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WabCo in Kansas


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Hello and welcome to the new Wabaunsee County, Kansas GenWeb site. If you haven't been here lately, there is quite a bit new content worth reading through. My name is Mickey Delfelder, the co-coordinator of this site along with Art Michaelis. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments about the site.

In 1855, Richardson County was formed adjoining and west of Shawnee county in Eastern Kansas. Four years and marginal boundary changes later, Richardson was changed to Wabaunsee in honor of Wah-bahn-se, the Warrior Chief of the Potawatomi Tribe. (You can read about his life on the Kansas Collection website.) At the time, the northern quarter of the county included the southern portion of the Potawatomi Reserve.

In 1869, the Reserve was officially open for settlement, although their were already several thriving villages. The early years saw the typical county seat wars with Alma winning out over Eskridge, Newbury and Wabaunsee in 1871.

Like many counties in Kansas, the population of Wabaunsee county has risen and fallen. Today, the county has a population just under 7,000 (5,000 less than in 1900) with Alma having the largest population of about 800. There are a total of seven incorporated towns and about a half dozen unincorporated villages in 13 townships.