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Jackie Maike

Mickey Delfelder
New Branches From Old Trees
(910 pp.) Published by Wabaunsee Co. Historical Society. 1976
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Jackie Maike Early History of Wabaunsee County
by Matt Thomson published in 1901
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Jackie Maike Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie
published by the Riley County Genealogical Society
Jackie Maike Kansas Pioneers Vol. 1
published by the Topeka Genealogical Society
Jackie Maike 1914-1995 Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage & Death registers from the Peace United Church of Christ in Alma. - This church has had several names so if your ancestor was not Catholic, Lutheran or Methodist I would check it out.
Jackie Maike 1860 Kansas Territory Census of Wabaunsee Co. KS
Anna Wilhelm 1860 Census - Wabaunsee County 
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Anna Wilhelm 1906 List of Cemeteries in Kansas, incl. Wabaunsee Co.
This is a list of cemeteries only, individuals buried there are not listed.
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