by J. R. Warren Burlington, KY.



J. H. Foster

House andOrnamental Painter,

Has established himself in Burlington and offers hisservices to the citizens of Boone county, in the above business.

Having spared neither pains nor means in acquiring athorough knowledge of the art he flatters himself that he will be able to giveentire satisfaction (both in style and price) to all who may give him a call.

Graining done in the best style, in imitation of any kind of wood or marble.


TO THE TAXPAYERS OF BOONE COUNTY -  The taxes of the present year are due, and as a great portionof it will be needed in the Treasury Department on and from the first of Octobernext, it is necessary that prompt steps should be taken to have the same readyfor said Department on or before that time. Take notice therefore, that everyTax-payer will be expected to pay promptly when called upon hereafter; and thatI may be better understood, I would say to those who are backward in complyingwith the above request, that ADDITIONAL RIDING WILL BE ATTENDED WITH ADDITIONALCOST TO THEM; and to those owing back tax I would say, that in every instancethe above must be strictly adhered to. And to those owing muster fines, I willsay that longer indulgence would make it a serious matter with me; thereforeevery man who owes a muster fine, must have the same in readiness when calledfor.

W. J. Sandford D. S. for Ben. White, S. B. C.

[D. S = Deputy Sheriff; S. B. C. = Sheriff Boone County]




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