The citizens of Wabaunsee County have served their families, their county, their state and their county proudly in times of war. The Wabaunsee County Courthouse has a memorial to those who served on the second floor. Here are a few other links of interest:

Civil War Wabaunsee County 1883 List of Pensioners - The Kansas State Library website has transcribed this list of Civil War pensioners residing in the county. It includes their PO address, wound and pension. Visit the state library site.
Spanish-American War The state library site also has "An Account of the Kansas Volunteers in the Spanish American War, 1898-1899" by John A. Ostertag, transcribed by Maureen Reed. The roster is a list of over 1100 names of men from all over Kansas that served in the Twentieth Kansas Regiment in the Philippine Campaign.
WW II The Kansas State Historical society has a created a database with over 200,000 entries of veterans of the armed forces. There are over 800 from Wabaunsee County alone. A fantastic resource.
WW II The state library site has a list of World War II Casualties from Wabaunsee County.